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Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy, Live longer

Food for thought

We are living in a day and time where many persons are facing health issues and a part of that issue comes from being overweight. What brings this on is bad eating habits such as eating foods that are loaded with sugars and unhealthy oils, eating after hours, eating heavy before bedtime and so on.

The effects of overweight include, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, breathing issues, poor blood circulation, diabetes, high cholesterol, always feel tired, trouble sleeping, kidney disease, gallbladder disease, joint pain etc… so we can see from this list that being overweight is not a good thing.

Many years ago I read and article where a statement was made and the statement was “we dig our graves with our fork and knives,” that’s the results of having bad eating habits and the reality is that many people have actually eaten themselves into the grave.

Just last week I  watched a program that talked about persons who had bad eating habits and literally died because of overweight. So in like manner just as person health deteriorate because of bad eating habits, we will with our fork and knives eat our way back to good health and that is good news.

Eat you way back to good health

But before we look at 3 foods that burn fat we must understand that there are other rules that governs the laws of health that we must follow that can also help us along the way because these laws are so beneficial for our overall health.

Other laws to follow

1.Get 8 hours of sleep and stop burning the midnight oil.

2.Drink 6- 8 glasses of water per day because water helps to flush our system.

3.Try to stay stress- free because stress can bring on all sorts of illnesses.

4.Start a hobby, learn to laugh and smile watch comedies, go on a nature walk, get involve in a sport, LEARN TO LOVE LIFE, stop and smell the ROSES along live’s journey.

5.Start an exercise program, sign up for a gym, go walking etc….

6.Spend time with family and friends.

7. Join a charity and give a helping hand, Example soup kitchen. 

3 foods that burn fat


Apples are a great choice to add to your diet because not only are apple low in calories and high in fiber.

Apples are one of my favorites, I have been eating apples for years and this fruit is proven to get the job done, another thing about apples that they can help to make you feel full

Causing you to cut back on overeating. Also, the water that apples contains can help curve your appetite.



Going organic

I have written several articles on organic products not only because of the great interest that these products have sparked but because of their many health benefits. As I have discussed before organic products are products that are raised or grown without the use of harmful products.

Harmful products such as chemicals, pesticide, synthetic fertilizer and other materials that may be life threatening. 

In the today’s world in which we live, it is a known fact that there is a growing concern because of the number of chemicals that found are in the foods we consume and because of this many are making a change in their lifestyle which is good

because our health is something that we cannot put a price tag on. We should do all that we can to promote healthy living.

Organic tea benefits

Organic tea is teas that are produced without the use of chemicals, as mention earlier.

What I love about these teas is what they can do for you because many of the teas that we consume have wonderful flavors and that is as far as some of these teas goes. No value, what you want is a tea that is none toxic and that’s of great benefit.

Organic tea


Newman’s organic green tea has 4o individually wrapped tea bags. QAI Certified Organic, USDA Organic. Quality fit for A king. To learn more and to order follow link and give your health the boost that it needs.

Newman organic black tea has 100 individually wrapped tea bags. can do wonders for you so why not enjoyed a cup of this black tea as you boost your health, so be good to your body. Newman organic black tea quality fit for a king. For more information and purchase price follow link and order now.

Green Tea

1.Green tea is a favorite of mine that can do wonders, some of the benefits of green tea includes, green is loaded with antioxidants that is good for our bodies, green tea is and immune booster, help to lower blood pressure, weight loss, fights against cancer, help to improve brain function, lowers cholesterol, improve skin, helps to lower risk of type 2 diabetes, improves hair growth and so much more.

Matcha Tea

2.Another tea that has gained quite a bit of recognition is the matcha tea. Some of the benefits of matcha tea include Help to prevent disease, calms the mind and relaxes the body, is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifies the body, lowers cholesterol, Boost metabolism, lowers blood sugar level, burns calories, boost memory, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, help to keep you calm and much more.

Iaso Tea

3.Iaso tea is a herbal tea that is known as a miracle tea. Some of the benefits of Iaso tea is as followed, memory booster, improves digestion, eliminates parasites, detox the body, aids in weight loss, improves digestion, helps to give that much -needed energy boost and a whole lot more.

Black Tea

4.Black tea is also another favorite with amazing results, some of the benefits of black tea includes. Can help to fight against breast cancer, can help to promote heart health, helps to promote good digestion, lowers high blood pressure, helps is fighting asthma, promotes the immune system, aids in weight loss, aids in lowering cholesterol and much more.


5. Chamomile tea is also great and has healing powers that can really give your body the help that it needs. My wife and son love this tea. The benefits of this tea is as followed, chamomile can put you in such a relax state that you will sleep like a baby, Helps to promote healthy skin, improves the immune system, improves skin condition, helps to soothe menstrual cramps, soothe stomach pains, helps diabetic patient and much more.

Final word

These teas are of great value because they boost our health, so let’s make them a part of our diet because these teas do bring natural healing.

Making Organic Soil Mix

I am sure that at some point or time we have daydreamed of having that dream garden, or have you ever taken a trip in the great outback or even a nature walk?

as you walked along that nature trail you notice those beautiful plants in their full luster with those array of flowers in full bloom you feel free and beamed with joy, just to take in all the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer.

The key to all that beauty

One of the keys to all of that beauty is the soil, without it plant life would be impossible. It is important that we understand soils and how it plays and important part in a plant’s overall health and development.

I have included these two links that you can follow to get a better understanding of Soils and its function.

In this article, however, we will be looking at making organic soil mix that is ideal for your garden and landscape plants.

What is organic soil and its benefits?

Simply put, organic soils are soils that contains organic materials only, no chemicals that are harmful. The benefit of this soil is growing crops that is free of chemicals and that is safe to consume.

We will be looking at steps to take to build your own organic soil so that you can enjoy your crops come harvest time.

Building your organic soil

1.Soil can be purchased by the yard, before purchasing soil do some investigation.Find out if the soil is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

2.Your soil should be easy to work with so what happens next is to remove debris such as large rocks, sticks and other objects.

3.Add about a quarter yard of salt-free sand this will help to make the soil porous or help to give it proper drainage.

4.Add organic material, example chicken or cow manure that is dried or if you prefer you can purchase other organic material. 20-30% will do.

5.Adding compost is also another great option to add your organic soil mix.

6. Continue to build your organic soil by adding organic material such as wood chips, leaves grass clippings to your soil 3 times per year.

Organic soils can keep your plants happy and healthy whether it’s a flower, herbs, fruits or vegetable garden, this is the ideal soil for a better quality crop.

Final Word

Organic soil is the ideal soil, you don’t have to settle for less when you can get the best, just by following these few simple directions. The nutrient content that organic soil contains is great and will keep your plants growing at their best.

So just a little effort on your part and you will be on the right path to reaping a good harvest, not once, not twice but for years to come.

Landscape ground covers

In this article, we will be looking at landscape ground covers. What is landscape ground covers and how can we benefit from them?

Ground cover explained

landscape ground covers are plants that are used to

1.Fill in empty spaces and create a beautiful design under tall trees, palms and other features such as garden lights and so on.

2.Ground covers are also used to block out weeds, hence the name ground cover.

3.Is used sometimes instead of mulch.

4.Can be used to make words as a garden show piece, for example creating the word welcome.

5. Can be used instead of grass.

6.Help to prevent water loss.

7.Help to prevent soil erosion.

So we can see that there are many benefits to making these plants a part of our landscape and garden design.

Here are five ground covers that can give your garden design that WOW.

Vines and ground covers can also add that touch of flavor to your landscape. Here are  few you can try
1.Lantanas makes a great ground cover, I have worked with lantanas and found them to do very well. These plants come in an array of colors and attract butterflies, they are low maintenance and can grow really well on little water. lanPest problems include mealybugs, lace bugs, mites, aphids, whiteflies and lantana leaf blotch miners.

Control pest by using insecticidal soap sprays. Disease of lantanas includes botrytis blight and powdery mildew that is caused by a fungus. Powdery mildew appears as a white substance on the leaves of lantanas. The plant also loses leaves and leaves are deformed.

to Prune infected parts and apply a fungicide. lantanas are drought tolerant and over watering may cause root rot, allow the soil dry out and apply a fungicide drench will cause the plant to bounce back. Fertilize lantanas with bloom booster or triple 10. read and follow labels when applying chemicals and fertilizers because the label is law.

2.Portulacas are also great and can survive the salt sprays. this ground cover grows very dense and shoots small beautiful flowers. This is a low maintenance plant that can survive on small amounts of water.port Portulacas are attacked by fungi that cause the plant to become diseased with root rot, white rust.

use of a fungicide will bring the problem under control. Aphids is a known pest and applying insecticidal sprays will bring this insect under control. Fertilize with triple 1o.

3.Sea Purslane is great and really do their job, this ground cover spreads really well and can completely cover your garden area, care should be taken when installing. Plant in masses aroundsea palm trees, the flowers are small and may not be that showy but it adds to the overall garden design. Sea purslane can survive on very little water. Sea purslane has no known pest problems.

4. Geranium Ivy is wonderful showy plants, I have worked with these plants over the years and in my opinion, they bring that soft touch. This plant is very delicate and should be handled with care. Geranium is often planted in hanging baskets and can be placed on porches or patios. gerMake sure that soil is moist, allow the plant to dry out a bit and then water again.

The main pest problem includes aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies. Using a liquid soap spray will get the job done.  The fungus causes a disease know as gray mold, dying flowers or drying leaves begins to rot once rain and cold sets in. Remove diseased parts and apply a fungicide, Fertilize with a light application of bloom booster.  Follow label when applying chemicals and fertilizers, because the label is law.

5.English Ivy makes a good ground cover, these plants are known as climbers and can do wonders for your garden area but be careful because this plant grows vigorously and can take over your garden. engIt is best to plant them by themselves or under tall trees.

Ivies can survive on small amounts of water. Pest problems include mealybugs, aphids, scales, and spider mites. Use of insecticidal soap will get rid of the pest.

Botrytist blight is caused by a fungus, signs include gray fuzzy mold that causes dead patches to appear on leaves and stems, the upper parts of stems and eventually, the whole plant dies. Prune infected plant and thin for proper air circulation. Apply a fungicide,  bacterial leaf spot signs includes dark patches on wet leaves, the patches turns brown and forms a yellow cycle around spots, stems will dry up and then death sets in.

Remove diseased parts and thin plant for proper air circulation and then apply a fungicide. Be careful not to over water because root rot may occur, decrease watering and drench the soil with fungicide. Fertilizer with triple 20, triple 10 etc.. follow the label and apply fertilizers and chemicals as directed.

Final Word

Ground covers are an excellent choice, why not choose them to be an overall part of your garden and landscape design?

Organic lifestyle

We live in and age where the demand to grow and raised foods such as fruits, vegetables and livestock in a more healthy way that will not have any adverse effect on the consumers. Too often we hear reports of individuals becoming ill because of the foods they consume.

I have heard, watch  and read horror stories if I can use that term of producer who injected their produce to get it to the size that would be fit for the market in a matter of weeks and while this may get them the profits that they projected, it comes at the cost of many having to pay the price.

Choosing the organic lifestyle is great because though you may have to dig deeper yet it is worth it than having to spend more at the doctor’s office. In this article, we will be looking at the process in which animals as raised organically.

Organically raised animals

Organically raised animals are animals that are grown and raised without the use of harmful chemicals, growth hormones, drugs, pesticides, and antibiotics. Another feature of raising organic farm animals is that the animals are not confined to conditions that are unfavorable but rather have the freedom to move about in open fields and pastures.

Also organically raised animals are not prone to disease nor are they stressed compared to animals that are confined making them more healthier and of better quality.

Livestock feed

The crop or feed of organically raised animals is grown in such a way that the crop itself is grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Factory farm animals

When it come to factory farmed animals is quite the opposite, these animals are raised in harsh conditions, being confined in crowded areas, having to live in their own waste, stressed, sickly, facing injuries

Being feed and injected with chemicals, drugs, growth hormones and antibiotics. Often times being transported around in bad weather that impairs their health.

Is it a wonder why person’s fall to many illnesses because of consuming these meats?


The United States Department Of Agriculture requires that certain standards must be met to operate and organic farm.

1. Organic farms must operate in ways to ensure and protect the health of the environment.

2.Ensure the safety and well- being of humans, animals, plants and soil.

3.Promoting and helping to sustain the ecological system.

Organic slaughterhouse

And organic slaughterhouse is kept in such a way where only organically grown animals are killed. The slaughterhouses are well kept and free of contamination.

Final word

There is more that can be said on this topic, also there are many arguments about organically raised animals but even though persons differ when it comes to this we can all agree that going organic is the better way.

In this article we will be looking at the vegan diet, Lately, there has been so much buzz about the vegan diet. What is the vegan diet and how can we benefit from this diet? These are some of the questions we will be looking at.

Many people are discovering the health benefits that is associated with the vegan diet, though healthy we must understand that this diet requires that we learn as much as we can before conforming to this lifestyle.

More and more meats are being replaced with this diet because of the many health issues that have arisen about the safety in which meats are raised and handle. At every turn, we hear reasons why we should not eat meat, a known fact, is that meats in some cases are being loaded with chemicals to increase they size and production for sale.

I saw a video once where persons were working in this factory and were injecting chickens with some sort of fluid, by the time the chickens were injected they were no longer small but fat and ready to be sold. So it is no surprise why many are turning to a vegan lifestyle. In the United State, vegans are in the minority only 2.5 % according to studies.

The bad and the ugly of a vegan lifestyle

The bad and the ugly of a vegan’s lifestyle is that our bodies require a certain amount of nutrients on a daily basis, as a vegan we must ensure that we are getting the daily recommended amount from the foods we eat.

For example, animal proteins contains all the essential nutrients we need, these proteins to aid in the building of muscles, and proper bone development. This protein is missing in a vegan’s diet that can cause health issues.

VitaminB12 is responsible for energy, VitaminB12 comes from meat products. A lack of this vitamin can cause a person to feel fatigue.

Eating out can be a challenge because most menus when does not cater to the vegan’s diet.

The vegan diet requires that you learn how to prepare your own meals, your meals should be prepared in such a way that you are getting the daily recommended requirements.

There is and adjusting period that your body has to go through before it can adjust to this lifestyle.

These are just a few of the cons of a  vegan diet.

The Good of a vegan

The good of a vegan’s diet is That a vegan diet helps with weight loss, a vegan diet can be high in nutrients. A vegan diet can be healthy, with a vegan diet you are at a lower risk of disease, vegan believes that animals have rights and that they should not be slaughtered for food.

Again these are just a few of the pros of conforming to a vegan diet. So the question remains is the vegan diet right for you?

The vegan diet has its pros and cons, so before conforming to this lifestyle make sure that this diet is right for you.

Final word

Living a healthy lifestyle should be at the top of our list and we should do all that we can to promote good health. Whether a vegan diet is right for you is something that you have to decide based on what you determined as living a healthy lifestyle.

In promoting good health we mus ensure that every decision we make will work well on or behalf, many have different opinions when it comes to the pros and the cons of a vegan, The choice is still yours however when it comes to this lifestyle.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is class as a symptom in which the mental capacity of a person gradually deteriorates over a period of time. This occurs between middle and old age. It is estimated that more than 43 million people worldwide suffers from Alzheimer’s

what is even more amazing is 5.3 million Americans are living with this disease. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease because just to think of your love one or friend in that state where they don’t even remember you or anything else is sad.

It is also believed that Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. The cases of Alzheimer’s are much higher in women than men.

How does Alzheimer’s affect the human brain?

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder in which the brains begins to deteriorate, The disease breaks down brain cells and destroys them. When the brain cells are destroyed it causes memory loss, the way you relate to people, your personality, emotions, weight loss, loss of speech, sleeping disorder, confusion, forgetting how to do simple things like writing.

The disease takes effect slowly and gradually and worsens with time. Persons with Alzheimer’s can live and extra 8- 10 years and in some cases even longer.

Available treatments

As far as research is concerned a cure has not been found as yet but treating the disease do offer some relief. These drugs are Rivastigmine (Exelon), Galantamine (Reminyl ) or Donepezil (Aricept ).

Alzheimer’s and your diet

Having a healthy diet can be beneficial both to your body and brain. Here are some foods that can fight against Alzheimer’s.


2.Green leafy vegetables.

3.Whole grains.

4.Fish- baked, grilled or boiled.

5.Chicken- baked, grilled or boiled.

6. Turkey- Baked, grilled or boiled.


Reduce your intake of

1.Red meats.

2. fried foods.



6.Sweets like candies, biscuits, cakes, pastries etc…

7.White sugar.

8.White rice.

9.White bread.


Final word

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, but the good news is research is ongoing to find a treatment that can combat this illness. By taking control of our diet and developing Good eating habits can go a long way in our fight. Let’s do our part of cultivating a more healthy lifestyle.

A taste of the islands

Here in the Bahamas one of the things that the natives love that have passed down from generation to generation is eating foods that have that extra spice. Now while it may be ok at times to give your foods that added spice

be very careful because overuse of this can cause some health issues. Some of the foods that the islanders love include, jerk pork, jerk chicken, crack conch, conch salad just to name a few. But without those peppers, this would be impossible.

In the past, I have had my share of spicy and believe me the spicy taste was awesome but had me reaching for a glass of water to cool my mouth sometimes going for a glass of milk because milk tops the list that can bring fast relief to a burning mouth. The islanders just love peppers.

Growing pepper trees

As a kid, I had many gardens and what made me so proud was to see all of the veggies that I grew with my own hands, now as a kid that is a very big accomplishment. Some of the veggies I grew were corn, peas, okras and of course peppers.

The peppers that we grow on the island is called bird and goat peppers. Bird peppers are much smaller but don’t mind the size because they can really pac a punch. Goat peppers are bigger. There are so many peppers that are grown worldwide but for us here in the Bahamas, it’s bird and goat pepper.

I was surprised to discover that, birds such as Ring Doves and Baka Doves make a meal out of these hot peppers by swallowing them.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, planting those pepper trees

This is how I planted peppers as a kid and it is still done this way today. Some natives may give it a bit of a twist but the basic still applies.

1.You can plant directly in the soil or 1 -gallon growers pot.

2.Look for a sunny location to plant your seeds.

3.Soil should be a good garden soil, the garden that I had as a kid had that good old garden soil.

4.If planting seeds directly in the ground, plant seeds spaced in rows of about 6 inches apart.

5.When planting seeds in the ground or growers pot, plants seeds at a deep of no more than 2-2 1/2 inches in the soil.

6.Make sure and give the soil a good soaking, do not allow the soil to completely dry out. Keep the soil somewhat moist.

7.You should see plant emerging from soil in about a week to a week and a half.

8. When plant reaches 2-3 feet you should see peppers.

10. Peppers are ready to harvest when they turn from deep green to orange, red, bright green or a mixture of these colors.

Pest problem of a pepper tree

There is nothing like having unwanted guess that seeks to make dinner out of your hard work. 1. Caterpillars are a major problem of pepper trees, They don’t eat the peppers but they will eat the leaves. The ones that invaded my garden were fat and green. A good way to control them is hand picking and throwing them in a container or bucket of soap and water

This will eliminate them and will keep your peppers safe. This is also a safe way without the use of harmful chemicals.

2. Another problem that you may encounter is spider mites, signs include spider web on plant leaves, the leaves take on a somewhat dusty appearance. If you hold a piece of white paper under leaves and gently tap, you will see brown-black dots moving around also you may feel them crawling on your skin.

Use a teaspoon of dish liquid to a gallon of water, place solution in a 32oz spray bottle and apply to the top and underside of the leaves. Spray to the point of runoff, also the spray should come out of the spray bottle in a fine mist, not coarse droppings. Or you can apply organic insecticides, you can also have a look at organic gardening.

3. Other problems may include white flies and mealybugs, you can follow direction as discussed with number 2 on this list. Here is more information that you may find very useful. Garden pest and pest control and Pest control methods.

Final word

It is alright to add a little spice to your life by giving your foods that extra flavor. So plant a pepper tree and get a taste of the islands.

Living  a healthy life

Living a healthy life is a must if we are to enjoy life to the fullest, That’s why it is so important that we do all that we can have to promote good health. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is through diet and exercise.

We are what we eat, so if we are not eating healthy and ignoring all those other laws that governs good health we will be headed for trouble. I have seen many ignore the rules of good health and paid dearly for it.

But that don’t have to be your story, now is the time to do something about your health. When we eat right and exercise we will feel good about ourselves and it will give us a more positive outlook on life.


Food really matters and as was said earlier we are what we eat, therefore we must be very careful of what we let pass our teeth and gums. Someone once said that “we dig our graves with our fork and knives.”

This is all so true, unfortunately. We need to learn to say no and walk away, but what gets most people is how it looks, smell and taste. If we train our minds to think this way then we will be in serious trouble.

So first things first, living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise all starts in the mind. If we can only get our thoughts under control then we will be in the right position to live a healthy and happy life.

I have written many articles that address these issues, here are a few you can check out. Food that promotes healthy hearts, Flavoring foods the healthy way Cleansing with fruitsThese are just a few of the links to my website. There is more for you to enjoy, just visit my site and have a look around. 

What is a balanced Diet?

Having a balanced diet is more than just grabbing a cup of coffee and a donut or toast. A balanced diet is one that will start you off well in the morning and then you continue through with lunch and then dinner. Someone once put it this way.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper”.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal, lunch should be light and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. If you’re tempted to eat after eight pm then you should have a fruit or fruit salad or a vegetable salad. Keep it simple, it is good for your health.

1.Breakfast – Breakfast should consist of whole grains, fresh juice and a fruit or eggs without the egg yolk, whole wheat toast, juice and a fruit. It would also be good to include herbal tea. For more information on herbal tea follow this link. The benefit of herbal tea. Just think healthy and mix it up each morning if you can, this should be fun and remember you are the one benefiting from this diet.

2.Lunch- Lunch should consist of a vegetable salad, or if you prefer a chicken salad, a glass of water, a fruit or fruit juice or brown rice, a piece of baked chicken, fish and salad or what about a turkey sandwich on whole wheat along with a salad and some water with fruit juice. Remember again think healthy and mix it up. Also, have fun while doing this, it will pay off big time.

3.Dinner- Dinner can be a piece of meat like chicken, fish or turkey, also vegetables, brown rice or pasta along with a glass of water or fruit juice. Mix it up and have fun. Eat in small portions, do not eat to the point until you are stuffed or fell like your going to burst,

this is not good for your digestive system. Make sure and drink 6-8 glasses of water, spread them out throughout the day. For more information on the benefits of water follow this link. Your health and water.

What about exercising?

Exercising is so important because staying physical can really do a lot for our bodies, it is good to keep our heart rate up. Back in the day or many generations ago persons lived long lives, even in their 70s and beyond they were healthy because they stayed active.

In this day and time of modern convenience, many people are becoming sick because their bodies are always almost immobilized. For example, instead of taking the stairs we take the elevator.

We go to the supermarket and look for the closest parking space by the door to park instead of parking away from the door, then getting that few minutes exercise before we reach the entrance of the supermarket.

I am not saying that we should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or like this guy here, but we should a least find simple ways to keep our heart rate up.

There are so many ways that we can get a good workout, what about starting a walking of jogging program or what about getting involved in some type of sports or activity, there are so many to choose from. Example. Basketball, Tennis, football, swimming, going on a nature walk, biking and so on I mean the list is endless when you think of starting an effective exercise program. In fact, when you have a daily routine of exercise you have more energy, your rest is more peaceful and you will feel totally revived the following morning.

You are more alert, your mind is much clearer, you have a more positive outlook on life, everything just feels good, this is the way that it should be.

what happens when we are not active.

1.When we are not active, we tend to gain weight.

2. Have less energy.

3.Always feel tired.

4.Not alert as we should be.

5.Feel more tired even though we might have gotten the required amount of sleep.

6.Our muscles will become weak and shrink because we are not using them as we should.

7.Increase risk of disease because the immune system is weak.

These are just a few, so we can see the importance of being active or starting and exercising program.

Final word

Diet and exercise go hand in hand we can not have one without the other but together they both compliment each other, so if you haven’t started as yet it is not too late. Now is the time to get on the road to good health and enjoy life to the fullest as it was meant to be.

You and your  health

It is very important that we cultivate a healthy lifestyle because our health is very important and we should do all that we can to maintain good health. Many people have neglected the laws of health and because of this, they are now facing all many issues.

One of these issues is being overweight that can cause many complications from heart attack to stroke and so on.  But the good news is all is not lost, it is only a matter of following the laws of good health. It may take a while but you will get there.

In this article, however, we will be looking at using tea as a way to bring our weight under control thereby contributing to our health.

The laws of health

The laws of health are as followed

1.Proper rest which is 7-8 hours sleep.

2.A balanced diet.


4.6-8 glasses of water a day.

5.Avoiding or managing stress, getting involved in a hobby or some other activity where you can get away so that you can ease your mind and get relax.


1.Iaso tea has so many benefits and offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients design to deliver spectacular results. Iaso tea is formulated to cleanse your digestive tract and detoxify your whole body while helping you to experience weight loss. Iaso tea provides your body with essential enzymes, which are often destroyed by modern food processing and pasteurization techniques. To learn more about Iaso tea and its benefits follow link and purchase your month supply today.

Matcha green tea powder is also great for weight loss, is loaded with antioxidants that is of great benefit to our bodies. Calms and relaxes the mind, great body detox, lowest blood sugar level and a whole lot more. So give your body the tender loving care that it needs and get your Matcha tea today.

Peppermint tea also has it share of benefits, besides aiding in weight loss, mint tea reduce fever, easy stomach pain, settles upset stomach immune booster, helps with digestion and lots more. This organic tea can work wonders, to order your organic peppermint tea follow link and purchase today.

Weight Loss tea

One sure way to drop those extra pounds is to make teas apart of your diet and not just any tea but teas that are used and has been proven to keep you happy and smiling as your on the scale. There are many teas on the market that have gain recognition because of persons having success.

My wife also included one of these teas in her diet called Iaso tea and by far have had good results. In this article, we will be looking at five of these teas and how they can help with weight loss.

How to prepare Iaso Tea

1. Iaso tea is a herbal tea that is known as a miracle tea. Some of the benefits of Iaso tea is as followed, memory booster, improves digestion, eliminates parasites, detox the body and so on, This tea is prepared by bringing four cups of water to a boil, remove water from the stove, add two tea bags and cover.

2.Allow tea bags to sit or steep in water for four- eight hours. Pour tea into a 1 gallon jug or container. Add additional water to fill the one- gallon container. Keep in fridge. Drink two cups a day preferably in the morning and evening. 1 gallon jug should last for a week.

How to prepare Green Tea

1.Green tea is a favorite of mines that can do wonders, some of the benefits of green tea includes, green is loaded with antioxidants that is good for our bodies, green tea is and immune booster, help to lower blood pressure, weight loss, fights against cancer, help to improve brain function, lowers cholesterol and so much more. Green tea is made by

2.Bring a medium size pot of water to boil and then allow to cool down. Next, add 3 1/2 teaspoon of green tea leaves. Place leaves in a tea ball, Place tea ball in a glass container and add water. Place lid on the jar and allow to steep for 6-10 minutes. Or you can buy tea bags, bring a cup of water to boil, add tea bag along with two teaspoon of honey or brown sugar or sweeten to your taste and enjoy.

How to prepare Matcha Tea

1.Another tea that has gained quite a bit of recognition is the matcha tea. Some of the benefits of matcha tea include Help to prevent disease, calms the mind and relaxes the body, is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifies the body, lowers cholesterol, Boost metabolism, lowers blood sugar level, burns calories and much more. Matcha is made by

2.Adding one or two teaspoons of matcha powder to cup, bring water to boil, add a few drops to cup, stir powder and until it resembles a paste. Add more hot water to cup and stir. Then sit back and enjoy.

How to prepare Mint Tea

1.Another favorite is mint tea with its pleasant aroma and amazing taste. Mint tea has many benefits including immune booster, fever reducer, ease stomach pain, settles the stomach, helps with digestion, help in weight loss and so on. To learn more about peppermint use and benefits follow the link that has been provided. This tea is prepared in this manner.

2.If you are using the leaves make sure that leaves are properly washed by holding leaves under tap and run cool or warm water over them. You can use 6-8 leaves. Boil about 4 cups of water, once water comes to a boil remove from heat and add leaves. Let the leaves sit steep for about 6-8 minutes. Strain tea, add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar or honey or adjust to your liking. Then sit bag and enjoy, if using tea bags repeat except you don’t have to strain.

How to prepare Lemon Tea

1.Lemon tea has its place also in helping with weight loss, benefits of lemon tea includes. Aids to help fight the common cold and the flu, can help to control blood sugar level, promotes weight loss, soothes sore throat and more. Lemon tea is made by

2.Bring one or two cups of water to a boil, add to teaspoons of lemon juice or cut a lemon in equal half and use one- half. Add two teaspoons of honey or brown sugar or flavor to taste and enjoy.

Final word

There are so many other teas that can be included in our diet for weight loss, besides drinking these teas it is also good to follow the laws of health like we discuss above to ensure that we are giving our body what it needs. So let’s make these teas a part of our diet and keep those extra pounds off.

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