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Mango a pure delight

Mangoes are a  pure delight, these fruits are heaven sent and I love them. There are so many varieties of mangoes that are harvested each year but my favorite that tops them all is the mangolla.

The fruit itself is very meaty with a smooth beautiful reddish, purplish and yellow skin. What so amazes me about these fruits is the amount of flesh they have.

I remember eating through all of that nice sweet goodness and when I got to the seed it was very tiny. Mangoes are loved by so many people on the island the natives grow these fruits on their property

although some of the fruits are imported you can find these fruits being sold in the supermarkets at the fruit markets, persons with stalls that are set up on the sides of the roads just waiting for customers to get a sweet taste of this delightful treat.

Mango varieties

Mango varieties includes

1.Mangollas.                 6.Alphonsos.

2.Hair mangos.             7.Dasheri.

3.Haitain Mangos.        8.Langra.

4.Francis.                        9.Neelam

5.Kent.                             10.Andhra.

These are just a few, trust there are more.

Health benefits of mangos

1.Keeps blood pressure under control.

2.Aids in the fight against cancer.

3.Promotes heart health.

4.Promotes brain health.

5.Aids in digestion.

6.Contains antioxidant.

7.Promotes health hair.

8.Promotes healthy skin.

How to grow mango

The most common mango that is grown by the natives is a mango that we call the hairy mango, these mangoes are shaped something like an egg but only bigger. The seed is first place in the sun to dry for a week or two. Or if you throw seed out in a sunny location after a few weeks it will begin to germinate. The seed is really easy to work first

The seed should be planted in a sunny location with an organic rich soil. It is good to plant seeds just before spring so when the rain begins your seed will be in mango heaven. You can also check out this link Making organic soil.

In a week to about a week and a half, you mango seed should germinate. Keep soil moist not waterlogged and use an organic fertilizer to feed you plant. Make sure and follow instruction on the label because the label is LAW.

Tree growth

Mango trees are slow growers so much patience is needed. It takes a mango tree 1 year to reach 3-4 feet. A mango tree can reach anywhere from 30 up to 60 feet or taller with a width span of 80 feet.

Forcing mango tree to bear early

One thing that I have seen over the years and is so amazing is to see you mango trees yielding a crop harvest, this method, of course, is causing a mango to produce even at a young age.

By treating the plant with an application of potassium nitrate encourages the tree to produce flowers.

Foliar feeding can help you to accomplish this. Make sure when you are applying this method that the weather is cool and not hot and sunny and also it ought to be on a day when no rain is forecast.

Mix together about 1 pound of potassium nitrate to 6 1/2 or 7 gallons of water, apply this mixture to a pump sprayer or if you are treating a smaller tree then you would half this solution to a 4 gallon back pack sprayer.

When spraying foliage or leaves of the plant are sure to get both the top and underside of the plant, spray to the point of run off also as the solution comes out of nozzle it should be fine and misty not course. This will allow total coverage of entire plant.

Add a second application about 2 or 3 days later, flower budding can take up to several weeks anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 weeks so be patience give it time before you see results.

On some species of the mango plant, it may take longer. You can harvest your mango in about 4 1/2 – 6 months or somewhere in between there.

Final word

Mangoes are one of the worlds most delicious fruits, this sweet wonder is so beneficial to our bodies as our bodies receive the nutrients that it needs. So if you haven’t tried this fruit as yet I encourage too, you will be gold that you did.

Mangos one of nature’s sweet wonders.

Okra a superfood you can’t do without

One of the beauties of my childhood years was, my parents allowed me to have several gardens where I was able to grow veggies such as peppers, corn, pigeon peas and of cost okras.

You could only imagine how happy and proud I was to see my little garden taking shape as my veggies reached to full maturity. Here on the island, the natives prepare a famous dish known as okra soup, we also enjoy a hearty healthy meal of okra and rice. What we will be looking at in this article are some facts about okras and how this veggie can benefit us.

Growing Okras

The native soil that I planted my little garden in was not that rich at that time but I am so thankful that I still had some garden success. Choose a location that gets about 5-6 hours of sun, the soil of okras should be and organic rich soil, space each planting hole about 1 foot  apart to allow room for the plant to grow as they reach maturity.

The planting hole should be dugged about and inch to an inch and a half, place about 3-4 seeds in each planting hole. Cover with soil and moisten the planting hole with water.

Do not allow the soil to dry out and by the seem measure do not over water because over watering can cause severe damage to seeds and seedlings as they germinate. In about 2 – 2 1/2 weeks you should see young plants emerging from the soil.

Continue watering by keeping the soil moist, not waterlogged. Allow for several weeks and your okras will be ready to harvest. To know if okras are ready to harvest press gently, even though okras may be firm it will still have some softness to it.

If you allow okras to set on the tree for too long the okra will become hard and then split at this point it is not eatable but the seeds can be replanted for another harvest of this superfood.

Okra fun facts

1.It is said that another name for okra is lady’s fingers.

2.Okra is the only veggie that has slime.

3.Okra is used as a natural medicine.

4.Okras was first grown in Egypt.

5.Okras has been around for more than 2000 years.

Okra health benefits

1.Okra aids in bowel movement.

2.Okra promotes good digestion.

3.Okra promotes vision health.

4.Is an immune booster.

5.Promotes heart health.

6.Helps to improve skin.

7.Helps to reduce blood pressure.

8.Has been known to lower cholesterol.

9.Aids in weight loss.

10.Has been shown to fight against cancer.

Vitamin content of okra includes

Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Dietary fiber, Zinc, Niacin, Protein, Riboflavin

Final word

The benefits of okras are so amazing and adding this superfood to your diet will keep you feeling super so the next time you write your shopping list be sure to include okra or better yet

plant a garden of okras and enjoy eating this superfood grown by your very own hands.

Raisins make a healthy snack

I love raisin because you can add them to pancakes, breads, cookies vegetable and fruit salads chocolates, pies, etc… or you can eat them just as they are. From a child, this was one of my favorite snacks that I really enjoyed.

But the flip side of the coin is that raisins are really healthy and have some great benefits. So a diet in raisins will give you the best of both worlds the great taste and the healthy side of it.

Kids worldwide enjoy this healthy treat, as I am writing this post I am remembering the many childhood days of eating and enjoying this wonderful snack.

Fun Facts about Raisins

Here are some fun facts about raisins that I know you will enjoy.

1.Raisins are dried grapes.

2.Some Raisins are seedless like the Thompsons seedless.

3.Half of the world raisins are grown in California.

4.It is believed that raisins have been around from 1490BC.

5.It takes more than 4 tons of grapes to produce 1 ton of raisins.

6.Raisins can be yellow, blue, green, purple, or black.

7.In ancient times the Romans used raisins on a wide scale to fight sickness.

Vitamins that are found in raisins

Raisins are a good source of vitamins, these vitamins are Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2 and B3, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, antioxidants, proteins, flavonoids, polyphenols.

Raisins health benefits

Raisins health benefits are as followed

1.Promotes strong bones.

2.Aid is eye health.

3.Helps to fight cancers.

4.Aids in good bowel movement.

5.Helps to promote good digestion.

6.Believe it or not but raisins can help with weight gain in a good way.

7.Raisins can help fight infections.

8.Promotes healthy skin.

9.Can be used as a quick energy booster.

10.Promotes healthy hair.

11.Raisins are good for your heart.

12.Lowers blood pressure.

13. Promotes healthy kidneys.

I can go on with a number of benefits that raisins are good for but I think that you can see now why this dried fruit is a superfood.

Final word

Raisins can and do work wonders this is is a superfood that is out there and is doing a whole lot of good to help to ensure that we maintain good health. So including raisins in your diet will be of great benefit.

Prune Power

You have made your shopping list and of to the supermarket, you go as you walk the aisle and scan the shelves, your eyes finally see it, just what you were looking for, a nice box of sweet prunes.

I remembered as a child I spent many days feasting and enjoying the prunes that my parents brought from the supermarket. Prunes do not only make a delicious healthy snack but the benefits they have far outweigh the wonderful taste.

I also loved to crack the seeds open and eat the nut, the inside of the shell is really sweet but the nut has a bitter taste. When every I get the chance and I still grab a few and eat them as I did when I was a child.

In this article, we will be looking at some amazing facts and benefits of prunes and what role they play when it comes to our health.

Fun facts about prunes

Here are some fun facts that I know you will find pretty amazing.

1.Prunes are plums that have been dried in the sun.

2.The nut in the seed can be eaten.

3.The inside of a prune’s shell is very sweet.

4.Prunes are very chewy.

5. The plum tree that is responsible for prunes produces up to 300 hundred pounds of fruits.

6.The plums can be also baked in an oven where they will dry.

7. Prunes have been dated back as far as 900o BC.

Vitamin content of prunes

Prunes are a rich source of Vitamins that includes

B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, beta- carotene, fiber, antioxidants, Calcium,

The Benefits of prunes

1.Can aid in good bowel movements.

2.Has antioxidants that rid the body of free radicals.

3.Promotes good vision.

4.Improves skin health.

5.Helps to promote heart health.

6.Can lower cholesterol.

7.Aids in weight loss.

8.Help to keep bones strong.

9.Promotes good digestion.

10.Help to fight osteoporosis.

If you don’t like eating prunes then may be you could try drinking the prune juice that also has its benefits.

Final word

Prunes are so beneficial so let us take advantage of them by making them a part of our diet and receive all of the goodness they have to offer. You will be glad that you did, trust me I know you will.

The Naked Truth about tomatoes

Hello and thanks, for stopping by. In this article, we will be looking at the naked truth about the tomato plant, even though we may not cover all that pertains to the tomato plant

There are some cool facts that we will discover. Believe it or not, tomatoes are fruits, I know you are surprised I was too when I found this out many years ago. Tomatoes are a popular fruit and is used worldwide

in salads, steam, baked, broil foods, omelets, rice, add them to grill foods and even on sandwiches. You can pick them, wash them and eat them just as they are. Where would the famous ketchup be without tomatoes and if there is one thing I know for sure many people love to use ketchup on their fries and burgers. The world is a much better place because of these fruits or at least I think, what do you think?

Growing a tomato plant

Before we talk about how to grow a tomato plant there are so many varieties.  Trying to remember them all would have your head spinning, not really, but there are sure a lot of them. Here are just a few names to ease your curiosity.

1.Green Zebra                                 5.Carmello

2.Sunrise Bumble bee                   6.Cherry

3.Sun Gold                                       7.Valencia

4.Black Zebra                                  8.Early Girl

Again these are just a few of the many tomatoes that are grown worldwide. Don’t you just love them I know that I do?

Some of these tomatoes have different requirements or conditions in which to grow. I live in Nassau which is an Island within the Bahamas chain of Islands.

We have sunny days almost year round, talk about garden paradise. It is a tropical island and very beautiful with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. In fact on one of the islands know as harbour island believed it or not has PINK sand, miles, and miles of pink sand.

Tourist travels from around the world just to walk and play even build sand castles with this pink sand that is very unique.

Growing tomatoes

Soil should be a nice rich organic soil, place soil in plastic or growers pot. Size should be anywhere from 2-3 gallon. next gently moisten the soil to settle it then add your seeds by gently pressing them into the soil.

Give seeds enough space for each one to germinate. Then add another layer of soil on top of seeds. within a few weeks, seeds will germinate and up springs your tomato plants.

Prepare your garden area for where you want them to be planted. Make sure that the soil is well cultivated and is organic rich. It is also a good idea to install stakes that are about 6-8 inches in diameter or plant near a fenced area because tomatoes are a vine and they tend to climb, this also makes an organized garden and will support your fruit on the vine.

once the plants reach anywhere from 6-8 inches gently remove each one from the pot. be very careful not to damage roots or stems, don’t plant seedlings to deeply, only the roots of the plant should be below ground, the stem from the base of plants should be above ground.

Keep soil moist not waterlogged, as your plants mature they will produce flowers. In order to increase fruit production and to allow fruits to ripen remove side shoots and  restrict each plant to 5 trusses

Then stop the plant by removing growing tips. A few more weeks and your plants will be ready for harvest as they turn to that beautiful color that moves you to purchase them from the supermarket.

The tomato plant exposed

The Vitamin content includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, phosphorus manganese, molybdenum, copper, niacin, folate, antioxidants, beta-carotene, biotin.

Here are some benefits of a diet that is rich in tomatoes.

1.Tomatoes have antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals.

2.Helps to prevent gallstones.

3.Aids in heart health.

4. Helps to improve vision.

5.Helps to promote good digestion.

6.Helps to fight hypertension.

7.Aids in the fight of cancer.

8.Strengths your bones.

9.Promotes beautiful skin.

10.Helps with kidney health.

11.Aids in weight loss.

12.Has been known to lower blood pressure.

13. Aids in good bowel movement.

These a just some of the benefits of the tomato plant.

Final word

Tomatoes are an excellent choice to add to your diet because of all the benefits they contain, why not include this fruit in your diet and live a healthier and happier life. Now lets get started on that garden.

Gardening gift ideas for the weekend warrior

Being the weekend warrior that you are here are some gifts that will help you to take on those garden projects as you bring those creative ideas to life.

Or you may know someone probably a family member or friend that just loves the outdoors, these garden gifts will put a smile on their faces making those garden design a show stopper.

Cool Garden Gift ideas


Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set                                           Hori Hori garden knife


Garden genie gloves                                                  Hand weed remover



Garden bike wind spinner                                                  Umbrella hardware hat


Mom message stone rock                                                         Handmade clay pears


Jaron rose silk flower                                                      Folding stool & garden tool


Beautify your surrounding                                                  Bring that area to life


Garden project design                                                           bring ideas to life


Cat garden feature                                                             Turtle garden feature


Amish decorative wagon                                      Butterfly suncatcher

The Power of the Avocado

Avocados are on of my favorites and are known worldwide for its taste, healing wonders, and vitamin content. Here in the Bahamas, you can find this tree being grown by many of the locals.

The natives often refer to the avocado as (pear) so if you ever visit the Bahamas and hear one of the locals use the word pear they are referring to the avocado.

In this article, we will be discussing the power of the avocado.

Just looking at this picture makes your mouth water. You may be amazed like I was to find out that and avocado is actually a fruit and not a vegetable and there are so many varieties.

When my wife and I bought our home it was great but what made me happy also was that the property owner had this big avocado tree growing in the back yard you could of imagine my excitement, not only were we purchasing a house but it came with an avocado tree. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah, now that’s what I am talking about.

The journey of the avocado

The journey of this plant starts from a seed, how the natives grow this tree is that we let the seed dry after the seed dries the seed is then planted into a 1-3 gallon pot using that good garden or organic soil.

Avocado seeds need about 5-6 hours of sunlight, keep soil somewhat moist don’t over water or allow the soil to dry out.

Seed should sprout in 2-6 weeks. I live in a tropical climate therefore as far as I understand this plant does very well in warm weather.

Transplanting procedures

When the plant reaches about 3 feet, you can transplant in a different location. Make sure that the area gets the same amount of sunlight, Also remember not to over water plant.

The plant should be given plenty of room to grow because the avocado tree can reach anywhere from 15-20 feet and even taller with a width span of 8-25 feet.

Fertilizer Your Avocado

When fertilizing your avocado it is good to use and organic fertilizer source like chicken, cow or horse manure. using synthetic can work but I would much rather use a fertilizer source that is all natural.

Read the label and follow as directed because the label is law.

Avocado a wonderful delight

Avocado can be eaten just as they are, can be used in salads, can be eaten with other dishes, can make a healthy drink when blended or what some of the natives do is eat this fruit with bread.

The leaves are also of great benefit

My wife sometimes uses the leaves to make tea. Tea is simply made by bringing to a boil a few leaves I would say 8-10 leaves are fine. Then pouring water into a cup and adding a few drops of sugar.

This makes a healthy drink and can aid the body in so many ways, such as helping to reduce blood pressure, helps to detoxifies the body, helps to fight the common cold, promotes kidney health, help to relieve abdominal pain, can help to fight cancer, helps weight loss, reduces back pain, relieves swelling, reduce headaches and so much more.

Vitamins of avocado are as followed

1.Vitamin B5                                             6.Potassium      11.Pantothenic

2.Vitamin B6                                             7.Copper            12.Protein

3.Vitamin C                                                8.Folate

4.Vitamin E                                                9.Riboflavin

5.Vitamin K                                                10.Dietary Fiber

Other benefits of avocado includes

1. Can be used as a face mask for clearer skin.

2.Has fiber that is good for bowel movement.

3.Contains antioxidants that help to fight free radicals.

4.Helps to promote a healthy heart.

6.Aids in weight loss.

7.Can help to lower cholesterol.

8.Promotes hair.

9.Aids in eye health.

10.Help to absorb nutrients from plant foods.

Final word

Avocado has so many great benefits and it also taste great so I encourage you to make this fruit a part of your diet, you will be glad that you did as you begin to see the wonders of this super food.

Product: Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Price: $17.48

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Product Dimension: 17 x 1 x 2 inches

Product Weight: 12.8 ounces

Customer’s Rating:4.5 out of 5

Pruning Power

Welcome to the world of pruning saws, these are what I call a landscaper and gardener toy because these tools are so effective in carrying out jobs that a lopper may not be able to handle.

I have used these saws over the years and had great delight in carrying out my job effectively and with great results. A word of caution here. The blades on these saws are pretty sharp and caution should be taken when handling them.

A good practice would be to use heavy duty hand gloves when handling these tools because they can cause injuries.

I have used a pruning saw on several occasions to cut or remove tree trunks that range from 4″-6″ inches thick. Some trunks were a little thicker, had to put some muscle into it but I got the job done.

In this review we will be looking at the Heavy duty pruning saw

Overview of the heavy duty pruning razor sharp saw

The heavy duty pruning razor sharp 14″ hand saw has lived up to its name in getting the job done, making those garden or landscape project easier. This saw is or should be that of every gardener’s dreams

Can get the job done as easy as 1-2-3. It is just awesome how the blade just rips through the wood giving that clean cut. What I also love is the sheath (case) that you can clip onto your belt

so you don’t have to carry this tool around in your hand. The heavy duty pruning saw is easy to use even if you are not and experience gardener, once you start you will love it.


1.100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Tarvol Guarantees All of its Products and Tools for Life!

2.CUTS BRANCHES UP TO 8 INCHES THICK – Incredibly Strong & Versatile, Can easily cut through branches/limbs up to 8 Inches Thick!

3.PERFECT FOR PRUNING LANDSCAPE – Including Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Branches/Limbs, and So Much More!

4.RAZOR TOOTH 7TPI CURVED BLADE – Curve Styling Makes Cutting & Trimming Effortless!

5.ERGONOMICAL CUSHIONED HANDLE – Pistol Style Grip Gives You a Comfortable Sturdy Feel While Cutting/Sawing. Convenient Hanging Hole for Storage!


1.Handel with care can cause injury

Customers Views

Here is what a few happy customers are saying about the heavy duty pruning Saw.

1.easy to use I would recommend these to anyone! Very inexpensive in comparison to other options on the market More reasonable than any store that I could find perfect for the sign I made. Very pleased with the product. you will love it as I do.

2. This customer’s views were, I bought this because of a huge, 20 ft. pine branch fell in our yard after a snow storm and I don’t own a chainsaw. We have no woods but have yard waste pickup in my town. I went Rambo on the branch with this thing and in about 10 min. reduced the pine branch to a small pile to dispose of conveniently. I’m so glad I got this thing, at less than 1/10th the cost. of a chainsaw. It was probably even faster than a chainsaw could be for the purpose specified, because it allowed one hand free to hold up the larger off-shooting branches, and slice the smaller branches off, snap them in half etc. At this price, everyone should own one.

3. And this satisfied customer said, This saw, especially for the price, is fantastic. Did a full day of pruning branches and tree limbs as thick was 5 inches and went through them all with no difficulty.I would definitely suggest buying if in the market for something similar. Word to the wise – it can initially be very difficult to get out of the sheath if you aren’t aware – I reached out to customer support and all it took was a firm hold on the sheath with one hand, and a little bit of upward jiggling of the handle with the other. People’s instincts are to pull down because of the shape – definitely pull up and out!

Final verdict

This pruning saw has lived up to its name and proven that it can get the job done so for all of your pruning needs consider giving this pruning saw a try, you will be glad that you mad the purchase as you see this pruning saw go to work getting the job done.

Product: ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

Price: $118.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Dimension: 2 x 6 x 28 inches

Product Weight: 1.8 pounds

Customer’s Rating: 4.9 out of 5

My view

Working on many projects over the years I have discovered that having a tool such as garden shears can really work wonders giving your hedges that clean cut that actually brings out their beauty.

This has been my experience and to tell you the truth I love it. To me taking on a garden project that involves a hedge that is and eye sore, is fun because I get to work on those hedges and turn them into a work of art if I can use that word.

Shears, in my opinion, is good to use on smaller hedges, but if you want to get that heart rate up taking on those larger projects (exercise) then, by all means, you can use hedge shears. For larger hedges, you can use and equipment such as a Dewalt battery operated hedger.

In this review, we will be looking at Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears

Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears overview

The Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears is one of a kind with its beautiful design that can take on that garden project and get the job done. These hedge shears are lightweight which is an added feature

making this shears easy on the arm. The blades are sharp and can give that nice clean even cut allowing the plant wound to heal much faster. Hedge shears blades that are not that sharp

tends to rip the branches when this happens it is more difficult for wound to heal and what can happen is that insect and disease can cause further harm to plant life

so make sure if you are purchasing a hegde shears, Ars hs-kr1ooo professional hedge shears is your first choice.



2.Replaceable blades

3.Long lasting sharpness

4.Superior durability for continued professional use

5.Perfect shape and balance for continued use

6.Superior steel and blade treatment for unsurpassed cutting performance

7.Strong blade screws securely hold the blade.

8.Available replacement parts, cap, screws, blades, bumpers, pivot bolt

9.Lifetime warranty


1.Does not have extendable handles

2.Manual hedge shears, job may take longer

Customer’s View

Here is the testimony of some satisfied customers,

Awesome shears!! Sharp and lightweight but also strong and durable for professional use. I can’t say enough good things about ARS products.

The happy customer also said,

I’ve had these almost 2 years and they are the best shears I have ever experienced. They are very light (which I didn’t expect) while still feeling sturdy and are crazy sharp. The action is super smooth and they are very enjoyable to use. Even at this cost, I would replace them if they were lost.
Another customer that was well pleased with the performance of this hedge shears said.Makes trimming grasses and shrubs a delight. If you are a serious gardener, or you just need a tool that will save you time and make the job easier..this is the tool for you.Worth every penny.

Final Verdict

This hedge shear is an excellent choice and I know you will be well pleased. A great investment that will serve you well for years to come, so why not give this hedge shears a try, I know you will like it and will be proud to have your very own.

Product: Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper


Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Dimensions: 1.18 x 10 .63 x 30.71 inches

Product Weight: 3.75 pounds

Customer’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Lopper Power

Loppers make a great tool that you would want to add to your garden list. Loppers can really get the job done and can cut thick branches in a matter of seconds.

I have worked with these tools on many garden projects and found them to be very handy. There were some garden projects that I took on with a pruner and hedge shears but was getting nowhere when

I switch to using a lopper it made my work easier. I remembered working on this 2-acre private estate where I was the foreman. This property had a beautiful guest house with

beautiful hanging bougainvilleas that needed to be kept nicely groomed, so with my hedge shears, loppers and a ladder I would make my way on to the roof where the work was to be carried out.

The shears took care of the smaller branches, but the lopper did a very nice job in removing some of the thicker branches and made working a breeze really giving those bougainvilleas a wonderful appearance.

In this review, we will be looking at the Tabor anvil lopper

The Tabor Anvil Lopper OverView

The Tabor anvil lopper is turning heads because of its performance, many homeowners are making this lopper a part of their garden tools. This lopper is very effective in what it can do by making work easier.

The lopper can cut branches up to 2 ” without using much effort that means that this lopper makes it easy on the arms as you make those needed cuts.

The tabor lopper was designed to cut woody and dry growth and this is pretty cool because if you know anything about dry wood is that some of them when dry is harder to cut than when they are not dry or seeking to cut when they are fresh or alive

This lopper has very comfortable grip so you know that you have the right tool for the job at hand.Tabor lopper is durable and features precision ground razor sharp blades that cut through the toughest of branches fast and a compound-action lever system. The coating on the blades keeps them sharper for longer and make them resistant to corrosion. The comfortable, ergonomic grips also ensure a balanced weight across the tool.This power-house tool enables users to tackle heavy-duty cutting jobs well without straining or expending a lot of energy.


1.FREE GIFT: Order today, and get a wealth of pruning tips and tricks along with our follow up on your purchase.

2.The Tabor Tool customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!

3.CHOPS THROUGH 2” BRANCHES effortlessly. This KING OF LOPPERS will allow for fast removal of dry and woody growth and is the ideal tool for preparatory cuts and cut-to-length work. The lopper is designed and built for professional grade applications and makes cutting dramatically easy through extra leverage and compound action power!

4.The rubberized grips on handles provide comfort and good grip. This longer 30” model will allow you the work with some extra strength and leverage and to efficiently navigate around higher limbs. The ergonomically handles are designed for optimal grip to ease cutting of any branch. Overall, this balanced, powerful and dependable tool which will soon become YOUR 

5.SHARP HARDENED CARBON STEEL BLADE will stay sharp, even after some heavy use! The low-friction non-stick coated gliding blade make every cut a joyful experience. The tools is easy to use, even for the elderly gardener or if you have arthritic wrists. There’s no cut you can’t make with this KNIGHT’S BLADE!


1.Cannot make cuts beyond 2″

Customer’s Views

Here are the views of some customers that have used and is using the Tabor Anvil lopper.

1.This thing is amazing. I’ve had a couple of other loppers that I got from a good hardware store and this tool far out-performs them – especially on live branches. I was skeptical about the 2″ cutting radius but it actually does it with little effort!!

2.This satisfied customer said about their experience, I have 7 fruit trees. Pruning time is not something I look forward to. My previous bypass pruners had difficulty going through larger branches and often did not make clean cuts. This lopper is an animal and cuts through very large branches relatively easy. It always makes clean cuts. I used it for all size branches, large and small, because it could handle everything and did a cleaner job. They seem to be very good quality. I worked them really hard and no signs of damage or wear so far.

3.Note what this customer said, After looking for a replacement for my old made in U.S.A. Snap cut loppers, which somehow found their way into my 35hp diesel wood chipper (not a good scenario), I decided to give these a try. These are awesome and every bit as good (maybe better!) than the reliable cutters I used for many years! Sturdy, precision made and they seem to be manufactured from quality materials. I am glad to find a truly professional quality replacement for my old loppers.

My Final verdict

This lopper has stood the test of time and proven to work effectively making those garden projects so much fun, so why not invest in a tool like this that have proven over and over again to get the job done.

The Tabor Anvil Lopper is for you, so order now and join the many happy gardeners and also get that satisfying experience of working with this tool.

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