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Gardening gift ideas for the weekend warrior

Being the weekend warrior that you are here are some gifts that will help you to take on those garden projects as you bring those creative ideas to life.

Or you may know someone probably a family member or friend that just loves the outdoors, these garden gifts will put a smile on their faces making those garden design a show stopper.

Cool Garden Gift ideas


Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set                                           Hori Hori garden knife


Garden genie gloves                                                  Hand weed remover



Garden bike wind spinner                                                  Umbrella hardware hat


Mom message stone rock                                                         Handmade clay pears


Jaron rose silk flower                                                      Folding stool & garden tool


Beautify your surrounding                                                  Bring that area to life


Garden project design                                                           bring ideas to life


Cat garden feature                                                             Turtle garden feature


Amish decorative wagon                                      Butterfly suncatcher

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  1. Neil says:

    My Dad’s a keen gardener and with his birthday coming up, I’m looking for some cool tools as a gift, especially since a lot of his current tools are a little outdated lol.

    So this Hori Hori garden knife and sharpening rod will be perfect. After visiting your Amazon link, I like how the knife also comes gift boxed which will probably save the hassle of wrapping it up HA HA!

    Thanks for the gardening recommendation, and the tool is quite cheap as well. 🙂


  2. Ilias says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas Norman. I may get one of these products for a friend of mine. I think that he will love the garden tools set.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Trevor says:

    These products would be great and I have just moved into a new house with a large garden! Gardening gloves are something that should be in every household. Its also one of those items you would not really buy yourself but great as a gift idea!

    thanks for the post


    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello Trevor so nice to meet you, and thanks for commenting. All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Finn says:

    I loved your article, it was very insightful and a very interesting read, I’m definitely going to share this on my Facebook page

    I personally have always loved gardening, but I find it hard to choose between which tools I need and what tools I want but won’t really need in the future

    This has really cleared a lot of things up for me

    Thanks again,


    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello again Finn, again I am so happy that I cold help and thanks a million for your support. If there is anything else that I can help you with please let me know. All the best to you.

  5. Finn says:

    I loved your article, it was very insightful and a very interesting read,

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved gardening.

    I’ve found your article to be very helpful because I never know what tools I should buy and where to buy them

    I’m definitely thinking of buying the garden gloves and the tools set

    Thanks again


    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello Finn thanks a million for those kind words, I see that we both have something in common and that is gardening. Gardening is such a wonderful hobby and has so many benefits, and yes these gloves and the tool set would make a great added piece to add to your garden list. I am so happy that I could help, all the best to you and have a good evening.

  6. Andrew says:

    Wow…what a great site. I am a huge believer in trying to live a natural lifestyle whenever possible. The amount of information available is great. I really like the headache cure section…there are definitely some things that I am going to try. Thanks for the great info. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello, Andrew so good to meet you and thanks a million for those kind words. I am glad That I could help,  wishing you the best of success.

  7. Robert says:

    Hi Norman, these are great garden tool and decor ideas. I live in the desert and all we have is a rock garden so I don’t think they’ll work for me. But my sister-in-law lives in Chicago. They are always telling us how the garden is coming along in the back yard. I think the vremi 9 piece tool set or the folding stool and garden tool set would be great for them. I will definitely be coming back in the fall to pick up one of these sets. Thanks Norman for putting these ideas together for us.

    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello Robert so good to meet you and I am glad that I could help. Thanks for commenting and your support. Wishing you the best of success. Have a wonderful evening.

  8. Angela says:

    I really like the wagon. My daughter is redoing her yard. I am going to tell her about your website. Her and I are definitely the weekend gardener. My mother is more experienced she needs to this information as well. Great layout. I couldn’t stop looking!

    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello Angela so nice to see you again, and I am glad to hear that you are a weekend warrior like myself. I am so happy that I could help and thanks a million for commenting and for passing the word along. Please let me know how it goes all the best to you and have a wonderful evening.

  9. Juliet says:

    Hi there,
    It’s summer now, the sun is here and so is the rain. I have a very very large garden and I like to maintain it all by my self. I see you have some gloves, what type of garden gloves will be ideal if I will be doing some uprooting of weeds? The folding stool looks very inviting, how can I get one?

    1. Profile photo of Norman Norman says:

      Hello Juliet so good to meet you and it is also good to know that you love gardening just like I do. I have included my link so that you can go back to my article on Garden gift ideas. Here you will find the ideal tool for weeding and with these beautiful gloves that can also help. Just click on the image of the folding chair and you can order it from here. Hope this help and please let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful evening and thanks again.http://gardenofedengardencente

  10. Irma says:

    There are some wonderful ideas here…and I want them ALL! Especially the Folding stool and garden tool and the Butterfly suncatcher. Thank you for sharing, as I live in a smaller city and I do not get to see fun gifts like this all the time…the power of shopping online I guess!

  11. Heather says:

    Such cute ideas!! I especially love the wagons!! They are very adorable! Most people don’t think about tricking out their gardens like this, I hope this inspires some to make a needed change in their yard!

    Best wishes,
    Heather Montgomery

  12. Andrei says:

    Hi. Norman!

    Great gift ideas! I really was looking for something to surprise my girlfriend and to decorate our garden a little bit. I really like the wind spinner, the “froggy style” and the waggon. Thanks for sharing with us, I am sure that she will love them! Cheers!

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