6 Garden Plants that are Easy to Grow

Gardening Tips For Seniors-bromeliads

Bromeliads Flowering Plant

A well-maintained garden dose not only creates an environment that’s beautiful and relaxing but will help in increasing your property’s value while providing a natural habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife.

While working in a garden calls for some effort for its upkeep there are low maintenance plants that will make your time in the garden more enjoyable by making your garden work a breeze.

This is especially important among seniors to avoid the load that can be placed on them. Low maintenance gardening is amazing giving you the desired results as you connect or should I say work hand in hand with nature on the great outdoors

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How to Care for Silver Buttonwood

Silver Buttonwood Care-silver-buttonwood-shrub

Silver buttonwood shrub

Hailed for its beautiful gray-silverish colored leaves and velvety texture along with its ability to withstand the salt sprays the silver buttonwood is native to the coast of tropical America from Florida through the West Indies and the Caribbean.

This shrub belongs to the family Combretaceae, in its natural habitat silver buttonwood can be found growing in mangroves and on the shorelines of tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide.

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6 Easy Herbs Seniors can Grow in the Home garden

Best Garden Herbs-rosemary herb

Rosemary herb

Garden herbs are a treasure that benefits us in so many ways, herbs are highly prized for their great aromas and awesome flavors. Garden herbs are loaded with vitamins and their ability to bring healing is amazing, from ancient times or before the invention of modern medicines herbs were grown and used to bring healing to the sick.

These natural healers which are known as nature’s pharmacy have come down to us through the ages and are still as effective being used in modern medicine to promote natural healing. The delightful taste of herbs will also excite your taste buds as they go to work for you flavoring your favorite recipes.

Gardening, however, requires a lot of bending and other physical activities which can be pretty much exhausting especially for seniors, this can be taxing on their bodies. What we will be doing is taking the pain out of gardening by looking at 6 easy herbs that seniors can grow in the home garden.

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6 Vegetables that will Boost Seniors health

Best Vegetables For Seniors-carrots


Though there are many gardens which can be planted a vegetable garden should be considered because with a veggie garden, vegetables can be grown to promote good health for the elderly. A garden like this will have seniors buzzing with excitement as they reap and eat the fruits or should I say the veggies they labored for.

Healthy living should be something we should all strive for no matter the age, seniors especially should eat healthy at all times to ensure they’re getting the required nutrients. We will be looking at 6 vegetables the elderly should grow in their garden.

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Simple Steps to Starting a Garden Club for Seniors

Garden Club Ideas For Seniors-deco-flower-design

Deco flower design

Seniors need outdoor activities to help keep their minds sharp and alert while promoting physical health. What better way to get the elderly involved than by starting a garden club. A nursing home is a great place to start providing seniors with a relaxing outdoor experience in an environment that connects them with nature.

This typesetting will also provide seniors with vitamin D as they are exposed to the warm gentle sunlight taking in breaths of fresh air. This experience will fill seniors with vigor as they enjoy their time socializing on the great outdoors.

Growing and caring for plants will give seniors a feeling of accomplishment along with a sense of pride as they watch their gardens grow, with a mindset of making a valuable contribution.

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