Creating that dream garden

Wildflower Seeds-how-to-plant-a-meadow

Wildflower Seeds

When you envision a meadow what is the first thing that comes to mind? As for me many years ago when I thought about a meadow what came to mind was a huge piece of land somewhere out there in the open country with lots of different species of flowering plants and grasses that stretch for miles also rolling hills which go as far as the eyes could see.

This thought or visual picture has such charm and peacefulness that can really excite one’s imagination of a garden of this sort. The good news is we don’t need acres of land to create such a garden wonder but a piece of land that is in an open area which gets lots of sunlight.

The space you may be working with may not be that huge but creating a miniature size meadow is the thing for you. Just think of the endless possibilities of constructing a garden such as this.

The advantages of creating a meadow

There is much reason why meadows are created but here are a few reasons why I believe creating a meadow is so cool.

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Giving your garden a break

Implementing these 12 tips for winter gardening success

Holly Plant-winter-garden-chores

Holly plant covered in snow

It’s that time of year again as we enter the winter months with snow covered gardens that let us know that winter is here. This is the time of year when our garden plants go into rest mood from all that hard work during the spring and summer months as they put forth flowers, fruits and all of that other good stuff as we reaped a good harvest from the many hot days that were spent in our gardens.

But before those chilly days sets in and the snow appear there are some things to consider like preparing both ourselves and our gardens as we enter the winter months.

Creating a checklist

Creating a checklist is so important because what we don’t want is to leave anything undone when it comes to ensuring that everything is in place which will make this time of year a lot easier when securing our gardens.

Let’s get started

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A garden without human efforts

A Rock Garden-how-to-build-a-rock-garden

A Rock garden

A rock garden has such an appeal. These gardens look so natural like no human efforts were involved as long as it is constructed in the right way. Rock gardens can be of any size and shape but the gold is to design your rock garden in such a way that it will be pleasing to the eyes looking all natural.

My Personal Story

I have a personal story to tell about these gardens. Several years ago I made the suggestion to my then manager to install one of these gardens which he agreed. The place where this rock garden was to be constructed was at our international airport. I was more excited to get this projected underway than any of the crew members which was assigned to work this project with me.

I was also given the responsibility to oversee this project which was a real task. The area that was chosen was a large area which was in the public’s view so to install a garden in this area would make a major impact bringing that much-needed flavour. So what we did first was to come up with a plan of action such as

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Preserving  your plant’s blossom

Bougainvillea -what-causes-blossom-drop-in-plants

Bougainvillea flowers

We put time and effort into our gardens because what we want is to reap a good harvest. But what happens when everything is looking so promising and then out of nowhere it hits you. Your face with the issue of having to resolve why your garden plants are experiencing blossom drop.

This has been the unfortunate experience of so many gardeners which can become very frustrating leaving some without a clue as to what to do. The good news is if this describes you then you have come to the right place to understand and bring to an end your plant’s blossom drop issues.

Being a plant detective

Reasons, why you have blossom drop, may include

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Creating your garden paradise

A hillside garden-slopes-and-hillside-gardens

A Hillside garden

Creating your garden paradise from a slope or hillside can give that WOW. These garden spaces provide you the opportunity to get those creative juices flowing as you construct a garden which is unique in style with such flavours that will have your imagination running wild as you see the endless possibilities of creating a thing of beauty.

However, constructing a garden on a slope or hillside calls for much thought and planning because what you want is a garden that is not only your oasis but a garden that is well suited for these areas.

Things to consider

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