Teaching kids about the Importance of Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening For Kids-kid-watering-flowers

Kid watering flowers

Organic gardening is much talk about the methods which are implemented have proven to be beneficial, this way of gardening teachers how to grow healthy promoting one’s health, however, the responsibility lays with us in passing this gardening method on to the next generation which I believe is so important.

We cannot afford to let this form of gardening die but continue to fan the flames through education that will allow this practice to continue to the next generation and generations to come becomes our very survival along with wildlife, beneficial insects, pollinators and our ecosystem is depending on us getting the word out. Pollinators play a major role in the creation and maintenance of our ecosystem which is so amazing.

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Attracting Bees to Your Organic Herb Garden

How To Atrcat Bees To Your Garden-bees-making-honey-comb

Bee honeycomb

You can have the best of both worlds by creating an organic herb garden that attracts bees. Going organic or starting an organic herb garden from your backyard is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Growing organically is catching like wildfire because of the many benefits that are involved. Many backyard gardens are either transformed or started to create a garden of this sort that benefits both us and other pollinators bees being among this group.

The life of a bee

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A how-to Guide to Indoor Organic Gardening

How To Start An Indoor Organic Garden In And Apartment-basil-herb

Basil herb

More and more people are seeking ways to promote good health this is the reason why many backyard gardens are either been created or transformed in such ways to grow food crops in a healthy way. Even if you live in an apartment and desire to grow your food crops organically you are not alone and the good news is that limited space can also be turned into an organic garden.

But to have success a well-thought-out plan must be put in place that’s why we are here to guide you along the way to help you think outside of the box as you accomplish your goals of growing your very own indoor organic garden.

What is an organic garden?

Simply put an organic garden is a garden where food crops are grown naturally or without the use of synthetics (man-made chemicals). With these types of gardens, everything from the soil to the food crop is organic.

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7 Effective Ways to Sustainable Gardening

How To Make A Sustainable Garden-plumeria-fragrant-flowers

Plumeria fragrant flowers

These days more and more people are getting involved on the great outdoors by working the soil in an effort to reap a good harvest whether it be growing food crops (fruits, vegetables, herbs) or growing a flower garden, or maybe a combination of both but whatever you’re deciding on growing one thing is for sure an that is making the most out of your time seeking to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Creating a sustainable garden can make this possible keeping you ahead of the game giving you great results but in order for this to happen a well-thought-out plan must be put in place. This plan or blueprint is the road map that will guide you in having much success with your garden.

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Selecting the Right Containers to Grow Healthy Herbs

Herb Garden Containers-container-herbs

Growing herbs in containers

The use of container gardening makes it a lot easier when it comes to growing and maintaining plants. This method of gardening is great for anyone who may either not have the yard space or even the time to maintain a garden.

With container gardens, you can grow plants in the smallest of spaces even indoors if you prefer. What I love about container gardening is the low maintenance cost as far as money and time are concerned.

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