Low maintenance plants that will $ave you money

Yellow Stripped Agave-agave-plant-care

Yellow stripped Agave

Tropical South Florida is known as the sunshine state, the weather can become pretty warm in the summer and fairly humid during this time, this is the time of the year when beachgoers head for the beach to take a dip getting relief from the summer’s heat. Many homeowners can be found in their gardens doing what they can to ensure that their gardens plants are well taken care of, this is also the time to keep an eye on our garden plants keeping them well watered.

High maintenance plants, especially during this time, should be monitored, the flip side of the coin, however, is if your desire is to spend less time in your garden because of the summer’s heat while saving a few dollars then the solution is to invest in low maintenance plants.

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Steps in caring for doves

A dove-a-dove-in-the-tree

A ring- neck dove

Doves are beautiful birds which are used as a symbol of peace and love, in the Christian cycle especially among the early church we see these birds widely used. There are more than 200 species of doves some of which are the ring-neck dove, common ground dove, mourning dove, Inca dove, red turtle dove, etc…

Attracting doves to your garden and landscapes is a great way to not only have a wildlife garden but helping to bring balance to our eco-system by giving nature a helping hand. As a child both my brother and I who is the elder raised pigeons which are also a part of the dove family.

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How to kill centipedes

Black Centipede-how-to-get-rid-of-centipede-in-the-garden

A Centipede

There are many creepy crawlers which can be found in our landscapes and garden area, and as creepy as these insects they help to bring balance to the eco-system. One such creepy crawler is the centipede, centipedes are predatory arthropods that feed upon soft-bodied insects such as roaches, spiders, worms, termites, flies, moths, fleas, silverfish other centipedes, etc.. there are more than 1500 species of centipedes which can be found outdoors.

I saw a video at one time where a giant centipede attack and ate a small snake which I found to be pretty amazing. One thing to keep in mind is that all wildlife seeks shelter, food, and water this is what attracts them to our environment, have you ever came across a large centipede? this happened to me on many occasions and to be honest with you it was a surprise but not a good one.

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Gardening For Longevity

A Flower Garden

Gardening can be such a rewarding and exciting hobby, this is a great way to connect wait nature on the great outdoors. I have been in this field for years now and have seen first hand what can happen when we commit to the soil.

Taking a step into the world of gardening will take you on an adventure where those creative juices will flow bringing much flavor to and environment like non-other, in fact, the first job that was given to man is recorded in the bible where man was told by God to take care of the earth so gardening span from the beginning of time.

I have a question for you, have you ever turned and an area which was drabbed and run down into a work of art? it may have been remodeling a house or your home, what about a kitchen or a bathroom, your office, how about your car giving it a nice paint job restoring it to its former glory, whatever it was at the end of the day it brought you much pleasure as you stood back and enjoyed the change, felt good I would say.

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A caterpillar free garden

A Caterpillar

Creating your dream garden can be so rewarding especially as your plants are growing healthy and vibrant, there are so many garden types to chose from that it is just mind-blowing but what can really place a damper on things is to have uninvited guest invading our gardens seeking to make a meal out of our plants.

I have seen the damage of what garden pests can do turning a dream garden into a nightmare, there are so many pests which can wreak havoc but the good news is we can strike back and win the war on these garden insect pests by bringing their invasion to an acceptable level.

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