Calathea Ornata Plant Care

How to Care for and Grow Calathea Ornata Plant

Calathea Ornata Plant Care-calathea-indoor-plant
Calathea ornata plant

Calathea Ornata also called the prayer plant, pine-stripe, zebra plant, peacock plant, etc… is native to South America (Colombia, Venezuela) and is a genus of plants belonging to the family Marantaceae. There are said to be over 300 species of these garden beauties of which many can be found growing in tropical regions such as Thailand, Africa, the West Indies, and Central America.

This low-maintenance plant that is non-toxic to humans and pets will put on a show for you with its pinstriped leaves that are so stunning. The calathea ornata brings a tropical flavor that is worth the investment so give it a try and see for yourself. You will be so happy that you did, with that said let’s take a closer look as we venture into the world of this garden beauty.

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Weigela Care Maintenance

How to Grow and Care  for Weigela Bush

Weigela Care Maintenance-weigela-shrub
Weigela shrub

Weigela bush is a beautiful low-maintenance shrub that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds, this plant can be grown with much success in the home garden, and is a member of the honeysuckle family. The weigela shrub is native to Asia comes in many varieties including, ‘Wine and Rose’, ‘Crimson Kisses’, ‘Czechmark Sunny Side Up’, ‘Sonic Bloom Pink’, ‘Golden Jackpot’ etc…

Weigela Bush/shrub grows dense and is a Deciduous plant reaching heights from 6-10ft. tall and 9-12ft. wide while the dwarf grows to about 3 ft. These bushes are easy to transplant and are used mostly for mass planting in a shrub border or as a foundation plant.

If you have an interest in how to grow and care for weigela bush then continue reading as we take a more in-depth look at this amazing shrub that is a garden wonder.

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How to Attract Parrots to Your Yard

Successful Tips on Attracting Parrots to Your Yard

How To Attract Parrots To Your Yard-two-parrots
 Two Parrots

Bring the wild to you by turning your yard into a garden that is irresistible for wildlife, these types of gardens have sparked an interest which is why many homeowners are not just constructing a garden but creating a garden that’s wildlife-friendly which is a great way to connect with nature in this most awesome way.

A garden of this sort is pretty amazing, in this article we will be discussing how to attract parrots to your yard. What a joy it is to have these exotic birds visit your yard as you watch them in their natural habitat providing hours of fun both for adults and kids. There are estimated to be some 350-402 species of parrots in which most of them live in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

However, due to habitat destruction, many parrots have become extinct, these intelligent birds that are so beautiful deserve our help. If you are interested in giving nature a helping hand then continue reading as we take our journey into the world of parrots and how to care for them.

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How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard

8 Simple Steps To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard

How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Yard-a humming-bird
A hummingbird

Creating a garden that’s buzzing with activity is a great way to enjoy nature as you sit or take a walk in your garden, these types of gardens will provide hours of fun for kids as well as watching birds in their natural habitat. While going on a nature walk in the wild is great you can bring the wild to you by making your garden irresistible. A project such as this is great for the whole family.

Bird watching is a hobby that is enjoyed by many and has its rewards including learning the different names of birds so if this sounds like you then continue reading as we take our journey into how to attract wild birds to your yard.

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Blue Daze Seeds

Blue Daze Seeds Planting

Blue Daze Seeds-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

The blue daze is a tropical beauty perennial plant that is grown as an annual in summer gardens. The attractive slivery-greenish leaves with their beautiful flower bloom make this plant a must for the home garden. In previous articles, we have looked at propagating blue daze and blue daze care. This garden beauty is worth our attention because the blue daze has made a name of itself and is used on a wide scale to bring that much-needed flavor with its charm.

In this article however we will be looking at how to grow blue daze from seeds, blue daze is so easy to grow, and care for filling your home garden with much flower bloom. If you want to fill your days with blue daze, not blue days then let’s take a closer look at how to grow blue daze from seeds.

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