Garden tips for successfully growing zinnias

Zinnia Garden Flowers

Creating a garden paradise should be the desire of every homeowner, It is just so amazing of the many benefits of a home garden. I have worked on so many garden designs that were almost pictured perfect and as every season gardener knows one of the keys to having garden success is the choice of plants.

A plant that is worth our attention are zinnias, these garden beauties can really give that much-needed color. Zinnias have an array of colorful flower bloom which is truly amazing. What also makes these garden beauties a must is they are so easy to grow.

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Gardening tips on the care of caladiums

Caladium Garden Plant

Enhance your garden and interior plantscape design with caladiums, these garden plants produce beautiful heart shaped multi-color leaves that are so amazing this is a plant which I have worked with on many interior plantscape projects. What I love about caladiums are the different patterned designs that are found on the leaves which is truly a work of art.

These tropical plants are native to South Africa and can be found growing on the banks of the Amazon river but also believed to hail from Central and South America. These exotic plants, however, cannot tolerate the cold and are tuberous plants meaning spring to autumn is the only time for them to show of their beauty but despite that, they are still worth the investment and is a show stopper.

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How to grow and care for pentas

Pink Pentas Flowering Plant

The world of plants is truly amazing because there are so much to choose from with their style, shape, and colors can have your gardens and landscapes looking so polished and beautiful. Among many of the garden, plants that deserve our attention is the pentas. I have worked with pentas on several garden projects and just love these garden plants and how they perform.

Pentas are also known as the Egyptian Star, these garden beauties produce many flowers that come in an array of colors from purple, white, red, dark pink and so on. What also makes pentas so unique is the small star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. Pentas can be grown as annuals or perennials and can be planted in a wildlife garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

With pentas you get the best of both worlds, a plant that produces beautiful flower blooms and can also attract wildlife having your garden buzzing with activity. If you think this plant fits your plan for your garden and landscape then I encourage you to go ahead and give these garden plants a try but before you drive to your local nursery and purchase these garden beauties lets discuss the growth and care of this amazing plant.

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Garden tips on growing the chenille plant

Chenille Flower Plant

As a child, I was always Fascinated with the chenille plant that we called cat tail.  The chenille garden plant produces a very interesting flower that resembles a cat tail hence the name that fits this garden beauty so wonderfully. My father who is now deceased worked as a gardener and handyman an as far as I can remember I along with my sister and brother who is older than I am, went with our dad on Saturdays to work, His responsibilities were to take care of a few properties which was so much fun.

On one of these properties were many chenilles which grew that we played with. It is so amazing as kids how we can use our imagination and create anything and have so much fun, my how time flies it was just like yesterday the good part, however, is to always have those memories and cherish them.

The chenille is an evergreen plant which is native to Asia, Papuasia, and Malesia this tropical beauty belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae. This evergreen which is a fast grower can get up to a height of 15 ft and grows best in zones 9-10. Chenilles are a show stopper and will give your garden and landscape designs that WOW so if you are up for it and feel that you would be happy installing this garden beauty then let’s take a closer look as we enter the Fascinating world of the chenille plant.

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Successfully caring for the yellow elder flower

Yellow Elder Flowers

The yellow elder is the national flower of the Bahamas, this garden beauty is native to South America, Florida, West Indies, and Mexico this garden beauty produces beautiful flower bloom year round. It is recorded that the yellow elder plant is used for medical purposes such as helping to regulate digestive problems, is used to eliminate parasitic worms from the body, is said to be used in the production of anti-syphilis drugs, etc…

What I found interesting, however, is there is another tree which also survives in the seem climate as the yellow elder known as the yellow tabebuia that produces yellow followers which is extremely gorgeous. During the spring and summer months, the yellow tabebuia tree is a real show stopper especially when they are planted in a row as they lined the street, this is a coda moment where you want to take your camera out and just start snapping photos. If your desire is to attract wildlife to your gardens such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds then this plant will be the right fit for you.

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