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Importance of water

Water is so essential to all living forms including plants. In fact, plants are made up of about 95% water, therefore, it is important that we give our landscape and garden plants the right amount of water which we will be discussing more in this article.

I have worked on many garden and landscape projects over the years and saw where many care takers were not giving their plant adequate water or overwatering their plants which resulted in their plants being stress and in some cases death of those plants.


One of the major elements that plants need to produce their food is water but even though this may be the case, just as water is important to a plant’s survival overwatering can kill a plant.

Planning your garden

1.The first step in planning your garden is having a knowledge of which zone you are in, get to know your climate condition.

2.Then the soil type that you have is very important to plant life as far as watering is concerned. Some soils can retain great amounts of water or it drains poorly and can be detrimental to plant life. These soils are known as clay soils. Soils like these you will have to work with like adding compost to help with drainage.

Then there are sandy soils or a well-drained soil that cannot retain water. Adding compost or organic soils will help.Then for those of us who are fortunate to have that good garden soil or loam that holds the right amount of water and allows excess to drain through is great.

3.It is very, very, important to have knowledge of your plant’s water requirements. Plants that require a lot of water is known as high maintenance plants, for example, Peace lilies, Crotons etc….

Do not allow the soil to dry out when it comes to this group of plants but keep moist at all times, notice moist and not waterlogged or over watered.

There is also the mid-level or in between plants if I can use that word. These plants can go without water for a week but keep a close eye and watch out for signs of wilting in this group you have the Copper leaf, Golden Durante, Showers of gold etc….

Then there are the low maintenance plants that require little watering in order to perform at their best. In this group, you have Cactus, Zz plants, Bromeliads etc…. Plants in this group can be watered only as the soil dries out.

Rain Fall

The elements such as rain are something that we don’t have control over, so in cases of heavy rain fall monitor your plants and continue watering base on above information.

Other sources of information

A good source of information can come from your nurseryman when deciding to purchase plants. Read the tags and also ask question including, lighting conditions, fertilizer and water requirements, soil type which includes soil structure and soil ph

Along with garden pest and control measures, signs of plant disease and treatment.

These are just a few things besides watering for a successful garden.

Final word

Plants in so many ways are just like us so by providing the right condition plants can help us to experience garden success. So investing in having a knowledge of plants can go a long way in the over all health of plant life.

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