When it comes to having a successful garden where do we start?

Gardening know how


Garden vegetables

When it comes to constructing a successful home garden the first thing to consider is what type of garden you want and at what location. There are many types of gardens to choose from.

You can have a vegetable garden, a fruit garden, or even a herb garden or you may just want a garden consisting of flowering plants. But whatever type of garden you desire, remember that location plays a major role in your gardening success.

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Enjoying your meals

Garden herbs in white pots-flavoring-foods-the-healthy-way

Garden Herbs

There is nothing like sitting down and enjoying a nice home cooked meal. But the problem with many persons in this day and time is, they are eating foods which have been prepared with high levels of salt that is working against their health.

Many have the mistaken belief that foods have to be seasoned high in order to give it flavour when this is far from the truth. I believe the time has come to bring clarity. This was a lesson that I learned many years ago when getting a physical checkup.

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Eating healthy



A challenge that many persons face is creating a lifestyle where they can afford to eat healthy without out having to break their piggy bank. It seems like in this day and time the cost of having a healthy lifestyle is pretty costly and because of this many cannot afford this lifestyle but rather have to depend on how far their pocketbooks or wallets will take them.

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Building your sandy soil for your dream garden

Purple coneflower-how-to-improve-sandy-soil

Purple coneflowers

Sandy soils present a challenge to many gardeners because sandy soils are hard to work with. These soils are soils which cannot retain water or nutrients. Because of this many dream garden suffers set back leaving the homeowner confused and in despair as to what went wrong. The good news is you can still have your dream garden by making improvements to your sandy soils.

How to identify sandy soils

Let’s take a stroll into your garden, and see what we can find. Now what I want you to do is to scoop up a handful of soil in your hand, rub the soil with your fingers, how does it feel? if the texture is hard or gritty then it’s possible that your garden soil is sandy. To further inspect your garden soil squeeze it in your hand to make a ball and release the pressure, if the ball falls apart after you release the pressure then you are a step closer to knowing what type of soil you have.

The final test is if the particles size is large you have come to the end of your investigation and have solved the problem which is sandy soil. It is these size particles which are the cause for its poor water and nutrient holding capacity because of the space between them.

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Bringing beauty to that eyesore

Mandevilla Vine-vines-in-the-landscape

Mandevilla Vine

There is nothing like an eyesore that takes away from something which was meant to beautify and give that wow, it is like being dressed in a nice suite, hair well groomed but wearing shoes that are old, dirty and worn out with holes.

It does not matter how well dressed and groomed that person may be because of the condition of their shoes it will take away from what that person was hoping to create. Those worn out shoes would be distracting and so it is with certain outdoor structures and features.

Have you ever seen a home that is so beautiful as you observe it with much admiration then out of nowhere it catches you by surprise or hits you like a lightning bolt, a structure or feature that leaves you with your mouth hanging open, probably wondering what was the homeowner thinking off or why didn’t they fix that problem which is so distracting. What are some features even though serving a purpose is an eyesore?

Some features that may be visible and distracting

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