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Hi there! I’m Norman and I’ve been in the landscaping and gardening field for the past 20 Yrs. I have obtained 12661751_119060201811404_4970592426869967740_na wealth of knowledge in this field. I love being nature’s helper. In fact my love and interest of gardening span all the way back to my childhood days.

As a child, I have had many wonderful experiences from creating successful vegetable gardens and having the pleasure of eating off of the many plants that I grew with my very own hands.

So it is my delight to share my knowledge with you so you can also have this delightful experience. We are going to learn how to give nature a helping hand.


Many people have always said that in order to be successful at gardening you need a green thumb, well I have looked at a lot of successful gardeners in my time

including my mother in law who is very successful at gardening and I have never seen anyone walking around with a green thumb. Can you imagine how strange that would look?


So then it all comes down to knowledge. That is what makes a successful garden. Soon we will be learning and growing together.

Besides my childhood experiences, I have acquired many certifications in this field.

Some of the places where I have trained include the FNGLA out of Florida (Florida Nursery Growers Landscape Association), The Bahamas Landscape Association and the list goes on.

So sit down and relax, throw your feet up and explore this site enjoying the many topics Eden’s Garden brings to your table.


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