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6 Best Aerogarden Systems Buying Guide

Research has shown that growing our very own foods can and has proven to be healthy because when growing our own edibles we are in full control, this thought alone has inspired people to do just that especially since the pandemic the idea of self-sustaining has been embraced by many as we see a growth in growing foods from a home garden whether outdoors or in an indoor environment.

In fact, research has also shown that in the US alone 67% of adults are growing or planning to grow edible plants, if your desire is to do just that but you don’t have the time or the space then the Aerogarden system is just for you.

Aerogarden Reviews-aerogarden-harvest-indoor-garden
Aerogarden Harvest Indoor Garden System

With the Aerogarden system, you can have a Continual Harvest by Growing Foods Anyware and at Any time of the Year. Extending the Season (growing edible) even during the winter months has never been easier. These gardening systems will have you gardening like a Pro as you connect with nature indoors reaping a Bountiful Harvest!!


The  Aerogarden System doesn’t require soil, taking the Hassle out of Gardening, Using this system is not Messy and it’s not Laborious or Time-Consuming. Just follow the instructions, and you are done and on your way to Growing Fresh Herbs and Vegetables from your Kitchen Countertop. These systems also set an Automatic Timer for its built-in light, you will also get an Alert whenever additional Nutrients or Water is needed. Do you want to find out more about the Aerogarden system along with the Best Herbs and Vegetables to grow then continue reading as we review our Top 6 Aerogarden Systems?

How  to Clean a Aerogarden System

    • Unplug the aerogarden
    • Remove the plants
    • Empty the reservoir bowl
    • Clean filter
  • Prepare a cleaning solution with bleach or white vinegar
  • Rinse it out well and clean the growing  deck
  • Reassemble your aerogarden


The Benefits of Growing Your Own Edible Plants

  • You have control over how it’s grown
  • It tastes better
  • No need to worry if food is sprayed with harmful pesticides
  • Foods are grown healthier
  • You can extend the season
  • Your veggies and herbs are at your fingertips
  • You can have almost an endless supply
  • Saving a few dollars on your grocery bill
  • Expand your knowledge of growing different edible plants both for you  and your kids
  • Veggies and herbs are always fresh
  • Growing your own edibles gives a sense of pride
  • Less food is wasted


Pros of an Aerogarden

      • Growing in an Aerogarden system is healthy
      • Easy setup
      • No soil is needed
      • No weeding is needed
      • Grow Fresh Vegetables and Herbs Year Round
      • Food Crops are Grown Indoors so  no need to worry about Outdoor Adverse conditions
      • AeroGarden-ing takes Minimal Physical Effort
      • AeroGarden Plants Grows Five Time Faster
      • Minimal Pest Issues
      • You can Garden in Small Spaces Indoors
      • Grow Settings can be Control

Cons of Aerogarden

      • Aerogarden is limited to growing certain crops
      • Aerogarden can be somewhat costly

We have done your homework for you, as you read our informative review below is 6 of the Best Aerogardens that have gotten Top Ratings. We will help you to decide which one is Best for you.

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Aerogarden Reviews

Aerogarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite - Stainless Steel
AeroGarden Harvest Elite-Stainless Steel

The Aerograden Harvest Elite is a fine choice, this garden system can grow up to six 12-inch plants, and 6 herbal seeds package is included which are thyme, basil, Curly parsley, mint, Thai basil, dill, and a 3 oz patented nutrients pack. With the Harvest Elite system, you can grow up to 6 plants at a time, the Harvest Elite also features an LCD control display and a reminder of when to add plant nutrients (fertilizer) and water.

This beautiful system also features Aerogarden’s Helpful Vacation Mode Settings, this special feature helps your plants to stay watered while you’re on vacation even if it is for an extended period of time by Lowering your GardenWater Usage, the Stainless Steel design is Stylish making the Aerogarden Harvest Elite a must. The Price is Affordable giving you a Bung for your Buck so let’s Start Your Indoor Garden Today. BUY NOW.

Aerogarden Black Sprout

AeroGarden Black Sprout (2020 Model)
AeroGarden Black Sprout

The Aerogarden Black Sprout can fit into just about any area, this black beauty can grow up to three 10-inch plants and boast automatic water and food reminder along with a water pump that’s silent. The Aerogarden Black Sprout has a simple one-touch button control that operates automatic lights and reminders.

Included in this system is a 3-Pod herb seed kit including Genovese basil, Dill, and Curly basil 3 oz. of patented nutrients, high-performance, full-spectrum grow lights, and an easy-t0-use control panel. The Aerogarden Black Sprout can also grow smaller varieties of vegetables along with other herbs that are not included in the starter kit. The price for this system is reasonable so check it out here and let’s Start Your Indoor Garden Today. BUY NOW

Aerogarden Farm 24 XL

AeroGarden Farm 24XL, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black
AeroGarden Farm 24XL, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black

The Aerogarden Farm 24 XL features a high-resolution touch screen for easy control, with motorized adjustable light hoods and separate left and right sections, Wi-Fi and Alexa Connectivity, with automatic water and food reminders along with a Vacation Mode. With the Aerogarden Farm 24 XL, you can grow up to 24, 36-inch plants which I think is pretty cool.

This garden beauty features a stackable design giving you more space to grow and is the best choice for growing larger plants. Included with this system are 24 herb and vegetable seed pods. The Aerogarden Farm 24 XL is so simple to set up, you will be so happy with this indoor garden system as it goes to work for you. Let’s bring indoors nature with the Aerogarden Farm XL by Starting Your Indoor Garden Today. BUY NOW.

Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black
AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black

The Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic is a Winner, this garden beauty is for those who want a larger garden, this system can grow up to 24, 12-inch plants and is divided into right and left sections with separate controls for each one. The Farm 24 Basic can also be stacked with similar models for more space to grow (Vertical Gardening).

The touchscreen control that comes with this system is high-resolution, and the Wi-Fi connectivity can be connected to the Aerogarden app or  Alexa to remotely control and monitor the garden. The Aerogarden Farm 24 Basic comes complete with Vacation mode, water and food reminders, and auto-dimming lights. Order your System Today. BUY NOW.

Aerogarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden, Stainless Steel
AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden, Stainless Steel

The Aerogarden Bounty Elite will give you what you are looking for, this garden beauty can grow up to 24-inch plants growing crops such as Herbs, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes & more. What I found so neat about this growth system is that the LED grow lights automatically dim when the sunrise and sunset to mimic the plant’s outdoor growth cycle.

The Aerogarden Bounty Elite features Wi-Fi connectivity that is simply connected to Wi-Fi or Alexa to control the garden remotely along with a high-resolution touchscreen control panel, Vacation setting mode, and automatic water and food reminders ensuring that your plant always gets what it needs.

Also included with this system is a 9-pod Gourment seed pod kit With Genovese basil (x2), dill, thyme, Thai basil, mint, Italian parsley, Curly parsley, chives, a 6-inch tall trellis, and liquid plant food, enough that will take care of a full season of growth. With the Aerogarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic garden, you can’t Lose but Reap a Bountiful Harvest so Order Yours Today. BUY NOW.

Aerogarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Black
AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Black

Save money with the Harvest 360 which is great for beginner gardeners, the harvest 360 comes with 6 different herb types accommodating up to six 12-inch plants making it so easy to start a garden. A simple, three-button control panel alerts you as to when to add food and water.

The grow lights are set on an automatic timer to ensure your plants are getting adequate light for proper growth. This garden system that is so beautifully constructed is designed to take up less space but at the same time is a high performer. The Harvest 360 is compact offering a whole lot and will do the job for you without any hassle. Get Yours Today and see for yourself. BUY NOW

Herbs that are grown in an Aerogarden

Tarragon, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Chamomile, Dill, and Thyme, Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint, Shungiku, Mitsuba, and Oregano.

Vegetables that are grown in an Aerogarden

Bell peppers, Butterhead, lettuce, Arugula, Spinach, Kale, Bok choi, Collard greens, Mustard greens, Snap peas, Cucumbers, Beet greens, Tomatoes, Swiss chard, Eggplant, Broccoli, and Romaine lettuce.

Additional Information

      • Before using your Aerogarden System read the instructions for proper use
      • The seeds should be planted at the  same time  for proper growth requirements
      • When watering your Aerogarden follow the directions by filling in the recommended line. Overwater or underwater can lead to water pump issues
      • To prevent bacteria and fungus growth change the water and clean the reservoir completely once a month
      • Monitor the plant’s roots and trim as needed to avoid crowding that can interfere with the water pump

The final word on the Aerogarden System

The Aerogarden System has proved that it can get the job done, Growing Your Very Own Food Crops has never been Easier, Grow Fresh All Year Long by Extending the Season with the Aerogarden System it’s Worth Every Penny and you will be so Happy that you made the investment that will Pay Off for years to come. The Aerogarden has been Widely Accepted and is Used by so Many Homeowners so take Advantage of the Aerogarden system by Purchasing Yours today and begin to Enjoy Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Grown by your very Own Hands. Now that we have done the Work for you  Click on the Link and BUY NOW.


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  1. Hi there, I am so excited to learn all about the Aerogarden and didn’t know that this even existed – it makes me love my garden even more!

    I am happy to know that you can grow many vegetables as a result of this system for the garden and would love to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce the most as that is eaten daily at my home, I would love to grow herbs too as I always use dry herbs so fresh herbs would be more healthier and fresh! I am checking out the product in more details now – thanks very much!

    • These gardens are amazing and will go to work for you so give one of these system a try you will be so happy that you did and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day and Happy Gardening!

  2. I started gardening when I was a teenager but I quickly gave it up when I realized that I constantly had to fill my hands with dirt. It was just not for me. So, I never believed that we could do gardening without soil. But it turns out that we can have all this aero-system in place, put in it all the nutrients that our plants need and thus grow healthy food at home. I’m in!

    • Hello Ann, these gardens are a winner and you are sure to reap a good harvest. With this type of system, gardening is made easier and is so much fun. I am so happy to help. All the Best to you and Happy Gardening.

  3. This seems to be very interesting and quite productive. I have never even heard of Aero Gardening before. But you would think, if they can grow marijuana hydroponic in little or no time, why wouldn’t you be able to do the same thing with some nutritious vegetables. Thanks for the article and the education.

  4. This seems to be very interesting and quite productive. I have never even heard of Aero Gardening before. But you would think, if they can grow marijuana hydroponic in little or no time, why wouldn’t you be able to do the same thing with some nutritious vegetables. Thanks for the article and the education.

    • These gardens are amazing and will have you eating Fresh Year Round. I am so happy that I could help. Have a Good day and Happy Gardening.

  5. Hello, I only used to plant when I was with my grandmother. I can state that I am not gardening today, but I intend to do so in the future.
    One of the reasons I should return to gardening is that aerogardening is not as messy, laborious, or time-consuming as you described.
    And, of course, I’d like to start growing vegetables on my kitchen counter.
    And I suppose it is enjoyable.
    Aero gardening is something I’ve never heard of before.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello, these gardens are amazing giving you great results as you get to garden year-round. I am so happy to help all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Growing foodstuffs without soil has a nice ring to it. It’s actually adventurous. Aerogarden is explained in this article and the details given. The advantages are actually astonishing. You can grow food stuffs in your kitchen counter with an easy set up, no weeding and no soil hence not messy. What better way to have your foodstuffs than to pruck them from your kitchen.

    • These gardens are so amazing and will have you eating fresh year round that I think is so great.I believe evey home should have one. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  7. amazing too see great things like these. I grew up planting vegetables with my grandfather, not in a garden but in the field it was really difficult cause we had to use our hands and traditional means. It is so great to see production like this making life easy thank you for this beautiful article about aerogardening, I personally learnt a lot and I hope it will help others too.

  8. This was very interesting, Norman. I had never even heard of Aerogardening before. Is it a fairly new concept?

    I don’t have anywhere to garden outdoors currently, but seeing as this can be done indoors, I may be getting started very soon! I’m excited to bring this up to my parents, however, who absolutely LOVE gardening!

    Thanks for posting, you learn something new every day!

    -Chase Thomas


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