Angel Trumpet Plant Care

A Complete Guide to Growing Angle trumpets

Yellow angel trumpets

The angel trumpet is a tropical-subtropical plant that is a native of South and Central America, These garden beauties can reach a height anywhere from 6-12 ft. What I find so amazing about the angel trumpets are the flowers that it produces.

These flowers can get the attention I believe of just about anyone, the flower which is produced seems to be upside down in the form of a bugle. What also is unique about the flowers is the fragrance which it produces.

It was many years ago when I first got introduce to this plant where I was employed. Taking a look at these plants for the first time really impressed me. If you are interested in the growth and the care of the angel trumpets then let’s discuss how this is done.

Planting Location

Angel trumpets perform well in the full sun but will also benefit from an area that gets that afternoon shade. In colder regions, it will perform best when exposed to the sun.

Soil Type

The angel trumpet will tolerate alkaline soils but perform best in soils that are acidic.

Watering Methods

This garden beauty prefers a soil that is moist, however, monitor the amount of water because overwatering can lead to root rot.

Fertilizing Methods

To keep your angle trumpet growing healthy and vibrant with beautiful flowers the use of a fertilizer that promotes flower bloom such as 15-30-15 will work wonders. Fertilizing with a water-soluble or quick-release fertilizer is a good choice.

Garden insect pests of the angel trumpets

Garden insect pests of the angel trumpet are a real menace, though these insects are small they can cause huge damage. These garden insect pests include.

  • Whiteflies
  • Thrips
  • Mealybugs
  • Slugs and Snails


Whiteflies are tiny white-winged insects that feed by sucking the plant’s fluids which can lead to yellowing of the leaves followed by leaf drop. To identify whiteflies gently shake or tap the tree, if a bunch of white insects dislodges from the tree and then quickly re-attaches they are whiteflies. The use of insecticidal soaps will bring these garden insect pests under control.


Thrips can also cause server damage, I have had many challenging experiences with them. The adult thrips are tiny and slender, with colors of black, brown, or yellow. The babies resemble the parents and are yellow to light green.

The damage of thrips includes white patches on the plant’s leaves along with streaks and slivery speckling this damage is caused by the fluids being extracted from the plant by these garden insect pests. A serious infestation may also cause leaf drop, the use of insecticidal soap will offer some home.


Mealybugs are tiny insects that can be identified as having a white cottony or fluffy mask, mealybugs suck the plant’s fluids causing yellowing of the leaves and leaf drop. The use of insecticidal soap will offer some help.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails cause damage by eating plant parts which can have your angel trumpet plant looking far from healthy-looking. To bring these pests under control the use of snail bait or handpicking and placing them in a bucket of soapy water will eliminate them.

Plant diseases of the angel trumpets

Keep an eye on these diseases.

  • Tomato spot wilt
  • Tobacco mosaic virus

Angel trumpets that are infected by this disease have stunted growth and blotches. There is no cure

Ideas on where to install them

Angel Trumpet

Here are just a few places to install the angel trumpets.

1. These garden beauties can be grown as a specimen plant.

2. Install them in containers and the containers can be placed on your patio or porch.

3. Plant them on either side at the entrance of your front door giving sufficient space for plants to grow.

4. What about installing alongside a fenced area?

5. Grow them alongside a wall.

6. Use them as a backdrop in a garden bed.

7. They go great as a garden centerpiece.

Container grown angel trumpets

Container grown angel trumpet is a great way to garden when growing plants using this method, the container should be large enough so your trumpet plant can sit comfortably. As stated earlier these plants can get up to 6-12 ft and somewhat taller which means thought should be considered as to the container size. The container should also have drain holes to allow excess water to find a way of escape.

The use of good potting soil that is well-drained is ideal, adding organic matter will help in conditioning the soil. Water your angel trumpet thoroughly and then allow the soil to dry out between watering, however, the soil should be moist and, not waterlogged. Water and fertilize as stated earlier and keep an eye out for disease and garden insect pests. The container should also be placed in an area that gets full to partial sunlight.

Pruning procedures

Pruning will cause your trumpet plant to become fuller with more flower production. When pruning your trumpet plant make the cut at the lateral branches joint. Remove parts of the older growth to encourage new growth. If you remove the main leader it will encourage your angel trumpet to take on the form of a tree losing its natural growth pattern which is a shrub.

The final word

The angel trumpet is a must-have, I have seen them in many garden and landscape designs. These garden beauties are a show stopper and are worth the effort, if you are looking for a garden plant that is unique then the angel trumpet is a plant that I know you will be happy to have as a part of your landscape and garden design so go for it as the angel trumpet goes to work for you.


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8 thoughts on “Angel Trumpet Plant Care”

  1. Angle Trumpets are beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Interesting to read that these flowers produce a unique fragrance. Once again your pointers are outstanding and I appreciate the thoroughness. For these I like the idea of planting them at the house entrance, along a walkway or along a fence. I’ll be sure to put them in plenty of sunshine. Thanks again for another fantastic post!

    • Hello, these are truly amazing plants and do work wonders. I am so happy to help and thanks a million for those kind words. All the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Hi, Norman and thanks for this post.

    The first time I ever saw these flowers I was amazed.  That was two years ago and I didn’t have any idea what they were until today.  I kind of knew they were some kind of Lilly just because of the shape.  

    It would be nice to have some in a garden but we are limited to space being in a 50+ co-op.  We just have a small patio so I don’t think it would fit too well.

    Perhaps I could talk to the gardening committee and see if they could find a place for a plant like this.  They are so beautiful and they seem to be easy to care for.

    Are Lillies grown from bulbs or tubers or do you have to buy them already growing in a pot?

    I’m definitely going to pass this on to our Gardening Committee.  We have plenty of gardening areas throughout the co-op. I don’t know why we couldn’t find a space for this plant.


    • Hello, these are truly amazing plants and do work wonders. Lillies as far as my understanding goes are grown from tubers. Thanks so much for passing this information, all the best to you and wishing you  all the best of success

  3. This is really a beautiful plant.  I really like the flowers.  I would love to have one of them, but I would need to know where to put it.  Do you know how well they would do planted in clay soil?  Do they need lots of shade or more sun than shade?  How many colors do they come in?  I have a memory garden and I’m always looking for plants with flowers to add to it.

    Thanks for this information. I may consider putting that in my garden.


    • Hello, Lynn Angle trumpets are pretty amazing and really add flavor to your garden and landscapes. Clay soils will not do, it is best to add lite topsoil to the planting hole for water drainage. Addin organics or compost will also help to condition your topsoil. These babies come in a variety of beautiful colors which you will find just stunning. Angle trumpets love the full sun but can thrive partial shade. These plants can reach up to 10 ft but with the help of a hand pruner, they can be kept at 6 ft so find an area where they can have sufficient space to grow. Hope this help and all the best to you. Have a good day.

  4. Hi — transplanted my Angel Trumpet about 9 mos. ago to a less sunny location but it does still get some sun (in FL)…however it does not seem to be responding well to the transplant/location…what do you recommend? I also believe that it didn’t fare well this past winter where we still potentially get frost overnight. Right now it is about 6″ tall with only 3 leaves on it YIKES!!!


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