How to Care for Annuals


Everything is painted with an array of colors. It’s so amazing to see the beauty that nature offers. Splashes of red here, splashes of pink there, splashes of white everywhere. Everything is alive just bursting with colors. Flowering plants can bring such beauty to our surroundings.

In this article, we will be looking at flowering plants in particular annuals. What are annuals? and why are some plants considered to be annuals? annuals are plants that set seed, grow,  blossom, and unfortunately, die in the same year. Yes, that’s right, after these beauties serve their purpose they go on to plant heaven.

When choosing annuals make sure to find out from your nurseryman the seasons in which each plant blooms. In this way, you will know exactly how to plan and plant your garden. Here are some varieties of annuals.

Impatient makes a great choice with its beautiful colorful flowers that can really brighten up your garden.

Marigolds also make a great choice. These babies are great for attracting wildlife such as butterflies and bring that WOW to your garden area.

Coleus has such a rainbow effect with its beautiful flowers, I love coleus because their array of colors can really liven up your garden

These are just a few. The list of annuals is numerous because there are so many types. So the good news is you can liven up any dull outdoor space with these colorful plants.

Care of annuals

In order to keep your annuals looking healthy and in tip-top shape read the instructions that come along with them or you can ask your nurseryman. But basically, make sure that you use good garden soil and don’t install your plants too deeply. Only the base of the root ball should be in the soil, the stem from the base of the plant should be above ground.

Providing water for your annuals

Water your annuals on a daily basis especially during the summer months when it gets extremely hot. Water the soil just enough to moisten it and make sure that you water the soil and not the plant. Just a gentle spray is advised when the annuals are just planted. Watering too heavily can encourage excessive weed growth and can also cause root rot.

Purchasing fertilizers

It would be good also to purchase fertilizer for your annuals. This will keep your plants growing at their best. Be sure to read and follow the label or you can ask your nurseryman. There are liquid and granular fertilizers that can be applied at the time of planting, it is all according to your preference.

Providing mulch

Providing a layer of mulch can go a long way in the overall health of your plants. Mulch keeps down weeds, keeps the soil cool, conserves water and as the mulch breaks down, it will add nutrients to the soil which your plant will take up by their roots.

Encouraging bloom

Finally, you can encourage bloom by doing all of the above that was mentioned along with pinching the older bloom which will encourage more bloom. So let’s get down and dirty and start our annual garden.


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5 thoughts on “Annuals”

  1. Hi There
    Is there a reason as to why you should not plant these annuals too deep into the soil?

    I love the advice of bringing up these annuals.My wife always tells me that I got green fingers.

    I will try my luck at Margold and will let you know how it goes.


  2. This is a lovely clear article. My Husband has just started getting into the gardening and has no idea what should go where and how to look after plants. He is a complete novice and starting from Scratch. It’s difficult to know where to start don’t you think?

    He is particularly interested in growing fruit and veg, but again, doesn’t know where to start, so your website is a great resource for him. And he can learn about nutrition at the same time! Winner.


    • Good morning and thanks for those kind remarks. Gardening is fun I must agree it dose call for a little work as far as going out there and getting physical is concern but that’s good nothing like keeping your heart healthy and pumping. Knowing about Gardening and all aspects is easy its just knowing whereto start. I will be more than delighted to work along with you it will be my pleasure. Thanks again and have a good day.

  3. Plugging – I am interested in add more St Augustine grass on my backyard since all of the corners seems to be missing… and my question is, in your article on the option of plugging it, by keeping it moist do you mean watering every single day? Thank you so much!

    • Good morning Josi Geyer it is so good to meet you, st augustine makes a great turf once it is cared for in the right way. Now when it comes to pluggings it is good to keep it moist because at this stage the grass is trying to establish, if in the case when it rains you don’t have to water or if you give it a good soaking the day before and the following day the soil is still moist then you don’t have to water that day.The gold is to not let the roots dry out and by watering deeply you would be encouraging you grass roots to go downward instead of staying on the soil surface there by causing the turf to establish more faster. Hopes this helps, thanks again and have a good day, and please do tell others about my website. God bless.


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