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Product: ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

My view

Working on many projects over the years I have discovered that having a tool such as garden shears can really work wonders giving your hedges that clean cut that actually brings out their beauty.

This has been my experience and to tell you the truth I love it. To me taking on a garden project that involves a hedge that is an eye sore, is fun because I get to work on those hedges and turn them into a work of art if I can use that word.

Shears, in my opinion, is good to use on smaller hedges, but if you want to get that heart rate up taking on those larger projects (exercise) then, by all means, you can use hedge shears. For larger hedges, you can use and equipment such as a Dewalt battery operated hedger.

In this review, we will be looking at Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears

Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears overview

The Ars hs-kr1000 professional hedge shears are one of a kind with its beautiful design that can take on that garden project and get the job done. These hedge shears are lightweight which is an added feature

making this shears easy on the arm. The blades are sharp and can give that nice clean even cut allowing the plant wound to heal much faster. Hedge shears blades that are not that sharp

tends to rip the branches when this happens it is more difficult for the wound to heal and what can happen is that insect and disease can cause further harm to plant life

so make sure if you are purchasing hedge shears, Ars hs-kr1ooo professional hedge shears is your first choice.



2.Replaceable blades

3.Long lasting sharpness

4.Superior durability for continued professional use

5.Perfect shape and balance for continued use

6.Superior steel and blade treatment for unsurpassed cutting performance

7.Strong blade screws securely hold the blade.

8.Available replacement parts, cap, screws, blades, bumpers, pivot bolt

9.Lifetime warranty


1.Does not have extendable handles

2.Manual hedge shears, job may take longer

Final Verdict

This hedge shear is an excellent choice and I know you will be well pleased. A great investment that will serve you well for years to come, so why not give this hedge shears a try, I know you will like it and will be proud to have your very own.

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  1. Neil says:

    I have some nice boxwoods that I’d like to trim to keep them in a nice shape. Are these trimmers operated with one hand or is this a two-hand-operated tool?

    This really seems like the kind of tool that becomes an heirloom. I still have some of my grandfather’s tools. This might be something I pass on too.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello so nice to hear from you. This tool makes for a great investment and will give you good service for years to come. You have to operate this tool with both hands. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes, have a good night.

  2. Oh yes, this is something I can use. Looks like these will do the job right. Nice clean, quick cut. Will these be available for awhile?

  3. Christine eross says:

    This site is very good and well presented You gave us a lot of knowledge it was very exciting to read through his information. It’s a shame that something like this was not written about when I was growing up,how different my life would be today. This will help a lot of people so keep up the good work.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, Christine so nice to meet you, thanks for those kind words and I am glad that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Lolita says:

    Hey Nrichards
    I like those shears, lightweight and sharp. Thanks for the bit of information on the straight cut to prevent disease and such. This is a good post.
    Except if you don’t mind I’d like to point out a few errors.
    Near the top- which is and added feature – the and doesn’t need the d
    Under Pro- Capitalize the l if you want it to match the rest of items
    Looks like you didn’t double space between sentences
    Under Final Verdict- The is an other and that doesn’t need the d. I hope I have helped.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello friend so nice to meet you, thanks a million for pointing out those errors. All the best toy you and have a good day.

  5. secollins1 says:

    Wow, I hadn’t realized that so much went into buying a pair of garden shears, you have opened my eyes to this. The article is very informative and really useful when it come to buying this product. All the content is good and the information seams to be very accurate. I will never look at my garden sheers the same way again.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, so good to meet you, thanks a million for commenting I am glad that I could help. Have a good day.

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