Attract Lizards To Your Garden

The benefits of having lizards in your garden

A Garden Lizard

A common creature that can be found among landscaping and garden plants are lizards, as a child, I took great interest in constructing my very own garden it took me a while but my hard work paid off as my little hands worked the soil hoping to reap a good harvest from my labor which I did.

One garden creature which I would often come across were lizards, even though I did not give much thought as to why they were present in my little garden I would watch them resting or moving around appearing to be busy.

My brother who is older than I am would make lizard traps out of the stock we would pull from mature weeds, these lizard traps were like a hangman’s noose sorry for sounding so cruel which could be adjusted. Once the noose was placed around the lizard’s neck we would then tighten it enough so they could not escape and boy did it work. We would have so much fun catching them but what I want us to turn our attention to now is attracting lizards to our gardens.

You may be saying but I don’t have that issue my garden and landscapes are teeming with lizards well that’s just great but for those of you who may not have as many of these garden visitors continue reading to find out what you can do to have your gardens buzzing with the presence of lizards.

Why attract Lizards?

Believe it or not, garden lizards play a major role in the balance of our ecosystem, they have their place as they give nature a helping hand. Without the presence of lizards our garden plants may experience some setbacks, let’s take a closer look at how our little garden friends help to balance the ecosystem.

Attract lizards to your garden

The benefits of Lizards


1. What is a garden without plants right? Plants are what make a garden a garden, but installing certain plant species will make your garden more inviting to garden lizards. Here are a few to consider.

  • Grasses
  • Ferns
  • Purple Coral Pea
  • Gound Covers
  • Flowering Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Bottlebrush

The plants which are used should be native also some plants should be low and thick so lizards can be sheltered from the rain, the sun, and also from their predators like cats, frogs, dogs, etc…


2. The use of rocks will give your garden an all-natural look, rocks also make a safe haven for garden lizards to rest and to hide. When placing rocks in your garden the rocks should not look like they were placed there by human effort but should look all-natural like it would be in nature.

A key to placing rocks in your garden for a natural look is to go on a nature walk and look at how the rocks are placed and positioned it should be the seem in a garden so follow this pattern and your garden will not only look all-natural but also amazing.

Rotted or Aged logs

3. Aged or rotted logs will give your garden that added flavor with such and all-natural look, aged logs or rotted logs will not only add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes but will be a great hiding place or home for a lizard.


4. The use of plant leaves can work wonders, I know that we love a well-kept garden but leaving a few leaves on the soil surface has its benefits. Allow some of the leaves to remain under plants because plant leaves will not only add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes but will help to keep weeds down, hold moisture, aid the soil in ph adjustments, and will also attract small bugs which are a lizards meal.


5. Mulches are all-natural and will breakdown over time making the soil nutrient-rich, adding a 2-3 inch layer of mulch will absorb and hold moisture providing water for plants also creating the right environment or conditions which will attract lizards.


6. I know that we want to ensure that our garden plants are well taken care of by eliminating those uninvited guests ( garden insect pests ) but pesticides or chemicals are poisonous and can be harmful to garden lizards.

Remember though that the presence of lizards is to make a meal out of these garden pests though they may find some garden pests not to be a delicacy. If you must then consider biological control which is the use of using the good bugs to feed on the bad bugs or bugs which destroy our garden plants.

Now the flip side of the coin is some of the good bugs can and will become a lizard’s meal but hey nothing is perfect and that is a part of how the ecosystem is balanced. Another alternative may be the use of organic pesticides which are safe to use around humans and pets. A word of warning, however, before using pesticides read and follow the directions which are on the manufacture’s label.

Clay Pots

7. The use of clay pots with plants in them or placing clay pots on their sides burying a part in the ground will spruce up your garden area also making a great place for garden lizards to rest, hide from the sun and their predators.

A Water Source

8. A water source such as a shallow blow of water in a protected area will ensure that your garden friends are well taken care of. Check the bowl every few days and fill the bowl as needed.

Collecting Lizards

9. Maybe you know of a few places garden lizard hangout before bringing them into your garden ensure that you have created a natural habitat for them as was mentioned earlier that way when you release them they will not be running off to your neighbors garden.

Lizard Fun Facts

  • There is said to be more than 5000 species of lizards
  • Many Lizards are carnivores meaning they eat meat
  • The fastest climbing lizard is the Gecko
  • Some lizard species are known to run on the water surface
  • Some lizards only eat plants, these group of lizards is known as herbivores
  • Omnivores are lizards that eat meat and vegetations
  • Some lizards lay eggs and then there are some that have live young
  • Lizards are cold-blooded
  • A lizards skin is dry and cool
  • The skins of some lizards are rough and tough
  • The komodo dragon is the largest lizard which grows to more than 10 ft

The final word

Attracting lizards to your garden will benefit your garden plants, the use of lizards in our gardens is a biological means which will not only help our garden plants but be beneficial for use. Lizards have their place in the ecosystem so let’s help them to find their place.


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