Attracting BlueBirds To Your Yard

Tips to successfully attract bluebirds to your yard


One of the amazing things about nature or the great outdoors is that there is so much activity as you observe nature at its best.  There is a library of information to share, from shrubs to garden flowering plants, fruits, herbs, vegetables, and so on but besides plant life, there is a host of garden insect from the good the bad, and the ugly ( good bugs or beneficial and the bad bugs) ok I know I may be stretching it a bit when I say the ugly but you must agree with me that there are some ugly bugs even among the good guys but at least they are doing their job by protecting our gardens and landscapes, right.

Then there are birds that sing so sweetly, well at least some of them, flying so gracefully in the open skies with the help of the wind’s current as they glide dazzling us with their array of colors,  in their natural habitat going about their daily activities socializing, gathering food, building their nest, feeding their young and so on makes the great outdoors so much more exciting. In this article, however, we will be turning our attention from plants for a while and focusing on wildlife, in particular, the world of birds such as the bluebird.

We will be learning a lot about attracting them to our gardens and landscapes, it is good to have a nice clean polish garden but what makes it even more exciting is to make wildlife apart of that experience where we can appreciate and enjoy them, even more, being on the great outdoors so if you are interested in making your garden a home for wildlife by connecting with nature and giving a helping hand then let’s go as we take our journey into the fascinating world of the bluebird.

Bluebird, bluebird through my window

Bluebird, bluebird through my window was a song that I learned from a child which I often took part in singing with excitement, even though the years have passed and that song has slowly faded from my memory I still cherish those memories and will never forget them but now onto the world of the bluebird, also to learn more about wildlife gardening check out the category section of this website where you will find additional information that will be of great help.

Things you must know

If you have taken an interest in the bluebird and would like to see them make your garden their habitat but don’t know what to do I am here to tell you that you have come to the right place. Implement these strategies or tips and before you know it you will be in bluebird heaven. First things first and that is in order for our fine feathered friends to take an interest in settling down in our home gardens we must give them what they need. By meeting these needs will guarantee success. Below we will be looking at a list of requirements to attract the bluebird to our yards

BlueBirds in a birdhouse

1. Planting native trees.

2. Providing a birdbath.

3. Providing a bird feeder.

4. Don’t use any chemicals.

6. Installing a few birdhouses.

7. Low trimmed lawn.

8. Provide them with lots of open space.

9. Mealworms a delicacy.

10. Taking safety measures.

Planting native trees

Have you ever went on a nature walk and notice what bluebirds are attracted to as far as plants are concerned. Copying nature is a great way to attract the bluebird, installing plants that are native to your area will make your garden so enticing. During the winter months, bluebirds feed on berries and other fruits provided by these native plants, plant some of these trees and you are sure to get the attention of the bluebird.

Providing a birdbath

Providing a birdbath will ensure our feathered friends that there is a water source at their wingtip both to take a bath and also to be able to have a nice refreshing drink. bluebirds are mostly attracted to moving water, providing a water source that is not stagnant but constantly moving will excite them such as a water fountain.

Provide a food source

A food source is a must in attracting and keep bluebirds in our gardens. Providing a bird feeder will go a long way in keeping them happy with a full stomach.

Don’t use any chemicals

This is a big one and that is the use of chemicals. I know that the last thing you want to see is garden insect pests making a meal out of your beautiful plants but if you hope not only to attract the bluebird but also keep them then providing them with a pesticide-free garden is a must. Those garden insect pests that invade your gardens are food for the bluebirds but if the bluebirds come in contact with these treated insect pests or insect pests that come in contact with these pesticides and are eaten by the bluebirds can be dangerous and life-threatening to them. Gardening without pesticides and controlling insects with birds is a great way to eliminate these garden insect pests biologically.

Giving them a home

Besides the trees which provide a home, why not install a birdhouse or two. These houses are great especially doing adverse conditions such as the winter season or times of heavy rain downpour. Also, these houses can provide a place for them to raise their young. It is good to set the house high above the ground to protect them from cats, dogs, and other predators.

Keeping your lawn nicely trimmed will give you the best of both worlds

Keeping your lawn trimmed is a great way to attract the bluebird because a low trimmed lawn will encourage them to hunt for insects. Also, a well-manicured lawn will not only have your lawn looking great but will keep your lawn healthy from being a breathing ground for disease and other issues.

Open Space

Providing open space for bluebirds will attract them. Get rid of the clutter, keep gardening plants nicely trimmed and not overgrown will be a temptation they just can’t pass up.

Mealworms a delightful treat

Though they may seem gross to us these mealworms to the bluebirds are a delicacy to die for, bluebirds love these worms and will gladly accept your invite because these worms are a delightful treat they just won’t say no to.

Safety Measures

There is an old saying which is “safety first” as mentioned earlier animals such as dogs especially cats and other predators can cause harm to the bluebird by making a meal out of them. Keeping cats and dogs out of these areas also providing a house that is high on the ground is a step in the right direction to ensure they don’t become a meal for these animals.

Additional Information

1. It is advised that a perch not be used because a perch will encourage or attract predators and other species of birds.

2. The most common bluebirds are the mountain bluebird, the western bluebird, and the eastern bluebird

The final word

Wildlife gardening is so amazing as you connect with nature in such an awesome way. Watching the bluebirds move about as they make your garden their home gives such an amazing feeling. Just to sit back and see your garden buzzing with activity is so cool, this is a great way to bring your garden to life a mist the many plants and other life forms which finds your garden to be inviting. I hope what we have discussed is enough to spark an interest in you to make your garden a home for the bluebird.


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  1. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to attract a variety of birds to my yard, we have a big dog.  He’s a big baby, but he likes to chase anything that flies or runs, like birds and squirrels.  We do have a bird feeder, and when he’s not outside, we get a few birds, but the minute he runs outside, they scatter like the wind, LOL.  I’m not sure these beautiful birds would like our yard.

    • Attracting wildlife to your garden can be such an amazing and rewarding experience. So sorry to hear of your big baby that won’t give our fine feather friends the time of day. I guess he is doing his job to ensure that he earns his keep LOL. Once we make our gardens attractive to them like what I laid out in my post trust me they will come. So happy to help.


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