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Attracting pigeons to your garden can be very exciting as we experience nature in an awesome way. This is a great way to get children involved in wildlife gardening showing them how they can play their part in helping to provide a home for and protect our feathered friends

I love wildlife gardens as you would see from the many articles which I have written and posted so please do check out the category section of this website where you can learn so many exciting things when it comes to these types of gardens that have captured the hearts of many people.

My personal story

As you read many of my articles one thing you will notice is that I love to share personal stories from the Caribbean island (The Bahamas) in which I live. Growing up with my elder brother was full of excitement and adventure as we played cowboys and Indians, rode bicycles, shoot marbles, went bird hunting and so on but one of my fondest memories is the many pigeons which we had.

It seems as if the neighborhood boys tried to out-compete each other as we build our pigeon cages which we called pigeon coups out of boards and chicken wire. The pigeon cage which we built had a door and a small window.

The way that we trained our pigeons was once they were purchased or traded we would keep them in their cage for several months without letting them out, now before you discontinue reading this post saying how cruel because we kept them locked up so long but the reason for this was so they could adjust them to their new home.

We feed them and give them water during this process so they were fine, once they were let out after several months of being locked up they took to the open sky but would return as dark fell and flew through the window that was a part of their cage to rest for the night until we opened the cage’s window the following day. No matter how far they would venture once evening came they would return home.

Their diet consisted of growing mash, laying mash and raw rice. Both my brother and I had a special call for them we would whistle in a certain tone and from out of nowhere they would come flying because they knew this was feeding time. I can go on but let’s get more into how to attract pigeons to your garden.

Attracting pigeons to your garden

There are more than 300 species of pigeons from the white crown pigeon, the feather foot, the bop head and so on, attracting them to your garden means that you must create the perfect environment well not so perfect but and environment which will attract and keep them.

Items you will need

  • Plants
  • Bird House
  • Food Source
  • Water Source
  • Saftey


Installing plants is one of the main features that will attract pigeons, along with other wildlife. Plants which are chosen should be of different height and size, shrubs and tall trees is a good choice but if tall mature trees are out of your budget no worries the use of shrubs and ornamental plants will get the job done make sure to include evergreens.

Bird House

Installing one or more birdhouses in your garden depending on the size will work wonders.

Food Source

Providing food for your pigeon friends is the highlight and will keep them coming back. Foods such as seeds, raw rice, bread crumbs, millet, pigeon feed which can be purchased from your plant nursery or garden center, wheat, barley, corn, etc…

A birdfeeder vs feeding pigeons from the ground

Bird feeders are great and will help pigeons to feel safe while eating, however, the bird feeder should be secure high above the ground from cats, dogs, and other predators. Placing food on the ground is a common thing that we see with pigeons as they congregate in city parks and parking lots.

The way that we fed our pigeons were placing their food on the ground and as we called them ( a special whistle) they would come. I believe a bird feed is better,  two of our favorite pigeons was flash and lady, lady was a milk-white color flash was brown and white he was also ladies mate.

But an unfortunate event happened to flash one day that broke our hearts, it was on a summers day that we went out into the yard only to see flash laying there dead we don’t know which animal did that to him it could of being a dog or a cat he was torn to pieces so ensure that your garden is secured from these predators.

A water source

Providing a water source is also important, providing a birdbath looks great and will add to the flavor of your garden.

The presence of pigeons

Pigeons must be present to be attracted to your garden so ensure their presence are seen near your home.

Additional Information

1. Don’t use harmful pesticides in a wildlife garden which can cause much harm.

2. The use of beneficial insects is a great choice.

Pigeon fun facts

Below are 7 fun facts about pigeons.

1. Pigeons mate for life.

2. No matter how far pigeons are from home they have been known to find their way back.

3. Pigeons are very sociable.

4. Pigeons were once used as messengers.

5. Pigeons have good hearing.

6. It’s believed that pigeons can fly at an altitude of 6000ft.

7. Pigeons have good eyesight and can see in a distance of 26 miles.

The final word

Attracting and keeping pigeons in your garden is really exciting, this is a great way to connect with nature in the great outdoors as you watch your feathered friends in their natural habitat. Both my brother and I have raised them and the experience was just great, make your garden inviting to attract them and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

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