Tips on Caring for Swallowtail Butterflies

Swallowtail Butterfly-lantana-plants

Swallowtail Butterfly collecting nectar from lantanas

The swallowtail butterfly is popular among butterfly lovers, these garden beauties will have your garden area buzzing with excitement as you create a natural habitat from your backyard, a garden oasis with the presence of the swallowtail is so inviting as you make these beneficial insects feel right at home.

Creating a habitat of this kind is a great way to start a wildlife garden providing a home as well as a food and water source for them, this is a great way to bring balance to our ecosystem. For more on the care of swallowtails continue reading to have much success when caring for them.

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A Complete Guide on the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly-monarch-butterfly-life-cycle

The Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly can bring that much-needed flavor to your gardens and landscapes with their beautiful colors. These butterflies are popular and can be seen in gardens gracefully flying from plant to plant collecting pollen, this is one of the many wonders of nature which can have gardens teaming not only with their beauty but with excitement as we watch them in their natural habitat.

Get kids on board as they watch these fascinating wonders of nature help in bringing balance to the ecosystem with their presence and activity. This is a great way to teach kids not only about plant life but wildlife and the contributions they bring, my childhood days were full of excitement as both my friends and I went butterfly watching along with catching a few which help to make school break on those long summer days so great. Below we will be discussing this popular butterfly along with looking at some fun facts. If you are a butterfly lover and would like to know more about the monarch butterfly then continue reading as we take this exciting journey together.

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Tips on Preparing your Soil for Successful Planting

Warming garden soil in the spring

One of the key elements to having much success with your garden is the soil in which plants are grown. Garden soil is at the root of a plant’s health therefore care should be taken when choosing the right soil type. Garden soil is not dead as some may think but is very much alive with billions of microbes that are busy at work ensuring that the right conditions are met for our plants to grow healthy.

Many plant diseases can be traced back to poor soils therefore it’s important that we pay close attention when choosing and preparing our garden soils to meet our garden plant’s requirements.

Springtime presents the opportunity for us not only to connect with nature but to work in our gardens growing plants that will not only bring balance to our eco-system but create a garden oasis (flowering plants) also to reap a good harvest (edible plants). During the winter months if not all of us some of us await with great anticipation for the weather to warm up so we can get into our gardens working the soil to begin growing our favorite plants.

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12 flowering plants to grow indoors


Guzmanias Flowers

Transforming your Interior into a Garden Paradise

Bring nature indoors by transforming your interior with a burst of colors as you create a garden paradise that is so inviting. Why should we limited the use of garden plants outdoors when they can and do serve so many benefits indoors. I remembered many years ago the apartment I lived in had gotten some plants which I installed on the inside and what a change it brought as I stepped back, the presence of these garden plants changed the atmosphere, the appearance along with the feel was pretty amazing.

In this article, we will be looking at 12 such flowering plants that can be grown inside as you transform your interior into a garden paradise, installing indoor plants will also clean the air that you breathe as it pulls toxins out of the air. Investing in indoor plants is a great way to connect with nature besides these other benefits with that said let’s take a closer look at 12 flowering plants that can be grown indoors.

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$ave Money while Gardening Smart with these Garden Hacks

Diy garden hack save money

Diy garden hack save money

Gardening offers so many opportunities from growing your very own edibles to giving your yard a facelift, getting that much-needed exercise, connecting with nature that is so relaxing, increasing your properties value and so much more but what I also love about gardening is thinking outside of the box as your imagination runs wild with ideas that can save you both time and money while producing healthy crops that are so beneficial and beautifying our surroundings. In this article, we will be looking at DIY HACKS.

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