Cherries hanging from tree-Cherry Nutrition Facts

Cherry tree

As a child growing up there was a cherry tree next to our home where my family lived that served us well for many years as we harvest loads of cherries each summer. My brother who is older than I am liked climbing this tree and being the younger brother I always followed him.

We spent many summers feasting on cherries along with our friends from the neighborhood. Childhood memories oh so sweet. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of cherries. There are many types of cherries that are grown in many parts of the world. Some of these include

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Getting a taste of the tropics

Nassau beach- how to plant a coconut tree

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of a coconut tree is the tropics where there are beautiful beaches, miles and miles of white sand, blue skies, resting in peace and tranquility going for a swim in nice crystal clear waters being greeted by the marine life, sun tanning or resting in the shade enjoying a cool drink of sweet coconut water while listening as the waves gently clashes against the rocks or comes to the shoreline and then returns to the ocean. What a great way to sit back and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Shade garden benefits, gardening in the shade

Shade Garden Plants-Shade plants

Hosta Shade plant

Shade gardening is another way to grow garden plants that are strong and healthy. Over the years the approach of some gardeners was to install plants that required sunlight focusing only on areas that meant this requirement rather than mixing it up somewhat to create interest and beauty having a garden that burst with colors while ignoring shaded areas threw the landscape of balance while creating a not so pleasing scenery.

Why should areas that have the most sunlight get all the excitement and action? Then there are those that have constant shade and may be wondering if there is hope for them installing a beautiful garden. The good news is there is hope for you to have the garden of your dreams. What we will be looking at is bringing balance to the landscape and garden through shade gardening that can work wonders as we create a design that is pleasing to the eyes.

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Giving your plants a jump start

Plant roots-Root Growing Hormone

Giving your garden plants a jump start is a great way of giving them a head start as they place their energy into putting forth new roots. Plant roots are like what the heart is to humans, without our hearts pumping blood as the veins carry it throughout our bodies carrying nutrients and oxygen our health will deteriorate which will put us in a critical state.

The roots of plants are no different and are responsible for water and nutrient uptake to be carried throughout the plant’s system in order for plants to grow strong and healthy which is so important to a plant’s life. Another purpose of plant roots is to anchor plants to the ground stabilizing them. These roots are known as taproots. In fact, plants have 3 types of roots which are

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Giving your plants and garden lawn a boost

Calculating fertilizer application

Calculator-Fertilizer Rates And Applications

Plants and garden lawns are somewhat just like humans because just as we need nutrients to grow strong and healthy in order to maintain good health so it is with plants and garden lawns. These vitamins or nutrients are the building blocks that are so important that it is a must that we give our garden plants these nutrients so they can have a good boost or perform at their best

But what we must be careful of however is the amount of fertilizers we apply because giving the wrong rates can really work against our plants and garden lawns causing server damage. Can you imagine having such beautiful garden plants or a lawn that is breathtaking and growing so healthy then applying an application of fertilizer in the wrong way only to see your garden plants or beautiful lawn wilt and die? This has been the mistake of many that paid dearly, this is not a good experience and it shouldn’t be yours either.

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