How to Attract Sparrows to your Garden

House Sporrows-how-to-attract-sparows

A house sparrow

Having your garden teeming with sparrows are a great way to observe these birds in their natural habitat. It’s said that there at least 35 species of sparrows in North America, sparrows can also be found in New Zeland, Asia, Europe, and Australia, their habitat includes the edges of woodlands, roadsides, farmlands, grasslands, and gardens. The most common sparrow is the house sparrow, these birds congregate in areas such as farms, cities, towns, and suburbs.

Sparrows are social birds and don’t same to be afraid when they are in the presence of humans. These birds can provide excitement as they create a buzz with their presence bringing your backyard garden to life as they build their home, feed, dust bathe and raise their young. Below we will be looking at proven methods of having success in attracting sparrows.

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How to Grow and Care for Dumb Cane


Dumb cane care

The dieffenbachia or dumb cane by which it’s called is cultivated mostly for indoor use even though it can be grown outdoors there are more than 30 species of dieffenbachia. The leaves of the dumb cane are large and showy, this plant is native to the West Indies, and Mexico. The dumb which is a tropical plant belongs to the Araceae family and is known for its great tolerance of growing in shaded areas.

It’s said that the dumb cane gets its name from” temporary speechlessness that occurs after chewing a piece of the stem which produces a juice that contains oxalates along with other properties that irritate the mucous membranes causing inflammation and swelling of the throat and tongue”  the chemical that the dumb cane contains will sting and burn the mouth for weeks. The sap can also cause irritation of the skin.

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Peperomia Care and Growing Guide

Peperomia Plant-peperomia-plant-care

Peperomia Plant

The peperomia plant can be grown both out and indoors, when first introduced to this plant may years ago the name alone was quite interesting. Because I would have to work with this plant I had to associate it with something to remember it so the words pepperoni pizza came to mind which for me made this garden plant easy to remember and that was many years ago and to this day I still associate peperomia with the name of this pizza but I know you did not come here to discuss pizza but to gain insight on how to grow and care for the peperomia plant.

The peperomia plant is a native of Africa, South, and Central America. This tropical-subtropical beauty dose not only produces straight green leaves but leaves that are variegated, the variegated variety is so beautiful. It is recorded that there are more than 1500species, I have work with the peperomia plant on so many interior projects creating amazing designs. With that said let’s have a closer look at the care and the growth of this plant that is so popular which is used in many garden and interior plantscape projects.

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How to Grow Cast Iron Plants

Cast Iron-cast-iron-plant-care

Cast iron plant

The cast iron plant is known for its durability, it is a tough hardy plant that can survive under just about any condition. The cast iron ( Aspidistra elatior ) or bar-room plant by which it is called is native to Japan and Taiwan, this plant has tough leathery foliage and is a popular house plant.

Cast iron is also cultivated to be grown outdoors, in some parts of the United States this plant is used as a ground cover in shaded areas. The cast iron is family to lilies and produces small purple flowers that grow near the soil’s surface and are hidden by the leaves. Even when neglected the cast iron will still thrive. For more on this hardy plant which has been widely accepted growing both commercially and in many home gardens, let’s take a closer look.

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Neoregelia Plant Care Tips


Bromeliads Neoregelias

It’s estimated that there are some 2,700 bromeliads which I find to be so amazing, these garden beauties come in many shapes, colors, and sizes some of them even having thorny edges. Bromeliads are popular plants that are used both outdoors as well as indoor gardens, what I love about these plants is the bright color pop that can make a garden design so amazing.

Bromeliads are so easy to care for, so for those of you who are always on the go but want a plant where little attention is given then bromeliads are the plants for you. I have worked with bromeliads on many gardens and especially interior plantscape projects and have seen what these plants can do, bromeliads are simply amazing and will work wonders for you.

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