Causing Your Lilac to Bloom


Lilac Flower Plants

The presence of lilacs in your garden will give a nice fragrance adding to the overall appeal of your garden design. These spring and summer beauties come in an array of colors, lilacs can reach heights anywhere from 5-15 ft, lilacs are hardy plants and can be used in wildlife gardening to attract butterflies.

What I love about lilacs is their low maintenance and the flowers can be used as cut flowers to bring that fragrance indoors. There are early, mid and late-season lilacs, these garden beauties originated in Southeastern Europe and are said to be a popular part of the Mediterranean culture so if you are excited about the growth and care of lilacs including getting them to bloom then continue reading to find out how.

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Providing a Roof for your Insect Friends

Insect Hotel-how-to-make-an-insect- hotel

 An Insect Hotel

The use of insect hotels is gaining so much recognition, who would have thought that giving nature a helping hand in this way would be so beneficial. When I first came across these hotels I was a bit taken because I did not know about them but doing my research has proven that these hotels are used by so many to support nature, insect hotels come in many shapes and sizes.

The idea of installing an insect hotel is a great way to house our garden insect friends from the elements, for nesting and raising they’re young. Who would want to tell these beneficial insects to bug off when we can use their support to ensure that our garden plants are protected from garden insect pests ( the bad bugs ) which can cause so much damage.

If you’re interested in rolling out the red carpet for beneficial insects by building or installing an insect hotel then stick around as we learn more about these hotels and the benefits they offer.

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Simple Steps to Gravel Gardening

Gravel walking path-how-to-create-a gravel-garden

Gravel Walking Path

One of the great things about garden and landscaping is the many designs that are there to choose from, there are so many styles that can bring that flavor turning and area that is an eyesore into a work of art. Constructing a gravel garden can bring such flavor and style that is sure to have heads turning. As I write this post I am in the process of designing one of the gardens at our international airport and one of the material that we are using is gravels which is really bringing a facelift to that area.

What I love about these gardens is the low maintenance cost which spells a $avings and for us who work the soil, we know that seeking to maintain a garden can be pretty costly and laborious.

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Tips on Growing Healthy Spider Plants

Spider Plant-spider-plant-not-growing

Spider Plant

The spider plant is an amazing plant that can be grown both out and indoors, this garden beauty is a low maintenance hardy plant. I have worked with the spider plant on many interior plant scape projects, what makes this plant so unique is the cluster of leaves that are produced which looks like little baby spider plants dangling or hanging from the parent plant.

The leaves of the spider plant are arched, long and thin with variegated colors of light green and white or solid green. These plants look especially great when planted in a hanging basket so if you are a spider lover not the insect of cause but a lover of the spider plant then continue reading as we take a closer look at the spider plant.

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$aving Money and having Lots Fun with these Great Ideas

Flowering Plants In Boots-garden-ideas-recycled-material

Flowering plants in boots

There is a saying that “one mans junk is another mans treasure” this saying is so true because I have seen so many throwaways become  useful to someone else, what we see as junk can be made useful saving us those hard-earned dollars it is all a matter of letting those creative juices flow and you will be well on your way to making use of that which is considered to be junk.

I know of a place that throws away tons of plant material each year, this material would get piled up and taken to the city dump. I spoke to one of the managers on previous occasions to purchase a mulching machine and mulch that material which he did not listen to, that plant material could also be used as a potting medium but to this day they are still piling and hauling those materials to the city dump that’s thousands of dollars being flushed down the drain each year.

While you may not have that much plant material to make good use of let’s make our junk our treasure by thinking outside of the box and making good use of it by recycling. Here are a few junks that can be made our treasure.

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