Getting a Head Start on the Season


Gardening can be rewarding as you watch your plants produce amazing colors and flower bloom or foods (edible plants) which will take your favorite dishes up a notch. But a challenge which many gardeners face is getting those seeds in the ground because the season or timing is not quite right to do so.

The good news is though the timing may not be just right to get those seeds in the ground you can still get a jump or head start on the season by starting seeds indoors. Seed starting indoors is not new, this method is an old approach which has given good results for more on how this is done continue reading as you prepare to reap the fruits of your labor.

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A great way to Grow Organic without spending a Dime!

Fruits-How to use fruits and vegetables to manage your weight


A great way to save on fertilizers and to grow foods which are healthy is to Grow Organic, our kitchens believe it or not is a gold mine and can save us so much money if we only scarp and not trash the gold. There is a saying that ” one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Those potatoes, onion, banana peels, etc.. can be used to enrich our garden soil this natural organic will work wonders.

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Reaping a harvest of lemons

A lemon Tree-forcing-a-lemon-tree-to-flower

A Lemon Tree

Lemons citrus has an amazing flavor, these citrus fruits are used in so many recipes and drinks to give that zesty taste. The lemon citrus is native to North Eastern India and South Asia, these trees have the ability to produce 6oolbs of lemons year round.

The more popular citrus lemons are Eureka, Lisbon lemons and the Meyer lemons. The leaves of this evergreen tree are popular in preparing all kinds of seafood, other cooked meats, and teas. What I also found to be amazing is it is believed that the lemon tree has been around from the first century AD now that’s a long time ago all the way back to the ancients.

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Great ideas for portable gardens

Wheel Wagon With Garden Plants

Portable gardens are great because with these garden types you can have the garden that you always wanted so if you have limited space or no space at all, all is not lost because you can still connect with nature in such an awesome way by construction a portable garden.

These gardens come in many forms and sizes to meet your every need, you will be amazed how easy it is to install a garden of this type and the many benefits they have so if it is your desire to know how this is done then stick around it will be worth your while.

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Creating your dream garden on a budget

Dollar Sign

Installing a garden is a great way to connect with nature on the great outdoors, what I love about gardening is that you get to create a space where you can sit back and relax enjoying the beauty and the wonders of nature. There are so many choices of garden creation or you can have a combination of both doubling the pleasure.

The great thing also about having a garden is that base on your gardening goals can serve many purposes, for example maintaining a manicured garden will increase your properties value, food production, better quality foods, can save you $$$$$$$$, getting that much-needed exercise, stress reliever, bonding by spending time together working in your garden, etc..

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