Decorative Dried Flowers

Drying and Preserving Flowers

5 Methods to Dry Cut Flowers

Decorative Dried Flowers-dried-rose-flowers
Dried roses

Whether you’re growing flowers in your garden, from containers indoors, your porch or patio, or maybe a hanging basket one thing that we can all agree on is flowers can light up a garden or a room with their various colors, shape, sizes, textures, and fragrance. The presence of flowers has been known to change the atmosphere and moods of people from all walks of life. It’s no wonder why flowers have been used and are being used to brighten up that special someone’s day.

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Winter Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden Winter Activities

Winter Indoor Garden-growing-peppers-in-a-container
Red peppers

With the arrival of winter comes those chilly days and nights, the snow-covered ground and gardens seem to say it’s time to pack up those garden tools until the warmer weather arrives, or should we have to. Why stop what we love doing when we can extend the season by bringing nature indoors with a winter garden.

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Winter Garden Dont’s

Winter Garden Do’s and Dont’s

Winter Garden Dont's-a-bird-eating-berries
Bird eating berries

Protecting your landscapes and ensuring that your garden plants survive the harsh winter months is a great way to ensure the survival of your garden once the cold season passes. Many homeowners have made the mistake of not taking these steps which has caused them big time.

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Winter Activities For Children

12 Winter Activities For Children

Winter Activities For Children-a-kid-playing-in-the-snow
A kid playing in the snow

The winter months are fast approaching this time of the year can still be filled with fun activities for kids to enjoy in spite of those cold chilly days. One thing for sure however is this is the time of the year when children dress warmly from head to toe as they prepare for outdoor activities, but there are also indoor winter activities as well which can keep them busy being just as fulfilling as they exercise their brainpower.

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Pruning A Hibiscus Tree

How to Prune Red Hot Hibiscus

Pruning A Hibiscus Tree-red-hot-hibiscus-plant
Red hot hibiscus plant

The hibiscus plant rosa-Sinensis origin is unknown, but experts believe that these garden beauties were first cultivated in China, the pacific islands, and India. There are said to be more than 200 species of hibiscus worldwide, Each hibiscus plant varies in shape, size, and color. These tropical to sub-tropical perennial plants can be grown as a tree, shrubs, and even a hedge.

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