Nutritional Facts About Bananas

Take advantage of this Superfood

Bananas are not only used to give that delightful added flavor to the many pastries, drink, ice cream and baby food that is enjoyed but banana also helps to bring balance to our diet that goes a long way in ensuring that we have good health.

Yellow bananas-the-benefits-of-eating-banana
Yellow Bananas

Fun facts

1. A banana has the ability to float on water.

2. Banana has been grown for thousands of years.

3. The part of the banana that is planted in the ground is called a sucker.

4. A bunch of a banana is called a hand.

5. Theirs is a coat that goes by the name of a banana split tail.

6. Half of the bananas that are eaten are eaten for breakfast.

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Nutritional Facts About Celery

Benefits of Celery

One of the wonders of celery is celery cannot only be used for food but their leaves can be used as a garnish to decorate dishes giving them that extra touch.

The leaves of celery can be added to soups, here where I live in the Bahamas one of the dishes that is a favorite is call peas soup.

Nutritional facts about celery-celery

We will talk about that a bit later on how to prepare this mouth-watering meal. But celery including the leaves is a part of what is used to cook this wonderful soup.

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Nutritional Facts About Broccoli

Promoting Your Health with Broccoli

Broccoli like other vegetables is best eaten raw or semi boil, however over boiling can destroy valuable vitamins, a good way that I like to eat broccoli is semi boil with melted cheese. Here are some fun facts, salads, Vitamins, and healing compounds broccoli has.

Nutritional facts about broccoli-broccoli

Fun Facts

1. Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family.

2. The head of broccoli is made up of tiny flower buds.

3. Broccoli can be eaten raw.

4. Broccoli has been around for more than 2000 years.

5. If broccoli is allowed to overripe it will turn yellow.

6. Broccoli contains fiber that aids in good bowel movement.

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Nutritional Facts About Bell Pepper

Bell peppers Health Benefits

Nutritional facts about bell-pepper
Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can be easily grown and is a good choice for your home garden, I have had the privilege of watching my mother in law grow them in her garden and it was a delightful sight to see as they mature and grow so healthy not to mention harvesting them and being able to eat off our own labor. Nothing like harvesting vegetables from your home garden.

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Nutritional Facts About Cucumbers

Cucumber and Your Health

As we looked at earlier in the article (vegetable garden) on growing and caring for cucumber, we learned that caring for cucumber is pretty easy. Also what I want to note here is that there are three cultivators of cucumbers. First, you have sliced, secondly, you have pickling and thirdly you have burpless.

Nutritional facts about cucumbers

1. Slicing Cucumbers

Cucumbers that are grown to eat in salads are called slicing cucumbers, these cucumbers are picked before they turn yellow. Cucumbers that are grown for this purpose have hard skin and a smoother  texture

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