Hoya Plant Care Guide

Hoya Flowers-hoya-plant

Hoya Flowers

Bring nature indoors by installing hoya garden plants which can make a BIG difference, Interior plantscape is pretty amazing I have worked on many interior projects and have seen what can happen when the right garden plants are chosen and arranged in such a way to make a bold statement.

There are so many plants to choose from which can really take your interior to the next level in this article however we will be looking at the hoya plant which has gained so much attention seeing how to care for them getting the most use out of them making a BID difference.

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Garden Plants That  Complement Each Other

Vegetables And Herbs-companion-plants

Vegetables And Herbs

In this day and time, there are many approaches to gardening, each method brings along with it a set of rules or practice which will give us the success we are looking for. It is the goal of many gardeners whether as a beginner or one who has been in this field for a while, whether on residential or commercial projects not only to reap a good harvest but to contribute to the ecosystem by bringing balance.

In this article, however, we will be looking at another method of gardening which is so popular with its many benefits which is companion planting or choosing and grouping plants in a garden area which will complement each other

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A Complete Guide to Winter Seed Sowing

Winter Garden

In a few months, we will be entering the winter season, this is the time of the year when we pull out those winter coats along with booths and gloves as we prepare for the cold months ahead. As animals go into hibernation and nature takes that long-awaited rest this gives us the opportunity to get a jump start on spring by sowing seeds which will give us a good harvest.

What is winter seed sowing

Winter seed sowing is a practice which involves starting seeds outdoors during the winter months, this method has been around for some time. Seeds are sown outdoors in miniature greenhouses (plastic containers) during the winter months and in the spring these seeds will germinate.

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12 Fragrant Flowers that is a must-have

Lily Plant

The world of gardening plants is pretty vast, especially when you think of the many colors and styles which these plants bring. Garden plants have the ability to bring total change to an entire landscape, I have both worked on and seen areas (landscape & Interior plantscape) which were totally transformed with plant material.

Take for instance going on a nature walk where plants are growing in their natural habitat, the colors and the styles are so amazing giving such a restful and peaceful feeling as the scenery puts you in a relaxed state taking in all that nature has to offer, this is a great way to get rid of stress which is so beneficial to our health and well being.

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A complete guide on the advantages of using native plants


Tulips Flowering plants

There are so many species of garden plants that it is just mind-blowing, these plants come in all manner of shape and sizes. But a key to gardening successfully is growing plants which are native to your climate or you tend to run the risk (Plants which are not native to your climate) of working with plant material which can cause a lot of time and money.

The use of native plants is so important because it contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, in which not only humans but wildlife depends. How simple can life be only if we take advantage of garden plants which are native to our climate? Here are a few facts as to why we should always go native.

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