Get in on the Secret of Container Garden Success


 Red Peppers

Container gardening has become so popular because these garden types make it possible to grow a garden in just about any space. If you don’t have sufficient yard space maybe because you may be living in an apartment, condo or in a position where your space is limited the good news is with some taught and with the right information you can have that garden that you have dreamed off.

What I love about growing edibles is that it does not only give us the opportunity to connect with nature but saving our hard-earned dollars as we grow healthy food crops with our very own hands if what I am saying excites you then let’s have a closer look at how this is done. What we will be looking at also is the disadvantages of these type gardens and how we can resolve those issues to have much success reaping a good harvest of our labor.

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Getting your Magnolia Tree to Bloom with these Proven Tips

White Magnolia Flower-magnolia-tree-will-not-bloom

White Magnolia Flower

The beautiful flower blooms of magnolias are so stunning, these trees will bring that much need flavor to your gardens and landscapes brightening your day. Magnolia garndiflora also know as bull bay or Southern magnolia belongs to the family magnoliaceae and is native to Southeastern North Carolina to Central Florida and West to East Texas.

These broadleaf evergreen trees can reach heights of 20-25 ft, others can grow as tall as 80 ft, magnolia trees are showy and can be used as a stand-alone or specimen plant. The magnolia is not fussy at all meaning that it’s a low maintenance tree, each species has its preferred zone so before purchasing and installing ensure that the choice of your magnolia can thrive in your zone.

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How to Plant, Grow and Care  for Black Eyed-Susan Flowers

Black-eyed Susan-Black-eyed Susan flowering-plant

Swallowtail butterfly on black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan produces a golden to a yellowish flower that is so beautiful, this garden beauty is classified as a wild flowering plant and can be found growing in open fields. The black-eyed Susan is a member of the sunflower family and is native to North and Eastern America, this perennial is a drought-tolerant plant that can withstand extreme heat blooming mostly during the summer months.

It’s believed that the black-eyed Susan was used as a medical herb during the early days of its discovery. Black-eyed Susan also attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This garden beauty will make the perfect plant for your summer garden. For more on how to care for black-eyed Susan that has so much to offer let’s take a closer look.

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Proven Steps to Grow Healthy Foods from your Home Garden

Healthy Foods-how-to-grow-and-organic-garden

Healthy Foods

Organic gardens are popular and are on the rise, these gardens as the name say involve growing food crops without the use of pesticides or synthetics Fertilizers (man-made). On a wider scale, organic farms use these seem methods in crop growing along with raising livestock, organic practices only use methods that are natural.

The rise of this method of growing foods has become so popular that many people are becoming health conscious of these natural products to promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s estimated that in the US alone consumers spend more than 38 billion dollars in 2014.

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12 Creative Vegetable Garden Designs

Ediable Garden-creative-vegetable-garden-ideas

Edible Garden

What I love about gardening is gardens can take on any form and size, creating a vegetable garden is no different. You are free to let those creative juices flow by doing the same thing when it comes to this garden type. In this article, however, we will be getting away from the traditional way of constructing a vegetable garden and get creative with new garden ideas.

Below we will be looking at such garden designs that can make creating a vegetable garden so much fun, these garden types are so unique and will create interest with their flavor.

Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas

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