Growing Vegetables In Grow Bags

Successfully Growing Vegetables in Grow Bags

What I love about gardening is there are so many innovative ways in creating a garden you desire, even if you don’t have the space. These new methods are so simple but effective Saving you Time and Money as you Reap a Good Harvest.

Growing Vegetables In Grow Bags-vegetables-and-herbs
Garden vegetables and herbs

Another idea that the industry has come up with is growing plants in grow bags. Though this idea is not new gardeners all over the country are having much success with this way of growing plants especially plants with a shallow root system.

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Blue Daze Care

How to Successfully Grow Blue Daze Evolvulus

Blue daze is so amazing filling your garden with its amazing colors while bringing that much-needed flavor.

Blue Daze-blue-daze-care
Blue Daze Flowering Plant

How would you love to have blue daze? not blue days but blue daze as a part of your garden and landscapes, these garden beauties can brighten your day with their beautiful flowers though small which can be an eye-catcher adding to the overall design of your landscape and gardens.

The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil. This perennial beauty is evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory.

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Small Tropical Garden Ideas

Plants that Transport You to the Tropics

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-frangipani-flowers
Frangipani flowering plant

Living in the tropics can be an awesome experience, it’s like living in a garden paradise where you can relax and move at a slow pace. If you were to ask the question or get someone’s opinion about the tropics they would most likely say the tropics are a garden paradise where there are sunny days with blue skies, white clouds, miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and lots of beautiful colorful plant species, birds singing sweetly and other wildlife resting or actively going about their daily routine.

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Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Keep Cut Flowers Fresh-a-flower-bouquet
A flower bouquet

There is just something about fresh cut flowers that make our day, whether growing them in our home garden with the intention to brighten up our indoor living space or may have gotten them as a gift the beauty and presence of cut flowers can change the atmosphere and one’s attitude or mindset.

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Plant Eating Insects

Controlling Insects With Plants

Plant Eating Insects-venus flytrap
Venus Flytrap

The insect world is so vast that they outnumbered the human race by far, the human population is”7.9 billion” whereas there are estimated to be “10 quintillion insects” on planet earth. I know, the word quintillion can twist your tongue or cause you to get tongue-tied, That’s a lot of insects, many of these insects can be found in our homes and gardens.

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Deadheading Pentas

 Properly Deadhead Pentas

Properly Deadheading Pentas-pentas-flowers
Pentas Flowers

Pentas are beautiful flowering heat-loving plants that are native to central and eastern Africa, Saudi Arabian Peninsula, and Madagascar. Pentas is a flowering plant in the family Rubiaceae and is commonly known as the Egyptian star cluster. These garden beauties produce many flowers that come in an array of colors from purple, white, red, dark pink, etc… what also makes Pentas so unique is the small star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters.

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Indoor House Plant Care

8 Common House Plant Mistake To Avoid

Indoor House Plant Care-peace-lily and-palm-in-baskets
Gaint peace lily and palm in a basket

It’s amazing how plants can bring such change to our environment, plants have many benefits including being grown for food. All of us depend on plants to help us in so many different ways even wildlife, and insects depend on plants for their survival. Plants play a major role on our planet, from our outdoor gardens to our indoor living spaces the presence of plants can make a huge difference.

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Growing Bougainvillea Indoors

Bougainvillea Indoor Care

Growing Bougainvillea Indoors-bougainvillea-flowers
Bougainvillea Flowers

The bougainvillea plant is a tropical to sub-tropical beauty that is native to South America, this shrub is widely used in outdoor gardens as a hedge. Because bougainvilleas are known as climbers or spreaders they can be planted alongside lattices, fenced areas, arbors, carports, gazebos, etc.

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Pruning Hibiscus In Summer

Tips For Hibiscus Summer Pruning

Pruning Hibiscus In Summer-yellow-hibiscus-flower
Yellow hibiscus flower

In our last article, we discussed how to prune hibiscus in the spring, if you have not read it yet then you can find out how by clicking the link that has been provided. But what we will now be turning our attention to is how to prune hibiscus in the summer, although you prepared your hibiscus for the summer by giving them a spring cleaning or pruning these garden beauties can and should also be pruned in the summer to continue to perform

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How To Prune Hibiscus In Spring

How To Prune Hibiscus

How To Prune Hibiscus In Spring-hibiscus-flowers
Hibiscus flowers

Preparing your hibiscus to produce an abundance of flowers requires some know-how. As the summer months approach what you want is to get a jump start so when summer finally reaches your hibiscus will become fluffy or fuller (leaves) with an abundance of flower blooms. The ideal time to prune hibiscus is during the spring months or when the weather starts to warm up.

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Dwarf Bougainvillea Plant

 Dwarf Bougainvillea Plant Care

Dwarf Bougainvillea Plant-bougainvillea-flowers
Bougainvillea flowers

Bougainvilleas can provide an abundance of beautiful colorful flower blooms to your garden area, this hardy tropical plant can either be grown as a vine, shrub, or tree.  What I also love about the bougainvillea plant is that once mature or established becomes drought-tolerant, the ideal place to grow bougainvilleas are USDA zones 9 to 11

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Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Spacing

 Spacing Hameln Dwarf  Fountain Grass

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass Spacing-hameln-dwarf-fountain-grass
Hameln dwarf fountain grass

Hameln dwarf fountain grass or Pennisetum alopecuroides is believed to have originated from “Germany”, and is indigenous to open woods, grasslands, wetlands, and wastelands of Eastern Asia and possibly Western Australia. This garden beauty looks stunning and compliments rock gardens, planned near a pond and a stream, as a backdrop in a plant bed, along a garden walking pathway, large open areas, mass planting, container gardening, etc…

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Ixora Dwarf Yellow

Ixora Dwarf Yellow Care

Ixora Dwarf Yellow-ixora-flowering-plant
Ixora dwarf yellow

Ixora’s are tropical to subtropical evergreen shrubs that produce an abundance of small flowers that forms in clusters, with small green glossy leaves. Although Ixora is grown as a perennial in warm climates it’s viewed and grown as an annual in temperate and colder climates. This plant performs best however in USDA zones 9 and above.

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Oregon Grape Rust

How to Treat Mahonia Rust

Oregon Grape Rust-oregon-grape-flowers
Oregon grape flowers

The Oregon grape is native to much of the western United States but grows mostly east of the Cascades from Central BC southward. This low-growing evergreen shrub produces pale yellow flowers form in long racemes of about eight inches. The leaves are blue-green turning dusky maroon during winter.

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Sea Grape Plant Care

Sea Grape Not Bearing Fruits

Sea Grape Plant Care-sea-grape-berries
Sea grape berries

The sea grape plant can be grown as a tree, hedge, or shrub, this tropical beauty is native to tropical America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The sea grape or the Coccoloba uvifera is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, sea grapes are grown in many coastal areas because of their high salt tolerance and also serve as a dune stabilizer and protective habitat for small animals.

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How To Make Homemade Plant Fertilizer

Best Homemade Fertilizer For Indoor Herbs

How To Make Homemade Plant Fertilizer-herbs-in-containers
Container indoor herbs

Growing an indoor herb garden is a great way to connect with nature while growing our very own edible crops, this method of gardening places us in the driver’s seat where we are free to explore and grow our favorite garden herbs. Two of my favorite herbs that both my wife and I enjoy growing from our home garden are basil and rosemary.

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Aspirin On Vegetable Plants

Aspirin For Healthy Vegetables

Asprin On Vegetable Plants-tomatoes
Tomatoes growing

Aspirin is a common drug or medication that I think every home should have, these pills are used to treat mild to moderate aches and pains, such as muscle aches, toothaches, etc… the important component that’s found in aspirins is called salicylic acid. This active ingredient eliminates pain and swelling in humans but when given to garden plants aspirins help by boosting the plant’s immune system. When a plant’s immune system gets boosts it helps a plant fight against garden pest invasion, parasitic attacks, and pathogens or plant diseases.

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Liquify Vegetable Peel As Fertilizer

 Make Liquid Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste

Liquify Vegetable Peel As Fertilizers-garden-vegetables
Garden vegetables

Have you ever heard the saying that “one man’s junk is another man’s Treasure”? but what if I tell you that your junk can also become your treasure. This saying is so true even when it comes to taking care of our gardens, we can reuse kitchen scraps (Vegetables and Fruits) to grow and maintain healthy plants.

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Blue Daze Propagation In Water

Blue Daze Flower From Cutting In Water

Blue Daze Propagation In Water-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

Up to this point, we have discussed blue daze winter care, blue daze care, blue my mind, blue daze ground cover, blue daze hanging basket, blue daze seeds, and propagating blue daze in soil but what we haven’t touched on yet is propagating blue daze in water. Yes, this method of growing blue daze has proven to be effective which we will be discussing below.

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Painted Lady Butterfly Kit

Painted Lady Butterfly History

Painted Lady Butterfly Kit-painted-lady-butterfly-collecting-nectar
Painted lady butterfly collecting nectar

The painted lady butterfly is popular among garden butterflies, this beautiful lady can be identified by pale orange on the upper wing tip, blacktips can be found on forewings marked with spots that are white. Blue eyespots can be found on the undersides while rows of black spots can be seen on the hinder wings.

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Oatmeal For Indoor Plants

Growing Healthy Plants With Oatmeal

Oatmeal For Indoor Plants-a-bowl-with-fruits-and-oats
Cereal oats and Fruits

Oatmeal is a popular breakfast cereal that’s high in fiber and other nutrients which is great for our bodies, according to history oats have been here for thousands of years. Its believed that oats have been around from “Egypt’s 12th Dynasty, around 2000B.C.” Its also believed that oats ” as far back as 7,000 B.C. was used by ancient Chinese”.

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Hibiscus Propagation In Water

Propagating Hibiscus In Water

Hibiscus Propagation In Water-hibiscus-flower-bloom
White hibiscus flowers

The hibiscus plant is an ornamental beauty that will fill your garden with lots of flower bloom, this shrub thrives best in tropical to sub-tropical regions. There are said to be more than “200 species of hibiscus worldwide, each variety different in shape, color and size”.

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Blue My Mind Dwarf Morning Glory

Blue My Mind Flower Care

Blue My Mind Dwarf Morning Glory-blue-daze-plant
Blue daze plant

The blue my mind dwarf morning glory is native to Brazil, this garden beauty can be used as a ground cover, container gardening, grow in a basket, massing planting, or plant edging. The plant’s genus name comes from the Latin word  ‘evolvo’,  which means twisted or unraveled, this perennial beauty grows best in USDA growing zones 9, 10, and 11.

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Growing Hibiscus Indoors

Hibiscus Indoor Care Guide

Growing Hibiscus Indoors-hibiscus-flowers
Hibiscus Flowers

Can hibiscus be grown as a house plant? after all these tropical beauties are seen growing in so many home gardens even commercial landscape and garden designs. The hibiscus plant is native to warm temperate and tropical regions, there are said to be more than “200 species of hibiscus worldwide, each variety different in shape, color and size”.

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Golden Larch Bonsai

Golden Larch Bonsai Guide

Golden Larch Bonsai-a-bonsai-plant
A bonsai plant

Pseudolarix amabilis commonly called golden larch although not considered to be a true larch is native to eastern China, it is said that “the wood of this tree is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a dermatologic antifungal remedy. The wood of the golden larch bonsai tree is also used in the manufacturing of boats, bridges, and furniture”.

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Can You Over Fertilize Your Lawn

Fixing your Over Fertilized Lawn

Can You Over Fertilize A Lawn-a-green-lawn
A green lawn

A beautiful lawn that is lush and green is not only pleasant to the eyes but will increase your property’s value but in order to have such a lawn requires some know-how which includes the correct installation of your lawn at the onset, the right amount of sunlight, proper cutting height, knowing if your lawn is the type that can withstand foot traffic or not, the right amount of water and fertilizer.

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Vertical Grow Bags

Growing Plants from Your Wall

Vertical Grow bags-basil-herb
Basil Herb

Having a spirit of innovation can place you ahead of the game as you reap and enjoy the many rewards of what thinking outside of the box offers, when it comes to gardening this is also true, so many weekend worries are coming up with creative ideas as they connect with nature in and outdoor as well as an indoor garden setting.

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Ornamental Grass Companion Plants

What to Plant with Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grass Companion Plants-red-fountain-grass
Red fountain grass

Ornamental grasses have made a name for themselves in the landscape and garden industry, there are said to be more than” 30 species of these grasses ” which you can choose from. It’s’ believed that the popularity of ornamental grasses arose first in Germany during the mid-1930, what I love about ornamental grasses is their low-maintenance withstanding drought conditions once established along with their cold tolerance.

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Growing Food In Containers

Save those Dollars with a Container Garden

Growing Food In Containers-growing-raspberries-in-a-container
Growing raspberries in a container

With the Pandemic still looming over our heads along with other social and world issues that are seeking to stagger or cripple our economy from rebounding we have to now think outside of the box with better spending habits to stretch those dollars so they can go a bit further. The rise in food costs has sparked an interest as many people are starting backyard gardens to reduce spending hoping to save a bit more.

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Travelers Palm

Traveler Palm

Travelers Palm-a-travelers-palm
A travelers palm

The travelers palm is native to Madagascar, this tropical beauty belongs to the Strelitziaceae family and is relative to the Bird of Paradise. You may probably be wondering why this plant was given the name travelers palm. History has it that the travelers palm got its name from travelers who traveled long distances and on became thirsty would look for one of these palms use a knife or sharp object to slice into the leaves and drink the water that was stored”. It is said that the traveler’s palm can store up to half a gallon of water. Now that’s a lot of water to quench one’s thirst when traveling long distances, especially during the summertime.

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Blue Daze Ground Cover

Blue Daze Ground Cover Plant

Blue Daze Ground Cover-a-blue-daze-flowering-plant
A blue daze flowering plant

The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil, the blue daze is an evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory, this evergreen beauty is a low-growing plant that makes a good ground cover.

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Grow Bags For Tomatoes

Tomato Growing Grow Bag Guide

Grow Bags For Tomatoes-tomatoes-growing
Tomatoes growing

There is a popular belief that tomatoes are vegetables but what I found to be interesting is that although tomatoes are considered to be a vegetable its actually a fruit. This staple food is used in so many recipes, whether preparing that delicious meal from the home kitchen or dining out (restaurants) it is clear that tomatoes have found their way into the hearts of people worldwide.

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How To Landscape With Edible Plants

Edible Garden Design

How To Landscape With Edible Plants-garden-vegetables
Garden vegetables

How would you Love to have the best of both worlds or can you have the best of both worlds? the answer to that question is YES. When it comes to gardening we are Free in letting our Imagination Run Wild as those Creative Juices Flow. There are so many benefits to gardening, but what if we dare to get away from the traditional (growing ornamental Plants) and introduce the new (edible plants) as a landscape design, talk about thinking outside of the box. One major concern when growing food crops is safety, growing our very own edible garden or landscapes puts us in the driver’s seat where we are in full control of growing our food crops in a safe and healthy manner.

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Copper Leaf Plant Propagation

Growing Copper Leaf plant from Cuttings

Copperleaf Plant Propagation-a-copper-leaf-plant
A copperleaf plant

Copper leaves are one of my favorite garden plants, this tropical evergreen produces beautiful broad colorful leaves that can light up any garden and landscape design. The copper leaf belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae, it’s believed there are 450-462 of these species, some of the common names of the copper leaves are Jacob’s coat, Copper plant, Lance copperleaf, Coat of many colors, Catch me if you can, Fire dragon, etc…

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How Do You Germinate Store Bought Coconuts

Guide to Grow Store-Bought Coconuts

How To Germinate Store Bought Coconut-a-coconut
A coconut

Drinking coconut water is so nice and refreshing especially on a hot summer’s day, besides drinking the water the flesh or the pulp of the coconut is delicious, especially jelly coconuts. The flesh of the coconut is used in many pastries and recipes for its amazing taste but where did coconuts first originate?

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Hanging Succulent Plants

5 Hanging Succulent Plant Variety

Hanging Succulent Plants-flowering-cactus
Flowering cactus

Succulents originated in dry arid desert locations, the word succulent comes from the Latin word “sucus, meaning juice or sap.” The leaves of succulents tend to be thick, fleshly, and plumpy, the reason for this is to store water. It’s believed that during the 15th century Christopher Columbus on his route to India came across some of these succulents (cacti) some of which he took and presented to Queen Isabella of Spain.

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How To Grow Coco Plum From Cuttings

Coco Plum Propagation Guide

How To Grow Coco Plums From Cuttings-coco-plums
Coco plums

Coco plums are also called lcaco, (species Chrysobalanus icaco) in the family Chrysobalanaceae, zones 10-11 are ideal for this evergreen to thrive. This perennial is native to tropical America and Africa, coco plums have leaves that are somewhat roundish, green, and shiny producing abundances of berries that are dark purple when ripe.

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How To Propagate Sea Grapes

Sea Grapes Propagation Guide

How To Propagate Sea Grapes-a-sea-grape-tree
A sea grape tree

Get the best of both worlds by growing a plant that will complement your garden and landscapes while providing you with food, the sea grape tree is that plant. This evergreen is native to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, South Florida, and the West Indies. These trees prefer a tropical climate where they will not only grow well but provide an abundance of sweet berries.

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Propagating Hibiscus From Cuttings

Hibiscus Propagation Methods

Propagating Hibiscus From Cuttings-hibiscus-flowers
Hibiscus Flowers

The hibiscus is a tropical-sub-tropical evergreen that produces an abundance of flowers that comes in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. This garden beauty is believed by experts to have first originated in India, there are said to be over 200 species worldwide, the species name means rose of China.

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Propagating Magnolia Seeds

Growing Magnolia Tree From Seeds

Propagating Magnolia Seeds-tulip-magnolia
Tulip magnolia

Magnolias are deciduous plants that can be grown as a tree or shrub these garden beauties are evergreen, belonging to the flowering plant family the “magnolia family, in the order Magnoliales consisting of two subfamilies. Magnolioideae, of which Magnolia is the best-known genus, and Liriodendroidae, a monogeneric subfamily, of which Liriododendroidea, is the only genus”.

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Blue Daze Hanging Basket

Blue Daze Hanging Basket Tips

Blue Daze Hanging Basket-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

Gardening above the ground is a great way to fill that empty space and what better way to accomplish this than with the use of hanging baskets that can bring a feeling of beauty and serenity to your environment.  There are so many advantages with hanging baskets some of which includes, low maintenance cost, hanging baskets can always be moved to a more secure location when the weather is unfavorable and return when conditions changes, pest problems are kept at a minimal, disease issues are like zero, can increase your property’s value, helps to filter toxins out of the air, weeding is reduced, Hanging baskets can be move easily from place to place bringing a different feel and looks, etc…

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Blue Daze Not Blooming

Blue Daze Flower Bloom Guide

Blue Daze Not Blooming-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

Blue daze is commonly called evolvlus, shaggy dwarf morning-glory, or Hawaiian Blue Eyes, this perennial that is evergreen is native to  Brazil and is a member of the morning glory family. The blue daze plant produces beautiful lavender or sky blue flowers that are funnel-shaped an inch long with silver-green leaves that are oval-shaped and fuzzy.

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How To Grow Duranta From Seeds

Duranta Seed Growing Guide

How To Grow Duranta From Seeds-golden-duranta-plant
Golden duranta plant

The duranta ereta is a species of flowering shrub in the verbena family Verbenaceae, this tropical broadleaf evergreen plant is also widely known as golden dewdrop. Durantas are native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, this garden beauty can be cultivated as an ornamental plant or as a hedge.

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How To Grow A Lemon Tree Indoors

Lemon Tree Indoor Growing Tips

How To Grow A Lemon Tree Indoors-lemons-growing-on-a-tree
Lemons growing on a tree

Creating an edible garden is a great way to connect with nature while providing a means to sustain both you and your family, but for many, there is the challenge of finding the space in making their dream garden a reality.

The good news is even though you may not have the space for an outdoor garden you can always bring nature indoors by creating an indoor edible garden.

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Propagate Ixora Cuttings

Simple Methods to Propagate Ixora Plants

Propagate Ixora Cuttings-white-ixora-flowers
White ixora plants

We have discussed in previous articles how to care for and how to prune ixoras to keep them growing healthy with a good spread but if your desire is to populate your garden and landscapes with this tropical (ixora plant) beauty without having to break your piggy bank then this proven method is sure to help you in achieving your goal while saving those extra bucks.

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How To Prune Ixora Plants

Tips For Ixora Plant Bloom

How To Prune Ixora Plant-butterfly-on-ixora-plant
Butterfly On Ixora

The ixora coccinea plant commonly known as scarlet jungle flame is an evergreen shrub that is native to Bangladesh, Thailand, Sir Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. This garden beauty is a tropical-subtropical plant and is used widely in many landscapes and garden designs. Ixora’s are a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae.

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Blue Daze Winter Care

Over Wintering Blue Daze

Blue Daze Care-blue-daze-flowering-plant
Blue daze flowers

Blue daze is a beautiful ornamental flower evergreen plant in the Convolvulaceae family and is native to Brazil and Paraguay, this tropical beauty can brighten up your spring and summer garden. The Evolvulus or the blue daze which is its common name grows to a height of 12 inches with a spread of 2-3 ft.

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Grow A Geiger Tree From Seeds

 10 Steps to Grow Geiger Tree from Seeds

Grow A Geiger Tree From Trees-geiger-tree-flowers
A Geiger Tree

The geiger tree (Cordia sebestena) is a stunning plant that’s native to the Caribbean islands, and possibly the Florida Keys. This garden beauty thrives well in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The geiger tree is a hardy evergreen that produces dark green leaves that are stiff, growing 4-9- inches long, The flowers that this plant puts fort are even more stunning growing in clusters of yellow, orange, or white.

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Magnolia Tree In Containers

Tips To Growing Magnolia In Containers

Magnolia Tree In Containers-magnolia-flowers
White magnolia flower

The magnolia is a beautiful broadleaf evergreen and is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae. Magnolias are tropical-sub tropical plants and are native to The Caribbean, Central America, South America, eastern North America, and areas of southeastern Asia.

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