12  Ways to Garden in Harmony with Nature

How To Garden Naturally-a-garden-design

A garden design

Wouldn’t you love a garden without the use of pesticides and synthetics, a garden that’s growing all-natural the way nature does it? many home gardens are using natural means to grow such gardens which are sustainable by using natural methods that’s environmentally safe bringing balance to our ecosystem.

This type of garden method can be looked at as smart gardening. As a gardener for more than 25 years, I have worked on many garden projects both out and indoors and have seen what can happen when a garden that is properly planned not only for beauty or an edible garden but a garden which can be sustained using natural ways in growing plants that are healthy helping wildlife along with beneficial insects to do their part to ensure that we not only reap a good harvest but providing a home in which wildlife can raise their young.

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7 Ways to Use Shredded Paper in the Garden

Using shredded Paper in The Garden-shredded-paper

Shredded Paper

What I love about organic gardening is the amount of money that can be saved while going all-natural ensuring that our garden plants are getting what they need without any side effects such as food contamination.

Sure there are many types of organics that are costly but then there are also other organic materials that are inexpensive and some you don’t have to spend a dime on.

For example, we all love to keep up with the news finding out information about what’s happening in society or around the world, now I will agree that radios and the television are great to keep us informed by the airwaves but besides these devices, there are also newspapers that can keep us just as informed.

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A Junk that can be Turned into a Treasure

Using Cardboard In The Garden-a-cardboard-box

A cardboard box

There is an old saying that “one mans junk is another man’s treasure” which is so true and in fact, one mans junk can save us some trouble along with time and a few extra bucks as well.

There are so many ways to have success in gardening going the cheap and easy way which makes sense, how do we accomplish. By thinking outside of the box

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Keyhole Gardening Construction

Keyhole Garden Tips-key-hole-garden-bed

Keyhole garden bed

Keyhole gardens were first constructed in the 1990s for families in Africa that were poor and needing ways to successfully grow food crops. These gardens were said to be constructed or positioned near the kitchen.

The appearance of the garden was a two-meter-wide circular rise bed with a compost pile in the center with a key shape pathway. Uncooked vegetable scraps, manure, and water were placed in the center basket of this garden type.

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Pruning Tomato Plants Suckers

Tomato Plant Sucker-a-tomato-plant

Tomatoes Plant

Tomatoes are a fruit and not a veggie to popular belief, this fruit is used in many recipes including salads. There are many varieties of tomatoes to choose from to ensure you are getting those flavors and much-need nutrients.

But if your goal is to grow large juicy tomatoes then the tomato sucker must be pruned or removed to give you a harvest of fresh, healthy, juicy plump tomatoes.

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