Extending the season beyond the winter months



It is so great to connect with nature spending weekends in your garden being the weekend warrior that you are sometimes working way into the evening that’s right you are correct from dusk until dawn ensuring that your garden will yield its best as you seek to reap a good harvest.

But with winter fast approaching it races through your mind that soon you will have to put away those garden tools as you prepare for those harsh winter months which will cover your garden with snow. But even though those winter months does not permit you to continue working in your garden you can always extend the season by growing vegetables indoors.

Extending the season

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Keeping your plants healthy with aspirins

Chilli Peppers-how-to-use-aspirin-in-the-garden

Chilli Peppers

Plants are like humans which is pretty amazing. In this article, we will be discussing a very exciting and interesting topic that I believe you will find interesting and that is using aspirins to keep your garden plants healthy and vibrant.

Who would have ever thought we would be using aspirin to promote our garden plant’s health, when I first heard of this I was blown away and am sure that if this is your first time hearing about this topic you may be surprised also.

The use of aspirins has become so popular that many weekend warriors (Gardeners) are taking full advantage of this method which has proven to give good results in the garden.

The science of aspirins

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Getting a taste of the tropics

Tropical Plants-how-to-plant-a-tropical-garden

Tropical Plants

I love the tropics with its white sandy beaches, beautiful blueish-greenish crystal clear waters, nice sunny days as the breeze blows so gently with many tropical plants in an array of colours which seems to make the tropics seem like a fairytale story.

I live in a tropical region, this has been my home from the date of birth. I have spent many days taking in all the beauty this island paradise has to offer. Visitors from countries worldwide visits these shores spending thousands of dollars to have this kind of experience or should I say to get a taste of the tropics.

What enhances the flavour of the tropics is its beautiful gardens that both the natives and the wildlife take full advantage off. Now for many that are reading this post, I know you may be living in an environment that is not the same but the good news is I have come to bring the tropics to you by providing information which will help you to get a taste of the tropics by planting a tropical garden.

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Eradicating leaf tip burn

Brown Leaf Tips-browning-of-plant-leaves-tips

Browning tips of plant leaves

You have purchased your plant from your nursey or garden enter and installed it, your plant is growing very nicely with its lush green leaves and amazing flowers you could not be more proud than to have a plant that is happy in its new home it’s like parents bringing home their newborn baby from the hospital.

Ok you may not be that excited about your beautiful plant compared to your new bundle of joy but you are still happy none the less showing of your plants to family and friends that you have a green thumb then out of the blue one day it hits you by surprise almost knocking you to the ground the plant that made you so proud of all of its lushness and fullness are showing signs that something is wrong.

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Creating interest and appeal for your garden and landscapes

Building a berm-garden-flowers

Building A Berm

While planning a garden will create interest and beauty for that drab or dull area it is good to have a design that will give that WOW. Too often in the planning or designing process, it is never considered that the ground itself can further enhance the appearance of our garden design by shaping it in such a way which will not only create beauty but interest.

I have seen such designs over the years and to be honest with you these designs were really eye-catching taking those gardens and landscapes to the next level.

How then do we create this interest? it is with the help of creating a landscaping berm which we will be discussing. We will also be looking at the benefits of having such berms as a part of our overall landscape and garden designs.

Building a garden berm

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