Growing Organic Herbs from Your Backyard Garden

How To Grow Organic Herbs-growing-herbs

Growing Garlic

Growing herbs from your backyard garden provide flavors that will enhance your favorite dishes providing freshness at your fingertips that’s a cutaway as you take a stroll in your backyard.

Besides enhancing the flavors of your foods garden herbs can also provide the needed nutrients along with its healing properties that makes growing herbs a must and you can also save on your grocery bill. Yes, growing herbs from your backyard garden have all these benefits that make growing herbs a winner.

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Fall Butterfly Garden Tips

Fall Butterfly Garden tips-silver-spotted-skipper-on-a-zinnia-flower

Silver-spotted skipper butterfly on a zinnia follower plant

The fall months are finally here, it is so amazing how time flies and before we can blink an eye winter will be here also with its chilly freezing months.

As the cold weather approaches butterflies like other wildlife will be looking for a place to overwinter because this is very crucial during this time of the year to ensure their survival.

Some places these garden beauties over winter include the soil or leaf litter at the pupa or larva stage, as adults hiding in tree bark, man-made structures, or the crevices of rocks.

To help butterflies prepare for this time of the year (fall) here are some helpful tips that have proven to be beneficial.

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How to Grow a Healthier Lawn

Top Dressing Lawn-a-well-maintain-lawn

A well-maintained garden lawn

Garden lawns are the pride and joy of many homeowners because a well-manicured lawn that’s growing nice and healthy dose not only enhances the beauty of a property but increases its value as well.

I have both seen and worked on many beautiful lawns that were just breath-taking. My former place of employment had such lawns.

The landscape of this five-star resort was painted with beautiful flowering plants of various colors where the garden areas were graced with lush green grass which created a garden paradise in a tropical setting that gave a restful and relax feeling where there was a continual flow that brought the entire landscape together.

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Growing and Eating Healthy from Your Garden

How To Grow Organic Vegetables-vegetables

Vegetable Crops

Organic gardening is making waves in so many home gardens as well as food that’s grown on a wider (farms) scale. The need to eat healthily is a growing concern as more people are becoming health-conscious and are aware of how food crops are grown.

So many backyards are now being started by organic farming and then there are some gardens that are being turned into an organic garden by ripping out those beautiful flower beds to make space for a garden such as this and as painful as this may be to some homeowners taking out a flower bed completely or at least a portion is a small price to pay to grow your very own food crops in a healthy way.

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Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Growing Trees In Pots-a-lemon-tree

A lemon Tree

The use of container garden has become so popular, this way of gardening is being used to grow all sorts of plants from herbs to vegetables, ornamentals plants, etc… Though this method of gardening has its advantages there are some don’ts as well that govern having success with this garden type so continue reading to find out about container gardening in particular growing trees and shrubs.

What You Need to Know about Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Gardening with the use of pots has become so popular because of the many benefits it offers including ease of gardening however, consideration should be taken especially when growing trees and shrubs because that little plant that you purchased from the plant nursery will not be small forever and before you know it you will have a plant that is extremely large and too big for the pot in which it was installed.

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