Giving Your Outdoor Space a Make-Over

Garden Comforts-outdoor-patio-ides

Garden Comforts

Relaxing on the great outdoors can be so rewarding taking in all that nature has to offer as we connect with family and friends or what about dinning in the cool of the evening or having some peace and quiet with a book in our hands forgetting about the hustle and bustle of life being recharge for the days ahead.

Constructing an outdoor patio along with installing a garden can bring such rewards as we relax in our oasis which can bring peace of mind as it calms the soul. Creating an outdoor living space can take on many styles base on your needs and the size area to be used. For more on outdoor patio ideas let’s have a closer look.

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Air Plant Care Guide



We hear of shrubs, perennials, annuals, groundcovers and so on but there is also a group of plants known air plants. What are air plants and how do we grow and care for them in our gardens and landscapes? In this group or family of air plants, we get the name tillandsia, tillandsia is a genus of about 650 species of flowering plants, evergreens, and perennials that receives the majority of their nutrients from the air that circulates around them.

These species of plants are native to the Caribbean, south-eastern United States, mid-Argentina, northern Mexico and Mesoamerica growing in deserts, forest, and mountain areas. For more on tillandsia let’s take a closer look.

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Tips on making your driveway a part of your garden design

Lawn House Driveway-driveway-garden-ideas

Lawn House Driveway

Constructing a driveway garden can do a whole lot by creating a curb appeal which is so inviting that it seems to say the words WELCOME. Creating a driveway garden is so great because these gardens are constructed at the properties entrance can bring that much-needed flavor with its beauty and charm.

In traditional landscape settings, gardens were installed at the rare of the house but because times have changed and continue to change we are seeing gardens of all sorts being installed and enjoyed by homeowners. Besides, bringing much beauty to this area a driveway garden will also increase a property’s value which is a win-win.

Having a driveway garden installed will also soften up the front area by tying in or bringing together concrete and other hardscape features in a garden setting that is complimented with plants of different texture, color and sizes with amazing flower bloom so come with me on this journey as we explore the exciting world of driveway gardens and how to successful install and care for them.

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How to Create a Topiary Garden

Topiary Garden-a-peacock

A Topiary Peacock

Creating a topiary garden can be so exciting because these gardens are so unique using plant materials to create shapes from humans to animals, insects, etc… Its believed that these gardens first came about during the early English days many, many years ago but as old as these gardens are they are still making waves with their unique style as they capture the hearts of people worldwide.

Topiary can be used as a focal point to bring a garden design together, while I must say and I am sure you will agree is these garden types do take some imagination and creativity. I have seen so many of these designs which are a real show stopper so for more on topiary gardens let’s take a closer look.

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Tips for Growing Healthy Plants

Watering Pink Peonies-june-gardening-tips

Watering Pink Peonies

Before we know it winter will be over with those freezing temperatures and long night chills that make the approaching of spring and summer so inviting but as the warmer months approach it is best to get a jump start by having a to-do list as we prepare for those long days ahead working in our gardens as nature awakens clothing our landscapes and gardens with beautiful plants in full bloom as we reap a fruitful harvest of our labors.

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