Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree For Sale

How to Grow an Autumn Cherry Tree

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree For Sale-autumn-cherry-tree
Autumn Cherry Tree

The autumn-blooming cherry tree is a hardy deciduous garden beauty that thrives best in Hardiness Zones 5-8 and produces an abundance of flowers ranging from light pink to white. There are other cherry trees however that produce flowers with dark pink, yellow or green blossoms. The autumn cherry tree has broad upright branches that are delicate, and the serrated, oblong-ovate leaves transition from a green color in the spring to gold, bronze, and red color during autumn.

This cherry tree grows very quickly reaching two or more feet each year, the height of the autumn cherry tree at maturity can be anywhere from 20-35 feet with a spread or width of 20-25 feet. These cherry trees are highly prized so if you’re in the market to purchase an autumn cherry tree then continue reading as we discussed the growth and care of this beauty including how to locate an autumn-blooming cherry tree that is for sale.

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Autumn Cherry Tree Light Conditions

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When seeking a location to install your autumn cherry tree locate an area that gets full sunlight during the morning hours followed by the evening shade, however, these garden beauties thrive best with at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. If your desire is to plant several of these trees then give a spacing of 35 feet apart.

Autumn Cherry Tree Soil Type

Although the autumn cherry tree can adapt to most soil types this tree grows best in soils that are moist, acidic, well-drained loam or clay.

 Autumn Cherry Tree Watering Methods

The amount of water that’s given to your autumn cherry tree is so important when first growing, the soil should never be soggy or waterlogged which will encourage yellow foliage (leaves) followed by leaf defoliating or leaf drop. Once your tree has been established water no more than once every 7 to 10 days. Half of an inch of water should be sufficient each time you water.

When to Fertilize Autumn Cherry Tree

Autumn cherry trees can be fertilized once a year with low nitrogen fertilizer in early spring, about two to three weeks before the tree bloom period. Fertilization can still be carried out after bud break, by no means any later than July.

How Fast Does an Autumn Tree Grow

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree For Sale-autumn-cherry-tree
Autumn Cherry Tree

The autumn cherry tree grows at a fast rate of two feet or more per year until it reaches maturity, of 20-35 feet in height and a spread of 20-25 feet.

What Cherry Tree is the Prettiest

Some consider the Kwanzan cherry tree to be showier because the blooms are double pink, giving an abundance of beautiful flowers.

The Fruits of Autumn Cherry Tree

Autumn cherry tree blackberries are small and bitter, songbirds find these fruits to be delicious, as for humans, the taste is far (bitter) from pleasant.

Are the Roots of Autumn Cherry Tree Invasive

While the roots of cherry trees are not invasive it’s always best to install any tree about one-half of its width at maturity away from structures. For example, houses, office buildings, etc…

When to Cut Back Cherry Blossom Tree

Pruning procedures for your autumn cherry tree should be carried out in late winter, early spring, or immediately after blooming, pruning will remove any damaged branch, cause the tree to maintain its natural form, and will encourage a fuller plant with more flowers.

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree Specs

  • Attracts Songbirds
  • Blooms Twice a year
  • Blooms early in spring than most cherry trees
  • Cold hardy
  • Produces an abundance of beautiful  flowers
  • Fast growing
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Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree For Sale

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree for Sale

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The final word on autumn blooming cherry tree for sale

The autumn-blooming cherry tree is a winner, this garden beauty will bring that much-needed flavor to your outdoor living space besides attracting wildlife which is an added bonus. I believe this tree will spruce up your garden as it stands out as a specimen plant or a show stopper so go ahead and make a purchase you will be so happy with the results as your garden and landscape areas are transformed into a thing of beauty or should I say a work of art.


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  1. Thank you so much for this post over the Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree.  My significant other loves cherry trees, and this one really does deem like a winner.  It is extremely beautiful, and for the most part, does not seem that hard to take care of.  I also love that this one plooms twice a year.  That is pretty amazing and I didn’t realize there were trees that did that haha.

    • You are welcome, these trees are amazing and can really enhance your garden and landscape setting. I am so happy to help. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 



  2. I so much enjoyed reading your article on the Blooming Cherry Tree. It brought back some very nice memories of my mother-in-law, her house on the lake, and picnics in the summer. I am definitely going to talk to my husband about buying one of these trees for my front yard. 

  3. This autumn blooming cherry tree looks regal with pretty flowers.   

    Thank you for providing a piece of very detailed information on how to plant and grow it and care as well.

    I live in a place with a really cold and snowy winter. I assume they don’t survive during this season.

    Are they perennial?


    •  You are welcome, Cherry trees  can survive the winter months in fact what I have learned is that “cherry trees require periods of the cold for dormancy”.  Yes, these trees are flowering perennials. I am so happy to help.

  4. Hi Norman,

    Autumn cherry trees are everyone’s favorite. It is a pleasure to see the loaded beautiful flowers. They are simply loving.

    Thank you for describing the details about the lighting, moisture requirements, soil acidity and the height at maturity and growth rate. The fertilization and pruning timing are important and you have taken care of that.

     Do have one tree and very close to the foundation of my home. The land scraper Who was new to his business and we We’re not aware of this distance at the time. We have to take this beautiful tree off in a year or two. 

    I checked out the ShareASale Site. How big are these trees when we buy them? I am sure they will have instructions how to plant them. 
    Do they have warranties in case the plants die out within a year. I am asking it because my house is close to a nursery. They charge higher price and give a year warranty. It is optional though. I got a blueberry from them without warranty and it died.

    • Hello, these trees are amazing because of their beauty and can work wonders for your outdoor living space.  As far as warranty is concerned I believe once you check in details you will get the answer. 


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