Avocado Nutrition Facts

The Power of the Avocado

Sliced avocado on plate-avocado-nutrition-facts
Sliced Avocado

Avocados are one of my favorites and are known worldwide for their taste, healing wonders, and vitamin content. Here in the Bahamas, you can find this tree being grown by many of the locals.

The natives often refer to the avocado as (pear) so if you ever visit the Bahamas and hear one of the locals using the word pear they are referring to the avocado. In this article, we will be discussing the power of the avocado.

Just looking at this picture makes your mouth water. You may be amazed like I was to find out that an avocado is actually a fruit and not a vegetable and there are so many varieties.

When my wife and I bought our home it was great but what made me happy also was that the property owner had this big avocado tree growing in the backyard you could imagine my excitement, not only were we purchasing a home but it came with an avocado tree. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah, now that’s what I am talking about.

The journey of the avocado

The journey of this plant starts from a seed, how we grow this tree is that we let the seed dry after the seed dries the seed is then planted into a 1-3 gallon pot using that good garden or organic soil.

Avocado seeds need about 5-6 hours of sunlight, keep soil somewhat moist don’t overwater, or allow the soil to dry out.

Seed should sprout in 2-6 weeks. I live in a tropical climate therefore as far as I understand this plant does very well in warm weather.

Transplanting procedures

When the plant reaches about 3 feet, you can transplant it in a different location. Make sure that the area gets the same amount of sunlight, Also remember not to overwater the plant.

The plant should be given plenty of room to grow because the avocado tree can reach anywhere from 15-20 feet and even taller with a width span of 8-25 feet.

Fertilizer your avocado

When fertilizing your avocado it is good to use an organic fertilizer source like chicken, cow, or horse manure. Using synthetic can work but I would much rather use a fertilizer source that is all-natural.

When using synthetics read the label and follow as directed because the label is the law.

An avocado a wonderful delight

Avocados can be eaten just as they are, can be used in salads, can be eaten with other dishes, can make a healthy drink when blended or what some of the natives do is eat this fruit with bread.

The leaves are also of great benefit

Avocado tree-avocado-nutrition-facts
Avocado Tree

My wife sometimes uses the leaves to make tea. This tea is simply made by bringing to a boil a few leaves I would say 8-10 leaves are fine. Then pouring water into a cup and adding a few drops of sugar.

This makes a healthy drink and can aid the body in so many ways, such as helping to reduce blood pressure, helps to detoxifies the body, helps to fight the common cold, promotes kidney health, help to relieve abdominal pain, can help to fight cancer, helps weight loss, reduces back pain, relieves swelling, reduce headaches and so much more.

Vitamins of avocado are as followed

1. Vitamin B5                                             6. Potassium      11. Pantothenic

2. Vitamin B6                                             7. Copper            12. Protein

3. Vitamin C                                                8. Folate

4. Vitamin E                                                9. Riboflavin

5. Vitamin K                                                10. Dietary Fiber

Other benefits of avocado include

Avacado face mask-avocado-nutrition-facts
Avocado face mask

1. It can be used as a face mask for clearer skin.

2. It has fiber that is good for a bowel movement.

3. It contains antioxidants that help to fight free radicals.

4. It helps to promote a healthy heart.

6. Aids in weight loss.

7. It can help to lower cholesterol.

8. Promotes hair.

9. Aids in eye health.

10. Help to absorb nutrients from plant foods.

The final word

Avocado has so many great benefits and it also tastes great so I encourage you to make this fruit a part of your diet, you will be glad that you did as you begin to see the wonders of this superfood.


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20 thoughts on “Avocado Nutrition Facts”

  1. I’ve never really been a big fan of Avocados to be honest. Although, I do like them in guacamole lol. It’s also funny that you should mention the “pears” because I remember working in a local fruit and veg shop in my town, where folks would ask where the avocado pears were. Sorry for sounding dumb but is it because of the shape?

    It seems like avocados have a number of health benefits, and it’s even cooler that you’ve got your own tree. It saves you money too!

    However, another question I have is whether an avocado is a fruit or a vegetable? This was also a debate we had in my local shop. We stocked them with the veg, but some people classed them as a fruit.


  2. I have been hearing a lot about avocados lately and from your article it is obvious that they are definitely a “super food!” I live in an area too far north to be able to plant my own, but I certainly will be buying some. I’m glad to know that they aid in weight loss too! I also had no idea that the leaves of a plant can be eaten, so good to know! Thanks for your helpful article, maybe you could put in a yummy recipe too!

    • Hello, walker2 so nice to meet you. Avocados are great and have so many benefits. This fruit is very delicious and I know that you will love it. My wife often boils the leaves to make tea which is also great. Thanks for commenting, I am glad that I could help and have a good day.

  3. Great post on the avocado and the health benefits of including it in our diets. I had no idea of all the health benefits, so thank you for bringing it to our attention. Do you have any favorite recipes using avocado you could share? I’d be very interested in trying new ways to enjoy it.

    • Hello, Karen so good to meet you. Avocados are pretty amazing and have so many benefits. You can try adding avocados to your Caser Salad this is simply awesome, what about making a chicken salad and adding avocado, this is so delicious and also how about making a garden salad and dicing up some avocados and adding it in there. Just simply mouth watering.

      There are so many ways you can enjoy this super food. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I love avocado — in salads, smoothies, and I love to make guacamole, so your post came across my browser at the right time! I had no idea that avocado can help with weight loss, hair growth and that it will clear up skin? This is so great! Maybe I can grow it myself! Thanks for such valuable information!

    • Hello, Amy so nice to hear from you. Avocados a so amazing and the health benefits are so great, glad that I could help, please let me know how it goes, have a good day.

  5. I love avacados! Especially some fresh guacamole! I never knew that about the leaves though, very interesting. I’m also wondering why i never have tried to grow an avocado tree. Took down a few notes and think i’ll give it a try, what have i got to lose 🙂 thanks for the info.

    • Hello, Heather so good to meet you. Avocados are pretty amazing with all of its health benefits. I am so glad that I could help, please let me know how it goes, all the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Norman, thanks for a great post! I absolutely love avocados. Any recipes calling for mayo, I replace with avocado that I mash with a fork to make a paste. I do the same to make a veggie dip. But I didn’t know about all the health benefits of avocados.

    I have a question. After mashing an avocado, making guacamole basically, how do you keep it from turning brown? How can you keep the fresh green look? I would like to be able to store it in a fridge for a few days.


  7. Great article! I love avocados in general and all their health benefits are a big plus for me! Using the leaves for tea is very intriguing, I would definitely like to try that if I go to the Bahamas. How does that tea taste? I would be curious to see. I have yet to do an avocado face masque but I am always tempted when I buy them – but they’re just too good so I never want to use them on my face vs. eating them! Haha. Thanks for the info!

    • Hello, Mallory, it is so good to meet you and thanks for commenting. Avocados are so beneficial and it is so amazing of all the purposes that these fruits serve. The tea taste alright it is something that you would have to get use to. I am so happy that I could help. All the best to you and a have a wonderful day.

  8. Thanks for this awesome article.

    I never knew the Avocado Pear and its tree has all of this fantastic health benefits. I just buy in once in awhile because i love the taste. I am so blessed to read about it today. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    Am already falling in love with it. And you bet am going to start ordering my fresh avocado Pear from the grocery store here.

    • Hello, Anuoluwapo it is so good to hear from you. Avocados are simply the best with all of its awesome benefits. I am so happy that I could help. All the best to you and have a wonderful day.

  9. hi Nrichards!

    i like you article. my wife loves avocado, but we live not in warm country, because of that. Avocado tree cannot grow in our garden. 🙂 She makes avocado salads and i try to eat its. I know also, that this plant has many vitamins and you approved my opinions about avocado. 🙂 i would grow it at home (dwarfish tree). Hope, sometimes i ‘ll try “marvelous avocado tee”

    • Hello, Janis, it is so good to meet you, avocados are really amazing and do work wonders. Sorry to hear that your climate doesn’t allow you to grow this tree. But it is good to know that you can still get this fruit. I am glad that I could help and the tea is also healthy. All the best to you.

  10. Hi, Norman!

    Thank you for your review! I just purchased a few avocados today and I was wondering what would their benefits be. I knew they had Vitamin C and B, but I didn’t know about the others. Thank you once again for putting time aside and sharing with us!

  11. Hi Norman,
    I never knew that avocados had this many health benefits. I will definitely pick up a couple on my next trip to the grocery store.

    I would like to try growing a tree as well when we move. Right now in the townhouse we live in it sounds like the tree would take up the whole backyard. Since we are planning to move in about a year, I think I’ll wait until then. Then I will try that tea with the leaves. I am a tea drinker and the health benefits sound really great.

    I also saw a lot of nice gift ideas on your home page. I have your site bookmarked to come back to it when I start my garden. That will be in about a year too, when we move.

    I hope you continue your site with all this valuable information. I just love poking around here checking out all your articles.

    Thank you so much,

  12. Ohhhh, we SO love avocados! I use them in everything from face and hair masks to smoothies to desserts to tacos and everything in between. My son loves them, my fiance loves them ( my mother doesn’t, but she doesn’t touch anything green unless it’s a green bean), and of course I do as well. I didn’t know that they helped with eye health!! They are comprised of so much good nutrients that it doesn’t surprise me! Great all-around fruit for sure.

    Best wishes,
    Heather Montgomery

  13. I recently read that the pit contains 60% of the nutrition in the avocado – so I have been cutting the pits up and putting them in my smoothies, along with the meat of the fruit.
    Thanks for the growing information, I may plant one this winter when I head down to your neck of the woods.


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