Balcony Gardening Ideas

Gardening above the ground

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Living above the ground can be pretty amazing as you get to enjoy that scenic view of the setting or the rising of the sun, you may be living in the city as you get to see all that is happening around you including the beautiful lights at nighttime or you may be living in the country with a perfect view of beautiful mountains, clear blue skies with white clouds as you enjoy the beauty of all that nature has to offer.

It is so wonderful to have this kind of experience and even though I am not living above the ground I have had the awesome experiences of many balcony views even gardening from way up high as I took in such amazing sights overlooking many beautiful landscapes, gardens including the ocean.

There may be many who may want a garden, but living above the ground may be a challenge and you may be thinking I will never have a garden where I can enjoy nature in this way.

The good news, however, is you can enjoy nature above ground level by having a garden that meets your every expectation as you connect with nature enjoying the many benefits that a balcony garden offers.

Balcony gardening ideas

Benefits of having a balcony garden

1. Beautifying your surrounding.

2. Growing your own foods.

3. Plants are natural air purifiers that pull toxins out of the air. So your balcony garden will be purifying the air that you breathe.

4. Beautiful flowering plants can have a positive effect on our mental state.

5. Your balcony garden can be a food source for bees which in turn produces that sweet (honey) gold.

6. A balcony garden can increase the value of your property.

7. A balcony garden offers a change of scenery when relaxing.

Type of balcony gardens

The cool thing about having a balcony garden is you can mix it up for the garden of your choice. Here are a few ideas for deciding which balcony garden is best for you.

1. Flower gardens.

2. Herb gardens.

3. Vegetable gardens.

4. A hanging or climbing garden using vines.

5. Low maintenance gardens using drought-tolerant plants.

6. A garden that attracts butterflies.

7. A garden that attracts hummingbirds.

8. A garden that attracts pollinators such as bees.

With these types of gardens, you are not limited but free to be adventurous as those creative juices flow.

Balcony gardening ideas

Steps in creating your balcony garden oasis that is tailored made just for you

1. Every balcony differs in style as they do in size, therefore, a well thought out plan is a must.

2. Plants should be chosen based on size, for example, you don’t want to use very large plants on a small balcony because not only will your tiny balcony be overpowered by those large plants but the limited space you’re working with will be used up. Your balcony garden should be open and free. Choice of plants should allow for sufficient space to move around freely.

3. Using decorative pots instead of growers pots will give that added flavor for flowering plants and garden herbs. Veggies can be grown in the grower’s pots

4. If using hanging baskets they can be attached to and properly secured to the railings.

5. Using a trellis is a good way to train your vines to attach and climb up the wall.

6. When using pieces of furniture ensure that your balcony space can accommodate those types of furniture. Again you don’t want the entire space to be taken up by your furniture remember your balcony garden should be free and open.

7. Growers and decorative pots should have saucers to collect excess water that comes out of drain holes.

8. know your plant’s light requirements. Choose and place plants according to lighting needs. That part of your balcony that gets the most sunlight should have plants that require a lot of sunlight installed in these areas and plants that require less sunlight should be placed in areas that are mostly shaded.

Balcony gardening ideas

Proper maintenance of your balcony plants include

1. Sufficient water.

2. Proper use of fertilizers whether slow-release, quick release, or organics.

3. Using the right pruning methods.

4. Keep an eye out for garden insect pests.

5. Watch out for conditions that will encourage plant disease.

Shifting things up

The awesome part about these gardens is you can always shift your garden around seeing that your plants are in containers or you can mix it up somewhat, for example, how about having a low maintenance garden by using bromeliads and adding a few herbs like Chives, rosemary and so on.

Feel free to experiment and have fun. You may surprise yourself as to what you come up with. The creativity is inside you waiting for you to reach down and pull it out so go for it.

The final word

Having a balcony garden can be an exciting and fun-filled experience that can really improve your home by giving it a different feel and appearance while bringing value. Don’t have that balcony space sitting there looking all old and drab

but give it a renewed and fresh look by investing in a garden of this sort which works wonders trust me you will be glad that you did as your balcony takes on a more relaxing and inviting appearance which will really make you feel at home.

This is your garden oasis, your private kingdom where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy in an environment designed with your hands. Now that’s something to get excited about. So go ahead and give it a try what are you waiting for don’t miss out on all the benefits these gardens have to offer.


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  1. I loved this article. I currently live in the country and have flower gardens and a vegetable garden. But my husband and I are thinking about downsizing and moving to town. One of the drawbacks was not having our gardens. I never really thought about a balcony garden. Thank you, your article has given me a lot to think about.

    • Hello Tai these ideas are really amazing and it is so good to know that by thinking out of the box and a little creativity what we can come up with. Wishing you all the best with you garden and please keep me posted and let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  2. Hi Norman!

    Thank you for this very informative and useful article. My girlfriend and I are moving to Costa Rica this winter, and while that won’t be the perfect time for starting a balcony garden, your article gives me a lot of ideas that I hope to implement once spring comes around.

    I especially appreciate the information you link to in regards to the proper types of fertilizer and pruning methods.

    Thanks again!

    • Hello again I am so happy that I could help. Using plants on the indoors or even from a porch, patio or balcony can really make a big difference. Plants are so beneficial and helps to keep the air clean apart from its beautification purpose. Wishing you all the best. Have  good day.


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