Beneficial Weeds For Gardens

Weeds and an added benefit

Flowering weeds

Can weeds really be an added benefit? over the years even as children, we were taught by our parents and other adults that weeds are not good and can do more harm than good.

I remembered days of pulling up weeds in my parent’s garden and also a few of my own gardens. I have worked on many garden projects and the main concern of the home and business owners were the number of weeds they wanted to be removed.

Well, it is true that weeds compete with garden plants for water, nutrients, and space along with being the habitation of many garden pest weeds have also been known to offer some benefits believe it or not.

Now I am not saying that we should allow our gardens to be overrun by weeds because not only will our gardens look unattractive and infested with insects and disease but our garden plants will also suffer.

But by keeping just a few weeds can offer these benefits.

1. Weeds can attract beneficial insects to your garden areas by their flowers which are a means of natural biological control.

2. Weeds add fertilizers to the soil as they die and decay. As they are broken down by soil microbes our garden plants receive the nutrients from them.

3. The roots of weeds help to protect the soil from erosion by holding the soil together for our plants.

4.Weeds conditions the soil by adding organic as it decays. When this happens our soil can absorb the right amount of water for our plants and also help with good air circulation that is beneficial for soil microbes.

5. Weeds can provide a resting place for Beneficial insects.

6. Weeds can provide a home for beneficial insects and their young.

Beneficial weeds

Here are a few beneficial weeds that can be installed in your gardens

1.Wild Mustard.                      6.Wild Vetch.

2.Wild Rose.                            7.Plantain.

3.ChickWeed.                          10.Ground Ivy.

4.White Clover.                       11. Nettles.

5.Dandelion.                            12.Purslane.

Final word

Surprisingly as it may seem weeds do offer some great benefits, so the next time you are in your garden pulling those weeds, remember the benefits they bring to your garden and landscapes.


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