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Mulches and an Added Benefit

Brown mulch-benefit-of-mulching

Brown Mulch

I have worked with mulches on many garden projects and the benefits are really great. Mulches can give that detailed look adding to the overall appearance of your landscape.

But the neat thing about mulches is mulches serve so many purposes that are also of great benefit to a plant’s life.

Some of these mulches include red, cypress, chocolate, and cedar just to name a few.

Purpose of mulching

The purpose of mulching includes

1. Beautification-Mulches are great for beautification purposes. There is nothing like a well-maintained garden or landscape that is nicely mulch.

2. Weed control-The purpose of mulch is to keep weeds down. Adding about 3 inches of mulch is excellent for weed control.

3. Temperature control-Mulches help to keep soil temperature in the summer cool which is good for plant roots.

4. Moisture retention-Moisture absorbs and retains water for plant use.

5. Nutrients-Mulches are a good source of natural organic, and as the mulch breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil.

6. Soil Ph- Mulches help to maintain soil Ph that is so vital for plant life.

Mulch in garden design-benefit-of-mulching

Mulch in garden design

7. Soil erosion-Mulches help against soil erosion by keeping rain from washing away your soil.

8. Saves time and $$$-Because mulches help to retain water, watering less can save you time and money.

9. Biological activity-Mulches help to encourage earthworms and other biological activity in your garden.

10. Frost damage-Mulches protects plants from frost damage.

11. Beneficial insect-Can encourage the beneficial insect or good bugs in your garden area that is great for plant life.

12. Protects expose roots.

The final word

Mulches are really beneficial to our landscape and gardens, the benefits are really great, so take advantage of these natural organics that can work wonders as you reap the benefits.

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