Nutritional Facts About Cucumbers

Cucumber and Your Health

As we looked at earlier in the article (vegetable garden) on growing and caring for cucumber, we learned that caring for cucumber is pretty easy. Also what I want to note here is that there are three cultivators of cucumbers. First, you have sliced, secondly, you have pickling and thirdly you have burpless.

Nutritional facts about cucumbers

1. Slicing Cucumbers

Cucumbers that are grown to eat in salads are called slicing cucumbers, these cucumbers are picked before they turn yellow. Cucumbers that are grown for this purpose have hard skin and a smoother  texture

2. Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless cucumbers have soft skin and not many seeds, these cucumbers are considered to be sweet because they are allowed to ripen.

3. Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling cucumbers are longer and bumpy or have rough skin, they have lime-green skin with light-colored stripes. Pickling has a mild to bitter taste.

 Fun facts

1. If your eyes are a little puffy just lay back and relax, take two slices of cucumber, and place on each eye. This will help with puffiness.

2. Not sure of your breath freshness, place 1-2  slices of cucumber in your mouth, press them together for about 20-30 seconds. This will help with bad breath.

3. Not drinking enough water, then eating whole or several slices of cucumbers will help replenish water.

4. Cucumbers are family to pumpkins, watermelons, and squash.

5. If your bathroom mirror is foggy, rubbing a piece of cucumber slice over your mirror will help get rid of the fog.

6. It is believed that cucumber originated in India about 3000 years ago.

Nutritional facts

With all of that said, we will now look at vitamins that cucumbers contain.

Vitamin A, Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, copper, VitaminB1,  phosphorus, and molybdenum.

Cucumber health facts

What about health-related issues?.

Cucumbers can help the body to fight certain illnesses such as.

  1. Helping to reduce the risk of cancer.
  2. Cucumbers have antioxidants that are good for our bodies.
  3. Aids with weight loss.
  4. Helps with muscle and joint pain.
  5. Helps lower blood pressure.
  6. Helps to manage diabetes.
  7. Helps to improve heart health.
  8. Helps prevent kidney stones.
  9. Helps in keeping your skin healthy-looking.
  10. Can help to remove cellulite.

So as you can see cucumbers can do a whole in adding our bodies.

The final word

Remember that by eating cucumbers raw you will get all of the nutrients these veggies have to offer If you must cook do not overcook them. Because you do not want these wonders of nature to lose all of their nutrients. So let’s load up on these veggies and give our bodies a boost.


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8 thoughts on “Nutritional Facts About Cucumbers”

  1. Hi Norman, do people really cook cucumbers, I have never heard of this before. Would it be the same as cooking squash? I had heard about placing cucumber slices over the eye’s to reduce puffy eyes that you get from drinking too much alcohol, and always thought it was just an old wise-tell. I never really thought that there was more to cucumbers other that pickling them or having them in a salad. I think I’ll try putting some slices in my mouth for my breath that my wife keeps nagging me about it being bad. 🙂

    • Good evening Kim thanks for the follow, Now when it comes to cucumbers you can lightly steam them but eating them raw is the ideal thing. And yes putting about 1-2 slices in you mouth , while pressing them together and holding them in your mouth for about 20-30 seconds can help with bad breath. So good luck with that, And have a good day.

  2. I like your website. You have some great information about cucumbers on all the different types. You have done a great job in showing pictures. I like the pickle cartoon. It looks great too with the green and white background. It is easy to navigate around too. Keep up the good work.

    • Good evening Rich thanks for your kind words I am glad that I could help and please do tell others about this website thanks again and have a great day.

  3. I am growing some cucumber plants in my greenhouse this year, there is nothing better than a home-grown cucumber, they taste so much better than store bought ones. I would love to eventually grow enough cucumbers to make my own pickles. I love fermented pickles rather than the ones done in vinegar. Do you know of any good pickle recipes?

    I love turning cabbage into a fermented condiment called kimchi, it is a korean spicy cabbage and pepper condiment that tastes great on eggs or rice.

    • Good day Andrea thanks for the follow and I am glad to hear that you are into gardening, it is so great to grown fruits and veggies from you own back yard and see the progress, it is such a great feeling. About good pickle recipes you can find them on google. Hope this helps, thanks again and have a good day.

  4. I did not know cabbage can do all of those great things. I mean I know people always say eat your greens but I guess cabbage is it. I could surely use more cabbage in my life. I would be excited about cucumbers too, yet, i hate cucumbers no matter how you eat them, cook them. Cucumbers are just gross. haha. So yay to cabbage!! haha

    • Lol, many persons are not fans of vegetables but they are great for you. Imagine the benefits they can do for our bodies. Just think about the benefits and then go for it lol. I am glad that i could help, all the best to you and have a good day.


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