Benefits Of Eating Greens

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Going Green the Power of Green

Gowing Kale-the-benefits-of-eating-green
Growing Kale

Hello everybody, As I am writing this post, this is the last day of 2017 and I just want to say a happy new year and the best of health and success to both you and your family.

We are on the verge of stepping into a brand new year, now I know for some of us 2017 was filled with a lot of challenges, along with some good times but as the new year looms ahead there are many persons

that has made or is about to make those new years resolution hoping to capture or accomplish those dreams in 2018.

Whether it is health and fitness, family time, pursuing those goals and so on 2018 can be the year for you as you stay focus while being committed to those plans

In this article, however, we will be focusing on the POWER of GREEN and how it can benefit us in 2018. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to scare you. I am not saying that you will look like the guy in the photo above by going green

but the benefits of eating greens will benefit you in so many ways as your health is taken to the next level.

Health Report

Obesity in adults

There is a growing concern about the number of persons who are at risk and for those whose health is declining because of a lack of including greens in their diet.

Sitting down at the dinner tables in many homes across the country is very disturbing to see the unhealthy foods that are being consumed by families.

It is said in the United States that more than half of the adults are overweight and because of this, they stand a great chance of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, the stroke and other illness that is related to having a poor diet.

Obesity in Children

When it comes to children it is also alarming of the many who are overweight. Studies have also shown that in the United States 1 out of 3 kids is overweight

which can lead to type 2 diabetes, bone, and joint problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, trouble breathing, and other health-related issues.

Studies have also shown that being overweight is a major contributor to persons dying in the United States.

I believe the time has come especially as we enter 2018 to give our bodies what it needs and that is green fuel which is rich in Vitamins, the benefits of eating greens are truly good for our health.

Benefits of eating greens

We are robbing ourselves of all the vitamins and other benefits that are found in green foods which are also superfoods. Now it does not make sense to shortchange ourselves of those things that can benefit us in so many ways.

Here are some true facts as to why we should include greens in our diets.

1. Greens are loaded with antioxidants- antioxidants help to rid the body of free radicals that can lead to cancers and other health-related issues. Greens are also a good source of Vitamin C and E, which will help to protect your skin.

2. Greens promote eye health- a diet of greens can help you to have a picture-perfect view. Vitamin A that is found in greens is responsible for this.

3. Weight control- greens especially dark leafy ones contain a lot of water and are low in calories which makes them ideal for weight control.

4. Dark leafy greens help to promote heart health- greens help to regulate erythropoietin which is a hormone that is responsible for reducing blood clots and heart attacks.

5. Dark leafy vegetables have been known to promote brain health- The vitamin B9 that is found in these veggies is responsible for this. Antioxidants rich in leafy greens also help to protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals.

6. Fight diabetes with dark leafy greens-greens contain polyphenols, magnesium, and ala omega-3 fatty acid which helps to control insulin and glycemic that lowers the chance of diabetes.

7. Greens are known to be energy booster-greens contain the B Vitamins that converts carbs in foods to glucose to produce energy.

So as you see from some of these facts the benefits of eating greens are pretty amazing.

Some green veggies include

Creating green spaces

Green spaces can be really great because by creating green spaces you will be improving your quality of life besides giving nature a helping hand. Green spaces involve creating a garden whether a herb or vegetable garden, planting fruit trees.

Formal or informal gardens, butterfly or hummingbird gardens, flower or container garden, and so on, the goal is to install a garden that will not only improve your quality of life

by providing food, filtering the air, saving energy, providing a home for wildlife, getting that much-needed exercise but creating an environment where you can kick back and relax

connecting with nature as you improve your life. Now that’s too many benefits to miss out on.

Benefits of eating greens

These veggies can be purchased at your local supermarket or better yet if you haven’t as yet you can start a home garden and grow these superfoods in your backyard

That way you will have an almost endless supply of these veggies as you get that needed exercise while saving a few $$$$$$$$. I tell you going green in 2018 has its benefits and you will be happy that you made the decision, so let’s get going and start growing green in 2018.


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17 thoughts on “Benefits Of Eating Greens”

  1. Hi Norman
    Thanks for writing a great post while stepping into 2018.
    It is true that not only in the USA but throughout the world the word obesity is alarming everyone. As you said, the food and lifestyle is only the reason for this. Going green is only the natural way to lose weight and to be healthy as well.The idea of creating the green garden is also a great idea because the environment is saved by this action.
    Thanks for your post.

    • Hello my friend so good to meet you and I am so happy that I could help. Yes going green in 2018 is so important to our health, thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. I almost didn’t read this article because of the guilt I knew I would feel about the number of greens I eat. I try. And thank you for the reminder. As I age I’m really feeling the effects in my gut if I don’t eat enough greens and the more I eat the better I feel. Good to know there are examples of people who eat lots of greens out there.

    • Hello gord you are on the right track. It is so important that we get our greens in. I am glad that I could help, keep up the good work and have a good day.

  3. Great post on the importance of going green Norman!
    Obesity is a real problem in society today and eating more greens is a big key to kicking this problem, as you have outlined, they have so many health benefits!
    I like how you have given some examples of greens to try, there are a couple their that I haven’t thought of, but personally, broccoli is my favourite green!
    Great post, and love the Hulk too 🙂

  4. Your article made me think. Do overweight people have a tendency to avoid greens?
    I was also wondering if it was better to eat raw greens or cooked ones?
    There is definitely a lot more in green vegetables than a burger. You have a point about the lack of knowledge about green vegetables. I was surprised at how many vitamins and minerals there really are.
    Maybe we have avoided green vegetables as children and the habit has stayed with us.
    I do hope people read this article and take note because we do need to become healthier.
    I have a really small garden so I am looking at building a small herb garden. At last I can add some flavour to my cooking and hopefully some vitamins as well.

    • Hello HappyB so good to hear from you and thanks for responding. I won’t say all probbaly some just like some who may not be overweight. I believe that it is always good to eat them raw but if you have to cook them make sure they are semi-cooked to maintain some of their vitamins.

      It is so good to see that you are about to construct a herb garden. Here are two links that I believe you will find helpful. 

      https://gardenofedengardencent… and  https://gardenofedengardencent… Hope this help and please let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Norman,

    I’ve found your article very interesting!

    My husband and I eat a lot of organic green vegetables, but the problem is that my children don’t want to eat the green. All they want is pizza, hamburgers and French fries. In one word, junk food. I was thinking of giving them minerals and vitamins in the form of pills. What do you think about the idea?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella so good to hear from you. I know what you are talking about my kids love junk foods also. One of the things that we do is to make available salad dressings such as ranch dressing,thousand island and so on. The goal is to make your salads so eye pleasing that they can’t resist. Here is a few ideas.


      If that fails then tell them about the benefits of eating salad but if you have to switch to vitamins then by all means do so. But I love to get the natural stuff from salads. Hope this helps, please let me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good day.

  6. Hello Norman!

    Your post is really inspiring! It inspires me to add more green veggies to my meals and also to grow these superfood in my own garden.

    The benifits of green veggies are huge. I´m definitively going to eat more dark-leafy greens from now on. Broccoli with melted cheese sounds delicious.

    It´s sad that too many people eat too much unhealthy and processed food. Your blogs about the benifits of eating healthy and grow your own vegetables are of great value and I hope you´ll reach out to many people.


    • Hello Pernilla it is so good to meet you and you are so right with what you said. There is so much that we can get from our greens. I hope people would be aware of this fact and take advantage of these superfoods. I am so happy that I could help. Thanks for commenting and wishing you the best of success.

  7. I love your Hulk picture. I watched Thor Ragnarock and it was the first video I saw with the Hulk. It would be great if we could have his strength by eating greens. I am not a fan of vegetables and told my doctor I should get the same health benefits being a second hand vegetarian because I eat the animal that eats the plant, but that isn’t the way mother nature intended. I do really like spinach and put it in my smoothies.

    • Hello Michael Miller so good to meet you. Hulk is one of my favorite cartoon characters beside the man of steel which  we know who that is superman himself. Greens are so important and will keep us in tip top shape so it is good to see that you are getting  those spinach in. I just want to encourage you to increase your intake of veggies.

      Please let me know how it goes and thanks for commenting,all the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Your post hit close to home since I am trying to drop 20lbs, I have lowered the amount of sugar , carbs and sweets in my diet which has helped, but after reading your post I will need to included more selection of deep green vegetables. This additional change might be the nudge I need to finally lose that extra weight.

  9. I wouldn’t mind looking like the Hulk after eating greens. I told my Dr. I don’t understand why I can’t have the same health benefits being a second hand vegetarian as a vegetarian. I eat the animal that eats the plant. For 2018 my goal is to lose 70 pounds, so that I can have more energy and enjoy life more. I am incorporating greens into my diet more and in the 2 days I have done this Paleo Cleanse after eating junk for the holidays, I have already noticed an increase in energy and some day I might build up muscle again to look like the Hulk,

    • Hello my friend, it sure would be awesome to have a build like that from eating greens. But the good news is greens are loaded with so much of the good stuff and can benefit us in so many ways. I wish you the best of success with your goal and if you don’t mind please let me know how it goes. All the best of health to you and have a good day.

  10. Hi, Norman!

    I haven’t eaten greens for a while now and after going through your post, I remembered about how good spinach actually is. Thanks for reminding me. I will try it for sure this week.


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