Benefits Of Native Plants

  Advantages of Using Native Plants

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There are so many species of garden plants that it is just mind-blowing, these plants come in all manner of shape and sizes. But a key to gardening successfully is growing plants that are native to your climate or you tend to run the risk (Plants that are not native to your climate) of working with plant material which can cause a lot of time and money.

The use of native plants is so important because it contributes to the balance of our ecosystem, which not only humans but wildlife depends on. How simple can life be only if we take advantage of garden plants which are native to our climate? Here are a few facts as to why we should always go native.

17 Benefits of native plants

Soil Erosion

1. Native plants are so important because the establishment of these plant’s roots helps to prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion is when the topsoil is removed either by over tilling the soil, wind, ice, construction, water, etc…. which can have a negative impact but the use of native plants will help to protect the topsoil. The roots of plants that are not native cannot protect against soil erosion.

Establish Quicker

2. With native plants, less time and money is spent in the maintenance process, because these plants are adapted to their environment. This is where they suppose to be unlike plants that are not native which needs more attention (time and money).

Helping Pollinators

3. Growing and maintaining a wildlife garden is pretty amazing, these special gardens can have your landscape buzzing with activity. For more on wildlife, gardening check, out the category section of this website.

When we use plants that are native to our climate we help bring balance to the ecosystem by helping pollinators, these pollinators contribute to our food production.

Watering Needs

4. Natives plants, because they are adapted to their environment, need less water than non-native plants which have a harder time trying to adapt which means wasted water, time, and money.


5. Native plants will attract wildlife so if your desire is to attract wildlife then investing in native plants will help. Non-native plants will not give you this benefit.

Fertilize Use

6. Native plants are adapted to their soil meaning fertilizing less which will save time and money compared to growing non-native plants.


7. Fewer pesticide usage is needed for native plants when compared to non-native plants which means again saving time and money.

Providing a home

8. Installing native plants will ensure that wildlife has a home.

Improve the air quality

9. The use of native plants can help to improve air quality. These plants which are adapted to the environment will pull toxins out of the air making the air purer for both humans and animals to breathe.

Helping our climate

10. Native plants help to control climate change.

Geiger tree-geiger-tree-information
A Geiger Tree

Noise Barrier

11. Native plants act as a noise barrier, it is so amazing how plants installed in groups such as a hedge can help to reduce noise.

Adding Beauty

12. The beauty of native plants is adding beauty, have you ever seen a garden that is well designed with healthy colorful plants. I have both seen and worked on these types of projects and to be honest with you they were pretty amazing.

 Plant Diseases

13. Although native plants have their share of disease issues at times, non-native plants are more susceptible to disease which means time and money.

Increase your property’s value

14. The use of native plants will contribute to increasing your property’s value once they are well maintained.

Attracts beneficial insects

15. The use of native plants is a great way to bring garden insect pests under control, these plants will attract beneficial insects that will feed on garden insect pests. This is a great way to keep harmful chemicals out of your garden which can cause injury to humans, pets, and wildlife.

Restoration of natural habitat

16. The use of native plants will help to restore our natural habitat by producing seeds, nuts, fruits, and nectar. These plants will provide food for wildlife which is so important.

Creating a nature trail

17. Enhance your scenic view by creating a nature trail with native plants that will contribute to your mental health.

Additional Information

1. Ensure that plants are right for your zone.

2. Installing native plants provides opportunities for kids to learn about their growth and care.

3. When caring for native plants ensure you’re knowledgeable about the needs of these plants.

4. Native plants are known to be rarely invasive.

5. Native plants have better resistance to drought.

6. With native plants, there is more availability than non-native plants.

7. Some native plants may be on the endangered species list.

The final word

The use of native plants has so many benefits besides saving time and money its no wonder why native plants are a must using these plants is great in controlling soil erosion, bring balance to the ecosystem and so much more so let’s do our part by planting native which will be of great benefit to us and our environment.


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