Best Bed Bug Treatment

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Tips to Control Bed Bugs

Best Bed Bug Treatment-bed-bugs
Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control, these pests are a nuisance living off the blood of humans and animals, their bites are known to cause allergic reactions that can be fatal. Bed bugs also cause itching and sleep deprivation, their bites that cause itching can lead to secondary infections such as lymphangitis, ecthyma, and impetigo. Other health-related issues from bed bug bites include a swollen tongue, fever, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, blisters, and flu-like or nauseous feelings.

Bed Bugs Identification

The adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed or has a flat body that’s oval-shaped, however, once feeding takes place their body becomes swallowed and is reddish in color. Bed bugs do not have the ability to fly but move swiftly over walls, ceilings, and the floor, these pests hang out or congregate in groups hiding or taking up residence in bed frames, box springs, headboards, and mattresses.

What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs are known as hitchers entering your home by traveling on use bed, couches and other furniture’s, your clothing, (families and visitors clothing) luggage, backpack, purses, etc…some also enters your home by simply crawling through openings.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs can deliver bites on body parts, signs of bed bugs bite include a painful sensation, a raised itchy bump spot with a clear center, small dried blood spots from bites which can be found on bed clothing and sheets, once bump appears it’s red in appearance with a dark center the surrounding area is lightly swollen, blisters also surround bumps that are small and red, infected areas may also develop flat patches that may be inflamed, fabrics are stain with dried reddish-reddish-brown bed bug droppings. The eggs of bed bugs are pearl white in color and are tiny like the size of a pine head with a barrel shape. The female lays her eggs in cracks and crevices, the eggs hatch in 6-10 days’ time. What I found to be interesting is an individual female bed bug can lay up to 200-250 eggs in her lifetime.

Bed Bugs Life Span

Bed bugs can live anywhere from 4-6 months, but under cool conditions, they have been known to live up to 1 year without food.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs as stated are difficult to control and a professional company that’s knowledgeable may need to be brought in to bring control. Based on the infestation or the severity of bed bugs will determine the amount of money you may have to payout. It’s said that homeowners pay on an average”$1,000 to $2,500 for bed bug treatments”.

Treatment cost depends on the size of the area that’s to be treated along with the type of treatment that is used, a small area with a little infestation may cost anywhere from $250 or more while a bigger space that’s badly infested may cost $4,000 and even higher. While these prices are hefty you may want to take on the job yourself but if bed bugs infestation is that server or out of control then it’s best that you leave eliminating bed bugs to the pros and hire a professional company.

Do It Yourself Bed Bugs Control

Here are some do it your self tips to bring bed bugs under control.

1. Pour rubbing alcohol in a 32 oz spray bottle and spray away, once the alcohol comes in contact will eliminate bed bugs.

2. Steam cleaning is another effective way to get rid of bed bugs, temperatures that exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit will kill both bed bugs and their eggs. To avoid damage to your furniture follow the directions of the steam cleaner.

3. A Vaccum cleaner is a handy tool and will go to work for you, the vacuum cleaner must be powerful with a hose attachment, vacuum your bed and other soft furniture along with cracks, crevices, your carpet, and floor. Electrical appliances should be inspected as well, once you have completed vacuuming remove the bag and properly dispose of it.

4. All bedding and clothes that are infected should be washed in hot water and then placed in a dryer which will eliminate bed bugs, however before placing fabrics in hot water read the label to ensure washing directions.

5. A stiff brush can become a handy tool for eliminating bed bugs, running a brush that’s stiff along the seams of your mattress dislodges both the bed bugs and their eggs.

7 Best Bed Bug Treatment Spray

1. Best natural: Eco defense bed bug killer.

2. Best overall bottle:Harris black label bed bug killer.

3. Best powder: Rockwell cimeX insecticide dust.

4. Best overall: bed bug killer by ecoraider.

5. Best spray foam: Raid bed bug foaming spray, for indoor use, non-staining.

6. Best for your budget: Ortho home defense max bed bug, flea, and tick killer.

7. Best for mattresses: Bedlam plus.

12 Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Use bed bugs monitors
  • Remove clutter from the floor
  • Don’t store items under the bed
  • Wash both your luggage and clothes after traveling
  • Store items in plastic containers
  • Seal all openings and cracks, bed bugs will use these cracks and openings as entry points
  • Keep clothes of your bed
  • Dust mite-proof encasements
  • Inspect your lodging area
  • Keep an eye on your pet and the bed where they lay
  • Avoid putting your suitcase on the bed once back from traveling

The final word on best bed bug treatment

Bed bugs are a nuisance and can cause health-related issues, it’s important that you follow these steps to bring these pests under control. We should do all that we can to ensure that our homes are free of bed bugs. To prevent and control bed bugs may seem to be a lot of work but the good news is the work that you put in will yield positive results that will protect both the health of you, your family and your pets so let’s win the war on bed bugs by stamping them out following these tips.


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10 thoughts on “Best Bed Bug Treatment”

  1. Bed bugs can be such a frustrating experience and many people don’t put the necessary attention to it. Usually I prefer to bring a professional company to make any disinfection necessary as it can be very hard to get rid of them by yourself. And since this is a health matter we are talking about I wouldn’t think twice in order to get rid of the problem.

    • That is so good to hear, bring in the professionals if you must because they are the ones especially under heavy infestation that can bring control although you can DIY the small issues if you feel that you can, or leave it up to the professional as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing, have a good day.

  2. This article was very helpful. I once had a bed bug issue and it freaked me out completely. I actually threw away my headboard since it had padding and cloth. I purchased a lot of products and lost some sleep for sure. I used food grade diatomaceous earth, which I still use around entrance ways to keep ants out. Do you recommend that product?

    • Diatomaceous earth is a great product to use and will give good results, it will take this product 7-17 days to eliminate bed bugs. Heavy infestation will take about 1 month, although DE is slow acting it will give good results. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Have a good day!https://gardenofedengardencent

  3. Is bed bugs a real thing? I have always thought that it was fictional. Well, you learn something new everyday. I have never experienced bed bugs before or has anyone around me but I will still be sure to share this article with everyone. I am sure that it will help someone out there so thank you for this article. 

    • Hello Daniel, these pests are very real and a real nuisance as well, it is good to have this sort of information to share as you said you will do and to keep for yourself because you never know. So happy to help and thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. You’ve provided some great advice and tips on how to prevent and control bed bugs. This is a real problem that nobody wants in their home! I remember years ago hearing that it was not uncommon to have your luggage exposed while in hotels, so I always make sure to keep my suitcase well away from the bedroom. Although pest control may be needed, it was super helpful to learn there are ‘home’ DIY treatments one can do themselves. I wasn’t aware of that. I also appreciated learning tips to prevent an infestation in the first place. Very informative article!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s so amazing how these pests can be such a big health issue along with the amount of money that must be spent to bring their population under control. Thank you so much for stopping and sharing your experience also. All the best to you.

  5. Anyone who is not horrified by the mere thought of bedbugs has not lived the experience.  I lived in an apartment building that was heavily infested.  Although the owner tried diligently to get rid of them, there were some tenants who would not comply and so the attempts were fruitless.  I ended up abandoning all my possessions and starting over with (literally) a borrowed card table, folding chair and futon in my new apartment.

    I know these things are more easily combated in a single-family house.  In a separate instance, I moved into a house with several roommates.  Turns out it has a severe flea infestation.  We worked diligently (and together) using many of the tips you suggested and had it under control in a matter of weeks.  I have heard of others who have combated a bedbug problem using the same method.  

    With bedbug infestations on the rise, your post is a timely and important public service.  Thank you for posting.

    • Hello Cynthia you are so welcome and I am so happy that I could help, so sorry to hear of your battles and misfortune with these pests that can really make a person’s life so miserable. The public needs to know or should I say that more of the public needs to know about these pests and how they can be damaging to our health and surroundings. Thanks so much for stopping by all the best to you and have a good day.


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