Best Way To Get Rid of Chipmunks

Best ways to get rid of chipmunks in your yard

Best Way To Get Rid Of Chipmunks-a-chipmunk
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I wrote an article some time back on how to attract chipmunks to your yard but we will be turning our attention to the best way to get rid of chipmunks. While it’s true that some persons take delight in attracting chipmunks to their yards because of how cute and cuddly they are some persons however see them as rodents and a nuisance, therefore, searching out ways of making their yard or garden area chipmunk-proof.

Chipmunk Habitat

Chipmunk habitats are areas that provide them with a lot of ground cover which includes rocks, trees, bushlands or woodlands, stumps, and logs. Chipmunks also take refuge near hedges, houses, fence lines, and urban parks, chipmunks are also known to dig two types of burrows, these burrows are dug directly underneath or next to natural or manmade cover. Shallow burrows are dug during the daytime, these shallow burrows are to protect them while foraging.  The other burrow which is more complex and deeper serves for raising their young, food storage, and resting during the long winter months.

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Chipmunk Damage and Signs

  • How do chipmunks cause damage? I am so happy you asked, chipmunks are active little creatures moving very swiftly sneaking into backyards, home gardens, and farm areas venturing into the ornamental plant beds as well as flower beds where they dig for bulbs, eating tender leaves, shoots, roots, nuts, and fruits. Chipmunks also burrow in lawns looking for roots leaving holes that can make a lawn look unattractive and sickly
  • A high-pitch-chirping sound inside your home is also another indication that you may have a chipmunk problem. If you do find a chipmunk in your home make it easy for them to get out because they are more willing to get out than to stay there
  • If you see tiny footprints in your yard (chipmunks have 5 toes on their front paws and 4 toes on their back paws) be on the watch for these types of footprints alongside your house, garden, or garden shed
  • If you are having issues with your house foundation along with a cracked sidewalk may be an indication that you have a chipmunk problem and should be taken care of right away.

14 Best Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks

1. Because chipmunks love a lot of ground cover trimming back plantings and the removal of rock piles and woodpiles will discourage their presence.

2. Placing 1/4 inch mesh hardware cloth around flowers and garden plants will keep them at bay.

3. Surrounding your yard or property with a plant-free gravel border will offer help.

4. Installing bulbs that chipmunk and other wildlife are not attracted to will keep them away.

5. Sprinkling chili powder, cayenne, or other spices that are hot around your garden plants will deter them.

6. Installing motion detectors such as sprinklers will give them a frightful wet experience.

8. Providing food sources away from where they are causing damage is a great way to distract them.

9. The use of decoy owls, coyotes, hawks, and foxes will give them a scare but keep in mind however that chipmunks are pretty smart and will soon catch on so the goal is not to leave your decoys in the same position every day but to move them around.

10. Ensure that your bird feeders are clean when not in use because bird feeders attract chipmunks like a magnet also choose bird feeds to which chipmunks are not attracted to

11. You can purchase ultrasonic devices that produce sounds that are undetectable to the human ear. These sounds will keep chipmunks at bay.

12. The use of granular repellents is non-lethal but is distasteful to chipmunks along with giving off an odor that they find offensive.

13. Live traps for chipmunks can be set once caught you can release them far away from your home.

14. Repellent sprays can be applied around your yard and garden areas to keep chipmunks at bay. Traps can be placed in areas where they are seen or active including pathways.

Chipmunk fun facts

  • A group of chipmunks is called a scurry
  • Chipmunks are excellent tree climbers and swimmers
  • The main entrance of a chipmunk burrow can extend up to 20 feet in length
  • At birth, a baby chipmunk is the size of a bumblebee
  • They can give birth to 2-8 pups at a time
  • There are 25 species of chipmunks
  • In the wild, a chipmunk can live up to 2-3 years
  • Chipmunks have pouches in their cheeks in which they store food when foraging
  • Chipmunks are found in North America, with the exception of the Siberian chipmunk which is found in Asia
  • A tiny chipmunk can gather up to 165 acorns a day
  • They have 5 toes on their front paws and 4 toes on their back paws
  • Chipmunks need about 15 hours of sleep per day
  • Chipmunks are known to be natural loners until the mating season then the male and female go their separate way
  • They breathe very fast, taking almost 75 breaths a minute

The final word on the best way to get rid of chipmunks

Chipmunks are excepted and at the same time rejected by some, just like any other wildlife chipmunks seek out food, shelter, and water even though they may cause some damage. It is said that on average the damage can range from $200 0r less but still this is money that should not have to be spent.

But if you are one who enjoys their presence and loves having them around then providing the right environment will help you in encouraging them to your yard. With that said you now know how to make your yard and garden area chipmunk-free.


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  1. Hmmm…I like chipmunks and used to watch the adventures of Chip and Dale from Disneyland videos.  However, I didn’t know they caused so much havoc to gardens!

    Being in England, UK, we don’t have chipmunks here.  So I have not experienced seeing their footprints on the ground.

    You have an interesting article and I will probably read the one on how to attract chipmunks, as that would be fun to read…

  2. Hello Norman, thanks for taking the time to provide information on how to manage this predator that comes to destroy one’s garden. Chipmunks like most other animals visit the gardens in search of food, So as you rightly mentioned, the best option for me will be to providing food sources far from where they are causing damage.

    • Hello, it is so good to meet you and I am so happy that I could help. With these listed methods in my post on chipmunks, it gives you several options to choose from. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Hello, Norman.
    Although I do not have a garden, my mother does. And I recall her telling me about how Chipmunks ate her plants. Because it is a green plant-eating mammal, it must be kept at a safe distance from crops. You have specific methods for getting rid of them here. Installing motion detectors, such as sprinklers, is what I would recommend to my mother because her garden is a crop garden rather than a lawn garden. Thank you for writing this piece.

    • Hello, so sorry to hear about your mother’s chipmunk problem but I am so happy to help. Wishing her the best as she seeks to bring those chipmunks under control.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to learn more about how to get rid of chipmunks, I must say I find them kind of cute, but not my husband, and I understand his reasons, as they love to dig holes everywhere and they can make lots of problems to my husband as he needs to keep working hard to keep our house in best conditions and chipmunks keep him working under the clock. I will forward your article to my husband so he can read it too. but your ideas are quite simple and even me can work to set one or two, I can understand now why people love to have owl or eagles decoy in their gardens, I might get one also. 


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