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We will be looking at biennials in this article and how we can use them around our home gardens. Biennials are flowering plants that spend their first year putting forth leaves, stems, and roots. Then they go through a period of overwintering or they go into a dormant state, the second year the plant puts forth or produces flowers. Like annuals and perennials, biennials can also give us our share of colors that we can add to our garden and landscapes.

Make sure to learn as much as possible about your plants to get full use of them. Read instructions and follow carefully or you can ask your nurseryman.

Here are a few names of biennials that will really brighten up your garden area.

1. Foxgloves

2. Forget me not

3. Sweet William

4. Hollyhock

These are just a few the many that you can choose from. So let your mind go and let those creative juices flow as you add color to your garden landscape.

Care of biennials

Good garden soil is a must if you want these plants to perform at their best, do not plant too deeply. The planting hole should be a little wider than the plant root ball. Remember only the root ball should be in the hole the base of the trunk should be above ground.

Watering method

Make sure and give your plants enough water, water according to instructions for your specific plants. Every plant does not have the same watering requirements. You may have to water more often in the summer. Be careful not to over water because this can lead to root rot. To know more about watering procedures you can read the article on how to water found under the section of perennial plants.

Fertilizing your biennials

Fertilizers can help your plant go a long way in its overall performance. To know more about fertilizing check out the section on fertilizers.


Adding 1-3 inches of mulch can give that professional look, keep the soil cool, keep down weeds and add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes over time. The plant can then take up nutrients by its roots.
So grab a shovel and let’s start planting those biennials.

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