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Blue Daze Hanging Basket Tips

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Blue daze flowers

Gardening above the ground is a great way to fill that empty space and what better way to accomplish this than with the use of hanging baskets that can bring a feeling of beauty and serenity to your environment.  There are so many advantages with hanging baskets some of which includes, low maintenance cost, hanging baskets can always be moved to a more secure location when the weather is unfavorable and return when conditions changes, pest problems are kept at a minimal, disease issues are like zero, can increase your property’s value, helps to filter toxins out of the air, weeding is reduced, Hanging baskets can be move easily from place to place bringing a different feel and looks, etc…

The advantages of hanging baskets seem to be endless, in this article, however, we will be discussing how to install and care for a blue daze flowering plant in a hanging basket.

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Blue Daze Hanging Basket

Like other garden plants, blue daze can also be successfully installed and cared for in hanging baskets, this garden beauty can highlight your outdoor or indoor living space provided you meet their requirements.

Blue daze at maturity can reach heights of 12 inches with a spread of 24 inches so ensure the hanging basket is large enough to accommodate your blue daze plant. In other words, your blue daze should sit comfortably especially when they reach maturity, ensure your hanging baskets comes with a saucer to stop water from draining or depending on where your hanging basket is placed you may have to remove it when watering and then return it once the water discontinues dripping.

The soil that’s used should be soil or potting mix that drains well, blue daze hates wet feet, soils that are constantly water-saturated will lead to root rot. During the first year of installation, the soil should remain somewhat moist, once blue daze reaches maturity allow the soil to dry out first before watering again because once blue daze is established they become drought-tolerant but keep a close watch and moisten the soil if signs of wilt are seen.

Because blue daze thrives best in the full sunlight your hanging basket should be placed in areas that get lots of sunshine, if installing blue daze hanging basket indoors the seem rules apply. Look for where the most sunlight is coming through like a west or south-facing window.

Water-soluble or slow-release fertilizers can be used on your blue daze some of these fertilizers include 5-30-5, 2-8-4, or 15-30-15. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s direction for the best results.

Where can Hanging Baskets be Installed?

  • From the porches ceiling
  • On a house post
  • Exterior/ interior walls
  • From a strong tree branch
  • Can be hunged from a chain-link fence
  • From a railing
  • Hang them from your balcony
  • From the edges of a house roof
  • From a post that’s outdoors

These are just a few places to enjoy your blue daze flowering hanging baskets, see what ideas you can come up with where these baskets can also be hung to enjoy their beauty.

The final word on blue daze hanging baskets

Hanging baskets do have their place whether gardening in an outdoor or indoor living space, this is a great way to bring beauty and color into your environment. I believe that the blue daze flowering plant will go to work for you as your garden above the ground. Following this guide will give you much success when seeking to grow blue daze from a hanging basket. Go for it, give it a try you will be so happy with the results as you join the many homeowners who are taking advantage of these garden methods.


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  1. This is excellent news for me!!! I live in a department, so I do not have the chance to plant my blue dazes in a garden soil. Besides, I have a dog, so whenever I try to have my flores grow in flowerpot in the floor she ruins it 🙁 never thought I could have blue dazes hanging and this is a new thing to me! will totally try it and let know!!

    • Hello, Johnny, I am so happy to see you again and I am so happy that I could help, wishing you all the best of success and happy gardening. Thank you for keeping me posted as you take on this exciting project, all the best to you!!

  2. Although my gardening skills are practically very little I always loved to have flowers in my house. Thankfully my wife is better at this than myself and she takes care of them all. And since space is an issue at out home we in fact prefer to use hanging baskets rather than the usual pots. They have their own beauty except from being more practical.

    • Hanging baskets does take up little space and is so easy to maintain, thanks for stopping by and commenting, all the best to you, and happy gardening!


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