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Blue Daze Flower Bloom Guide

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Blue daze flowers

Blue daze is commonly called evolvlus, shaggy dwarf morning-glory, or Hawaiian Blue Eyes, this perennial that is evergreen is native to  Brazil and is a member of the morning glory family. The blue daze plant produces beautiful lavender or sky blue flowers that are funnel-shaped an inch long with silver-green leaves that are oval-shaped and fuzzy.

This garden beauty grows best in USDA zones 8 to 11, the ideal time to plant blue daze is from summer to fall, for blue daze to grow their best provide this flowering evergreen with lots of sun and heat. Providing a well-drained soil that’s fertile and slow-release fertilizer is ideal, Blue daze is a none invasive plant that makes an excellent ground cover and can also be highlighted cascading accent in a coastal or rock garden. In addition, blue daze is fast-growing and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In this guide, we will be discussing how to encourage your blue daze plant to produce beautiful flowers.

Getting Blue daze to Flower

The highlight of any flowering plant is its ability to produce beautiful flower bloom especially when planted in a garden setting, but what happens when your flowering plant refuses to go to work for you? Here is what to consider to ensure that your blue daze produces an abundance of gorgeous flowers.

Location, Location, Location

1. To ensure your blue daze is consistently blooming, plant in an area that gets lots of sunlight because as was discussed earlier this garden beauty loves the full sun and the heat although they can withstand some evening shade.

Blue Daze Soil Type

2. Once blue dazes are established they are drought-tolerant so ensure that the soil is well-drained, poor-drained soil will encourage fungal disease which can lead to root rot.

How to Water Blue Daze

3. As noted blue daze is a drought-tolerant plant once established, during its first year of growth however water your blue daze so that the soil remains moist. When your blue daze reaches maturity water only when the top few inches of soil dry out especially during times of drought.

How to Fertilize Blue Daze

4. Plant nutrients play an important part in flower production therefore place your blue daze plants on a feeding program by providing them with fertilizers such as 5-30-5, 2-8-4, or 15-30-15.  These fertilizers will encourage flower bloom, before applying fertilizer read and follow the manufactures direction for the best results.

Why Prune Blue Daze

5. Pruning blue daze will also produce a bushiest plant and will encourage flower bloom, this can be achieved by cutting the plant back when it is just starting out. Also, young buds can be pinched back now and again.

Garden Insect Pests & Disease

6. There are no real issues when it comes to garden pests and as far as disease is concerned the only real problem is soil that has poor drainage or long periods of rain that will promote fungal problems.

The final word on blue daze flower bloom

The key in having your blue daze bloom continually is providing them with what they need, do this and your blue daze will go to work for you by putting forth an abundance of flowers. I believe this garden beauty will bring that much-needed flavor into your garden and landscape design. If you have planted blue daze but they are not producing flower blooms as they should then go down this list to ensure that you are giving them what they need so you can enjoy their presence in your garden


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4 thoughts on “Blue Daze Not Blooming”

  1. Some great tips here, would the Blue Daze adapt to the unpredictable British weather easily? Or would extra attention and care be needed to ensure a successful bloom? On the surface I would worry that this flower would struggle with root rot when not provided extra attention (In the UK).

    • The great thing is you can always plant your blue daze in a container so when the weather becomes unpredictable can move the container to a safer area until the weather becomes good again. Remember once these plants are mature allow the soil to dry out before applying water again. Hope this helps and happy gardening.

  2. Excellent tips and information about Blue Daze! It´s not an easy plant to give flowers. As mentioned in your post, well-drained soil is the number one key, I can totally assure that! Didn´t know that prunning the plant was so important, that´s something new to me. By the way, this is my favourity flower!!!


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