Blue Daze Not Blooming

Why Your Blue Daze is Not Blooming

Blue Daze Not Blooming-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

The blue daze evolvulus is a beautiful flowering plant, that grows and thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9-13. This garden beauty is native to Paraguay and Brazil, blue daze is a perennial evergreen in the morning glory family. What I find so amazing about this tropical evergreen is the fuzzy grayish leaves it produces along with the abundance of flower bloom.

You can expect to see an abundance of flowers from mid-summer through mid-fall, however, the flowers of the blue daze are short-lived but don’t let that give you a blue day because these short-lived flowers are replaced the following day with fresh bright blue vibrant flowers that I think is so cool.

One question that has been asked is why is my blue daze flowers not blooming, below we will be looking at reasons why your blue daze is not blooming and how to correct this problem so your blue daze can bloom for you continually.

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Blue Daze not Blooming

Blue Daze Planting Location

The location is so so important, if your blue daze is getting insufficient light then this may be the cause why your plant is not blooming. Try planting your blue daze in an area that gets lots of sunlight, however, this is a full sun-loving plant that can tolerate some afternoon shade.

Blue Daze Soil Type

What I found interesting about blue daze is this garden beauty can survive in just about any soil type provided the soil has good drainage. Blue daze hates wet feet and will die from root rot. If you’re working with soils that drain poorly then consider adding organics that will help in not only building or improving your soil but water drainage as well.

Watering Methods for Blue Daze

Too much water can also impact the number of flowers your blue daze produce, leading to root rot and the death of blue daze. The soil should be somewhat moist not waterlogged or saturated.

Fertilizing Methods for Blue Daze

Fertilizers are plant nutrients, while some plants put forth flowers without the need to be fertilized there are others that need some help. Fertilizer your blue daze 1 or 2 times monthly with a water-soluble fertilizer. Scoots Super Bloom or BR-61 (9-58-8). Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufactures direction for the best results.

Blue Daze Garden Insect Pests

If you think it’s a pests issue why your blue daze is not blooming then think again, this garden beauty doesn’t really have any pests issues which also makes blue daze a winner.

Blue Daze Diseases

The only mean issue is fungal problems which are brought on by long periods of rain or soils that are poorly drained, poor air circulation can also lead to fungal issues which are brought on by planting blue daze to close. The correct spacing when installing blue daze should be 18 to 24 inches apart.

Additional Information

  • Blue daze is fast-growing
  • Blue daze is not invasive
  • Blue daze grows well in pots, use as a ground cover, place blue daze along your garden walkway, install blue daze around the truck of trees provided there is sufficient sunlight to reach them, cascading accent in a coastal or rock garden, use as a border plant, etc…
  • Blue daze are self-cleaning meaning spent or faded flowers will fall to the soil surface
  • Blue daze will bloom 10 months out of the year but will give a longer bloom period in warmer climates
  • Blue daze can be used as companion planting meaning they can be planted with other plants that have the same characteristic. Example ( the seem light and water requirements).

The final word on blue daze not blooming

If you have been frustrated with why your blue daze is not blooming then you can take a deep breathe because you have come to the right place, as you implement what we have laid out in this guide you will be well on your to having an abundance of bright beautiful blue flower bloom that is just so amazing.


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6 thoughts on “Blue Daze Not Blooming”

  1. Thanks for your insightful post. To raise healthy plants you almost need to think like a plant. What are its needs. What soil conditions is it happy in. If you can got these things right, you can have plenty of blooms. Thanks for teaching us how to think and understand the needs of the Blue Daze flower!

  2. Thanks, Norman, for these helpful tips.  I absolutely love the colour blue, and these flowers are so pretty.  I am not familiar with blue daze flowers, however, I am familiar with morning glories which are absolutely beautiful.  Your tips not only apply to blue daze flowers but all flowers in general.  

    I don’t have much of a green thumb, I tend to overwater my flowers and they end up with root rot.  I will follow your advice, as well as plant flowers that love the sun in sunny spots, and shade-loving plants in shaded areas.  It seems so simple, however, every year I manage to kill my flowers!  LOL!  Hopefully, this year will be different.

    • Hello, Jenny so happy to meet you and I am glad to help, it’s all about having the know how and you will be on your way to success.  All the best to you with your garden project.

  3. Hi Norman I don’t know this Blue Dazema plant but with these phosphorescent blue flowers I find it very beautiful and particular. The fact that it blooms 10 months out of 12 I find it very advantageous, enjoying the plant almost all year round. Can you tell me if it would also be good for interiors and how I should safeguard it and I’m curious if they also exist in other colors, perhaps to combine together. I thank you in advance.


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