Blue Daze Propagation In Water

Blue Daze Flower From Cutting In Water

Blue Daze Propagation In Water-blue-daze-flowers
Blue daze flowers

Up to this point, we have discussed blue daze winter care, blue daze care, blue my mind, blue daze ground cover, blue daze hanging basket, blue daze seeds, and propagating blue daze in soil but what we haven’t touched on yet is propagating blue daze in water. Yes, this method of growing blue daze has proven to be effective which we will be discussing below.

The blue daze (Evolvulus) as we have mentioned in our previous articles is a hardy plant that produces an abundance of bright blue flowers and fuzzy gray foliage (leaves) from mid-summer through mid-fall. Blue daze can reach a height of 12 inches with a spread of 36 inches.

Zones 8 through 11 are ideal for growing this garden beauty, the flowers of blue daze attract butterflies and hummingbirds fitting well into a wildlife garden. If deers show up uninvited into your garden seeking to make a meal out of your garden plants not to worry because these plants are known to be deer resistant.

There are really no known garden insect pests, once established blue daze are drought-tolerant, when it comes to the winter months however these flowering beauty is cold sensitive and can be damaged especially if temperatures drop below freezing. To protect your blue daze during this time of the year cover with mulch or cloth. Overall the blue daze flowering plant is a winner bringing much flavor to your garden and landscaping design. With that said we now turn our attention to blue daze propagation in water.

Blue Daze Propagation In Water

Propagation of blue daze in water is a great way to populate your garden, this method of increasing the number of garden plants is not new but has been around for some time. This proven method is a great way to save money so if this sounds like you then continue reading to learn how to propagate blue daze in water.

  • Before taking cuttings from your blue daze its good to water your plant the day before
  • When deciding to take cuttings look for healthy growth
  • Each cutting can be removed with a hand pruner or scissors
  • Based on the number of cuttings you’re seeking to propagate you will need several clear jars or water bottles
  • Fill each jar with water freshwater, each jar should be filled with about half the water
  • Before placing your blue daze cuttings in the jar remove several of the leaves at the end of the cuttings
  • Now place several cuttings in each jar
  • The jars should be placed in an area that gets indirect sunlight, a partially shaded area can work as well
  • After seven days or thereabout you should see roots emerging or forming from each cutting

The final word on blue daze propagation in water

Propagating the blue daze flowering plant is that simple, this step-by-step guide will give you success as you increase the number of plants in your outdoor living space. Blue daze is a real winner, their presence in your garden will work wonders so give this method a try you will be happy with the results.


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