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Blue daze flowers

The blue daze is a tropical beauty perennial plant that is grown as an annual in summer gardens. The attractive slivery-greenish leaves with their beautiful flower bloom make this plant a must for the home garden. In previous articles, we have looked at propagating blue daze and blue daze care. This garden beauty is worth our attention because the blue daze has made a name of itself and is used on a wide scale to bring that much-needed flavor with its charm.

In this article however we will be looking at how to grow blue daze from seeds, blue daze is so easy to grow, and care for filling your home garden with much flower bloom. If you want to fill your days with blue daze, not blue days then let’s take a closer look at how to grow blue daze from seeds.

Blue daze seeds

Starting blue daze from seeds.

1. Blue daze can be started from seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last spring frost date.

2. The use of a plant tray is ideal for starting your blue daze indoors.

3. Fill each try slot with a quality potting mix, leave 1/2 inch of each slot free of the potting mix so the seed doesn’t wash away as you apply moisture.

4. Each individual seed can be planted 1 1/2 inch into the potting mix or read the seed package for direction. Once this is done cover the seeds with soil.

5. The top 1/2 inches of soil should be moistened, don’t saturate the potting mixture nor allow it to dry out completely.

6. Place the starter tray near a sunny area such as a window.

7. To maintain humidity for your seeds drape the tray with plastic wrap, lift the wrap for about 25 t0 30 minutes each day to allow moisture to escape before returning the wrap.

8. In about 3 to 4 weeks’ time the seeds should germinate, once germination has occurred the plastic wrap can be permanently removed.

9. Continue to water at 1/2 inch depth and monitor to avoid excessive moisture.

10. After the last spring frost move your seedlings outdoors in a sunny location garden bed area that has good drainage.

11. Space blue daze about 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart.

Now sit back and watch as these seedlings of cause, with the proper care go to work for you with beautiful flower bloom.

The final word on blue daze seed

There you have it and guess what you didn’t even break a sweat, growing blue daze from seeds is that simple. With a little investment, your garden bed will begin to take on a new look as you watch your blue daze thrive in your summer garden. Go for it because you will be so happy that you filled your day’s with blue daze that is a gardener’s choice.


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7 thoughts on “Blue Daze Seeds”

  1. You mention that Blue Daze is a tropical perennial, so the fact that it is tropical, does that mean that it needs to be grown in full sun and very hot climates? Or can it be planted in semi shade? 

    You say that the seedling must be planted 2 to 2 and a half feet apart, but how high do they grow? I get the impression they might grow quite big. I have an area in my garden under a tree, but am worried that they will be too high and not get enough direct sun. 

    • These plants thrive best in the full sunlight, semi-shade may work also, at maturity blue daze can reach a height of 12 inches with the seem in width. Hopes this helps, wishing you much garden success.

  2. Blue is my favorite color. I love the look of the Blue Daze flower. I came across this article in perfect timing to start my spring seeds. The directions for planting these seeds are explained thoroughly above and are easy to follow. Is this flower recommended for colder climates? Our summer months are about four months long.

    • I am so happy to help because these tropical heat-loving plants thrive best in this kind of environment. If planting in colder climates special attention must be taken such as supplying them with as much sunlight as possible. Give it a try and see what happens you just might be amazed.

  3. I find it all fascinating.  When it comes to any kind of growth and development of plant life or humans, nurturing something from a seed, caring for it and nurturing it as you watch it grow is so rewarding.  I must admit the colour of the blue daze looks beautiful. Well worth the time and energy I say. 


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