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Blue Daze South Florida-a-blue-daze-flowering-plant
A blue daze flowering plant

The warm weather of South Florida makes it ideal for growing (tropical) a range of flowering plants, one such plant that has made its mark is the evolvulus flowering plant commonly called the blue daze. This evergreen is a member of the morning glory family, blue daze is a perennial beauty that produces bright blue flowers with gray leaves that are fuzzy.

Blue daze can reach heights of 12 inches with a width of 2-3 ft. This garden beauty grows best in zones 8-11 and blooms from mid-summer through mid-fall.

Where to Plant Blue Daze

Blue daze should be located or installed in an area that gets full sunlight.

Type of Soil

Blue daze can survive in a range of soil provided that the soil type has good drainage because blue daze does not like wet feet.

How to Water Blue Daze

Overwatering can lend to root rot so ensure when giving your blue daze water the soil is moist not waterlogged.

How to Fertilize Blue Daze

Apply a fertilizer that promotes flower bloom for example 15-30-15, 15-9-12, 10-10-10, or other fertilizer that encourages healthy flower bloom. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

Blue Daze and Garden Insect Pests

There are not really any pest issues with blue daze which make this plant a must for your South Florida garden.

Dose Blue Daze have Disease Issues

1. Give blue daze the proper spacing for air circulation because if crowded can lead to fungal issues.

2.  When it comes to disease the only mean issues are fungal problems because of long periods of rain or soil that is poorly drained which can cause deterioration and death of blue daze.

Can Blue be Planted in Hanging Baskets

Blue daze grows well from hanging baskets and can be mounted in areas that will bring that color bloom. When installing blue daze in hanging baskets ensure that the hanging baskets have drain holes.

Good garden soil that has good drainage will work wonders, once your blue daze is installed give sufficient water, and water until it begins to drain from drain holes. Once the water stops draining mount your hanging basket from your porch or other structure where it is visible to be enjoyed. Blue daze loves full sunlight so give them what they need.

How to Grow Blue Daze in Containers

The container that’s chosen should be large enough to accommodate your blue daze, ensure the container has drain holes to allow excess water to find a way of escape once you have watered your plant.

As mentioned earlier the blue daze plant is a hardy perennial that can thrive in about any soil type providing that the soil has good drainage. However, when growing from a container good garden soil will help your blue daze to absorb the right amount of water but will allow excess water to drain through. The container should be placed in an area that gets full sunlight also follow the above instruction which will keep your blue daze growing healthy and vibrant.

How to Prune Blue Daze

Pruning will give you a plant that is fuller with more flower blooms, pruning will also control the height and the direction in which your plant grows and help it to maintain its natural form. So pruning your blue daze back a bit will help to keep its luster.

How to Companion Plant with Blue Daze

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The final word on blue daze for south Florida

Brighten your day with the blue dazes flowering plant, this garden beauty will provide that color bloom you are looking for. The blue daze plant is truly amazing bringing that needed flavor but don’t just take my word for it see for yourself by making this flowering evergreen apart of your gardens and landscapes.


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