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Blue daze plant

The blue my mind dwarf morning glory is native to Brazil, this garden beauty can be used as a ground cover, container gardening, grow in a basket, massing planting, or plant edging. The plant’s genus name comes from the Latin word  ‘evolvo’,  which means twisted or unraveled, this perennial beauty grows best in USDA growing zones 9, 10, and 11.

Blue daze loves the full sun and once established becomes drought-tolerant, the dwarf cultivar of the morning glory produces gorgeous clusters of small sky blue flowers. The leaves of this garden’s beauty are fuzzy silvery-green, bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers that are rich or abundant in nectar. The blue my mind flowering plant blooms from spring until winter sets in which means getting a longer bloom period.

In the southern part of the country blue daze is grown as a perennial, other regions consider blue daze to be an annual. The flowers of the blue daze open during the early morning hours and close in the afternoon or on a cloudy day. For more on the growth and the care of blue my mind dwarf morning glory let’s take a closer look.

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Blue My Mind Soil Type

The soil type should be a good garden soil that drains well, remember once established blue daze becomes drought-tolerant.

Blue My Mind Location

Because blue daze loves the heat they should be planted in the full sunlight, when planting give an 8-12 inch spacing. The blue my mind blue daze can reach heights of 4-8 inches with a spread of 8-16 inches.

Blue My Mind Watering Methods

The soil should be kept somewhat moist, once the blue my mind is established they become drought-tolerant however monitor the soil, especially during the extremely hot weather and water as needed.

Blue My Mind Fertilizing Methods

To keep your Blue Daze Plants Healthy and Blooming I Recommend adding a bloom fertilizer when it starts flowering, such as Scoots Super Bloom Water Soluble Fertilizer or BR-61 (9-58-8). The best way to apply is to follow the label instructions.

Blue My Mind Insect Pests

Blue daze is pests-free making care of this flowering plant so easy.

Blue My Mind Diseases

1. When it comes to disease the only mean issues are fungal problems because of long periods of rain or soil that is poorly drained which can cause deterioration and death of blue daze.

2. Give blue daze the proper spacing for air circulation because if crowded can also lead to fungal issues.

Blue My Mind Companion Planting

The final word on blue my mind

The blue my mind morning glory is a garden beauty that is so easy to care for, this flowering plant is amazing and can enhance your garden and landscapes.  The blue daze garden plant is a must if your desire is to have a low-maintenance garden that attracts wildlife, with the blue my mind blue daze plant you are a winner as your garden becomes the star of the neighborhood. Give blue daze a try you will be happy with the results as your blue days are lighten up with the blue daze flowering plant.


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4 thoughts on “Blue My Mind Dwarf Morning Glory”

  1. What a perfect blog to stumble upon now that Spring has arrived! 

    Never seen such a more beautiful flower than the blue daze plant, such a vibrant colour.

    I honestly don’t know much about flowers, but would love to plant these this spring. I am tempted to get these flowers and I am glad you have provided some tips on how to plant them.


    • I am so happy to help, these flowers will do wonders for your garden area, wishing you all the best of success. have a good day!

  2. The Blue Daze morning glory is a beautiful flower. I have had it growing on my property for over 30 years and it likes to spread if not attended to properly. I was unaware of some of the companion plants to pair it with. I have cone flowers  growing in large clusters, this would be an ideal plant to give a greater panorama of color to my flower beds.

    • It is so good to know you are growing this plant in your garden. These plants are truly amazing, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Wishing you all the best.


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