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How to Hang Bromeliads from a Tree

Bromeliad Garden Ideas-bromeliad-flowers

Bromeliads Flowering Plant

Bromeliads are a group of plants that comprises some 2,700 species which makes this family one of the largest in the plant kingdom. What I love about bromeliads are the many colors that are produced either with its flowers, foliage, or a combination of both.

Installing bromeliads in your garden design will give that tropical look with its rainbow colors that will brighten up your landscape with their beauty and charm.

Bromeliads are one of my favorites because besides offering so many colors creating that color pop bromeliads are low maintenance surviving on very little water with pest problems that are little to none.

These hardy plants will go to work for you as you reap the rewards of both your time and dollar with results that are pleasing. Bromeliads can also be used indoors as well.

As an interior plantscape designer for many years, I have had the wonderful pleasure of working on many interior plantscape projects using different bromeliad species.

But the highlight of these garden beauties is not only including them in your interior or outdoor garden designs but growing them from trees which looks so amazing. In this article, we will be looking at how to do just that. If you’re interested then stick around as we enter the exciting world of these tropical plants.

Growing and Grooming Bromeliads Above the Ground

There are so many ways to grow bromeliads, these garden beauties can be found in just about any garden design but growing bromeliads from trees are also another way to spruce up your garden area. Several years ago both my team and I took on a project of growing Neoregelias (which is one species or family of bromeliads) from a group of sabal palms at our international airport in the palm court garden.

Once we were done it brought a change that enhanced a tropical setting of both palms and bromeliads complementing each other. Bromeliads can be grown on just about any tree trunk but for me, my preference is growing them from palms. The surfaces of logs, driftwood, etc.. can be used also.

Bromeliads Garden Ideas-guzmanias

Guzmanias bromeliads

Selecting Your Bromeliads

But before we go into how we hung those bromeliads ensure bromeliads which are selected are of good quality. What you don’t want is to hang bromeliads that are not healthy which can be a setback and will require more of your time nursing them back to health.

Before you purchase bromeliads

  • Although insects pests problems are little to none it is good to do a thorough inspection of both the surface and the undersides of the leaves
  • The leaves (foliage) should be frim not weak and limp
  • Do bromeliads have and off-color or healthy rich color
  • inspect the soil for moisture level, if the soil is moist you’re good to go but if soggy may encourage root rot so avoid purchasing
  • If the roots are numerous tan or white and are holding the soil firmly indicates a healthy root system
  • Unhealthy roots would be brown or black and in server cases mushy sometimes with and odor.

These are signs to look for to ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar so do your homework well for healthy plants.

How we did it

There a few ways bromeliads can be attached to the trunk of trees but the way we did it was to use the part of the coconut that resembles a thin layer of burlap. We took the bromeliad out of the pot and rapped the root ball in the husk holding it very tightly while attaching to the sabal palm with the fishing line. Every several days the roots and leaves were mists thoroughly with water.

Another way to hang bromeliads

Bromeliad Garden Ideas-bromeliad-plants

Garden plants with rock design

After removing the bromeliad from the pot, gently without damaging the root ball loosen the roots from the soil. With one hand place the bromeliad on the tree trunk followed by placing sphagnum or spanish moss around the roots.

Moss is great for absorbing and holding moisture, and old or worn-out pantyhose can be used to hold roots and moss in place on the tree. This pantyhose should be left in place until the roots attach firmly to the tree trunk. Once the roots are firmly attached to the tree trunk the pantyhose can be removed. Continue to mist the leaves and the roots every few days to avoid drying out.

A tree crotch

A tree crotch is shaped like the letter v, this area can also be used to secure your bromeliads while following the other procedures.

It’s as simple as that quick and easy with amazing results give it a try and see for yourself.

What makes these plants a must

Besides what we have discussed what makes bromeliads a must is that the parent plant will shoot babies or pups from the side which can be removed and propagate giving you another generation of plants you can install growing your garden and giving you savings.

The final word on bromeliad garden ideas

This method of installing bromeliads is pretty amazing and unique. Growing bromeliads this way will help in adding beauty above the ground. The use of bromeliads will give you a saving because they are low maintenance and is great for persons wh0 want garden plants but have very little time in maintaining them. For a tropical look that will spruce your landscape and garden design consider giving this method a try, you may just like it I know I do.


  1. Jay says:

    We’ll,I have always wanted my mum’s garden to have that very tropical look but my mum didn’t want it but now that she has agreed that we can experiment on her garden, I’m thinking of bringing that awesome idea that I used to have and I learnt that the bromeliad is the best for this and you have confirmed it. I’ll definitely be planting them there 

    1. Norman says:

      These plants are so amazing and will transform your garden. Wishing you the best of success with your garden project.

  2. Justin says:

    Hello there, I am very excited to see such wonderful information and its been really cool reading through this post. I have jeut started my own garden on my house and its been really good to see ideas on how to go about these things you have mentioned in this post. I would certainly want to have them hanged on trees in my garden for it’s beauty 

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, I am so happy to help, these garden beauties are really amazing and will enhance your garden experience. All the best to you.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post Herr and also some of this here is actually very great. Though I have very little information about bromeliad before,actually checking alongside the way the group if boys is run can really make the whole difference. I feel taking them as precious is a good way to eksrre sources too.

    1. Norman says:

      You are so welcome, these flowers are truly amazing and will work wonders for you. So happy to help.

  4. Lucas Moore says:

    Hello Norman, The ideas that you have shared here are great and i believe that there could be real transformation if we make good use of the tips you have provided. i recently got an extra space close to my house and i would like to put these ideas into work and see how it becomes.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, and thanks so much, bromeliads are amazing and will bring great change to your garden. So happy to help, have a good day.

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