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Plants that can survive without water

Is this really true, can plants survive without water, The world of plants is pretty amazing. In fact, science has reported that there are more than 390,000 species of plants worldwide now that is a lot of plants

that are playing a major role in the plant kingdom which many are being used as food, furniture, medicine, to build houses and so on. When it comes to wildlife it is very awesome of the amount of wildlife that depends upon plants for food and shelter.

Also without plants, the air pollution that we now face would be far greater meaning that our health would really suffer drastically. Plants are also responsible for the exchange of gases.

Plants release oxygen which we need to survive and takes in the carbon dioxide that we exhale.

Nature needs our help

What is so sad is that many forests and other wildlife habitat are being destroyed to make way for buildings and other projects, not only are we endanger of the amount of these natural air purifiers that are being loss but the wildlife are also suffering.

I believe what needs to happen is that as trees are being cut down it should be everyone’s responsibility to plant a tree so we can bring balance to our ecosystem.

In this article, however, we will be looking at plants that can survive without water.

Is it true that plants can survive without water? ok, I know in the statement that I made earlier that I might of stretch the truth a bit because every living thing needs water to survive even to the tiniest microscopic organism.

But there are plants that can survive on very little water that it is astonishing. I have worked with many of these plants over the years and I can tell you from my experience there are plants like that.

These plants can save you $$$$$$$$$

For those of us who are weekend warri0rs we know that plants and gardening can be pretty expensive but by investing in these type plants can save you $$$$$$$$$.

Here are a few of the many drought-tolerant plants to add to your overall garden design.

Can plants survive without water?

Plants that can survive on very little water are known as drought-tolerant plants, some of these plants include

Aloe Vera- The aloe vera plant is perfect because it is not only drought-tolerant but the benefits of this plant and the positive effect it can bring to our health is really great.

Bromeliads- bromeliads are really great because of there low pest problems and their ability to go long without water.

There are more than 2,3oo species of bromeliads now that’s a huge family to be a part of. These plants can really make your garden colorful.



Lantanas- planning a butterfly garden then adding lantanas will have your color friends feeling at home. These plants have an array of beautiful small flowers.

and can tolerant drought for long periods of time. I have worked with these plants and give them two thumbs up.

Bougainvillea- the flower of bougainvillea is outstanding and is a show stopper when installed in a way where the flowers are mixed to give a rainbow effect.

I encourage you to make these plants a part of your spring garden and be the talk of your neighborhood. Bougainvilleas are salt tolerant and can be planted along the coastline to withstand the salt sprays.


Portulacas- can also be found along coastline because of its ability to withstand salt sprays. This plant can do well under drought condition

and produces tiny flowers that are so beautiful, I have seen portulacas planted around the base of coconut trees to add color and it really gives a beautiful effect so kill two birds with one stone and spruce up your garden with these beauties.

Oleander- the flowers of the oleander plant is very beautiful. These flowers can be white, dark pink or red, yellow and light pink.

But be very careful where you install this plant because the leaves of the oleander are poisonous.



We all know that the cactus plant can survive serve drought conditions. Cactus is a desert plant and tops the list when it comes to plants that can survive on very little water.

you are sure to save some $$$$$$ on that water bill by installing some of these in your garden. But be very careful because these plants are covered with prickle and can be painful if not handle with care.

Mother in law tongue- is one of my favorites. These plants can either come in a solid green or green with a yellow margin.

I have worked with these plants on many garden projects and have gotten great results. The flower of this plant, however, is not that showy but the plant itself is beautiful and can work wonders.

Geranium- geranium has gained the attention of many because of its soft velvety look. The geranium plant produces beautiful flowers and what I want to say about this plant is that

it is also great to attract wildlife to your garden. Handel with care because this plant is delicate and breaks very easy. Geranium has also been used for hanging basket along porches.

Z z plants-z z plant is said to be the easy plant because little care goes into maintaining this plant. The z z plant has small leaves that have a natural shine.The pest problem is small.  I have worked with these plants over the years.

The only known pest problem that I encountered was the scale insects other than that this plant can survive on little water for up t0 2 weeks or more. So make z z plant the easy plant a part of your garden design.

These are just a few of the many that can survive on very little water.

Can plants survive without water?

Other garden tips

Final word

So the moral of the story as you already know is that some species of plants need water no matter how small. By installing these plants in your home garden will not only give the beauty and color that you need but

will make your gardening time a lot easier, investing in these plants is worth the $$$$$ and the effort. With that said let’s get started with that garden project.

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