Carrot Juice Benefits

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The Benefit of Carrot Juice

Bunny holding a carrot-carrot-juice-benefits
Bunny holding a carrot

Carrots are a very popular veggie that is known worldwide and is used in so many ways, I have also written another article on carrots because I am just so amazed at the many benefits that this veggie has. But what carrots are most known for is its high Vitamin A content that is so beneficial for good eyesight.

Carrots are also used in so many recipes along with skin and hair products. One of my favorite desserts that I don’t eat that often is carrot cake. So we can see that carrots are being used in so many ways. What else is there about carrots that I should know?

Amazing Carrots Facts

What is so amazing about carrots is that although it is a vegetable, it is also a giant root. I know this is really interesting, other veggies that are roots are beets, onion, turnips, yam, parsnips, horseradish, ginger, and garlic. For more amazing facts on carrots follow this link. Amazing carrot facts.

Carrot health benefits

Carrot has many health benefits, some of these benefits include

1. Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A that is good for our eyesight.

2. Carrots aids in helping to prevent heart disease.

3. Carrots help to prevent cancer.

Happy carrot dancing-carrot-juice-benefits
Carrot Dancing

4. Aid in hair growth.

5. Carrots help to slow down aging.

6. Carrots help to promote healthy skin.

7. Carrots are known to be a good blood sugar regulator.

8. A diet that consists of carrots helps to lower cholesterol.

9.  Carrots also cleanse the body.

The power of carrot juice

For those who would rather have a cup of cold carrot juice rather than chewing on a piece of carrot, here are some facts about the power that carrot juice contains.

1. Drinking carrot juice is known to improve bone health.

2. Carrot juice helps to treat muscle degeneration.

3. Cures infections.

4. Help with blood clotting.

5. Decreases risk of stroke.

6. Carrots juice is loaded with antioxidants.

7. It helps to fight leukemia.

8. It helps to prevent acne.

9. Cleanses the liver

10. Promotes oral health.

These a just a few of the healing powers that carrot juice contains.

The final word

Whether eating carrots or drinking carrot juice we can be assured that we are giving our bodies what it needs, so let’s take advantage of these veggies, that have been proven to work wonders for us.


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8 thoughts on “Carrot Juice Benefits”

  1. HI there Norman,

    Love this carrot juice benefits. Carrots are full of other vitamins and nutrients also. One such is, as you have stated vitamin A, which helps the fight against muscular degeneration as so eloquently indicated. It does this as Vitamin A gets stored in the gonads as well as other glands in the human body and helps to stimulate the production of the luteinizing hormone which then increases the amount of muscle building testosterone.

    • Hello my friend and as always it is good to hear from you, and also thanks for not only commenting but for that short lesson on carrot juice. All the best to you.

  2. Wow. I’ve never known that carrots can have lots of health benefits. I’ve always known it can help with our eyes but these other benefits are totally new to me. Do you have any recommended quantity of daily carrot consumption for the greatest health benefits?

    By the way, sites of the shelves carrot juices have the same goodness as natural ones? I’m really busy right now and can’t really get back to make my own juices even if I really want to…

    • Good morning isaac it is so good to see you, hope all is going well with both you and your family. carrots are loaded with so much goodness and is of great benefit to us. Daily recommended serving is 2 medium carrots or 11 baby carrots is good.

      I believe that making your own carrot juice is better. Now juice that you purchase of the shelve is good also but the only thing is to watch for dates because those that have expired you would want to pass up. Hope this helps, thanks for commenting and have a good day.

  3. Hello Norman
    Your article caught my attention because I don’t like carrots!
    I don’t mind them so much raw but otherwise they don’t appear in my diet.
    After reading your post I’m beginning to think I’m missing out on some health benefits.
    I’m going, reluctantly, to try some carrot juice but was wondering if hiding the carrot in something like ‘carrot cake’ means you lose some of the benefits.
    I’ll let you know if my carrot juice experience was successful.

    • Hello Jackie so good to see you and I am glad that I could help, carrots are loaded with so much vitamins that can do our bodies a whole lot of good. Even though carrots my not be a favorite of yours, just thing of all the benefits you will be getting.

      Carrot cake is one of my favorite even though I don’t eat it that often, and yes as good as carrot cake taste some of the benefits are lost. Carrot juice is a great choice and I know that your will like it. Remember just think of all that goodness and you will be find. Thanks for letting me know how it goes

      I will be waiting and cheering you on. All the best to you my dare lady and have a good day.

  4. Wow i didn’t realize there were so many health benefits to eating or drinking carrots. I have always enjoyed them but after reading this i think i will try to add carrots to my diet.
    Thanks for the great wriet up, it has really helped me out. I will be sending others to your site.

    • Hello Gareth Martin, it is so good to meet you, it is pretty amazing the many benefits carrots has. I am glad that I could help and thanks a million for your help and support. I am wishing you the best of success. Have a good day.


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