5 Great Gardening Ideas for Seniors

Garden Activities For Seniors-a-garden-design

A garden design

It’s a proven fact that gardening has the ability with all of its benefits to bring about natural healing. No longer is gardening looked upon as an activity just to get outdoors but as a key that holds the power which leads to wellness. Sure gardens are constructed for beautification and for growing edible food crops but the added bonus is in promoting physical as well as mental healing.

As we get older it’s important that we get involved or more involved in this activity,  seniors should take advantage of working in their gardens. There are many garden activities that can keep seniors pleasantly busy as they connect with nature on the great outdoors. Below are 6 great garden activities for senior citizens.

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7 Great Indoor Ideas For seniors citizens

Indoor Gardening For Seniors-and-indoor-garden

Indoor garden

Gardening provides an opportunity for seniors citizens to stay active contributing to their physical health as well as mental sharpness. Studies have also backed up the importance of gardening especially among seniors therefore it’s important that some type of gardening is carried out which will promote good health.

A great way to get seniors involved in gardening is by bringing nature indoors, while it’s great to work in our gardens on the great outdoors many seniors prefer to work indoors which can also be of great benefit. The goal here is getting them involved and an indoor garden can work just as well.

Below we will be looking at 7 indoor garden ideas for seniors that will not only keep them busy but will also create in them a sense of pride as they see the results of their time spent working on their gardens.

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle for Senior Citizens

Gardening For Senior Citizens-weeding-poppies-bed

Weeding poppies bed

As we grow older our bodies begin to slow down we become less active, at this stage in our lives it so important that we not only eat healthy but involve ourselves in activities that will keep our heart rate up staying fit and healthy.

Who says that those golden years should be spent laying on the couch or sitting down day after day watching your favorite television programs, and while there is no harm in doing this, it should be done in moderation because there is a saying that “a body that is in motion stays in motion” and by engaging in physical activities will ensure that we maintain good health.

My mother in law is in her 70’s, she’s always in her garden working, water or planting something and she has so much energy. She really enjoys her garden and because of this activity, it’s helping her to stay fit and healthy.

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