Cleaning Your South Florida Turtle Pond

How to Clean Your South Florida Turtle Pond

Cleaning Your South Florida Turtle Pond-a-turtle-resting
A Turtle Resting

The installation of a turtle pond will help to liven up your garden or landscape design, a garden feature of this sort will create an environment that’s both fun and entertaining. Just watching these little creatures in their natural habitat can be so peaceful and relaxing.

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Backyard Turtle Ponds In South Florida

How to Construct a Backyard Turtle Pond in South Florida

Backyard Turtle Ponds In South Florida-a-turtle
A Turtle Resting

Spruce up your backyard garden with the construction of a turtle pond, these ponds have much to offer and can be lots of fun as you watch turtles interact in their natural habitat. The installation of a turtle pond can help to liven up your garden giving your outdoor living space a feeling of the wild or nature path that creates interest in your garden oasis.

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How To Grow A Hamlin Orange Tree In A Container

Tips to Grow a Hamlin Orange Tree In a Container

How To Grow A Hamlin Orange Tree In A Container
A glass of orange juice

The Hamlin orange tree is a popular citrus fruit that is grown in the Florida States and is enjoyed by many, although this fruit tree is grown inground can also be grown and cared for from a container. A container-grown Hamlin orange tree is the perfect fit if you don’t have the yard or garden space or you may want a tree where you have more control as far as its top and outward growth is concerned.

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Growing A Hamlin Orange Tree In South Florida Gardens

How to Grow a Hamlin Orange Tree in South Florida

Growing A Hamlin Orange Tree In South Florida Gardens-and-orange-tree
And Orange Tree

A popular orange tree that’s grown in South Florida gardens is Hamlin oranges, once installed and cared for correctly will produce a harvest of sweet juicy oranges. Oranges are a staple food that can be found in many kitchens and is consumed in so many ways including fruit bowls as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a healthy snack.

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Cleaning Your South Florida Fish Pond

How to Clean Your South Florida Fish Pond

Cleaning Your South Florida Fish Pond-a-frog-and-fish-in-a-pond
A fish and a frog in a pond

The installation of a backyard water garden or pond is the highlight of a garden or landscape design, these special gardens will help to create an atmosphere or an environment that’s enjoyable. The sight and the sound of these garden features are inviting as they introduce peace and relaxation.

But to enjoy this added feature we must put a maintenance plan in place to ensure that our water garden keeps its luster or shine by keeping it clean. It’s important to keep these ponds clean especially if we’re caring for pond fish.

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Flowers That Bloom Year Round In South Florida

5 Flowers That Bloom All Year in South Florida

Flowers That Bloom Year Round In South Florida-ixora-flowers
Ixora flowering plant

One of the many highlights of a garden is not only how beautifully it’s maintained but also the various colorful flower blooms, a garden that produces such color pop is not only pleasing to one’s eyes but displays a feeling of peace and relaxation that lets us know that nature is at work. The construction of a flower garden provides curb appeal, contributes to our ecosystem (food source) for pollinators, is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, can be used as cut flowers, etc…

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Backyard Watering Gardens In South Florida

How to Construct Backyard Water Gardens

Backyard Watering Gardening In South Florida--fish-pond
A Fish Pond

Installing a backyard water garden is a great way to connect with nature while enjoying your outdoor living space, creating a garden of this sort not only says home sweet home but also provides a natural habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects that will positively impact our ecosystem. The sound and the sights of trickling water can do much in helping to relieve stress as we kick back and relax in our garden oasis.

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Vegetable Gardening In South Florida For Begginers

How to Start a Vegetable Garden in South Florida

Vegetable gardening In South Florida For Begginers-garlic-herb
Garlic Herb

So you’re thinking about starting a vegetable garden, but just don’t know where to start. For the beginner gardener, this can be a bit confusing but the good news is starting a vegetable garden is a step in the right direction because of the many benefits that are involved from encouraging biodiversity in your home garden to contributing to our eco-system, for example, encouraging the presence of pollinators and beneficial insects.

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February Garden Insect Pests Guide In South Florida

February Garden Pests Control in South Florida

February Garden Insect Pests Guide In South Florida-a-worm-larva
A Worm Larva

We’re now in February, and as we near the warmer season with hot humid days, expect to see more activity in your gardens from wildlife to pollinators ensuring that your garden plants put forth their best. Pollinators are responsible for transferring pollen between plant species leading to fertilization and helping in the process of seed and fruit production.

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February Gardening In South Florida

February Gardening Guide In South Florida

February Gardening In South Florida-garden-flowers
Garden Flowers

We are at the end of January there were many garden projects you took on from weed removal to raking leaves, giving your compost pile some tender loving care to reseeding areas of your lawns that had bare spots, and then there was working on that flower bed or giving your potted plants and vegetable garden that needed attention.

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Winter Lawn Care In South Florida

8 Grass Care Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Cool Season Grass Care For South Florida-grass-mowing
Grass Mowing

A well-maintained lawn is a show stopper and is one of the many high lights of a beautiful garden or landscape, the beauty of maintaining a healthy lawn turf is not only the beauty it provides but a well-maintained lawn can increase your property’s value. I have worked on many lawn care projects and have seen what can happen even when paying attention to the smallest detail.

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Cool Season Bedding Plants For South Florida Gardens

6 Cool Season Bedding Plants To Keep Your South Florida Colorful

Cool Season Bedding Plants For South Florida Gardens-snapdragon-flowers
Snapdragon Flowers

The cool season presents the opportunity to fill our gardens with colorful flower blooms, why wait until the spring and summer months when you can get out in your gardens and install cool season annuals that will put on a beautiful display giving that color pop? Many species of bedding plants can be chosen to compliment your existing garden or even if you haven’t started a garden as yet this is the perfect time to transform your outdoor living space into your very own garden oasis.

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Cool Season Annuals For South Florida Gardens

Cool Season Annuals for South Florida Gardens

Cool Season Annuals For South Florida-pansy-flowering-plants
Pansy flowering plants

The cool season offers many opportunities to fill our gardens with beautiful annuals, these flowering plants can provide our January gardens with an abundance of beautiful flower blooms. Cool season annuals will not only paint our garden beds and landscape with colorful flowers but this decorative addition will provide much-needed nectar for pollinators in early spring.

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January Garden Pests In South Florida

January Garden Pests Control in South Florida

January Garden Pests In South Florida-aphid-garden-insect-pests
An aphid garden insect pest on plant

Many garden insect pests are active during the warmer season, spring through summer, but as the season cools down many go dormant by overwintering in leaf litter, plant debris, under rocks and logs, tree holes, and other areas of the landscapes that are considered to be a haven but some can still be found actively lurking that can cause damage to garden plants and lawns. We will be taking a closer look at these garden pests and how to control them to reduce their populations so they are no longer a threat to plant life.

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January Gardening In South Florida

Your January Garden Checklist for South Florida

January Gardening In South Florida-a-flower-garden
A Flower Garden

With the warmer months approaching now is the right time to get your garden chores off to a good start, what you do now can help to make your garden jobs easier and can impact the health of your garden plants. Putting a plant in place is your blueprint to success so when the warmer months (spring & summer) arrive you will be at the head of the game that’s a win-win for you and your garden plants. Below we will be discussing your garden checklist for January for your South Florida Garden.

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How to Care for Curcuma in South Florida

Growing Curcuma in South Florida

How To Care For Curcuma In Winter-a-curcuma-flowering-plant
A Curcuma Flowering Plant

Curcuma is a perennial plant that’s native to tropical South Asia and belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae, there are some 80 species of these garden beauties that are scattered throughout northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, and India. Thirty species of Curcuma are said to be “discovered in Thailand”. Curcuma produces large green Canna-like foliage (leaves) and pine cone-shaped flowers.

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How To Care For Calendula In South Florida

Cool Season Plants for South Florida

How To Care For Calendula In South Florida-calendula-flowers
Calendula Flowers

Today is officially the first of December which means that the cooler months are finally here but as the weather cools down we can continue to have a beautiful colorful garden that can continue to flourish during this time of the year. A plant that can keep your South Florida garden colorful is calendula, this garden beauty is native to Southwestern Asia, Macaronesia, Europe, and the Mediterranean. Calendula is a short-lived herbaceous flowering plant that’s in the daisy family Asteraceae and is in a genus of about 12-15  annuals and perennials.

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The Best Houseplants for South Florida

8 Best Indoor Plants for South Florida

The Best Houseplants For South Florida-a peace-lily
A Peace Lily

Enhance your indoor living space with the presence of indoor plants, introducing plants into your indoor living environment is a game changer and a winner. There are so many benefits why indoor plants should be considered especially since we are about to enter into the winter months. Besides beautifying our interior, indoor plants pull toxins out of the air helping to improve indoor air quality. A beautifully maintained indoor garden also contributes to positive mental health.

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Fall Lawn Care Tips For South Florida

Lawn Care Tips for Fall

Fall Lawn Care Tips For South Florida-a-beautiful-turf-lawn
A beautiful turf lawn

There is a lot that goes into having a beautiful lawn, during the spring and summer months lawn turf is actively growing, therefore, we must ensure that our lawns are well taken care of by the many best management practices that include the proper mowing height, adequate irrigation a good fertilizing program, lawn aeration as needed and keeping an eye out for lawn pests and diseases (treat immediately) which can turn a healthy lawn into a nightmare if control measures are not taken right away.

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Plants To Install In The Winter In South Florida

7 Beautiful Plants for Your Winter Garden

The spring and summer months present opportunities to introduce colors into our gardens with the help of flowering plants, the warm season (spring and summer) brings inspiration to transform our outdoor living space into an oasis or garden paradise that’s restful and inviting. However, the warmer months are long behind us as we approach the cooler season that brings with it winter chills as the temperature drops.

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How to Water Your South Florida Garden In The Fall

South Florida Fall Garden Watering Guide

How To Water Your South Florida Garden In The Fall-watering-flowers
Watering Flowers

The winter months are fast approaching which means preparing our fall gardens to weather the cold season, apart from our fall garden cleanup is ensuring that garden plants are continuing to get adequate water. Sure we may have gotten over the heat wave (summer months) but now is not the time to discontinue watering garden plants because the temperature is starting to drop.

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How to Protect Beneficals insects in Your Sout Florida Garden

Fall Garden Beneficial Insects Tips

How To Protect Beneficial Insects In Your South Florida Garden-ladybugs-on-a-plant
Ladybugs on a plant

During, the spring and summer months beneficial insects are hard at work helping to bring control to garden pests, many of these insects can be found moving about our gardens and landscapes and for some of us who may not see their presence the evidence that they are there are clearly visible either by the body parts of garden insect pests, pest population is low or our plants are thriving and growing healthy.

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Blue Daze South Florida

Flowering Plants for South Florida

Blue Daze South Florida-a-blue-daze-flowering-plant
A blue daze flowering plant

The warm weather of South Florida makes it ideal for growing (tropical) a range of flowering plants, one such plant that has made its mark is the evolvulus flowering plant commonly called the blue daze. This evergreen is a member of the morning glory family, blue daze is a perennial beauty that produces bright blue flowers with gray leaves that are fuzzy.

Blue daze can reach heights of 12 inches with a width of 2-3 ft. This garden beauty grows best in zones 8-11 and blooms from mid-summer through mid-fall.

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What To Do In My Winter Garden In South Florida

South Florida Winter Garden Guide

What To Do In My Winter Garden Inn South Florida-a-bird-eating-berries
A bird eating berries

The colder months of the year are not the time to hang up our garden gloves and put away the tools until the warmer season arrives, there is still much that can be done during this time of the year and even though nature is taking that long-awaited rest, nature will still lend a hand to those of us who see the many opportunities of working in our winter gardens.

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Winterizing Fruit Trees in South Florida

Preparing your Fruits Trees for the Winter Months

Winterizing Fruit Trees In South Florida-apple-tree-in-the-snow
An apple tree in the snow

The cooler months are finally here and as the temperatures continue to dip it’s not too late to winterize or prepare your fruit trees to survive the colder months as it sets in. Making preparations now will ensure that your fruit trees are healthy and in top shape, once the warmer seasons return. The steps that we are about to discuss have proven to be effective in fruit tree winter protection.  Let’s continue our discussion below as we take a closer look at winterizing fruit trees in South Florida.

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Winter Garden Decoration Ideas For South Florida

Brighten Up your Garden for Winter

Winter Garden Decoration Ideas For South Florida-winter-decoration
Winter Decoration

For most of us, spending time in our gardens is a great way to unwind and relax as we connect with nature, allowing the creativity of our minds to come forth in our garden oasis that says home sweet home. The spring through the summer months and even autumn offer us the opportunity to plant our favorite veggies, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, and flowering plants that paints our gardens and landscapes with an array of beautiful colors.

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Applying Mulch To Fall Vegetable Gardens in South Florida

The Benefits of Mulching Your Vegetable Garden in the Fall

Applying Mulch To Fall Vegetable Garden In South Florida
Plant Mulch

Mulches are natural organics that can benefit our gardens and landscapes in so many ways however although mulches are popular their use is limited by many homeowners simply because of not knowing how important mulches are to plant life, soil, and soil microbes. I have used mulches over the years both on outdoor garden projects as well as interior plantscape and have seen how these natural organics do not only transform (aesthetics) those garden projects but the nutrients that were added as mulches break down or decompose over time.

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Indoor Fall Gardening In South Florida

Extending the Season with Your Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Fall Gardening In south Florida-aerogarden-harvest
Areogarden Harvest

Although we’re in the fall months now is not the time to stop gardening as the winter months approach, there is much more that can be done to extend the season for a fall and winter crop. We can continue to eat fresh through the fall and winter months by shifting our focus on gardening indoors, this time of the year presents us with so many opportunities to connect with nature indoors. The Aerogarden system can help us to achieve this goal.

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Fall Gardening In A Cold Frame In South Florida

Extending your Edible Crops in the Fall and Winter

Fall Gardening In A Cold Frame-in South Florida-a-cold-frame-box
A cold frame garden box

The use of cold frame gardens popularity is widespread, this type of gardening is not a new concept but has been around for some time now, and based on the rise in popularity this method of gardening is not going away anytime soon. But the question many may be asking is what is cold frame gardening? simply put cool frame gardening or a cold frame garden is a bottomless box that is set out in the garden over plants to protect them from the Cold weather.

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Fall Garden Pests In South Florida

Common Fall Garden Pests and How to Bring Control

Fall Garden Pests In South Florida-a-snail-feeding-on-a-garden-plant
A snail on a garden plant

Garden insect pests can be a real nuisance as they invade our gardens making a meal out of our garden plants and what makes matters worse is that many of them have been known to carry and spread diseases. These garden pests can turn a dream garden into a nightmare causing healthy beautiful plants to become an eyesore if action is not taken immediately.

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Orchids To Plant In The Fall In South Florida

Amazing Colors for the Fall Months

Orchids To Plant In The Fall In South Florida-a-flowering-orchid
White flowering orchid

The fall months are depicted as a time when plants are preparing to take their long-awaited winter nap as leaves (deciduous plants) begin to fall from the trees along with the slow growth of garden plants. And while this is true for many plants there are so many that continue to grow (every green plant) throughout the year. Deciduous plants lose their leaves at a certain time of the year but will produce fresh beautiful leaves when the growing season or warmer months returns. Evergreen plants are plants that retain their leaves throughout the year and into the following growing season. However, in our discussion, we will be turning our attention to orchids.

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Herbs to Plant in the Fall in South Florida

Best Herbs to Plant in South Florida

Herbs To Plant In The Fall In South Florida-thyme-herb
Thyme herb

In our previous articles, we discussed flowers to plant in the fall in South Florida and also vegetables to plant in the fall in South Florida but we will be turning our attention to some of the best herbs that can be grown during the fall months. Garden herbs have their place in our gardens and really do deserves our attention, the aromas and the flavors that herbs produce are just simply amazing.

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Flowers To Plant in the Fall In South Florida

Brighten Your Fall Garden with these Flowering Plants

Flowers To Plant In The Fall In South Florida
Zinnia garden flowers

Why limit the beauty of our South Florida gardens to the summer and spring months when we can extend the season to ensure that our gardens are in full bloom even during the fall months? While we can agree that the fall months present the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning the opportunity is also there to include flowering plants that can beautify and brighten our gardens during the fall months.

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Vegetables To Plant in the Fall In South Florida

Best Vegetables to Plant in South Florida

Vegetables To Plant in the Fall In South Florida-turnips

With the passing of spring and the summer months and winter fast approaching there is still much that can be done during the fall months, among the many tasks that are undertaken in our fall gardens is extending the season by growing vegetables. Yes even during the fall months we can grow edible foods in our South Florida gardens before the temperature dips ( the winter months sets in).

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