12  Ways to Garden in Harmony with Nature

How To Garden Naturally-a-garden-design

A garden design

Wouldn’t you love a garden without the use of pesticides and synthetics, a garden that’s growing all-natural the way nature does it? many home gardens are using natural means to grow such gardens which are sustainable by using natural methods that’s environmentally safe bringing balance to our ecosystem.

This type of garden method can be looked at as smart gardening. As a gardener for more than 25 years, I have worked on many garden projects both out and indoors and have seen what can happen when a garden that is properly planned not only for beauty or an edible garden but a garden which can be sustained using natural ways in growing plants that are healthy helping wildlife along with beneficial insects to do their part to ensure that we not only reap a good harvest but providing a home in which wildlife can raise their young.

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Simple Steps to having Success with a New Garden

How To Start A New Garden-garden-blue-print

Garden Blue Print

A garden has such transforming powers that it can bring a big change too and an area that needs a facelift. Starting a garden can be both an exciting and rewarding experience but at the seem time a new garden can offer many challenges that can leave the beginner gardener frustrated.

If this describes you then don’t give up, you have come to the right place to get the know-how on how to successfully install and maintain a garden that’s inviting with different shades of green and colorful flower bloom that is stunning and amazing. A garden oasis such as this is pleasing to the eyes as it gives a good feeling of nature at its best.

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8 Easy Steps in Growing a Flower Garden

How To Plant A Flower-Garden-a-rain-bow-garden

A rainbow garden

Beautiful, elegant, colorful, restful, peaceful, and inviting is what describes a garden that’s planted with flowers of different sorts. This is one of the beauties of nature that is breath-taking which makes investing in a flower garden so rewarding.

I have worked in beautiful gardens and have seen the change not only a well-designed garden brings but a garden that is bursting with flower blooms giving that color pop which is so amazing. In this article, we will be discussing how to grow beautiful flowers from your home garden.

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Understanding Plant Growth Regulator and their Use

Bougainvillea Flowers-plant-growth-regulator

Bougainvillea Flowering Plant

Creating and maintaining a garden can be pretty amazing, garden plants come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that will bring great change to and environment. There are edible plants and then there are plants that are non-edible which means these non-edible plants are us to create a natural and pleasing effect as we see in nature.

Having some knowledge of plant growth and their function is so important, no I am not saying that you need a college degree to be successful at gardening but having some knowledge will go a long way in giving you the success that you worked so hard at and is looking forward to. In this post, however, we will be discussing plant growth regulator and how it affects a plant’s growth

So what’s all this stuff about plant growth regulator and how does it help in the growth and development of plant life? I am so happy that you asked.

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Tips for Growing Healthy Plants

Watering Pink Peonies-june-gardening-tips

Watering Pink Peonies

Before we know it winter will be over with those freezing temperatures and long night chills that make the approaching of spring and summer so inviting but as the warmer months approach it is best to get a jump start by having a to-do list as we prepare for those long days ahead working in our gardens as nature awakens clothing our landscapes and gardens with beautiful plants in full bloom as we reap a fruitful harvest of our labors.

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