When To Plant Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers Planting Guide

When To Pllant Perennial-a-flower-gardenFlowers
A rainbow garden

Creating a flower garden that is picture-perfect requires some know-how, there is just something about a beautiful flower garden design that gives a good restful feeling. It has been proven medically that exposing patience to a  flower garden scenery helped or sped up the healing process. It’s no wonder why many homeowners have taken on personal projects investing in a home garden. In this article, however, we will be discussing when to plant perennial flowers.

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Permaculture Garden Design

 Permaculture Garden Design Ideas

Permaculture Garden Design-a-bird-resting-in-a-holly-tree
Bird resting in a holly tree

Connecting with nature outdoors is a great way in helping to promote our ecosystem, gardening is a privilege that allows us to embark upon such ventures as we do our part in using many gardening methods not only to create the garden of choice but also to provide a home, food source and shelter for wildlife.

Among the many visitors that come to our gardens besides wildlife are pollinators and beneficial insects however, there are other visitors that are not welcome (garden insect pests) which can cause much damage turning a dream garden into a nightmare these uninvited guests must be dealt with right away to avoid their destruction.

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Growing Food In Small Spaces

 Four Ideas to Grow Food in small spaces

Growing Foods In Small Spaces-seeds- germination
Garden seedlings

Growing food in small spaces has sparked interest especially since the pandemic (Covid-19), many persons are now removing part of their flower gardens for this purpose and then there are those that are gardening for the first time making use of whatever available spot they can find to start a vegetable garden. Never has there been a time since 1800 that people are finding ways to sustain themselves by growing their own foods.

During 1800 in the old English days British peasants installed gardens around their homes planting fruits, vegetables, herbs along with flowering plants, beehives, and livestock that provided food for their families. This method of gardening was called cottage gardens, cottage gardens were crowded with plants. In other words, these peasants made the most out of the little space they had ensuring every bit was utilized because they knew their survival depended on it.

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Indoor Pineapple Plant

Indoor Pineapple Plant Care

Indoor Pineapple Plant-pineapples

The earliest evidence of pineapple dates back as far as 1200 – 800 BC, it is believed that this fruit was cultivated by the Mayas and the Aztecs. There are also documents that report that pineapples were found growing in the West Indies by  Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter, Gonzalo, Fernández de Oviedo, Valdés and were used for food and making wine.

This world-famous fruit is enjoyed by so many and is used in many drinks and foods recipes, there are more than 37 types of pineapples that are grown worldwide. The ornamental pineapple is one species that is among this group this pineapple type is not edible but is grown for aesthetic purposes, we will be looking at however at how to grow an indoor pineapple plant.

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Eco Friendly Landscaping Ideas

18 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Eco Friendly Landscaping Ideas-garden-flowers
Garden Flowers

Eco-Friendly Landscaping or gardening is a great way to connect with nature while beautifying our outdoor living space or growing food crops in an environment that’s safe for humans, pets, wildlife, and beneficial insects as we seek to achieve our gardening goals while bringing balance to our ec0-system. What I also love about this garden method is saving money while operating on a small budget yet achieving great results.

Eco-friendly landscaping ideas are being used in many home gardens because of the benefits one can achieve, this is a great way of helping to give mother nature a helping hand as we do our part in seeking to create an environment that is free of contamination. Eco-friendly landscaping also increases the presence of and the activity of pollinators that plays an important part in helping trees and garden plants with an increase in food production. So whether you’re growing a flower garden, herb, fruit trees or vegetable garden here are 18 eco-friendly landscaping ideas that will help you accomplish the desired end that’s a win-win for humans, pets, beneficial insects, plant life, wildlife, and pollinators.

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