Getting a Head Start on the Season


Gardening can be rewarding as you watch your plants produce amazing colors and flower bloom or foods (edible plants) which will take your favorite dishes up a notch. But a challenge which many gardeners face is getting those seeds in the ground because the season or timing is not quite right to do so.

The good news is though the timing may not be just right to get those seeds in the ground you can still get a jump or head start on the season by starting seeds indoors. Seed starting indoors is not new, this method is an old approach which has given good results for more on how this is done continue reading as you prepare to reap the fruits of your labor.

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 Tips on Taking Care of your Garden before going on a Vacation

Headed to the beach

Vacation time is such a grand time, its that time of the year that we all look forward to especially for those of us who have hectic schedules combating the hustle and bustle of life on a daily basis seeking to make a living.

The thought of a vacation is so exciting because this is when we get to unwind, letting our hair down so to speak being able to sleep a bit longer along with the thought of not fighting or getting stuck in traffic going to from work makes vacation time that much more exciting.

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Your complete guide to the growth and care of the coffee plant

Coffee Plant-coffee-plant-care

Coffee Plant

For some people getting up to a fresh brew of coffee is so delightful, all across America and around the world, you can find coffee lovers who start their morning off with a nice cup of coffee. I am amazed at the number of commercials which comes across the airwaves that advertises different coffee brans.

After graduation from high school, my first real job was as a busboy at one of the local hotels, what interest me was to see the amount of coffee that was served each morning during the breakfast hour. Just about every morning some of the guests would come to the restaurant and order couple, cups of coffee only while reading the morning newspaper as they caught up on the latest news.

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Extending the season with greenhouse gardening

Green House-green-house-gardening

A Green House

A great way to extend the season is with greenhouse gardening, whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, shrubs or some other type plant species one thing for sure and that is with a greenhouse you can grow plants both for enjoyment and for food. Many homeowners are getting into greenhouse gardening because of the benefits that are involved.

The winter months or other adverse conditions should not stop you from connecting with nature in this way. What I love about greenhouse gardening is you can eat fresh year round also you can grow your own foods without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, with a greenhouse you can go organic which is good for your health. Many of the crops which are grown today are having a damaging effect on the health of so many people because of foods that are contaminated.

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Maximizing your time in your garden



How much time should I spend in my garden? This is a question especially for those that are just getting started in this hobby. While we may not be able to put an exact or the amount of time that is spent in your garden because of the type of garden which includes style and the amount of work involved it is good to have an average time because if you are maintaining a large garden then you may have to take a day or two instead of overworking yourself trying to complete that garden project in several hours.

I know for you weekend warriors that can’t wait for Friday evening which is getting of time which spells the WEEKEND and the great outdoors this can be so much fun to get away from the office. But as excited as you maybe it is good to approach this task with caution.

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