Indoor Plants Growing Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Growing Tips-indoor-flowering-plants
Indoor garden

I’m have heard this saying on many occasions which is ” I don’t have a green thumb”. When it comes to maintaining garden plants, to the beginner it can become frustrating, plants that are purchased or given to them as a gift having a significant value that was once beautiful now turns into a nightmare.

The good news, however, is that you don’t need a green thumb to have success with maintaining plants it’s all a matter of knowing how and you will be well on your way to growing plants that are healthy and vibrant. Below we will be looking at indoor plant growing tips.

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Growing Trees In Pots

Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Growing Trees In Pots-a-lemon-tree
A lemon Tree

The use of container garden has become so popular, this way of gardening is being used to grow all sorts of plants from herbs to vegetables, ornamentals plants, etc… Though this method of gardening has its advantages there are some don’ts as well that govern having success with this garden type so continue reading to find out about container gardening in particular growing trees and shrubs.

What You Need to Know about Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Gardening with the use of pots has become so popular because of the many benefits it offers including ease of gardening however, consideration should be taken especially when growing trees and shrubs because that little plant that you purchased from the plant nursery will not be small forever and before you know it you will have a plant that is extremely large and too big for the pot in which it was installed.

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Hard to Kill Houseplants

8 Hard to Kill Houseplant

Hard To Kill House Plant-spider-plant
Spider Plant

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to enjoy the beauty of garden plants that will add that much-needed flavor. I have seen first hand what indoor plants can do for the home environment working as an interior plantscape designer for many years.

Indoor plants will not only bring change but the mental and physical impact of indoor plants has so many benefits. I have heard many persons say they just can’t seem to keep their plant alive and then there are those who just haven’t got the time for plant care but desire to spruce up their interior with garden plants.

If one of the two describes you then stick around because you can still have success with growing indoor plants by choosing these favorites that are hard to kill.

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Plant Garden Over Grass

Successfully Replacing Your Lawn with a Garden

Plant Garden Over Lawn-a-beautifully-maintained-lawn
A beautifully maintained lawn

Alright, I know that lawn area may be the pride and joy of your life because you have invested so much time and money so why shouldn’t you be proud as your hard work has paid off. A lawn can do a whole lot to increase a property’s value, I have seen lawns that appeared to be picture perfect with so much green and well-manicured.

Even though your lawn looks really polished you may be thinking of adding a garden but the challenge is your lawn has taken up all of that available space so the question is what do you do? while a well-maintained lawn has its place why not enhance the beauty of your lawn by making space for a garden adding flowering plants to create a garden oasis that says home sweet home.

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Dealing with Garden Burnout

Defeating the Garden Blues

Dealing With Garden Burnout-garden-tools
Garden Tools

I am sure if not most of us all of us at some point have had the garden blues, who would ever think working on the great outdoors in the midst of all that beauty connecting with nature can result in burnout. If the truth could be told despite the many benefits of working in our gardens we can experience burnout.

If that’s you and your desire is to bounce back from garden burnout then continue reading for ways to beat the garden blues so you can once again enjoy working outdoors making a major contribution to the environment and the ecosystem.

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