Plant Eating Insects

Controlling Insects With Plants

Plant Eating Insects-venus flytrap
Venus Flytrap

The insect world is so vast that they outnumbered the human race by far, the human population is”7.9 billion” whereas there are estimated to be “10 quintillion insects” on planet earth. I know, the word quintillion can twist your tongue or cause you to get tongue-tied, That’s a lot of insects, many of these insects can be found in our homes and gardens.

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Indoor House Plant Care

8 Common House Plant Mistake To Avoid

Indoor House Plant Care-peace-lily and-palm-in-baskets
Gaint peace lily and palm in a basket

It’s amazing how plants can bring such change to our environment, plants have many benefits including being grown for food. All of us depend on plants to help us in so many different ways even wildlife, and insects depend on plants for their survival. Plants play a major role on our planet, from our outdoor gardens to our indoor living spaces the presence of plants can make a huge difference.

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Sea Grape Plant Care

Sea Grape Not Bearing Fruits

Sea Grape Plant Care-sea-grape-berries
Sea grape berries

The sea grape plant can be grown as a tree, hedge, or shrub, this tropical beauty is native to tropical America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The sea grape or the Coccoloba uvifera is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, sea grapes are grown in many coastal areas because of their high salt tolerance and also serve as a dune stabilizer and protective habitat for small animals.

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Aspirin On Vegetable Plants

Aspirin For Healthy Vegetables

Asprin On Vegetable Plants-tomatoes
Tomatoes growing

Aspirin is a common drug or medication that I think every home should have, these pills are used to treat mild to moderate aches and pains, such as muscle aches, toothaches, etc… the important component that’s found in aspirins is called salicylic acid. This active ingredient eliminates pain and swelling in humans but when given to garden plants aspirins help by boosting the plant’s immune system. When a plant’s immune system gets boosts it helps a plant fight against garden pest invasion, parasitic attacks, and pathogens or plant diseases.

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Liquify Vegetable Peel As Fertilizer

 Make Liquid Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste

Liquify Vegetable Peel As Fertilizers-garden-vegetables
Garden vegetables

Have you ever heard the saying that “one man’s junk is another man’s Treasure”? but what if I tell you that your junk can also become your treasure. This saying is so true even when it comes to taking care of our gardens, we can reuse kitchen scraps (Vegetables and Fruits) to grow and maintain healthy plants.

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Oatmeal For Indoor Plants

Growing Healthy Plants With Oatmeal

Oatmeal For Indoor Plants-a-bowl-with-fruits-and-oats
Cereal oats and Fruits

Oatmeal is a popular breakfast cereal that’s high in fiber and other nutrients which is great for our bodies, according to history oats have been here for thousands of years. Its believed that oats have been around from “Egypt’s 12th Dynasty, around 2000B.C.” Its also believed that oats ” as far back as 7,000 B.C. was used by ancient Chinese”.

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Golden Larch Bonsai

Golden Larch Bonsai Guide

Golden Larch Bonsai-a-bonsai-plant
A bonsai plant

Pseudolarix amabilis commonly called golden larch although not considered to be a true larch is native to eastern China, it is said that “the wood of this tree is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a dermatologic antifungal remedy. The wood of the golden larch bonsai tree is also used in the manufacturing of boats, bridges, and furniture”.

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How To Water House Plants

Tips to Watering Indoor Plants

How To Water House Plants-container-plants
Container Plants

When it comes to giving house plants the right amount of water there is a misconception and because of this misconception, many house plants are suffering at the hands of their owners. “I killed my houseplants or I don’t have a green thumb” I have heard these statements on many occasions from people who seem to have tried hard and as best as they could to keep their house plants alive but in the end they acknowledge defeat.

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Decorative Dried Flowers

Drying and Preserving Flowers

5 Methods to Dry Cut Flowers

Decorative Dried Flowers-dried-rose-flowers
Dried roses

Whether you’re growing flowers in your garden, from containers indoors, your porch or patio, or maybe a hanging basket one thing that we can all agree on is flowers can light up a garden or a room with their various colors, shape, sizes, textures, and fragrance. The presence of flowers has been known to change the atmosphere and moods of people from all walks of life. It’s no wonder why flowers have been used and are being used to brighten up that special someone’s day.

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Organic Sack Gardening

Organic Garden In A Bag

Organic Sack Gardening-sack-with-soy-beans
A sack with soybeans

Sack gardening is a great way to grow in small spaces, this method of gardening is not new but has been around for some time. In fact, sack gardening was first introduced in 2008 because of a crisis that took place in Mathare, Kiambu, and Kibera slums. Because of food insecurity, a plan was put in place where this garden technique was brought to 22,109 households which helped more than 110,000 people.

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Keeping A Garden Journal

Your BluePrint to Garden Success

Keeping A Garden Journal-a-note-book
A notebook

Keeping written records of your garden is a great way to keep track of how your garden is performing, overtime a garden can become so cluttered that it can be disorganized and confusing. For example, you may sow seeds but not mark or indicate what you had sown and sow the seem seeds in another part of your garden when that was not your plan.

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Growing Food Indoors

Growing Vegetables and Herbs Indoors

Growing Food Indoors-growing-peppers-in-a-container
Red peppers

Thinking outside the box is a great way to stay ahead of the game which can increase your knowledge while helping you to save a few dollars. This creative thinking has sparked an interest as many persons are seeing the need to grow their own foods or to start an indoor edible garden. With an indoor edible garden, you can extend the season as you eat fresh during the winter months.

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Golden Duranta Tree Pruning

When to Prune a Golden Duranta

Golden Duranta Tree Pruning-golden-duranta
Golden Duranta tree

The golden Duranta or golden dewdrop is a perennial plant that’s cultivated in many tropical and sub-tropical gardens, there are some 30 species of this ornamental beauty, the golden Duranta is native to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, this broadleaf evergreen shrub can be grown as a hedge or a specimen or stand-alone plant.

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When To Plant Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers Planting Guide

When To Pllant Perennial-a-flower-gardenFlowers
A rainbow garden

Creating a flower garden that is picture-perfect requires some know-how, there is just something about a beautiful flower garden design that gives a good restful feeling. It has been proven medically that exposing patience to a  flower garden scenery helped or sped up the healing process. It’s no wonder why many homeowners have taken on personal projects investing in a home garden. In this article, however, we will be discussing when to plant perennial flowers.

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Permaculture Garden Design

 Permaculture Garden Design Ideas

Permaculture Garden Design-a-bird-resting-in-a-holly-tree
Bird resting in a holly tree

Connecting with nature outdoors is a great way in helping to promote our ecosystem, gardening is a privilege that allows us to embark upon such ventures as we do our part in using many gardening methods not only to create the garden of choice but also to provide a home, food source and shelter for wildlife.

Among the many visitors that come to our gardens besides wildlife are pollinators and beneficial insects however, there are other visitors that are not welcome (garden insect pests) which can cause much damage turning a dream garden into a nightmare these uninvited guests must be dealt with right away to avoid their destruction.

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Growing Food In Small Spaces

 Four Ideas to Grow Food in small spaces

Growing Foods In Small Spaces-seeds- germination
Garden seedlings

Growing food in small spaces has sparked interest especially since the pandemic (Covid-19), many persons are now removing part of their flower gardens for this purpose and then there are those that are gardening for the first time making use of whatever available spot they can find to start a vegetable garden. Never has there been a time since 1800 that people are finding ways to sustain themselves by growing their own foods.

During 1800 in the old English days British peasants installed gardens around their homes planting fruits, vegetables, herbs along with flowering plants, beehives, and livestock that provided food for their families. This method of gardening was called cottage gardens, cottage gardens were crowded with plants. In other words, these peasants made the most out of the little space they had ensuring every bit was utilized because they knew their survival depended on it.

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Indoor Pineapple Plant

Indoor Pineapple Plant Care

Indoor Pineapple Plant-pineapples

The earliest evidence of pineapple dates back as far as 1200 – 800 BC, it is believed that this fruit was cultivated by the Mayas and the Aztecs. There are also documents that report that pineapples were found growing in the West Indies by  Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter, Gonzalo, Fernández de Oviedo, Valdés and were used for food and making wine.

This world-famous fruit is enjoyed by so many and is used in many drinks and foods recipes, there are more than 37 types of pineapples that are grown worldwide. The ornamental pineapple is one species that is among this group this pineapple type is not edible but is grown for aesthetic purposes, we will be looking at however at how to grow an indoor pineapple plant.

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Eco Friendly Landscaping Ideas

18 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Eco Friendly Landscaping Ideas-garden-flowers
Garden Flowers

Eco-Friendly Landscaping or gardening is a great way to connect with nature while beautifying our outdoor living space or growing food crops in an environment that’s safe for humans, pets, wildlife, and beneficial insects as we seek to achieve our gardening goals while bringing balance to our ec0-system. What I also love about this garden method is saving money while operating on a small budget yet achieving great results.

Eco-friendly landscaping ideas are being used in many home gardens because of the benefits one can achieve, this is a great way of helping to give mother nature a helping hand as we do our part in seeking to create an environment that is free of contamination. Eco-friendly landscaping also increases the presence of and the activity of pollinators that plays an important part in helping trees and garden plants with an increase in food production. So whether you’re growing a flower garden, herb, fruit trees or vegetable garden here are 18 eco-friendly landscaping ideas that will help you accomplish the desired end that’s a win-win for humans, pets, beneficial insects, plant life, wildlife, and pollinators.

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Indoor Plants Growing Tips

Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Growing Tips-indoor-flowering-plants
Indoor garden

I’m have heard this saying on many occasions which is ” I don’t have a green thumb”. When it comes to maintaining garden plants, to the beginner it can become frustrating, plants that are purchased or given to them as a gift having a significant value that was once beautiful now turns into a nightmare.

The good news, however, is that you don’t need a green thumb to have success with maintaining plants it’s all a matter of knowing how and you will be well on your way to growing plants that are healthy and vibrant. Below we will be looking at indoor plant growing tips.

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Growing Trees In Pots

Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Growing Trees In Pots-a-lemon-tree
A lemon Tree

The use of container garden has become so popular, this way of gardening is being used to grow all sorts of plants from herbs to vegetables, ornamentals plants, etc… Though this method of gardening has its advantages there are some don’ts as well that govern having success with this garden type so continue reading to find out about container gardening in particular growing trees and shrubs.

What You Need to Know about Growing Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Gardening with the use of pots has become so popular because of the many benefits it offers including ease of gardening however, consideration should be taken especially when growing trees and shrubs because that little plant that you purchased from the plant nursery will not be small forever and before you know it you will have a plant that is extremely large and too big for the pot in which it was installed.

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Hard to Kill Houseplants

8 Hard to Kill Houseplant

Hard To Kill House Plant-spider-plant
Spider Plant

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to enjoy the beauty of garden plants that will add that much-needed flavor. I have seen first hand what indoor plants can do for the home environment working as an interior plantscape designer for many years.

Indoor plants will not only bring change but the mental and physical impact of indoor plants has so many benefits. I have heard many persons say they just can’t seem to keep their plant alive and then there are those who just haven’t got the time for plant care but desire to spruce up their interior with garden plants.

If one of the two describes you then stick around because you can still have success with growing indoor plants by choosing these favorites that are hard to kill.

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Plant Garden Over Grass

Successfully Replacing Your Lawn with a Garden

Plant Garden Over Lawn-a-beautifully-maintained-lawn
A beautifully maintained lawn

Alright, I know that lawn area may be the pride and joy of your life because you have invested so much time and money so why shouldn’t you be proud as your hard work has paid off. A lawn can do a whole lot to increase a property’s value, I have seen lawns that appeared to be picture perfect with so much green and well-manicured.

Even though your lawn looks really polished you may be thinking of adding a garden but the challenge is your lawn has taken up all of that available space so the question is what do you do? while a well-maintained lawn has its place why not enhance the beauty of your lawn by making space for a garden adding flowering plants to create a garden oasis that says home sweet home.

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Dealing with Garden Burnout

Defeating the Garden Blues

Dealing With Garden Burnout-garden-tools
Garden Tools

I am sure if not most of us all of us at some point have had the garden blues, who would ever think working on the great outdoors in the midst of all that beauty connecting with nature can result in burnout. If the truth could be told despite the many benefits of working in our gardens we can experience burnout.

If that’s you and your desire is to bounce back from garden burnout then continue reading for ways to beat the garden blues so you can once again enjoy working outdoors making a major contribution to the environment and the ecosystem.

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How to Make Money Gardening

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Money Machine

How To Make Money Gardening-money-tree
Money Tree

Do you know that you can turn your love for gardening into a thriving business? Gardening connects you on the great outdoors with nature that offers so many benefits. This side hustle has caused many to work full-time for themselves because of the profits that can be made.

As long as you are willing to put in the time you will be well on your way to garden success. What better way to make a living than doing something you love.  So if you desire to take your love for gardening to the next level then continue reading as we take a closer look at turning your hobby ( gardening) into a money-making machine.

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How to Make Money Growing Flowers

Growing Flowering Plants for Profit$

How To Make Money Growing Flowers-zinnia-flowers
Zinnia Garden Flowers

A nice bouquet of flowers can brighten anybody’s day, floral arrangements seem to speak to us with words such as I love you, hope you get better or thank you for your support, I am thinking of you and so on.

A beautiful Foral arrangement says something special to that special one it’s no wonder why growing flowers are a big business. Without even saying a word these arrangements will go to work for us.

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How to Garden Naturally

12  Ways to Garden in Harmony with Nature

How To Garden Naturally-a-garden-design
A garden design

Wouldn’t you love a garden without the use of pesticides and synthetics, a garden that’s growing all-natural the way nature does it? many home gardens are using natural means to grow such gardens which are sustainable by using natural methods that’s environmentally safe bringing balance to our ecosystem.

This type of garden method can be looked at as smart gardening. As a gardener for more than 25 years, I have worked on many garden projects both out and indoors and have seen what can happen when a garden that is properly planned not only for beauty or an edible garden but a garden that can be sustained using natural ways in growing plants that are healthy helping wildlife along with beneficial insects to do their part to ensure that we not only reap a good harvest but providing a home in which wildlife can raise their young.

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Tomato Plant Suckers

Pruning Tomato Plants Suckers

Tomato Plant Sucker-a-tomato-plant
Tomatoes Plant

Tomatoes are a fruit and not a veggie to popular belief, this fruit is used in many recipes including salads. There are many varieties of tomatoes to choose from to ensure you are getting those flavors and much-need nutrients.

But if your goal is to grow large juicy tomatoes then the tomato sucker must be pruned or removed to give you a harvest of fresh, healthy, juicy plump tomatoes.

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How To Start A New Garden

Simple Steps to having Success with a New Garden

How To Start A New Garden-garden-blue-print
Garden Blue Print

A garden has such transforming powers that it can bring a big change too and an area that needs a facelift. Starting a garden can be both an exciting and rewarding experience but at the same time, a new garden can offer many challenges that can leave the beginner gardener frustrated.

If this describes you then don’t give up, you have come to the right place to get the know-how on how to successfully install and maintain a garden that’s inviting with different shades of green and colorful flower bloom that is stunning and amazing. A garden oasis such as this is pleasing to the eyes as it gives a good feeling of nature at its best.

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How To Plant Flowers

8 Easy Steps in Growing a Flower Garden

How To Plant A Flower-Garden-a-rain-bow-garden
A rainbow garden

Beautiful, elegant, colorful, restful, peaceful, and inviting is what describes a garden that’s planted with flowers of different sorts. This is one of the beauties of nature that is breath-taking which makes investing in a flower garden so rewarding.

I have worked in beautiful gardens and have seen the change not only a well-designed garden brings but a garden that is bursting with flower blooms giving that color pop which is so amazing. In this article, we will be discussing how to grow beautiful flowers from your home garden.

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Plant Growth Regulator

Understanding Plant Growth Regulator and their Use

Bougainvillea Flowers-plant-growth-regulator
Bougainvillea Flowering Plant

Creating and maintaining a garden can be pretty amazing, garden plants come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that will bring great change to and environment. There are edible plants and then there are plants that are non-edible which means these non-edible plants are us to create a natural and pleasing effect as we see in nature.

Having some knowledge of plant growth and its function is so important, no I am not saying that you need a college degree to be successful at gardening but having some knowledge will go a long way in giving you the success that you worked so hard at and is looking forward to. In this post, however, we will be discussing plant growth regulator and how it affects a plant’s growth

So what’s all this stuff about plant growth regulator and how does it help in the growth and development of plant life? I am so happy that you asked.

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Growing Flowers Inside

12 flowering plants to grow indoors

Guzmanias Flowers

Transforming your Interior into a Garden Paradise

Bring nature indoors by transforming your interior with a burst of colors as you create a garden paradise that is so inviting. Why should we limited the use of garden plants outdoors when they can and do serve so many benefits indoors. I remembered many years ago the apartment I lived in had gotten some plants which I installed on the inside and what a change it brought as I stepped back, the presence of these garden plants changed the atmosphere, the appearance along with the feel was pretty amazing.

In this article, we will be looking at 12 such flowering plants that can be grown inside as you transform your interior into a garden paradise, installing indoor plants will also clean the air that you breathe as it pulls toxins out of the air. Investing in indoor plants is a great way to connect with nature besides these other benefits with that said let’s take a closer look at 12 flowering plants that can be grown indoors.

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Outdoor Patio Ideas

Giving Your Outdoor Space a Make-Over

Garden Comforts-outdoor-patio-ides
Garden Comforts

Relaxing on the great outdoors can be so rewarding taking in all that nature has to offer as we connect with family and friends or what about dinning in the cool of the evening or having some peace and quiet with a book in our hands forgetting about the hustle and bustle of life being recharge for the days ahead.

Constructing an outdoor patio along with installing a garden can bring such rewards as we relax in our oasis which can bring peace of mind as it calms the soul. Creating an outdoor living space can take on many styles base on your needs and the size area to be used. For more on outdoor patio ideas let’s have a closer look.

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June Gardening Tips

Tips for Growing Healthy Plants in Your June Garden

Watering Pink Peonies-june-gardening-tips
Watering Pink Peonies

Before we know it winter will be over with those freezing temperatures and long night chills that make the approaching of spring and summer so inviting but as the warmer months approach it is best to get a jump start by having a to-do list as we prepare for those long days ahead working in our gardens as nature awakens clothing our landscapes and gardens with beautiful plants in full bloom as we reap a fruitful harvest of our labors.

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Prevent Weeds From Growing Through Rocks

Weeding Made Easy with these Methods

Weeds growing through pebbles

Rocks do have their place in the landscapes and garden areas, with rocks there is that all-natural look that brings with it much appeal that gives the appearance and feels like it was done naturally by nature with no human involvement. I have worked on many garden projects where rocks were brought in, I remembered a project which I did along with my team at our international airport.

What we did was turn a section of a high traffic area into a rock garden, the planning of this rock garden took a lot of effort along with carrying out the actual work but at the end of the day, that area was transformed into a thing of beauty with the rocks giving an all-natural look which brought much WOW.

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Can Compost be Used as Mulch

Compost vs Mulch


The question has been asked can compost be used as mulch? well, to answer your question let’s take a closer look at compost vs mulching.

What is compost

Compost has been defined as various organic material that goes through a process or is recycled into soils that are rich in nutrients.

What is mulch?

Mulch can either be organic or inorganic in the case of organics mulch is derived from plant material such as leaves, straws, branches, stems, etc… and is used to beautify, conserve moisture, suppress weeds, add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, keeps the soil temperature cool acts as an insulator for plant’s roots during wintertime and may also help influence soil ph. Mulches are placed on the soil’s surface around garden plants whereas stated earlier compost is organic materials that are turned into nutrient-rich soil.

Let’s deal with the latter first

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Fragrant Flowers

12 Fragrant Flowers that is a must-have

Lily Plant

The world of gardening plants is pretty vast, especially when you think of the many colors and styles which these plants bring. Garden plants have the ability to bring total change to an entire landscape, I have both worked on and seen areas (landscape & Interior plantscape) that were totally transformed with plant material.

Take for instance going on a nature walk where plants are growing in their natural habitat, the colors and the styles are so amazing giving such a restful and peaceful feeling as the scenery puts you in a relaxed state taking in all that nature has to offer, this is a great way to get rid of stress which is so beneficial to our health and well being.

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Plant Propagation

Your complete guide to garden plant propagation

Plant Propagation

A great way to save a few dollars and still get your desired results is plant propagation, this is a great way to grow your garden without having to break the piggy bank. I have been in the landscape and gardening field now for more than 22 years and have visited many plant nurseries and seen how expensive garden plants are.

The good news, however, is you can grow your garden through propagation which has proven to be so effective. I understand that the process of your garden plants from cuttings to maturity may take a while but with patience, your garden can be full and beautiful by following these methods which have been and are still used to this day.

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What Causes Garden Plants Leaf Drop

Correcting leaf drop in garden plants with these methods

Plant Leaves

Installing a garden can really give your home a makeover enhancing its appearance and increase your properties value, how beautiful it is to have a garden that is just bursting with colors giving such a calm and inviting feeling.

This has been my experience over the years working on many garden projects, the transformation that it brought was much delight to the homeowner as they were blow-away with a landscape that was fit for a king and a queen of cost.

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How To Water Container Plants

Tips for watering container plants

Garden Flowers

Gardening can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience, the five-star resort where I was employed many years ago presented me with the opportunity to work as a nurseryman, a groundsman, and interior plantscape technician which I gladly excepted working in one area for a while before transferring to the next.

As an interior plantscape technician, my team and I was not only responsible for creating beautiful garden designs but to ensure that those plants were properly maintained keeping their beauty and luster so besides the dusting, pruning, and fertilizing we had to ensure that those interior plants were getting the right amount of water.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors

Getting a Head Start on the Season


Gardening can be rewarding as you watch your plants produce amazing colors and flower bloom or foods (edible plants) which will take your favorite dishes up a notch. But a challenge that many gardeners face is getting those seeds in the ground because the season or timing is not quite right to do so.

The good news is though the timing may not be just right to get those seeds in the ground you can still get a jump or head start on the season by starting seeds indoors. Seed starting indoors is not new, this method is an old approach that has given good results for more on how this is done continue reading as you prepare to reap the fruits of your labor.

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How To Water Garden While On Vacation

 Tips on Taking Care of your Garden before going on a Vacation

Headed to the beach

Vacation time is such a grand time, it’s that time of the year that we all look forward to especially for those of us who have hectic schedules combating the hustle and bustle of life on a daily basis seeking to make a living.

The thought of a vacation is so exciting because this is when we get to unwind, letting our hair down so to speak being able to sleep a bit longer along with the thought of not fighting or getting stuck in traffic going to from work makes vacation time that much more exciting.

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Coffee Plant Care

Your complete guide to the growth and care of the coffee plant

Coffee Plant-coffee-plant-care
Coffee Plant

For some people getting up to a fresh brew of coffee is so delightful, all across America and around the world, you can find coffee lovers who start their morning off with a nice cup of coffee. I am amazed at the number of commercials that comes across the airwaves that advertise different coffee brans.

After graduation from high school, my first real job was as a busboy at one of the local hotels, what interest me was to see the amount of coffee that was served each morning during the breakfast hour. Just about every morning some of the guests would come to the restaurant and order a couple, cups of coffee only while reading the morning newspaper as they caught up on the latest news.

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How Much time should You Spend In Your Garden

Maximizing your time in your garden


How much time should I spend in my garden? This is a question especially for those that are just getting started in this hobby. While we may not be able to put an exact or the amount of time that is spent in your garden because of the type of garden which includes style and the amount of work involved it is good to have an average time because if you are maintaining a large garden then you may have to take a day or two instead of overworking yourself trying to complete that garden project in several hours.

I know for you weekend warriors that can’t wait for Friday evening which is getting off time which spells the WEEKEND and the great outdoors this can be so much fun to get away from the office. But as excited as you maybe it is good to approach this task with caution.

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Career As A Nurseryman

A Career as a Nurseryman

Bird eating pepper-Career-as-a-nurseryman
Bird eating pepper

Do you love working with plants? Do you love the great outdoors? Do you love to watch things grow? Do you love reaping a good harvest of your hard work? Do you love connecting with nature by giving a helping hand?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes that means nature is calling you to a life of working outdoors. I have spent some time working as a nurseryman and to be honest with you it was really great.

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Careers In Irrigation

Training today for a better tomorrow

Irrigation Sprinklers-Careers-in-irrigation
Irrigation sprinklers watering gardening

What’s so amazing about the landscaping and gardening field is that it has so much to offer. There are so many careers to choose from, some of these areas include landscape technician, interior plantscape technician, arborist, nurseryman, golf course, chemical applicators, and so on.

So when it comes to choosing a career in this field there are many opportunities. I  have had many years of training in some of these areas besides attending classes and sitting exams.

In this section, we will be looking at the job of an irrigation technician and what is required to become a part of this exciting field.

The importance of an irrigation technician

There is nothing like having a garden that is flourishing and breathtaking whether it is a flower, fruit or herb garden, etc… But in order to keep our garden plants, healthy and performing at their best and to reap a good harvest one important element that is needed is water.

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Basic Landscape Design Principles

Creating Your Garden Paradise

Red flowers-basic-landscape-design-principles
Red Flowers

So you have decided to take your landscape to the next level by making it a thing of beauty, hiring a landscape contractor can be pretty costly so you have decided to DIY it or Do It Yourself but don’t know where to start don’t despair following these simple principles will give you your garden paradise.

Working on the great outdoors can give such a wonderful feeling as you connect with nature giving nature a helping hand this has been my experience over the years which has paid off in so many ways. I have worked on both residential and commercial properties transforming and bringing much beauty to these areas giving the owners a sense of pride.

Basic landscape design principles

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Garden Tools For The Beginners

Helping yourself by giving nature a helping hand

Garden tools-garden-tools-for-the-begginers
Garden Tools

So you have decided to spend some time on the great outdoors and connect with nature as you give nature a helping hand but still not sure how to become that weekend warrior.

Gardening can be such a rewarding experience and past time as you beautify your surroundings or by starting that vegetable, fruit, or herb garden. Whatever your desire be assured that you will have lots of fun and as an added bonus you will be getting that much-needed exercise to get your heart rate up as you become physical.

Where do I start?

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Outdoor Garden Furniture Design

Taking the inside outdoors

Outdoor garden furniture design
Garden table and chairs

“variety is the spice of life” as they say and to a certain degree, that is true. It is good to live on the edge sometimes or mix it up and just go for it. What is life without living dangerously, in a GOOD way that is?

Over the years I have seen so many garden designs with that added touch of flavor which brought that WOW simply because of pieces of garden furniture that were added.

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Tree Transplanting Methods

Successful tips for transplanting trees

Cherry tree-tree-transplanting-methods
Cherry tree

To move or not to move is the question but then again this is not a question pre-say but something that many home gardeners wrestle with. There is nothing like having a nice healthy tree that is growing so well then one day you notice that your tree was installed in the wrong place.

Maybe it has become a security hazard or it may have outgrown that area or some other reason but whatever the reason you don’t want to touch that tree. I know what I will do I will prune it back.

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How To Become An Arborist?

How to become an arborist?

How to become a arborist-coconut palm
Coconut Palm

The field of landscape and gardening is a broad and exciting field with many different areas. I have worked in many of these areas and enjoy working with nature by installing growing and maintaining plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, and so on. However, in this article, we will be looking at the job of an arborist, what are their responsibilities, and how to become certified.

The job of an arborist

The job of an arborist is to maintain trees and shrubs keeping them well pruned where they don’t interfere with power lines, become a security hazard in the case of blocking areas that should be visible to the public, blocking road signs and other hazards that may endanger the lives of people.

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