Elimination of weeds without weed killers

Eliminating weeds-soil-solarization

For many gardeners, one of the greatest challenges that can really be a killer and an eyesore is having to deal with the elimination of weeds. Weeds do not only take away from the beauty of a well-designed garden and landscape but weeds also present other problems which include.

Weeds compete 

  • With plants for water
  • Robs the soil of nutrients
  • Is a hiding place for insects pest
  • Can promote disease
  • Compete with garden plants for sunlight
  • Weeds are considered invasive and will take over your garden
  • Causes a drop in crop yield
  • Compete for garden plant space
  • Weeds are a resting place for mosquitoes

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Winning the war on weeds


Nothing can take away from a beautiful garden than to have weeds popping up everywhere. Weeds that are actively growing especially during the raining season can be a challenge to the homeowner.

This has been a battle for me working in private homes over the years and the unfortunate thing is the hours that are involved especially when hand weeding is required.

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Weeds and an added benefit


Can weeds really be an added benefit? over the years even as children, we were taught by our parents and other adults that weeds are not good and can do more harm than good.

I remembered days of pulling up weeds in my parents garden and also a few of my own gardens. I have worked on many garden projects and the main concern of the home and business owners were a number of weeds they wanted to be removed.

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Nothing can distract more from a beautiful landscape than to see ugly weeds popping up from everywhere whether they are big or small weeds.


I remember the days when I would be out there in the landscape for hours weeding. For me, those days were days that I worked my fingers off. And to make matters worst, weeding in direct sunlight on those long summer days. Oh, how I would pray for lunchtime and knock off time to come.

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