Going Green in 2018, the power of Green

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Hello everybody, As I am writing this post, this is the last day of 2017 and I just want to say a happy new year and the best of health and success to both you and your family.

We are on the verge of stepping into a brand new year, now I know for some of us 2017 was filled with a lot of challenges, along with some good times but as the new year looms ahead there are many

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The amazing coco plum

Coco plums-coco-plum-health-benefits

Coco plums are truly amazing because of what they have to offer. In my last article on coco plums, we looked at the advantages of having this plant as a part of your garden feature.

you can check it out here ( growing coco plums). In this article, we will be looking at the healthy side of coco plums and how they can benefit us.

What I love about nature is that nature is considered to be our Pharmacy and not just our pharmacy but using what is available to us to heal naturally. That means no side effects only pure natural goodness.

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Healthy SuperFoods

Cauliflower vegetable-cauliflower-health-benefits

Here we are again, we are at years end and are about to enter a new year full of new dreams and hopes. One of the interesting things that I found out about the new year is that most of us have one thing in common and that is making those new years resolutions.

Some of those resolutions may include spending more time with family and friends, taking on a new career or maybe it is taking time out and really enjoying the roses along life journey and the list goes on.

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The amazing world of figs


Figs do not only make a delightful treat but the benefits of figs are of great value and can really give our bodies the boost that it needs. I remembered as a child growing up fig newton was a snack that I often ate.

What is also great about figs is that figs are low in calories. Figs are used in many recipes and products so I invite you to take advantage of this fruit and all that it has to offer.

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Sugarcane juice power

Sugarcane juice-sugar-cane-health-benefits

Going natural is always better because natural is always healthier which is so amazing. What I love about sugar cane is that the juice and the sugars are all natural and can be of great benefit to our bodies.

Growing sugar cane is so simple and the awesome thing is that you can have these natural sweeteners right at your fingertip to take advantage of and enjoy.

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