Promoting your health with fruit peels

Orange peel-fruit-peel-health-benefits

Orange peel

Don’t trash the gold use it to promote your health

There is an old saying which goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” which is so true. Over the years fruit peels have been viewed as useless and discarded or thrown away. But slowly the benefits of fruit peels have been discovered to benefit our bodies in so many ways.

Fruit peels that were once looked upon as junk or trash are now being embraced and use to promote one’s health. These peels are loaded with vitamins and nutrients

Fruit Peel Health Benefits

Fruit Peels are diverse from smooth to coarse even hairy in the case of kiwi fruits. The skin of some fruits can be consumed raw such as apple, grapes, pears etc.. and there are some fruit peels that can be used to make tea such as orange, mango and so on but how can we use these fruit peel to our advantage.

Orange Peel Tea Benefits

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Cherries hanging from tree-Cherry Nutrition Facts

Cherry tree

As a child growing up there was a cherry tree next to our home where my family lived that served us well for many years as we harvest loads of cherries each summer. My brother who is older than I am liked climbing this tree and being the younger brother I always followed him.

We spent many summers feasting on cherries along with our friends from the neighbourhood. Childhood memories oh so sweet. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of cherries. There are many types of cherries that are grown in many parts of the world. Some of these include

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My long, short, bittersweet story

Carambola-Carambola health benefits

Carambola growing tree

I have a story to tell about this fruit because I learned a  valuable lesson through this experience. I first was introduced to this fruit many years ago by my then co-worker working on a private estate. In the back of this property, there was a huge carambola tree that had so many of these fruits which were just so amazing to see.

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Sweet childhood memories of this healthy snack

Tamarind-fruit-health benefits of tamarind


I have so many fond memories of my childhood days of hanging out with friends in the neighborhood playing games, going swimming, bike riding, playing ball etc..

But it is so amazing how the years have passed and even though I can’t turn back the hands of time I will always have those childhood memories to cherish as long as I live.

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Getting a taste of natures best

Honeydew melon-Health benefits of honeydew melon

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is a very delicious fruit. This fruit is not only sweet but the benefits are so great that they are worth being a part of our diet. I have eaten these melons over the years an have enjoyed their wonderful taste besides the health benefits they provide.

Honeydew melons have also made it on the list of superfoods and therefore I think it is worth taking a closer look at the vitamin content and the benefits these fruits contain. Honeydew melons can be eaten by itself or added to fruit salads for a healthy snack.

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