Gardening in a bottle

A plant growing in a bottle-indoor-water-gardens

A plant growing in a bottle

A cool way to garden is gardening in a bottle, as a child growing up, I would often see plants such as pothos vines growing in bottles of water. I would be fascinated with this as I watch the roots lay still in the water to me this was pretty interesting because I was always accustomed to plants being grown in the soil.

Growing plants from a bottle with water only is not new but have been around for some time as I mentioned earlier this was something that fascinated me as a child. These gardens have become popular as many plant species are now being used.

Growing plants in a bottle indoors or starting a water garden of this sort is a good way to connect with nature by bringing nature on the inside. These gardens can be used for beauty or to provide foods giving those favorite dishes that much needed flavor. Below are other benefits of having an indoor water garden.

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A unique garden that is worth the investment

Rain Garden-creating-a-rain-garden

What I find so amazing about the field of landscape and gardening are the many styles and features. Homeowners can now choose from an array of garden designs to meet their every need. In the category section of this website under garden designs, you will find a list of garden projects to choose from.

In this article, however, we will be having a very interesting discussion about a garden that has and is making waves in the gardening world and that is creating a rain garden. A rain garden is not new but these are gardens which have caught the attention of many landscape designers including home and business owners.

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Having success with the geiger tree

Geiger tree-geiger-tree-information

Geiger Tree

The geiger tree is a warm season plant that is native to the West Indies, South Florida, and the Caribbean, this tree is a beautiful garden plant that shoots amazing orange flowers. The geiger tree can really highlight your garden area, makes a good garden plant if you are living in coastal areas because these plants can hold up well when exposed to the salt sprays. This plant it seems is tailor-made to coastal areas because they do well in salty soils.

The geiger tree, however, is a slow grower so much patience is needed when growing this plant, the good part to this story is that if you are looking for a low maintenance plant, investing in this garden beauty is worth the effort. Another feature is the rounded dense canopy which will give that much-needed flavor.

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Creating that dream garden

Wildflower Seeds-how-to-plant-a-meadow

Wildflower Seeds

When you envision a meadow what is the first thing that comes to mind? As for me many years ago when I thought about a meadow what came to mind was a huge piece of land somewhere out there in the open country with lots of different species of flowering plants and grasses that stretch for miles also rolling hills which go as far as the eyes could see.

This thought or visual picture has such charm and peacefulness that can really excite one’s imagination of a garden of this sort. The good news is we don’t need acres of land to create such a garden wonder but a piece of land that is in an open area which gets lots of sunlight.

The space you may be working with may not be that huge but creating a miniature size meadow is the thing for you. Just think of the endless possibilities of constructing a garden such as this.

The advantages of creating a meadow

There is much reason why meadows are created but here are a few reasons why I believe creating a meadow is so cool.

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A garden without human efforts

A Rock Garden- a-rock-garden

A Rock Garden

A rock garden has such an appeal. These gardens look so natural like no human efforts were involved as long as it is constructed in the right way. Rock gardens can be of any size and shape but the gold is to design your rock garden in such a way that it will be pleasing to the eyes looking all natural.

My Personal Story

I have a personal story to tell about these gardens. Several years ago I made the suggestion to my then manager to install one of these gardens which he agreed. The place where this rock garden was to be constructed was at our international airport. I was more excited to get this projected underway than any of the crew members which was assigned to work this project with me.

I was also given the responsibility to oversee this project which was a real task. The area that was chosen was a large area which was in the public’s view so to install a garden in this area would make a major impact bringing that much-needed flavour. So what we did first was to come up with a plan of action such as

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