7 Effective Ways to Sustainable Gardening

How To Make A Sustainable Garden-plumeria-fragrant-flowers

Plumeria fragrant flowers

These days more and more people are getting involved on the great outdoors by working the soil in an effort to reap a good harvest whether it be growing food crops (fruits, vegetables, herbs) or growing a flower garden, or maybe a combination of both but whatever you’re deciding on growing one thing is for sure an that is making the most out of your time seeking to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Creating a sustainable garden can make this possible keeping you ahead of the game giving you great results but in order for this to happen a well-thought-out plan must be put in place. This plan or blueprint is the road map that will guide you in having much success with your garden.

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The Advantage of Creating a Focal Point

Garden Focal Point Images-a-wagon-with-flowers

Cart wagon with flowers

Creating a focal point in a garden setting will bring a flow that ties the entire garden together. With a focal point however this is not the rule, but you can begin to design and construct your garden around that feature or plant.

I have been involved in many garden and interior plantscape projects where that feature, plant, or plant design brought that WOW. Now when seeking to create a focal point don’t overthink this process because it is very simple but yet has a pleasing effect.

As said a little earlier even though this is not written in stone you can construct your garden around your focal point or include your focal point while constructing your garden or when the garden is completed because you may not have thought of a focal point at that point until after the project is finished but try to avoid the latter and have your focal point at the onset of your garden design.

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Creating a Container Rainbow Garden

Flower ContaineIdeas For Full sun-primeroses-in-flower-pots

Primroses in flower pots

One of my favorite ways of gardening is with the help of containers, this method of gardening is known as container gardening which is not new but has been around for some time.

There are many benefits to this type of gardening along with some challenges but the good news is the good outweighs the bad as long as you have the right knowledge you can have much success so with that said let’s take a closer look at container gardening.

Creating a colorful garden will bring much flavor along with interest to a garden area especially if green colors are dominating. By introducing colors into that sea of green can be used to your advantage to create a garden paradise.

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8 Landscaping Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

Common Landscaping Mistakes-a-well-designed-landscape

A beautiful landscape design

Every homeowner who desires to create a garden can have much success from the very start but too often because of a lack of experience and planning many have made mistakes bringing frustration wondering where they went wrong.

These mistakes cost them their time and hard-earned dollars. The good news however is these mistakes can be avoided with the right information.

If your desire is to have a good headstart from the very start for your garden project then continue reading because what you don’t want is to waste your time and money.

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10 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard Living Space

Creating A Backyard Oasis-a-fish-pond

A fish pond

There is an old say that “a man’s home is his castle” which I believe includes the outdoor living space as well. To often I have seen yards with so much potential but because of a lack of vision by the homeowner that living space was wasted with nothing but overgrown plants, weeds, and other debris.

Thinking outside of the box, however, can turn that run down backyard into a garden oasis creating interest that says home sweet home where the homeowner can kick back and relax in his garden paradise enjoying the comforts of a private setting connecting with nature in an environment that is pleasing and inviting.

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