Tips on making your driveway a part of your garden design

Lawn House Driveway-driveway-garden-ideas

Lawn House Driveway

Constructing a driveway garden can do a whole lot by creating a curb appeal which is so inviting that it seems to say the words WELCOME. Creating a driveway garden is so great because these gardens are constructed at the properties entrance can bring that much-needed flavor with its beauty and charm.

In traditional landscape settings, gardens were installed at the rare of the house but because times have changed and continue to change we are seeing gardens of all sorts being installed and enjoyed by homeowners. Besides, bringing much beauty to this area a driveway garden will also increase a property’s value which is a win-win.

Having a driveway garden installed will also soften up the front area by tying in or bringing together concrete and other hardscape features in a garden setting that is complimented with plants of different texture, color and sizes with amazing flower bloom so come with me on this journey as we explore the exciting world of driveway gardens and how to successful install and care for them.

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How to Create a Topiary Garden

Topiary Garden-a-peacock

A Topiary Peacock

Creating a topiary garden can be so exciting because these gardens are so unique using plant materials to create shapes from humans to animals, insects, etc… Its believed that these gardens first came about during the early English days many, many years ago but as old as these gardens are they are still making waves with their unique style as they capture the hearts of people worldwide.

Topiary can be used as a focal point to bring a garden design together, while I must say and I am sure you will agree is these garden types do take some imagination and creativity. I have seen so many of these designs which are a real show stopper so for more on topiary gardens let’s take a closer look.

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Creating a Courtyard Garden with these Simple Steps

Courtyard Garden-how-to-create-a-courtyard-garden

A courtyard garden

Creating a garden paradise does have its rewards where you can sit back and enjoy all that nature has to offer. It is so amazing to see the many homeowners who are not just constructing their homes but also allotting space to create their garden oasis. Many years ago I worked as a groundsman and interior plantscape designer for a private club which was upscale that attracted and catered to those whose desires were to have a dream vacation getting away from it all where there was nothing but peace and relaxation.

The gardens of this club were so amazing with tennis courts and swimming pools that made this club the vacation spot but what really stood out among the made gardens that graced this landscape was the courtyard area. Once you entered the whole atmosphere changed with breathtaking garden plants, furniture and garden features with the sound of water trickling down as it flowed from a nearby fountain making this part of the club inviting.

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Simple Steps to Gravel Gardening

Gravel walking path-how-to-create-a gravel-garden

Gravel Walking Path

One of the great things about garden and landscaping is the many designs that are there to choose from, there are so many styles that can bring that flavor turning and area that is an eyesore into a work of art. Constructing a gravel garden can bring such flavor and style that is sure to have heads turning. As I write this post I am in the process of designing one of the gardens at our international airport and one of the material that we are using is gravels which is really bringing a facelift to that area.

What I love about these gardens is the low maintenance cost which spells a $avings and for us who work the soil, we know that seeking to maintain a garden can be pretty costly and laborious.

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A stylish garden with a unique twist

Fern Plants

The world of landscape and gardening is so great, working on the great outdoors connecting with nature in such an awesome way gives a wonderful feeling, but what I also love about working in the garden is that it offers so many opportunities to get creative as your imagination runs wild with ideas which can create an oasis with much flavor that is so inviting.

There are many garden styles with which to choose from to meet your every need, letting those creative juices flow as you create that dream garden is truly a work of art. In this article, we will be discussing how to garden or plant in crevices to give an all-natural look where it seems as if no human efforts were involved. Sounds good then lets dive in and discover the fascinating world of planting in crevices.

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