Bringing beauty to that eyesore

Mandevilla Vine-vines-in-the-landscape

Mandevilla Vine

There is nothing like an eyesore that can take away from something which was meant to beautify and give that wow, it is like being dressed in a nice suite, hair well groomed but wearing shoes that are old, dirty and worn out with holes.

It does not matter how well dressed and groomed that person may be because of the condition of their shoes it will take away from what that person was hoping to create. Those worn out shoes would be distracting and so it is with certain outdoor structures and features.

Have you ever seen a home that is so beautiful as you observe it with much admiration then out of nowhere it catches you by surprise or hits you like a lightning bolt, a structure or feature that leaves you with your mouth hanging open, probably wondering what was the homeowner thinking off or why didn’t they fix that problem which is so distracting. What are some features even though serving a purpose is an eyesore?

Some features that may be visible and distracting

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How to successfully grow a wildflower garden


Wildflower garden

Creating a wildflower garden can be pretty amazing. What I love about garden construction is taking an area that is unsightly or barren and turning it into a thing of beauty where there is an array of colors that are pleasing to the eyes besides providing a habitat for wildlife.

In this article, we will be doing just that, turning that drab area into a work of art that is breathtaking so that both you, your family an friends can enjoy. But what are the steps to take in constructing a wildflower garden?

Steps to create a wildflower garden


Wildflower garden

  • Location
  • Soil type
  • Type of plants suited for your zone
  • Site preparation
  • When to plant
  • what to plant
  • How to plant
  • Using Mulch
  • How to water
  • When to water
  • Fertilizing
  • Benefits of pruning

What is a wildflower garden

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Using climbers to create beauty above the ground

Creeping fig-vines-in-the-landscape

Creeping fig vine

The world of plants is so diverse that it’s mind-blowing. There are thousand and thousand to choose from with their varied styles, colors and growing habits that it’s possible to create gardens that meet your needs providing you the opportunity to create your dream garden.

Among the thousands of plants that grace our landscapes, vines are among this group that have so much to offer. I have worked with many species of vines over the years on many garden and landscape projects that made such an impact enhancing the overall design.

Vines in the landscape

What we will be discussing are vines, their care, and impact in the landscapes and gardens.

Just like other garden plants vines also need tender loving care to perform at their best, therefore, it’s important to know the basic or have some knowledge that will have your vines growing their best.

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Taking your garden to the next level

Tips and tricks with using plastic bottles

Plants-planted-plastic-bottle-plastic bottle garden

Plastic bottle garden-creating-extra-space

It is so wonderful to know that we can take our gardens to the next level and save money at the seem time. Who would have ever thought that just a few years back we would have all of these amazing ideas that works wonders in our gardens?

I believe that the generation past would be surprised to see how far we have come in improving our gardens by using many household products that are found around our home. These new ideas are great because we get to save and reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the garbage, using them in creative ways in our gardens. By getting creative we are saving $$$$$$$ and I believe because of that this is smart gardening.

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Getting creative and staying ahead of the game

Rain -bow- color-garden-fall-gardening-ideas

It is so amazing how time flies and as the saying goes.” time waits on man” Just the other day we were preparing for the winter season ensuring that our gardens were taken care of as we entered the winter months.

Then came spring that painted our landscapes and gardens with an array of colors as our garden plants were in full bloom, also it was so wonderful to hear the birds singing and watching them as they flew so freely in the open sky. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, butterflies, and bees going about their daily activities moving from plant to plant collecting pollen or taking a rest as all of nature just seem to come alive during this time of the year.

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