Giving Your Landscape and All-Natural Look

How To Landscape With Rocks-garden-plants

Garden plants with rock design

Some may see rocks as nothing more than a lifeless material that does nothing but takes up space but can I tell you that this is far from the truth. Rocks can bring much life into the landscapes and gardens giving an all-natural look with that special touch or flavor that creates an appeal that brings that wow into a garden setting that’s pleasing and inviting.

Rocks are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and can be used just about anywhere in the landscapes. I love the idea of including rocks in the landscapes because rocks can really bring a beautiful landscape design together giving the appearance that it was all done by nature without any human involvement.

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Keyhole Gardening Construction

Keyhole Garden Tips-key-hole-garden-bed

Keyhole garden bed

Keyhole gardens were first constructed in the 1990s for families in Africa that were poor and needing ways to successfully grow food crops. These gardens were said to be constructed or positioned near the kitchen.

The appearance of the garden was a two-meter-wide circular rise bed with a compost pile in the center with a key shape pathway. Uncooked vegetable scraps, manure, and water were placed in the center basket of this garden type.

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12 Do it Yourself Ideas that will Save You Money

Do It Yourself Landscapin Design-a-garden-design

A garden design

With the coronavirus and so much time on our hands because of the lockdown, we can invest a part of that time in doing something that will pay off in big ways by working in our gardens with these ideas that will not only bring that much-needed change but will save you a few dollars as well.

Becoming more active on the great outdoors is a great way to connect with nature while exercising your brainpower as well as keeping your heart rate up with this physical activity.

Below, however, we will be looking at 12 ways to DIY or do it yourself with these garden designs that are so amazing.

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Tiny Indoor Gardens

Small Indoor Garden Ideas-pothos-vine

Pothos Vine

Installing and maintaining a garden can be a rewarding experience as you connect with nature on the great outdoors.  But what if you don’t have the yard space or maybe your desire is to go start an indoor garden, is this possible? the answer to that question is yes.

Thinking outside of the box can help in meeting the desired end by looking at ways to install and indoor garden. This is a great way to get a taste of nature on the inside, I have worked on many interior plantscape projects from 5-star resorts to private homes and know that with some thinking and planning you can bring much flavor into your indoor living space with these methods that have proven to work wonders.

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Garden Tips on Unterlizing that Small Space

Raise Bed Garden-small-garden-designs-and-layouts

Raise Bed Garden

Don’t give up on your dream garden because you have limited space, having a garden is still possible by thinking outside of the box and making good use of that small space because when it comes to gardening there are so many ways of approach that has proven to give good results.

I have been involved in many garden projects from outdoors to the interior and have had the experience of seeing first hand what can happen with a well thought out plan. Whether it’s a vegetable, herb, or flower garden you have come to the right place on how this is done so continue with me below as we discuss small garden designs and layouts.

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