Taking your garden to the next level

Tips and tricks with using plastic bottles

Plants-planted-plastic-bottle-plastic bottle garden

Plastic bottle garden-creating-extra-space

It is so wonderful to know that we can take our gardens to the next level and save money at the seem time. Who would have ever thought that just a few years back we would have all of these amazing ideas that works wonders in our gardens?

I believe that the generation past would be surprised to see how far we have come in improving our gardens by using many household products that are found around our home. These new ideas are great because we get to save and reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the garbage, using them in creative ways in our gardens. By getting creative we are saving $$$$$$$ and I believe because of that this is smart gardening.

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Getting creative and staying ahead of the game

Rain -bow- color-garden-fall-gardening-ideas

It is so amazing how time flies and as the saying goes.” time waits on man” Just the other day we were preparing for the winter season ensuring that our gardens were taken care of as we entered the winter months.

Then came spring that painted our landscapes and gardens with an array of colors as our garden plants were in full bloom, also it was so wonderful to hear the birds singing and watching them as they flew so freely in the open sky. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, butterflies, and bees going about their daily activities moving from plant to plant collecting pollen or taking a rest as all of nature just seem to come alive during this time of the year.

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 Four gardens that are perfect for all seasons

Colorful garden plants-when to plant a garden

Constructing a garden can be rewarding both mentally and physically because installing a garden involves our minds and bodies. With our minds we envision what we want and then we put together a plan and with our bodies, the actual work is carried out so we are exercising our brain power by putting it to work along with our bodies.

Another benefit of constructing a garden is reaping the rewards of our hard work, sitting back and enjoying our accomplishments whether it be a vegetable or herb garden or maybe a flower garden but whatever garden we choose we can reap the fruits of our labor.

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Gardening above the ground

Balcony view-balcony gardening ideas

Living above the ground can be pretty amazing as you get to enjoy that scenic view of the setting or the rising of the sun, you may be living in the city as you get to see all that is happening around you including the beautiful lights at nighttime. Or you may be living in the country with a perfect view of beautiful mountains, clear blue skies with white clouds as you enjoy the beauty of all that nature has to offer.

It is so wonderful to have this kind of experience and even though I am not living above the ground I have had the awesome experiences of many balcony views even gardening from way up high as I took in such amazing sights overlooking many beautiful landscapes, gardens, and the ocean.

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Extending the growing season for a bountiful harvest

Cold frame garden-cold frame gardening

The fall and winter seasons is that time of year when leaves fall from many of the beautiful trees that grace our gardens and landscape as much work has to be done with the raking of leaves and other fall activities.

Then there is winter that follows close by with its many chills as the ground is matted with snow, birds flying south as bears go into their long-awaited rest and many flowering plants refuse to bloom. This is the time of the year with snowman, slay rides, hot chocolate, pulling out those boots, coats, scarf, gloves and other delights that warms the heart.

But in the midst of all this, this time of the year presents the right opportunity to extend the growing season of our garden plants where we can have an abundance of garden produce freshly picked as we prepare those delicious meals.

Cold Frame Garden

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