Creating your garden paradise

Pansies violet-slopes-and-hillside-gardens

Pansies Violet

Creating your garden paradise from a slope or hillside can give that WOW. These garden spaces provide you with the opportunity to get those creative juices flowing as you construct a garden which is unique in style with such flavours that will have your imagination running wild as you see the endless possibilities of creating a thing of beauty.

However, constructing a garden on a slope or hillside calls for much thought and planning because what you want is a garden that is not only your oasis but a garden that is well suited for these areas.

Things to consider

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Getting a taste of the tropics

Tropical Plants-how-to-plant-a-tropical-garden

Tropical Plants

I love the tropics with its white sandy beaches, beautiful blueish-greenish crystal clear waters, nice sunny days as the breeze blows so gently with many tropical plants in an array of colours which seems to make the tropics seem like a fairytale story.

I live in a tropical region, this has been my home from the date of birth. I have spent many days taking in all the beauty this island paradise has to offer. Visitors from countries worldwide visits these shores spending thousands of dollars to have this kind of experience or should I say to get a taste of the tropics.

What enhances the flavour of the tropics is its beautiful gardens that both the natives and the wildlife take full advantage off. Now for many that are reading this post, I know you may be living in an environment that is not the same but the good news is I have come to bring the tropics to you by providing information which will help you to get a taste of the tropics by planting a tropical garden.

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Creating interest and appeal for your garden and landscapes

Building a berm-garden-flowers

Building A Berm

While planning a garden will create interest and beauty for that drab or dull area it is good to have a design that will give that WOW. Too often in the planning or designing process, it is never considered that the ground itself can further enhance the appearance of our garden design by shaping it in such a way which will not only create beauty but interest.

I have seen such designs over the years and to be honest with you these designs were really eye-catching taking those gardens and landscapes to the next level.

How then do we create this interest? it is with the help of creating a landscaping berm which we will be discussing. We will also be looking at the benefits of having such berms as a part of our overall landscape and garden designs.

Building a garden berm

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Beautifying small garden spaces


Yellow Lily

Living in an apartment does not mean you have to give up on your dreams of having a garden. While your space may be limited, with careful and proper planning you can turn that limited space into a work of art that says home sweet home.

It is good to think outside the box getting creative as we move away from the old way of thinking that having a garden is only meant to be enjoyed by those which have sufficient space.

Though apartment gardens are gardens on a small scale, with these type gardens you can still make a huge impact which will give that WOW.

Tieing it all together

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Another solution to increasing food production

Hydroponic Gardens-growing-garden-plants

Hydroponic Gardens

Another solution to increasing food production is by a method that’s known as hydroponics. What is hydroponics? and when did it all started? Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without the use of soil, this method is also known as soilless growing.

The process involves growing plants in nutrient-rich water. That means no digging in the soil which at times can be tiring along with having to do a soil test and adding soil amendments.

Hydroponics is said to have had its humble beginnings around the 15th century now that is a long time ago. This method is not new but has been around for a while as we can see even though there have been some changes and improvements throughout the years the principles or basics still apply.

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