10 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard Living Space

Creating A Backyard Oasis-a-fish-pond

A fish pond

There is an old say that “a man’s home is his castle” which I believe includes the outdoor living space as well. To often I have seen yards with so much potential but because of a lack of vision by the homeowner that living space was wasted with nothing but overgrown plants, weeds, and other debris.

Thinking outside of the box, however, can turn that run down backyard into a garden oasis creating interest that says home sweet home where the homeowner can kick back and relax in his garden paradise enjoying the comforts of a private setting connecting with nature in an environment that is pleasing and inviting.

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How to Hang Bromeliads from a Tree

Bromeliad Garden Ideas-bromeliad-flowers

Bromeliads Flowering Plant

Bromeliads are a group of plants that comprises some 2,700 species which makes this family one of the largest in the plant kingdom. What I love about bromeliads are the many colors that are produced either with its flowers, foliage, or a combination of both.

Installing bromeliads in your garden design will give that tropical look with its rainbow colors that will brighten up your landscape with their beauty and charm.

Bromeliads are one of my favorites because besides offering so many colors creating that color pop bromeliads are low maintenance surviving on very little water with pest problems that are little to none.

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Beautifying Your Landscape with these Components

Landscape Components-a-wagon-with-flowers

A wagon with flowers

Creating a flower garden can provide a scenic view that’s so inviting transforming your outdoor living space into a garden oasis where you can kick back and enjoy beautiful surroundings as you connect with nature in the most awesome way.

But what can further enhance your outdoor living experience taking it up a notch is adding hardscapes and other garden features that will complement your garden design.

In this article, we will be looking at such components that will give that pop deepening your outdoor experience as you enjoy nature on the great outdoors.

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Giving Your Landscape and All-Natural Look

How To Landscape With Rocks-garden-plants

Garden plants with rock design

Some may see rocks as nothing more than a lifeless material that does nothing but takes up space but can I tell you that this is far from the truth. Rocks can bring much life into the landscapes and gardens giving an all-natural look with that special touch or flavor that creates an appeal that brings that wow into a garden setting that’s pleasing and inviting.

Rocks are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and can be used just about anywhere in the landscapes. I love the idea of including rocks in the landscapes because rocks can really bring a beautiful landscape design together giving the appearance that it was all done by nature without any human involvement.

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Keyhole Gardening Construction

Keyhole Garden Tips-key-hole-garden-bed

Keyhole garden bed

Keyhole gardens were first constructed in the 1990s for families in Africa that were poor and needing ways to successfully grow food crops. These gardens were said to be constructed or positioned near the kitchen.

The appearance of the garden was a two-meter-wide circular rise bed with a compost pile in the center with a key shape pathway. Uncooked vegetable scraps, manure, and water were placed in the center basket of this garden type.

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