The Best Type Of St. Augustine Grass For Florida

Which St Augustine Grass is Best for Florida

The Best Type Of St. Augustine Grass For Florida-st-augustine-grass
St Augustine grass

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season turf that is popular throughout the state of Florida, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, this turf adapts to a wide variety of soil types.  When properly maintained St. Augustine grass produces a nice dense green turf that is very beautiful, if you’re living in a coastal area this grass type is the best choice because of its ability to withstand salt sprays.

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Winter Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden Winter Activities

Winter Indoor Garden-growing-peppers-in-a-container
Red peppers

With the arrival of winter comes those chilly days and nights, the snow-covered ground and gardens seem to say it’s time to pack up those garden tools until the warmer weather arrives, or should we have to. Why stop what we love doing when we can extend the season by bringing nature indoors with a winter garden.

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Preservation Of Fruits And Vegetables

4 Ways to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables from Your Home Kitchen

Preservation Of Fruits And Vegetables-red-apples
Red Apples

One of the joys of summer besides planting and harvest time is preserving those veggies and fruits.  Preserving your garden produce is a great way to have a lot of extras or and an almost endless supply of edible foods at your fingertip that will save a few extra bucks which is a winner.

If you love spending time in your garden growing edible foods and are looking for ways to preserve some of those foods then continue readings as you learn of ways to preserve your fruits and veggies for future use.

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Best Herbs For Tea

12 Herbal Teas that will Boost your Health

Best Herbs For Tea-chamomile-tea
A cup of chamomile tea

There is nothing like sitting down to a nice cup of tea especially doing those chilly days and cold nights. But what you don’t want is just any tea but a tea that will promote your health while you’re enjoying it.

Sure there are other hot beverages that will delight your taste buds as it warms your heart and nothing is wrong with that but how good it is to sip on herbal teas that have so many benefits helping to maintain our body’s health.

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Grow Your Own Microgreens

Growing these SuperFoods at Home

Lettuce Seedlings

Microgreens are greens that are miniature and are harvested from vegetables or herbs these greens are loaded with nutrients, microgreens are also used to add flavor and color to your favorite dishes. These superfoods can be purchased or grown from our home gardens. Microgreens are harvested when they are young.

Including microgreens in our diets is a great way to eat healthy keeping our bodies in the best shape ever. Microgreens, however, can be pretty costly but as mentioned earlier we can grow them from our home gardens giving us a year-round supply from the garden to our kitchens. Below we will be discussing how to have success when growing and harvesting these greens.

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Gardening Can Help You Live To 100

Gardening For Longevity

A Flower Garden

Gardening can be such a rewarding and exciting hobby, this is a great way to connect wait nature on the great outdoors. I have been in this field for years now and have seen first hand what can happen when we commit to the soil.

Taking a step into the world of gardening will take you on an adventure where those creative juices will flow bringing much flavor to and environment like non-other, in fact, the first job that was given to man is recorded in the bible where a man was told by God to take care of the earth so gardening span from the beginning of time.

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Plants That Cause Allergies

Getting rid of the spring blues

Garden flowers-plants-that-cause-allergies
Garden flowers

Spring is that time of year that brings such a burst of energy with our landscape and garden plants in full bloom, trees clothed with beautiful leaves, birds flying in the open blue skies as butterflies and bees can be seen going about their daily business, squirrels, and rabbits moving about gathering food as the rest of nature moves about in perfect order which lets us know that winter has past and spring is here.

But then for many, this is not an exciting time of year because with the spring season comes sneezing with itching eyes and runny nose as the doctor’s office is paid a visit a trip to the pharmacy as the medication is brought to bring relief. Springtime should be a fun time when we are up and about in the great outdoors connecting and enjoying all that nature has to offer but there are some plants while dazzling in appearance can be a nightmare for those who come in contact with them.

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Detox Your Lungs With Plants

Detoxing your lungs the Natural Way

Human Lungs-detox your lungs with plants
The Human Lungs

The functions of the lungs

The purpose of our lungs is to take in oxygen. As we inhale our lungs take in this oxygen which is carried by the blood to cells that are in our bodies if our lungs cannot carry out their functions the rest of our organs will not function properly which will cause a breakdown and that spells bad news. While this post is not on the anatomy of the lungs we will be discussing ways in keeping our lungs healthy and strong.

Maintaining a healthy lung in this day and time is a challenge because there are factors that we can’t control. The environment, as well as our homes, are filled with toxins and pollution.

This is a growing concern that has been going on for many years and what is even more disturbing is there seems to be an increase in pollution so the question is how can we counter-attack to keep our lungs healthy and strong?

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Health Benefits Of Oatmeal

Strengthening your heart and lowering your cholesterol

Breakfast oats-health-benefits-of-oatmeal
Breakfast Oats

The health industry is bombarded by many persons that are having issues with their health and the scary part is these issues are growing at an alarming rate. Both public and private hospitals in many cases having staff work overtime to meet this ever-growing demand.

While it is true we need these medical professionals the number of patients that pays a visit to the doctor’s office can be far less if only we would obey the laws of good health but sad to say many had rather indulge in self-gratification by eating and drinking that which is not good for their health than to exercise self-control when it comes to poor dieting.

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Plants That Help You Sleep Better

Sleep A Natural Way To Bring Healing

Peace Lily-plants-that-help-you-sleep-better
Peace Lily

We all know there is nothing like a good night’s sleep, It so amazes me how sleep can do our bodies so much good in fact according to research we should get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. I remember there were times when I was not feeling so good but after getting some sleep I felt so much better.

We all need sleep, including insects and animals. When it comes to plants though they don’t sleep yet they go through a rest period to be rejuvenated so in a way just as we rest by sleeping to be rejuvenated plants rest also and are rejuvenated. It is just something about sleep that causes our bodies to go through a rejuvenation process making us feel energized.

There are many persons that have all sorts of health issues and if the truth could be told many of those health issues can be traced back to a lack of sleep. Tossing and turning all night and then when you are about to be carried off by Mr. Sandman it is time to get up. Persons that experience sleeping disorders are a danger to themselves and those they work around including society. What can a lack of sleep cause?

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Natural Remedies For Anxiety And Stress

Healing naturally with these remedies

Anxiety and Stress are issues that affect so many people worldwide. Anxiety is known as a mental condition, this condition affects more than 30 million people each year in the United States alone. Signs of anxiety include

Natural Remedies For Anxiety And Stress
Garlic Herb


  • Tense muscles
  • Shortness of breath
  • Problem sleeping
  • Problems keeping still
  • Dry mouth
  • Uneasiness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Panic
  • Hands that are cold, sweaty, and numb
  • Feet that are cold sweaty and numb
  • Nausea
  • Fear

Then there is stress, that many people are all too familiar with. Stress is brought on by so many conditions such as overwork, trying to meet a deadline, overdue bills, and so on. Some signs of stress include

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Yogurt Benefits

10 amazing health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt with fruits

The dairy aisles of just about every supermarket are beautifully displayed with assorted brands of yogurts from every flavor you can imagine. I am always amazed when browsing this section, it seems as if the demand for yogurt has increased because of the many health benefits they offer.

Yogurts are delicious and have such a soothing effect. Many years ago after graduating from high school, I worked as a busboy at a resort and one of the things I remembered was yogurts of all flavors that were a part of the breakfast menu which the guest took advantage of.

Although yogurt can be eaten at any time of the day it seems that this popular food is eaten mostly during breakfast hour. Yogurt makes a healthy treat in the evening just before bedtime so if you crave a snack just before calling it a day then yogurt makes a great choice.

I love yogurt and have enjoyed them for years. I love their many flavors but one of my favorites is a pina colada. Now that I am married with a family my wife ensures that there is always yogurt on our table after a trip from the supermarket.

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Healthy Diet On A Budget

Affording the best on a low budget

A Calculator

We’re living in a day and time where many persons are becoming health conscious. At every turn, it seems as if there is a call to change our lives by making decisions that will promote our health.

The airwaves, books, magazines, newspapers, and other sources are sounding the alarm to take control of our health for longevity. Health stores are popping up everywhere, Food stores, pharmacies and many others are stocking their shelves with products that promise to have us looking and feeling years younger.

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The Benefits Of Healthy Eating In Early Childhood

The building blocks for healthy living

Fruits and vegetables-the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood
Fruits and vegetables

There is a saying that “we are what we eat ” which is so true. A statement that I have also used a few times in many of my posts, is a statement that I read many years ago which says, “with our forks and knives we dig our graves”.

Many health-related issues can be traced back to poor dieting. What we consume can work against us causing much harm. It’ is sad to see that so many adults are living unhealthy lives and what makes it worse is they are teaching their children to do the same by being poor examples.

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Herbs That Fight Cancer

Winning the war on cancer

Garlic Herb

Cancer is a disease that has caused so many deaths. In fact, it is estimated that this disease causes the death of more than 7 million people worldwide each year which is a lot of lives that are lost.

Cancer victims can be from the young to the middle age and even the elderly so this disease has touch persons from all walks of life and age. Research is ongoing to win the war on cancer.

The good news, however, is there are treatments that have proven to give good results. But what other methods are there that can be implemented to help win the war on cancer?

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Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

Sweetly healing naturally

Lemon balm-lemon-balm-tea-benefits
Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm herb is dated back to more than 2,000 years ago which means this herb has seen many generations. Lemon balm has a lemony taste that can flavor your foods.

Lemon balm herb is a native of northern African and southern Europe. This herb belongs to the mint family and is a perennial plant. Back in ancient times, it was believed that making lemon balm a part of your diet contributed to living longer.

Many restaurants worldwide use lemon balm herb to flavor many of their popular dishes. But besides its wonderful flavors what other benefits does this herb serve.

 Lemon balm tea benefits

My personal experience

What I love about herbs is they can be included in our diet to bring natural healing. Many products that are sold on the market to promote healing have so many side effects.

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Vegetable Peel Health Benefits

Healing naturally with vegetable peels


In my last article, we looked at fruit peel health benefits. In this article, however, we will be discussing vegetable peel health benefits and how they can bring natural healing to our bodies

As it is with fruit peels so it is with vegetable peels, in fact, vegetable peels are thrown out more often than fruit peels but do you know that vegetable peels are loaded with

nutrients and vitamins that can do our bodies a lot of good. Do you remember how it was when we were kids and got that serving of vegetables what our parents would often say to us, “eat your veggies” and for some of us this was a nightmare that we wanted to awaken from but sad to say it was not a dream but a reality we were faced with and that was eating our vegetables?

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Fruit Peel Health Benefits

Promoting Your Health with Fruit Peels

Orange peel-fruit-peel-health-benefits
Orange peel

Don’t trash the gold use it to promote your health

There is an old saying which goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” which is so true. Over the years fruit peels have been viewed as useless and discarded or thrown away. But slowly the benefits of fruit peels have been discovered to benefit our bodies in so many ways.

Fruit peels that were once looked upon as junk or trash are now being embraced and use to promote one’s health. These peels are loaded with vitamins and nutrients

Fruit Peel Health Benefits

Fruit Peels are diverse from smooth to coarse even hairy in the case of kiwi fruits. The skin of some fruits can be consumed raw such as apple, grapes, pears, etc.. and there are some fruit peels that can be used to make tea such as orange, mango and so on but how can we use these fruit peel to our advantage.

Orange Peel Tea Benefits

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Rosemary Tea Health Benefits

12 benefits of drinking rosemary tea

Rosemary tea-rosemary- tea- benefits
Rosemary Herb

Rosemary Herb has an amazing aroma and the flavors of this herb are truly out of this world. I learned about this herb many years ago, since then I have been stuck on rosemary and used it ever since.

I believe for anyone who wants to wake up or spruce up their dishes giving it that WOW  this herb is key. Word of caution here rosemary is very powerful and using too much of it can really give your foods a bitterish taste so use in moderation when preparing those dishes.

Cooking with rosemary herb

A few ideas when cooking with this herb.

Rosemary can be added to your

  • Soups
  • Steam foods
  • Rice
  • Bake foods
  • Broil foods

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Thyme Tea Health Benefits

10 Benefits of drinking thyme tea

Cup of time tea-thyme-tea-health-benefits
A cup of thyme tea

I would love for us to take the time to have a closer look at thyme and its many benefits. I have been using this herb for many years and still am to this day. As a child, my parents loved cooking with thyme.

I watched on many occasions as my father who is now deceased moved about in the kitchen preparing those delicious meals and one of the herbs he always went for was thyme.

Thyme has such a pleasant aroma and I remembered there were times he would be cooking and this wonderful odor would fill our home. Many Bahamian dishes are prepared with this herb especially our famous peas n rice.

Tourists travel from near and far to enjoy our culture along with the beautiful weather and beaches, you guess right also our famous peas n rice that have touched so many hearts as they keep coming back for more.

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Oats Benefits

Naturally healing with oats proven facts that oats works

As a child, I never liked oats because to me just to look at cooked oats was a complete turn-off. It is so amazing as kids how we think, if it looks good then we figure it is good, if it smells good then we figure that it is good and if it tastes good then in like manner we think it is good

A bowl of oats with fruits

but as an adult, I have learned over the years that this is not the case because what we hail as good simply because of how it looks along with how it smells and tastes doesn’t mean that it is good for us.

Many adults sad to say are just like kids when it comes to their health. I know of a few people who have bad eating habits and to make matters worse they don’t care, I remembered talking to some of my co-workers about their bad eating habits

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Cherry Nutrition Facts


Cherries hanging from tree-Cherry Nutrition Facts
Cherry tree

As a child growing up there was a cherry tree next to our home where my family lived that served us well for many years as we harvest loads of cherries each summer. My brother who is older than I am liked climbing this tree and being the younger brother I always followed him.

We spent many summers feasting on cherries along with our friends from the neighborhood. Childhood memories oh so sweet. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of cherries. There are many types of cherries that are grown in many parts of the world. Some of these include

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Carambola Health Benefits

Promote Your Health with Carambola

My long, short, bittersweet story

Carambola-Carambola health benefits
Carambola growing tree

I have a story to tell about this fruit because I learned a  valuable lesson through this experience. I first was introduced to this fruit many years ago by my then co-worker working on a private estate. In the back of this property, there was a huge carambola tree that had so many of these fruits which were just so amazing to see.

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Health Benefits Of Tamarind

Boost Your Health with Tamarind

Tamarind-fruit-health benefits of tamarind

I have so many fond memories of my childhood days of hanging out with friends in the neighborhood playing games, going swimming, bike riding, playing ball, etc…

But it is so amazing how the years have passed and even though I can’t turn back the hands of time I will always have those childhood memories to cherish as long as I live.

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Honeydew Melon Health Benefits

Promoting Your Health with Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon-Health benefits of honeydew melon
Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is a very delicious fruit. This fruit is not only sweet but the benefits are so great that they are worth being a part of our diet. I have eaten these melons over the years and have enjoyed their wonderful taste besides the health benefits they provide.

Honeydew melons have also made it on the list of superfoods and therefore I think it is worth taking a closer look at the vitamin content and the benefits these fruits contain. Honeydew melons can be eaten by themselves or added to fruit salads for a healthy snack.

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Super Fat Burning Foods

Eat yourself slim

Salad-Super fat burning foods

Obesity is a problem that many people are facing worldwide and because of this, the doctor’s office is filled with persons that are battling health-related issues because of putting on extra pounds.

According to studies, obesity is on the increase and has double since the 1980’s Studies have also shown that obesity has reached an all-time high and doesn’t seem to be slowing down with adults at 39.8% and 18.5% among children in the united states alone.

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Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery

Strengthing your Body after Surgery

Fruits and vegetables-Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery
Garden fruits and vegetables

Coming out of surgery can be difficult at times especially if it was a major one. This is a critical time as your body goes through changes seeking to be restored to its normal functions.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you do all you can to make the recovery process easy by giving your body what it needs. However, you will be placed on a diet plan by your physician that will include some of these superfoods.

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How To Use Fruits And Vegetables To Manage Your Weight

Manage Your Weight with These Superfoods

vegetable salad-How to use fruits and vegetables to manage your weight
Garden salad

We live in a world where there are so many people that are facing health issues and some of these health issues can be related to having a poor diet. Fast food restaurants are popping up at a rate that is really amazing promising

to delight our taste buds with recipes that will not only have us coming back for more but bringing friends and families to join in on this joyous experience. While this has been the delight and lifestyle of so many, the sad reality

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Best Garlic Supplements

Nature has our interest

What I love about nature is that we have been provided with an abundance of natural remedies that can promote our health in so many ways. At Eden’s Garden, our job is

to keep you informed of these natural healers that we not only grow in our home gardens but are also sold in many of our local supermarkets and health stores.

I have written several articles on garlic including how to plant them and its healing wonders. But what we will be looking at are 5 of the best garlic supplements that are made available to help you maintain good health.

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Best Herbal Tea

Natural Healers, 5 of the best herbal teas

Herbal teas have been used for generations to provide natural healings for many that suffered health issues. Generation past would grow these teas in their gardens and sometimes gather these herbs as they grow wild in nature known as bush teas.

In this day and time, many of these teas are still grown in home gardens and can still be found growing in the wild. Some of these herbs have been packed and are sold

in many of our local supermarkets, health stores, and so on. I have taken the delight over the years and taken advantage of some of these teas which we will be looking at.

So I just want to pause here and encourage you to make these herbal teas a part of your diet that can really work wonders as they help you to maintain good health naturally.

5 of the best herbal teas

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Healing Naturally With Plants

Using Plants to Promote Health

Garlic herb

Plants are nature’s choice for us when it comes to healing naturally. In today’s world in which we live there are health-related issues that many people are facing and what is even more disturbing is many of the medicines that promise

to bring relief can cause further health issues because of side effects. I remembered many years ago I paid a visit to the doctor’s office because of some problems I was having with my health

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Encouraging Your Children To Eat fruits

Growing Healthy Children and Keeping Them Strong

Similing pear-encouraging-your-children-to-eat-fruits
Smiling Pear

In today’s world, many parents are faced with the challenge of getting their kids to eat fruits. In my last article, we looked at how to get your children to eat vegetables and found out some really great ways to have our children asking for more.

But what about fruits, there are a lot of parents that are having issues with their children eating fruits. You would think that because fruits are sweet and children love sweets they would except eating fruits with open arms

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat vegetables?

Kids Loading Up on Greens

Vegetables smiling and dancing-how-to-get-your-kids-to-eat-vegetables
Veggies smiling and marching

As parents one of the challenges most of us face if not all of us and that is getting our children to eat their vegetables. I am sure you can still remember your childhood days when your mom or dad or both of them may be some other family member almost had to brainwash you into eating your vegetables or perhaps you were one of those kids that just loved eating your vegetables without having to be brainwashed or threatened.

Well if the latter describes you then I know it was a joy for your parents to fill your plate with veggies. You were rare as a child in this matter because this is not how it is with kids that are in most homes. The flip side of the coin, however, is that in some homes kids are discouraged by parents not to eat vegetables, and what I mean by that is some parents indirectly discourage their kids by getting them used to unhealthy eating.

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Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

Defeating Tinnitus the Natural Way

What is tinnitus and how can we defeat this?

The symptoms of tinnitus include ringing in the ear or hearing noises in our head when nothing is really there. Tinnitus is a physical condition that tells us that something is wrong with our heating system. More than 125 million people worldwide have tinnitus which is really mind-blowing. That is a lot of people but the good news is we can win the war on this physical condition and go on to live normal healthy lives.

Can this condition worsen?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes and this can really make matters worse. These conditions can worsen by loud noises which includes

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Benefits Of Eating Greens

Going Green the Power of Green

Gowing Kale-the-benefits-of-eating-green
Growing Kale

Hello everybody, As I am writing this post, this is the last day of 2017 and I just want to say a happy new year and the best of health and success to both you and your family.

We are on the verge of stepping into a brand new year, now I know for some of us 2017 was filled with a lot of challenges, along with some good times but as the new year looms ahead there are many persons

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Controlling Cholesterol With Foods

Unclogging Your Arteries with These Superfoods

Group of fruits-controlling-cholesterol-with-foods
Garden Fruits

High cholesterol has been linked to so many diseases that cause millions each year either to pay visits to the doctor’s office or having to be hospitalized.

In is some cases many have died because of cholesterol levels being out of control. But how does high cholesterol affects our bodies and what can we do to avoid having high cholesterol or bring our cholesterol count to a normal level.

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Benefits OF Sunflower Seeds


Sun flowers-sunflower-seeds
Sun Flowers

Our health is one of our greatest investments, therefore, we should do all that we can to maintain good health. In fact, studies have shown that those who live a healthy lifestyle live an average of 10 or more years longer than those that have a poor lifestyle when it comes to our diet.

Each year millions are in the doctor’s office or are hospitalized because of health-related issues due to poor diet. While it is true that some person although living a poor lifestyle live way into their 70s and beyond it is still good to cultivate a healthy lifestyle because the percentage of persons that fall in this group of living an unhealthy lifestyle is small.

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Apricots Health Benefits

ATreat that is Simply Delicious and Beneficial

Apricots growing on tree-apricots-health-benefits
Apricots growing on a tree

I fell in love with apricots a few years ago when the manager where I work arrange for my coworkers along with myself to have lunch at a 5-star resort. One of the desserts that were on the menu was dried apricots. When I tasted it, it was simply delicious that I ask the cook in the restaurant what they were and that was how I was first introduced to this most amazing fruit.

Apricots have such an interesting history and the journey of this fruit has been long cultivated and harvested from generation to generation.

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Health Benefits Of Pear

A Superfood that is Super Delicious

Smiling pears-health-benefits-of-pear
Smiling Pears

What I love about superfoods is not only the benefits and the vitamins they contain but the delicious flavours they have, we get the best of both worlds by making these foods a part of our diet.

And it is no exception when it comes to pears. As a child growing up this was one of my favourite fruits and it still is to this day. There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a nice juicy pear

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Foods That Fights Bad Breath

Eliminating Bad Breath Naturally

Girl with mouth open-foods-that-fights-bad-breath
A little girl

Nothing can be more embarrassing by turning people off because your breath is not fresh or to have what some people call dragon or bad breath.

There is much reason as to why persons may have bad breath, it may be because of certain foods, gastrointestinal health, or oral hygiene. But whatever the case may be the good news is there are foods we can incorporate into our diet

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Natural Liver Detox

Cleaning our liver the natural way

The human liver-natural-liver-detox
The human liver

We live in a world where we are exposed to so many chemicals that can be detrimental to our health, It is no surprise that millions of people every year seek medical help because of the number of toxins their bodies are exposed to.

what is even more alarming is many of the products that we use in our homes also contain chemicals that are hazardous to our health. Certain household products, furniture, paper, pains, and so on can have a negative effect on our health.

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Coco Plum Health Benefits

The Amazing Coco Plum

Coco plums-coco-plum-health-benefits
Coco Plums

Coco plums are truly amazing because of what they have to offer. In my last article on coco plums, we looked at the advantages of having this plant as a part of your garden feature.

You can check it out here ( growing coco plums). In this article, we will be looking at the healthy side of coco plums and how they can benefit us.

What I love about nature is that nature is considered to be our Pharmacy and not just our pharmacy but using what is available to bring healing naturally. That means no side effects only pure natural goodness.

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Health Benefits Of Eggplant

Purple eggplants-health-benefits-of-eggplant

The Wonders of Eggplants

Eat your veggie is what some of us heard often from our parents because as we all know kids are hanged up when it comes to putting down their greens.

But do you know eggplants are fruits, they are botanical fruits that belong to the nightshade family and not veggie to popular belief? This is a fruit that can be cooked really flavoring your foods.

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Detox For Children

Growing healthy happy kids

Boy and girl playing-detox-for-children
Cowboy and girl

Over the years when it came to the subject of getting a detox the focus was mainly on adults, now with the changing of times, this focus has now shifted to children also having this experience of getting a detox because our children need this also.

We live in a real-world where children are also faced with the same issues such as being exposed to toxins that are being carried in the air and water also foods that are grown and produced with the use of harmful chemicals. Therefore it’s no wonder the focus has shifted to help our children live a healthier and happy lifestyle.

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Cauliflower Health Benefits

Healthy SuperFoods to Live Longer

Cauliflower vegetable-cauliflower-health-benefits

Here we are again, we are at year’s end and are about to enter a new year full of new dreams and hopes. One of the interesting things that I found out about the new year is that most of us have one thing in common and that is making those new years resolutions.

Some of those resolutions may include spending more time with family and friends, taking on a new career, or maybe it is taking time out and really enjoying the roses along life journey and the list goes on.

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Fig Health Benefits

The Amazing World of Figs


Figs do not only make a delightful treat but the benefits of figs are of great value and can really give our bodies that extra boost that it needs. I remembered as a child growing up fig newton was a snack that I often ate.

What is also great about figs is that figs are low in calories. Figs are used in many recipes and products so I invite you to take advantage of this fruit and all that it has to offer.

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SugarCane Health Benefits

Sugarcane Juice Power to Promote Your Health

Sugarcane juice-sugar-cane-health-benefits
Sugarcane Juice

Going natural is always better because natural is always healthier which is so amazing. What I love about sugar cane is that the juice and the sugars are all-natural and can be of great benefit to our health.

Growing sugar cane is so simple and the awesome thing is that you can have these natural sweeteners right at your fingertip to take advantage of and enjoy. But what I want to share with you in this article is the healthy side of the sugar cane plant.

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Tomato Juice Health Benefits.

Tomato Power for Your Health

Tomatoes growing on vine-tomato-juice-health-benefits
Tomatoes growing on vines

Tomatoes are one of my favorites, in fact, tomatoes are a fruit and not a veggie as most people think. I love using tomatoes in salads, steam foods, and on sandwiches.

There are many varieties of tomatoes but no matter how different they are in shape, size and color this fruit is filled with nutrients Which can really give our bodies the jump start that it needs.

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Peanut Health Benefits

Peanuts a Healthy Delight


Creamy, crunchy, mouth-watering, delicious are just some of the things that come to mind when I think of peanut butter, where would peanut butter be without peanuts. There are so many products that are derived from peanuts that it is mind-blowing.

Peanuts are grown in tropical and subtropical climates worldwide, in fact, the industry makes billions of dollars per year simply because we all love peanuts, at least I think we all do.

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Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Promoting Hair Growth Naturally

Garlic-herbs-natural remedies-for-hair-loss
Garlic Herb

Nothing makes you feel so good than to have a full head of hair that is beautiful and healthy-looking. But unfortunately, there are so many people that are having to face the reality of battling with losing all of that beautiful hair.

Persons that are having these issues have to now find ways and means to restore their hair. There are many ways to resolve this problem but some of these methods are pretty costly and can cause you to rack up those dollars putting a strain on your wallet.

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