Fruits That Boost Sex Drive Naturally

Supercharge Your Body with these Foods


We live in a world today where sex plays a major role in every culture, everywhere we turn there seems to be another book, television program, talk show or some other program that talks about this word that we call sex. While it is true that sex plays a big part in every relationship

we must understand that in order to have a healthy sex life and to perform at our best there are certain things that must be put in place that governs the law of good health. Sex is a broad topic and is beyond the scope of this article, however, we will be looking at some natural ways that can boost our sex drive.

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Cleansing With Fruits

Detoxifying the Natural Way

Fruit Group

In order for us to maintain healthy bodies, we must do all that we can to keep our bodies in tip-top shape so that we can always be at our best. Rules that govern the laws of health are as followed.

1.Getting 7-8 hours of rest.

2. Having a balanced diet.

3. Exercising.

4. Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

5. Staying away from stressful situations.

6.Taking time out for yourself, exp, finding a hobby, something that you can enjoy doing while feeling relaxed.

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Herbs that naturally lowers cholesterol

Eat whatever you love for life was meant to be enjoyed


This is the mindset of many people and that is eating what they enjoy which is so bad because many persons are having all sorts of health issues. Some foods that we enjoy are loaded with fats. We might get that wonderful delight but at what cost.

I remembered seeing my doctor for a physical at one time and what he told me was that the foods that I enjoy eating were causing my health to deteriorate and that I needed to make a switch or run into serious problems. Fried foods may taste great but they are not good.

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Your Health And Honey

Smiling bee pouring a jar of honey on pancakes-your-health-and-honey
Bee eating honey

Promoting Your Health with Honey

In this article, we will be looking at your health and what part honey plays to ensure that you have the best health ever. We all love honey, well most of us I guess, but it is so amazing how people enjoy this thick beautiful gooey

stuff, but never give thought as to the benefit that honey has. Sure we all know that honey comes from bees, but do you know that honey is also used in medical practices to help cure patients. But before we go there I want us to go on a journey to find out about this thing call honey.

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Garlic Natural Medicine

Cartoon garlic herb-garlic-natural-medicine

Garlic and its Many Uses

The world of garlic

Welcome to the wonderful world of garlic where we will be looking at garlic and its many uses.

Garlic in the kitchen

As a child growing up, there was a certain time of day when the smell of garlic would come from our kitchen, and guess who it would be? It would be my father, he loved to cook. One of the ingredients that he used was garlic. Garlic has such a nice aroma and flavor, especially when used to season foods

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Health Benefits Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant has been used by many people over the years. In fact, this plant was widely used when I was a kid, by my parents and those that lived in my neighborhood. Aloe Vear is very popular because of the many benefits it offers.

Aloe vera plant-health-benefits-aloe-vera-plant
Aloe Vera Plant

A Good example that I can use is my parents would often boil this plant with other bush medicine (herbs) as we called them and give it to us to drink for head colds. Another example is boiling the leaf in water until the water turns somewhat brownish with a pinch of salt, this makes a good detox or clean out as the older generation called it.

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Fighting Infections with Cranberries

Healing Naturally with Cranberries

Cranberries are one of my favorites, these berries are used in so many desserts, and other products such as yogurts, drinks, vitamins, candies, gums and so on. But why I love cranberries also is that you can use these berries to help fight infections.

Cranberries growing on tree-fighting-infections-with-cranberries

The use of cranberry juice has been used by many for a long time to help the body fight infections, now to some this juice may have somewhat of a sour taste but it really works. My wife doesn’t like the taste, she says it is sour and avoids drinking it because of this.

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How To Improve Your Eye Sight

Eyecare Improvements

It is so wonderful to see the sunrise and set, those beautiful flowers that grace our landscape, that beautiful dress or that stylish pants, how about seeing the smiles on beautiful faces that we see from day to day and so on. Well, the point that I am making is without those baby blues this would not be possible.

Eyecare is so important, therefore we should do all that we can to ensure our eyes are taken care of at all times. Many however take eye care for granted because they do not realize the importance of having healthy eyes. Persons are in the doctor’s office on a daily basis because of issues they are having with their eyes.

Some issues may be heredity, some may be poor eye care and then there are other issues that come about because of accidents, but whatever the cause, our eyes are important and we should not take that for granted.

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Best Foods For Energy Boosting

Giving Your Body what it Needs

Delicious fruit salad-best-foods-for-energy-boosting

We live in a world where people are always on the go, there are some persons that literally eat breakfast on the run while heading out the door or evening when driving on the streets I have also seen persons with breakfast or lunch in their hands eating and going about their daily task. It is no wonder why so many people get such an energy crash.

We should not just eat what comes to our hands but rather plan our meals, get up a bit earlier so that we can have a good breakfast along with spending a part of the first morning hours with our families. Our food gets to digest better this way.

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The Healthy Meal Budget

Eating Healthy the Cheap Way


A challenge that many persons face is creating a lifestyle where they can afford to eat healthy without having to break their piggy bank. It seems like in this day and time the cost of having a healthy lifestyle is pretty costly and because of this many cannot afford this lifestyle but rather have to depend on how far their pocketbooks or wallets will take them.

But we cannot afford to eat foods that are of low or poor quality because somewhere down the road we will have many health issues and we can’t afford that either. I must agree however that many health concerns have to do with poor eating habits, for example eating heavy late at night, filling up on junk foods, or living a fast-food life.

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Better Brain Care

Boosting Your Brain Power

Diagram of the brain-better-brain-care
Diagram of the brain

Our brains are considered to be the computer that controls our entire body, therefore it is very important that we do all we can to ensure our brain is functioning at its best at all times. In this article, we will be looking at how to better care for our brains.

Our brains are so delicate that we can not afford to allow anything to go wrong with it, many persons are having issues in this area and because of this, they are not enjoying life to the fullest or how it was meant to be enjoyed. And then there are those who do not give much thought when it comes to brain health.

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Coconut Water Health Facts

Promoting Your Health with Coconut Water

Coconuts are one of my favorites, in fact, the Caribbean is known for its wide use of coconuts both the coconut water, pulp, and the husk. The water can be drunk right from the coconut itself, others prefer to have it mixed in drinks such as The Bahama Mama which is a popular drink.

Coconut water-coconut-water-health-facts
Coconut Water

The pulp that is also known as the jelly is eaten from the nut, this is very delicious or the pulp is hardened and then used to make coconut tart which is another favorite of the Islanders. This tart makes a delicious dessert. Coconut rolls and bread is also made from the pulp. The husk is used to make souvenirs and sold to visitors that come to the island.

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Benefits Of Healthy Juicing

Juicing for Your Health

Fruits and vegetables-benefits-of-healthy-juicing
Fruits and vegetables

In order for us to have and to maintain good health, there are rules that must be followed known as the laws of health. When we look at many persons today, they are ill simply because of not getting the nutrients their body needs. We can no longer neglect these laws, but use them to ensure that we are giving our bodies what they need.

The good the bad and the ugly

Now there are the good the bad and the ugly we are faced with when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, the choice is up to us.

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Foods That Promotes Healthy Hearts

Promoting Healthy Hearts

Diagram of the heart-foods-that-promotes-healthy-hearts
Diagram of the heart

Heart health is so important because our heart is a vital organ that is responsible for pumping our blood so that it can circulate through our bodies, the heart is also said to be a muscular organ, what is even more interesting is our blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies ensuring that every part is well taken care of. Our heart is also responsible for removing wastes and carbon dioxide.

When we neglect to take care of our heart our body will not function the way it is supposed to and if the problem is not handled immediately and with care, our bodies will begin to deteriorate. It is said that more than five hundred thousand people across the United States die every year from heart disease and more than twenty- six million are diagnosed with this problem

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Foods That Promotes Healthy Skin

Promoting Healthy Skin Naturally

Foods That Promotes Healthy Skin-fruits

It is so good to have healthy skin that is radiant and healthy-looking but the only way that can happen is by taking good care of our skin. When it comes to skincare many persons do not even give this a second, though.

But taking good care of our skin is just as important as taking care of our hair, teeth, eyes, and other body parts. I have seen persons with skin that is far from healthy-looking, now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about persons that may have a skin issue, I am talking about persons that are not taking care of their skin to the point where their skin is dry and rough looking.

There are however some factors that may also play a part in affecting a person’s skin which we will be looking at.

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Noni Health Benefit

Promoting Your Health with Noni

Noni Health Benefits-noni

All that we need in order to live a healthy life can be found in what nature has to offer. I have been working with plants for nearly 22 years and the benefits that are found in plants are so awesome. I refer to plants as nature’s wonders or nature’s helpers.

One plant in particular that can do a whole lot of good is the Noni plant. The fruit of the Noni plant is widely used because of its healing properties which have done so much good in helping to bring healing to many persons that have had health-related issues. In this article, we will be looking at the Noni tree and some of the ways it can benefit us.

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Your Health And Water

The Importance of Drinking Water

Water drops-your-health-and-water
Water Drops

I heard these words many years ago when watching a television program and this saying is true,” water is the liquid of life”. Where would we be without it, water is our most precious resource and we must do all that we can to ensure that we make water a  part of our diet.

Water is used in so many things and in so many ways, can you imagine this world without it. All life form depends on water to be sustained, from the largest animals to tiniest microscopic organism. So what does water do to the body to keep it healthy?

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The benefit of herbal tea

Herbal Tea and its Benefits

Herbal teas are such a delight not only for its fine taste but also for its healing benefits. There are so many persons that enjoy herbal teas drinking them as ice tea or as a hot beverage, but no matter how we drink them we can be assured that we are giving our bodies just what it needs to improve our health.

Chive herbs-the-benefit-of-herbal-tea
Chive Herbs

Herbal teas are made from plant roots, seeds, fruits and of course herbs. Here is a link that you can follow on how to grow herbs.

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Best Nutrition for Seniors

Promoting Seniors Health

Foods That Promotes Seniors Health-fruits-and-vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

Whether young or old we should have a diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. A good diet can add longevity to our lives. Many persons are falling to illness as a direct result of poor dieting. I have heard stories of persons that are well up in age, healthy and strong simply because of putting the right kind of foods in their bodies. In this article, we will be looking at Nutrient for Seniors

As we grow older we must do all that we can to ensure that our bodies are getting the right nutrients. Old age brings on a lot of changes and the activities we did at one time with ease we find that it now becomes somewhat difficult.

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Nutritional facts about nuts

The Benefits of Coconuts

The Going Nuts over Nuts

Are you crazy about nuts or are you nuts over nuts? Nuts are loved and widely used by so many cultures in so many ways, there are chocolate covered nuts, nut cake, ice cream covered nuts, nuts in salads and so many other recipes that include nuts.


It’s no wonder why we go nuts over nuts, nuts taste great and have so many benefits. Christmas time is wonderful because we get to spend time with families,  friends, watch classic Christmas movies, parties, exchange gifts, and all of that other good stuff, now I know you are wondering where am I going with all of this, we are supposed to be talking about nuts, Ok let me get to the point.

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Foods That Promotes Healthy Prostate

Protecting Your Prostate with these  Foods

Foods That Promotes Healthy Prostate-fruits

Prostate cancer is a terrible disease and many men are suffering from it. I believe this is one of the last things that anyone would want to hear from his doctor and that is you have prostate cancer, I remembered visiting my doctor at one time for a full-body scan, after the test he went through the list of things that the scan showed and let me know of test results.

As I sat in his office I notice that there on the list somewhere in the middle I saw prostate, I was a bit uneasy but I waited until he got to this one to tell me what the test result revealed. Before he looked at the result he said to me, that when it comes

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How to relieve stress with spices

Using Spices to Promote Health and Relieve Stress

We live in a world that seems to put so much demand on us, from raising a family to working, paying bills, etc… The doctor’s office is filled every year with persons having stress-related issues that seem to be too overbearing for them. Many have turned to alcohol, prescription drugs and whatever other means they can find to bring relief.


Stress can cause all sorts of things to happen to our bodies from mental breakdown to a nervous breakdown, I have heard stories of persons being under stress and what it did to them. In fact, I know of someone who became so stressed out that they lost their mind.

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Fighting Depression with Fruits and Vegetables

Fighting Depression with These Superfoods

What is depression?

According to medical studies, depression is a mental health condition that affects our ability to live a healthy normal life which is based on our thoughts and behavior. Studies have also shown that one out of every ten Americans suffers from depression.

Fruits and vegetables-fighting-depression-with-fruits-and-vegetables


There are many types of depression, therefore we will only be looking at some general information pertaining to this topic and see what part fruits and vegetables play in all of this.

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Kids nutrients fruits and vegetables

Raising Healthy Kids by Giving Them what the Need Most

Fruits and vegetables-kids-nutrients-fruits-and-vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

One of our mean concerns as parents is ensuring that our children get the vitamins they need in order to stay healthy and to function at their best. Many children are consuming lots of candies, junk foods and soft drinks which is only doing more harm than good

and even though treating them sometimes with these foods may be good, it is also good that we do this in moderation. Many parents are visiting the doctor’s office for one reason which is bad dieting.

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Nutritional Facts About Onions

Nutritional facts about onion

nutritional facts about onions
Purple and White onions

Onions do not only taste great in salads, soups, and many other dishes but they also contain vitamins that can be of great benefit to us along with many illnesses they help the body to fight. But before we look at these facts we are going to get into some fun facts about onions. For more on onion clink on this link. Vegetable garden.

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Nutritional Facts About Cabbages

Nutritional facts about cabbage

Nutritional facts about cabbage
Green and Purple Cabbages

Let’s look at some fun facts, health facts, foods, and benefits of cabbage.

Fun facts

  1. Cabbage can be either red, purple, or green
  2. It is said if you add to much salt to your gravy while cooking just add some cabbage leaves because the leaves will help get rid of the saltiness
  3. Cabbage has many layers
  4. Cabbage can be eaten raw or cooked
  5. Cabbage is said to date back to the 1600bc

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Nutritional Facts About Canaloupes

The Benefits of this Superfood


Cantaloupes are another one of my favorites, As a child growing up I still can remember the days when my parents would call me for a juicy slice of cantaloupes, so in this article, we will be looking at some facts that pertain to cantaloupe. To learn more about cantaloupes click this link. Garden fruits and vegetables

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Nutritional Facts About Watermelon

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Watermelon

Fun facts

One of my favorites as a child was watermelon, I would eat this fruit until my stomach got full. I never turned down watermelon, when the chance came I would have a feast. So like in previous articles we will be taking a closer look at this fruit and how it can benefit our bodies.

1.  Watermelons contain so much water that if you eat enough of it, it will not only fill you but also quench your thirst.

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Cleaning The Air That You Breathe

Cleaning the Air the Natural Way

The advantage of having plants is that plants serve many functions and purposes. You can grow plants for food, for beauty, to make money, for medicine, and so on. But what is also amazing about plants is that plants can also clean the air that we breathe.

Indoor plants-cleaning-the-air-that-you-breath
Bamboo palm and Peace lily

Plants have the ability to filter the air that we breathe by pulling impurities out of the air. Therefore it is always good to have a few plants indoors to clean the air that we breathe, besides giving the interior of your building a more polished look. NASA did a study many years ago and discovered that indoor plants clean about 87% of the air that we breathe indoors.

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Nutritional Facts About Peaches

Promoting Your Health with Peaches

Peaches are a favorite with their somewhat velvety fuzzy skin and its nice beautiful reddish-orange color. Peaches can not only be eaten by themselves but they can be added to many dishes, pastries, desserts, and drinks.

Sweet peaches-the-benefits-of-peaches

Peaches belong to the rose family, which consists of plums, apricots, and also cherries.

Peach varieties

One of the great things about peaches is that there are many varieties you can choose from, so you can mix it up a bit. Peach slices taste great when frozen with sweetened cream. As a child, this was one of my favorite desserts that I always looked forward to.

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Nutritional Facts About Plums

Building a Stronger with Plums

Where would plum pudding or plum pies be without plums, this small but delicious fruit is very sweet and is reddish-purple and dark purple. Plums belong to the peach and the nectarine family.

Sweet plums-the-benefits-of-plums

Plums also contain a list of vitamins that can help build up the body’s defense system to fight against disease and sickness.

Vitamins  content

The vitamin content of plums includes Vitamin K, fiber, Vitamin C, copper, iron, and potassium. This vitamin aids the body against low blood sugar levels.

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Nutritional Facts About Bananas

Take advantage of this Superfood

Bananas are not only used to give that delightful added flavor to the many pastries, drink, ice cream and baby food that is enjoyed but banana also helps to bring balance to our diet that goes a long way in ensuring that we have good health.

Yellow bananas-the-benefits-of-eating-banana
Yellow Bananas

Fun facts

1. A banana has the ability to float on water.

2. Banana has been grown for thousands of years.

3. The part of the banana that is planted in the ground is called a sucker.

4. A bunch of a banana is called a hand.

5. Theirs is a coat that goes by the name of a banana split tail.

6. Half of the bananas that are eaten are eaten for breakfast.

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Nutritional Facts About Celery

Benefits of Celery

One of the wonders of celery is celery cannot only be used for food but their leaves can be used as a garnish to decorate dishes giving them that extra touch.

The leaves of celery can be added to soups, here where I live in the Bahamas one of the dishes that is a favorite is call peas soup.

Nutritional facts about celery-celery

We will talk about that a bit later on how to prepare this mouth-watering meal. But celery including the leaves is a part of what is used to cook this wonderful soup.

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Nutritional Facts About Broccoli

Promoting Your Health with Broccoli

Broccoli like other vegetables is best eaten raw or semi boil, however over boiling can destroy valuable vitamins, a good way that I like to eat broccoli is semi boil with melted cheese. Here are some fun facts, salads, Vitamins, and healing compounds broccoli has.

Nutritional facts about broccoli-broccoli

Fun Facts

1. Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family.

2. The head of broccoli is made up of tiny flower buds.

3. Broccoli can be eaten raw.

4. Broccoli has been around for more than 2000 years.

5. If broccoli is allowed to overripe it will turn yellow.

6. Broccoli contains fiber that aids in good bowel movement.

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Nutritional Facts About Bell Pepper

Bell peppers Health Benefits

Nutritional facts about bell-pepper
Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can be easily grown and is a good choice for your home garden, I have had the privilege of watching my mother in law grow them in her garden and it was a delightful sight to see as they mature and grow so healthy not to mention harvesting them and being able to eat off our own labor. Nothing like harvesting vegetables from your home garden.

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Nutritional Facts About Cucumbers

Cucumber and Your Health

As we looked at earlier in the article (vegetable garden) on growing and caring for cucumber, we learned that caring for cucumber is pretty easy. Also what I want to note here is that there are three cultivators of cucumbers. First, you have sliced, secondly, you have pickling and thirdly you have burpless.

Nutritional facts about cucumbers

1. Slicing Cucumbers

Cucumbers that are grown to eat in salads are called slicing cucumbers, these cucumbers are picked before they turn yellow. Cucumbers that are grown for this purpose have hard skin and a smoother  texture

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Nutritional Facts About Carrots

Promoting Your Health with Carrots

Do you remember the bugs bunny cartoon series that old warner bros cartoon, I remembered him most for his famous phrase “what’s up doc” as he chewed on a piece of carrot, I am sure this made eating carrots interesting for a lot of children

I know of a family member who was inspired by this, from a toddler she would say what’s up doc and began to chew on a carrot stick talk about inspiration, what a way to get a child to eat her veggies. In this article, we will be looking at carrot varieties, the nutrients that they contain, and how they can help us combat certain illnesses.

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Health Benefits of Herbs

Nutritional Facts about Basil

Basil herb-health-benefits-of-herbs
Basil Herb

Basil contains many vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Manganese, and Magnesium. Basil is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants aids in protecting cells from damage, it also strengthens the immune system. Basil helps to improve blood flow. A study has shown that basil fights bacteria, chronic diseases, and viruses.

So as you can see there is more to basil than its stunning taste. So load up on this herb to improve your health and I promise you won’t regret it.

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Nutritional facts about oranges

Orange a Rich Source of Vitamin C

Oranges are a good source of  Vitamin C and can aid the body in tremendous ways. Where would orange juice be without oranges or what about orange peel tea?  We will be looking more in-depth at how this fruit can add zest to your life.

Nutritional facts about oranges-Oranges

Fun facts

1. There are over 600 varieties of oranges worldwide.

2. You can graft an orange tree with grapefruit or any citrus tree and have a citrus variety growing from the same tree.

3. Orange trees were first grown in China.

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Nutritional Facts About Apples

A Superfood to Add to Your Diet

Apples are a good source of vitamins. They are also rich in antioxidants, dietary fibres, and flavonoids. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may reduce the risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.

Red apples-the-benefits-of-eating-apples
Red Apples

It is believed that the antioxidants found in apples can prevent and repair oxidation damage that happens during normal cell activity.

Try one its good for you!

Apples have the ability to reduce tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria in your mouth according to studies. So take advantage of this fruit and make it a part of your diet.

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Eden’s Garden

The website ‘Eden’s Garden’ was designed to make gardening and landscaping a fun and rewarding experience while acquiring the knowledge needed to manage a successful garden. Yes, we are going Back To Eden! As you search this website you will be learning the many aspects of landscape, gardening, interior plant scape, and a whole lot more.

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